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  1. How to bypass the vacuum system on your cv vacuum fuel valve. How to bypass the vacuum system on your cv vacuum fuel valve
  2. Purchase the V-Twin Manufacturing Vacuum Petcock By-Pass Kit at J&P Cycles, your source for aftermarket motorcycle parts and accessories, with free everyday tech support. Get free shipping, 4% cashback and 10% off select brands with a Gold Club membership when you get a V-Twin Manufacturing Vacuum Petcock By-Pass Kit (part number 35-0426) from J&P Cycles
  3. Find the V-Twin Manufacturing Petcock Valve Body Vacuum Bypass Kit - 35-0426 at Dennis Kirk. Shop our complete selection of Harley-Davidson Motorcycle parts and accessories including the V-Twin Manufacturing Petcock Valve Body Vacuum Bypass Kit - 35-0426
  4. allows to bypass the oem vacuum operated petcock found on most models from 1988 to present (carburated models only!) sku: 25257 $17.99. quantity. call to order • $17.99. vacuum bypas kit by bender cycle..

is it ok to bypass automatic petcock/vacuum. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 3 of 3 Posts. K. krakoski · Registered. Joined May 6, 2011 · 21 Posts . Discussion Starter • #1 • May 8, 2011. The only thing I can find that this is called is, the automatic petcock? mine got a rip in the membrane inside, and only 2 cylinders would run. and right now. Remove the 4 screws on your stock valve, remove the diaphram, then using your existing hardware, bolt on the plate provided (it's best to drain the gas tank first but not necessary if you are carefull not to remove the valve portion itself). You will need to cap the vacuum line as well. That's it problem solved! $21.9 You used to be able to just move the spring inside the petcock to the opposite side to bypass the vacuum function. The diaphram on the petcock on my 99 FLHT started leaking after about 70,000 miles. I just ordered a diaphram service kit, part # 61200-97, from HD and installed it. You don't even have to remove the petcock from the tank With vacuum, the internal diaphragm (operated by the vacuum) is supposed to overcome the spring & open the valve. I would just remove the vacuum valve petcock & replace it with a manually controlled one. Be sure to properly plug the vacuum line or cap the vacuum nipple on the carb

V-Twin Manufacturing Vacuum Petcock By-Pass Kit - 35-0426

i have been having some occasional stalling at wot since i upgrading my fuel and vacuum lines. i've read some about using a manual valve, but havent been able to find that post since i needed it. mainly, i was wondering if it was ok to just bypass the petcock all together. if so, do i just plug the vacuum line To drain the tank with a vacuum petcock just remove the vacuum line from the carb, pull it through to the petcock side, apply vacuum to the line (suck on it), pinch the line off with a hemostat and turn the petcock to reserve. You'll want a drain hose connected to the petcock and a can to drain the fuel into On a ninja ex250 I recently purchased I noticed the vacuum hose which attaches to the pet cock to actuate the flow of gasoline to the carburetor was detached at the connection to the petcock. When purchased the bike started up instantly without choke and drove great at highway speeds for about an hour and shifted fine through all the gears

V-Twin Manufacturing Petcock Valve Body Vacuum Bypass Kit

Petcock valve body vacuum bypass kit includes plate, gasket, vacuum hose plug and instructions Vacuum petcock was a good idea that just did not work out. HD was ahead of the game with it Carb bikes are gravity feed fuel the Government was looking at requiring different types of safety shut off to prevent fuel leaks. Now with all bikes being EFI it is not an issue anymore. Everyone I know that had a Vacuum petcock fail just got rid of it The manual petcock doesn't have a vacuum nipple. A vacuum petcock does have a vacuum nipple to receive vacuum which operates the petcock. Where the manual petcock is replaced with a vacuum petcock, any one of the vacuum nipples may be then used for supplying vacuum through a vacuum hose connected between it and the petcock vacuum nipple

VACUUM PETCOCK VALVE BYPASS KIT VACUUM PETCOCK VALVE BYPASS KIT Availability: In stock. Part #: 80685. Weight: 0.12. Allows for manual shut off; Sold each; Petcock Valve Bypass Kit Customers who bought this item also bought. POWER HOUSE PRIMARY/DERBY COVER GASKETS. 78403 POWER HOUSE PRIMARY/DERBY COVER GASKETS. In that post, NormalZ gave a link ( Bypass the vacuum fuel valve) to another helpful post. I have a 2006 Z400 and a couple people towards the end of the post advised that this procedure doesn't work on 2006 models. I have had problems with my 2006 stock petcock and I wanted to thank all of you that helped out

You have it backwards, straight down opens the petcock, bypassing engine vacuum. It's called PRI (prime) because you can use it to fill the float bowl after working on the carb or running out of gas, with the engine off. RickC. 177 1. Single Tracker. RickC. 177 1. Post Dec 21, 2013 #10 2013-12-21T07:00 BY-PASS KIT, VACUUM PETCOCK. LETS YOUR PETCOCK BE MANUALLY OPERATED. Fits: > Fits: > IMPORTANT NOTICE! Before ordering any product please ensure these products are legal for use and sale in your area. Some products are for show or restoration use only. Products may not be 'street' legal nor meet the legal labelling or instruction requirements That would indicate that you have a vacuum operated petcock. If the vacuum line is leaking, it could restrict fuel flow. Also if the vacuum diaphram inside the petcock is damaged, same deal. Just about all vacuum petcocks have a position labeled prime. You can bypass the vacuum function by using this setting

VACUUM PETCOCK VALVE BYPASS KIT Allows for manual shut off Kenworth T300 CREE LED Chrome Headlight Headlamp LH RH Lo/Hi Bulb Kit 1997-2010, Disc Brake Pad Set-Premium Ceramic Pads with Shims and Hardware Front Centric. 140 Pcs/Boxed Vehicle Micro 2 Inserts Blade Fuses 5/7.5/10/15/20/25/30A For Ford The petcock that came with the BIKE had 3 outlets - 1 for gas to carbs, 1 for vacuum to right side carb that connects to carb between engine and carb, and 1 for overflow that opens to air below the bike. The petcock that came on the tank I'm fitting on my bike has just 1 outlet for gas to carb. Any help is appreciated. Thank

The purpose of the vac petcock is to close off the fuel when the engine stops from lack of vacuum. The restart is accomplished by the fuel in the float bowl until the engine draws vacuum and opens the petcock. More problems for some than they are worth. Many have changed to a Pingle manual petcock or retro fitted to the regular HD mechanical. Petcock Valve Body Vacuum Bypass Kit Product Detail: Petcock valve body vacuum bypass kit includes plate gasket vacuum hose plug and instructions. Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Fitment: FXST 1995 - 2017 Notes: ; FLST 1995 - 2017 Notes: ; XL 1995 - 2017 Notes: Additional Information: Part Number: 35-042

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Motorcycle 3/8 NPT OEM Filtered Petcock STRAIGHT Elbow Fuel Shut Off Valve - For Use with 1/4 ID Fuel Hose - Replaces HD Part # 62125-55B - Chrome Plated - Harley Chopper Bobber Cafe Racer (3/8STRT) 4.3 out of 5 stars 41. $24.99 $ 24. 99. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon Millones de Productos que Comprar! Envío Gratis en Productos Participantes Yes, it does. Just as putting a rubber cap on the carb nipple disables the vacuum system. No need to fool with the petcock itself, btw. Unless Kawasaki petcocks are different from Suzuki petcocks, switching to PRI also uses the RES input feed line, not the ON feed line, so you will use all the fuel in your tank (whether by leaking because you left it on PRI too long, or you ran out of fuel) Your petcock should have two hoses attached to it. One hose is the main flow to the carbs. The other hose is/should be a vacuum hose that allows the gas to flow (when vacuum is applied). When your petcock is in the PRI position, this will bypass the vacuum hose. Leaving it in PRI when motor off could possibly flood the engine

When you turn the petcock to PRIME the gas flows freely by gravity, or pump presure. When you turn it to ON it requires a vacuum from the intake to suck the diaphram open in order to let the gas flow through it. I first learned of this when I buoght a katan to fix. I got it together, and left it to what I thought was on In the end, I'd prefer to have a functional vacuum operated petcock. I like not having to remember to turn the petcock valve off and on manually. I was happy to have found a way to temporarily bypass the vacuum operation that didn't cost me anything For the most part, the vacuum operated petcock on the VT & FT Ascots works well & usually doesn't cause any problems. There is the potential of the diaphragm forming a leak & then not allowing enough fuel to flow to the carbs/engine, etc. There is also the potential for the vacuum line that comes off the VT's engines rear cylinder to crack. Vacuum Operated. This is the most common valve found in use today. It uses engine vacuum createdwhen the engine is running to pull back a small piston that allows the fuel to flow. When the engine shuts off, the vacuum is removed and the fuel shuts off. This valve also has three positions: ON - RESERVE - PRIM

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The previous owner of my bike seems to have bypassed the vacuum petcock. I haven't torn into it yet, but it seems to operate just as a normal petcock, so perhaps the internal spring has been removed. A small piece of hose connects the vacuum barb to the drain barb, perhaps to keep the elements out VACUUM PETCOCK VALVE BYPASS KIT Allows for manual shut off. VACUUM PETCOCK VALVE BYPASS KIT Allows for manual shut off,for manual shut off VACUUM PETCOCK VALVE BYPASS KIT Allows, Allows for manual shut off,Petcock Valve Bypass Kit, Get Great Savings Global Featured 20% Off Clearance, Shop Now here to give you what you want Free next day delivery on everything So, the vacuum petcock seems to be working fine, and there seems to be enough vacuum. I verified it by riding with a manual hand vacuum pump attached to the fuel valve. But I'll want to do this mod anyway for reliability. Don't want to be in the middle of TAT and have the vacuum port flood gasoline into the intake manifold The 81's had a vacuum assisted petcock. This could also be your problem. It's found on the carbs with vacuum lines running from the rack of carbs up to the petcock. If this is the problem you're better off finding a new petcock that doesn't use the vacuum lines and just plug it off on the carbs

Honda cb1000c Vacuum Petcock Bypass. Im new to the world of metric bikes. I was riding a harley for some time, then sold it. Recently, I took a friends Honda cb900c for a spin, and was hooked. Awesome bike. Well after some looking, I found a GEM 1983 Honda cb1000c. The bike was sitting for almost 3 years so the carbs needed to be gone through Sitting on top of the carb you will see the vacuum chamber cover. Fuel Pump bypass 2003 1300 (,pull off tank vent hose under right rear of tank, pull off fuel line at petcock) 3) Pull back rubber boot and disconnect 2 fuel pump wires ( blue/black, green Then disconnect the vacuum line from the petcock. Connect a drain hose from the petcock fuel outlet to a gas can or other container. Open the petcock putting it in the reserve position (to remove all the fuel). Then you have to apply a gentle vacuum to the vacuum port on the petcock. How you do this is up to you Honda vacuum petcock questions. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 10 of 10 Posts. slumlord · Registered. Joined Dec 16, 2008 · 3,160 Posts . Discussion Starter • #1 • Nov 17, 2012. How to tell if petcock is bad ? One way is to temporarily eliminate it and associated fuel lines entirely, ie bypass it. Get some tygon or similar plastic tubing (maybe 1/4 iirc that's what i use), a small gas engine fuel petcock, a filter, a T-fitting so you can plumb primary and reserve into one line going to carb connection

Petcock Valve Body Vacuum Bypass Kit V-Twin 35-0426. RUBBER SADDLE PAD for your HILKA PRO-CRAFT 2-TONNE TROLLEY JACK 7504G, Bike It Deluxe Heavy Duty Rain Cover Lambretta V125 Special. yamaha RD400 RD 400 RD250 RD 250 DECALS C/Dx E and F Tank Decals, 2 x FRONT LOWER SUSPENSION WISHBONE ARMS BALL JOINTS & BUSHES FORD FOCUS 1998-04, IT175 DEF 77-79 1978 High Quality Steel Rear Sprocket, FRONT. Step one, remove the offending petcock: Step 2, finger out a way to route the new hoses, combine the twin hoses from the tank and install ^^ I used a 5/16 brass tee to couple the twin lines from the tank, which in turn flows to the petcock. Step 3, attach everything together, simply bolt on the new petcock from a yamaha Vmax 700

Disconnect vacuum hose and fuel hose from petcock. Loosen large nut that retains petcock valve to gas tank just enough that you can turn petcock valve . Rotate petcock valve 180° so it is facing you. Remove 4 screws on rear of petcock valve and remove back of valve and spring (note orientation of vacuum port) I've discovered the petcock actually has 2 valves designed in it. I don't mean the reserve or on as being the two. There is a simple *check value* located as part of the vacuum tube fitting to the side of the carb. The part you can see as the brass nipple on the bottom of the petcock contains this check value The 1978 and '79 models have a left and right side valve. The 1980 - '83 were designed with the Left side valve only. The vacuum petcocks are diaphragm controlled and are getting to the point of not able to repair. MikesXS petcock is of the earlier model design with a wider mounting flange to be comparable with the vacuum type base Secure a completely sealed vacuum line between the the Mighty Vac and the switch. Set your meter to ohms with audible. You are ready to perform the test. **Note - Switches vary between models and model years. A Harley VOES will typically open between 4 and 8 lbs of vacuum. The exact number you will be looking for during your test will depend.

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The Pingle cutoff valve #4321-CH (this is the petcock replacement not the in line vacuum cutoff) replaces the stock petcock and the synthetic in tank filter. The beautiful thing is the Pingle valve is precision machined from stainless steel and the in tank filter on top of it is also made from stainless Vacuum Petcock Hose Connection In case you take your tank off and forget how the hoses go when putting it back on here's how it goes. If you want to bypass the Vacuum Petcock attach a small piece of pipe across these two spigots/pipes and then make a small cap and fit it to over the small spigot/tube on the right hand side carb inlet.It's just. I bought a 2014 400S a few weeks back, and have picked up a 2nd hand Acerbis tank for the S model in natural (not an important detail).. My 400S already has the FCR carb on it, with a vacuum port mod to allow use of stock petcock. Unfortunately my bike and I are 200 miles apart at the moment, and I'm heading back up there with the tank having collected it at home (bike is at the cabin) If you bypass the auto valve, use the hose from the carb and route that one to the manual petcock. Plug the vacuum line to the auto petcock, and take the disconnected hose off and put it away until you get the replacement part

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remove the pump assembly completely. Replace the fuel line from petcock to the carb. Ideally, replace petcock with a vacuum petcock, or be sure to turn off the petcock after rides. Thats pretty much it in the on (down) position the petcock uses engine vacuum to allow fuel flow. In the pri (back) it does not have the loss of vacuum to turn it off. I use the prime to fill the float bowls after having the carbs off and on the not so rare times that I don't remember to fill her with fuel. (I live on the top off a hill and the nearest gas station. This is very ugly. I hate the way it looks, but at least it's not a vacuum petcock anymore. Maybe I'll do something better later, dunno. It's a pleasant change to simply open the manual fuel petcock and watch fuel instantly fill the line and filter. Last Edit: Nov 15, 2017 5:44:40 GMT -5 by 90GTVert. Bren The 2003 has a fuel pump and the 2004 was made to be gravity feed with a vacuum. That little port u plugged is for the vacuum. There is a process to bypass this feature. Search on here for petcock vacuum bypass. hope this help I've never seen a vacuum petcock on those models, but it does have a vacuum fuel pump. Bypass it and see if gravity alone fixes the problem. If so, take the pump apart and replace the diaphram, Chris K sells a kit. Don't forget to put a new filter in, a dirty filter can exhibit the same problems you're having and you can't change fuel filters.

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Get the best deals on Non-Vacuum Motorcycle Fuel Petcocks & Taps for Suzuki when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Free shipping on many items PETCOCK FUEL COCK ASSEMBLY SUZUKI DRZ400E DRZ400S FUEL TANK SHUTOFF SWITCH VALVE. $58.95. Almost gone. New Petcock 87-09 VS1400 Intruder 18-4177. $44.11 This would cause a rich fuel air mix if the vacuum source leads back to the carburetor or the air intake Also, not being able to positively shut off the petcock with a secondary valve will cause gas to fill up the crankcase and oil resevoir if the float needle valve is faulty or should stick open Part Number: 35-0426 Application: 1995-2017 FXST1995-2017 FLST1995-2021 XL Details:Petcock valve body vacuum bypass kit includes plate gasket vacuum hose plug and instructions. UOM: EA Country of Origin: US

Once you've removed the Auto Fuel Petcock, (if you haven't, you should--it's a recalled part) you are going to be left with a tiny hose coming out of the rear cylinder head right by where the intake mates to the head. You can unscrew this little shitty brass port with an 8mm open end wrench and use our AFP Vacuum Port Plugs to make sure you. Pingel Vacuum-Operated Fuel Valve Round Style. $229.99 A motorcycle fuel petcock valve is typically situated at the bottom of a fuel tank and allows the rider to switch from the main fuel tank to the reserve tank, or even in some models turn the fuel flow completely off. In many bikes, this valve can be the key to making it to the next gas. The VOES is a normally open switch. With low vacuum the switch is open. With higher vacuum, the switch closes, connecting the ignition module lead to ground. Some aftermarket ignitions such as the DYNA 2000, bypass the VOES altogether. Others allow it's usage. The real problem though is that the VOES is calibrated to specific levels of vacuum Step 8: Reattach the vacuum lines and electrical harness, if applicable. Once the new valve switch is installed, reattach the vacuum lines precisely as they were on the old unit. Double check this step before proceeding to add coolant or start the engine. Step 9: Tighten the petcock valve or drain plug. After you've installed the new coolant. I put in a manual in-line petcock, but I never turn it off since it is hard to access under the side cover (same cheap red/black one I used for the BCV bypass). I found a couple adapters and a petcock with a manual on/off (links provided below)

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Find FORD 6.4L/390 Ford big block FE Fittings & Hoses and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing Suzuki ozark 250 petcock bypass ByPas Kit for Vacuum petcock - more information about this product can be found on the relevant page of the online catalog. 0049 2852 / 6777 81 Hotline +49 (0) 2852 / 6777 8 If you fill the tank, but the bike would not start, you can turn the petcock into the prime position to bypass the vacuum-operated valve. Fuel flows into the carburetor, and then you can start your motorcycle. After the engine starts, you need to switch the valve into the on position so that it could be operated by vacuum again

Need help on bypassing the fuel vacuum valve!! 3rd Gen Honda Magna (1994-2003) V4MuscleBike.com > Model Specific > 3rd Gen Honda Magna (1994 If you pull the spring or bypass make sure turn the petcock off when not running or you can flood. I have left mine on bypassed BTW never flooded. But I know it is a matter of when not if The vacuum port on the petcock should have a hose going from it to a port somewhere on the carb rack. This should be what shuts off the fuel flow when the engine is stopped. If it's not working properly, fuel will flow all the time

If you bypass the auto valve, use the hose from the carb and route that one to the manual petcock. Plug the vacuum line to the auto petcock, and take the disconnected hose off and put it away until you get the replacement part. 1 - 9 of 9 Post VT600 1999-2007 with Auto Fuel Petcock; Kidding! The AFP was a vacuum operated diaphragm on the single carb Honda Shadow VT600 and acted as a fuel shutoff in case the bike fell over and died. However, the part was recalled by Honda and the fix was merely to bypass from tank, straight to the carbs..

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There are (usually) three petcock switch positions: In the On and Reserve positions, the petcock will not allow fuel to flow until vacuum is applied to its diaphragm, via the thin line. Since there is no vacuum if the engine isn't running, this provides an automatic shut-off when the engine is off I suppose I just trace the hoses from the fuel tank to the carbs and bypass the AFV by joining the fuel hoses.... Thanx. CB650-AFV.jpg (135.56 kB, 1070x899 - viewed 270 times.) Logged flybox1. My wife thinks I'm a Getting rid of that vacuum petcock is a common technique among 650 folks. I don't even think you can find a rebuild it for it. Engine not running = no vacuum = no fuel flow. Later designs incorporated the vacuum control directly into the petcock assembly where the PRI position = prime = internal bypass. Current models uses a lean angle sensor or vehicle down sensor to auto turn off the fuel pump

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Bypassing the vacuum operation of the fuel tap requires removing the spring, modifying the rubber diaphragm and putting it back together such that it doesn't leak. Remove the rubber diaphragm assembly from the middle plate by pushing the smaller diaphragm through the center of the plate. Be careful not to damage the diaphragms Petcock connections Disconnect the petcock connections (I do usually it at the petcock) for the fuel line and the vacuum line. Hoses Disconect the hose running to the charcol canister (California models, if so equipped). This is the only hose you need to disconnect. It is easiest to disconnect it at the canister. Other Cable The prime position (PRI on the tap) just bypasses the vacuum valve. The float needle will still regulate the flow of fuel into the carb. If I leave it in PRI the carb can not hold the gas. Even says so in the owners manual If your bike is equipped with the vacuum type of gas valve you need to check 2 things. First, remove your fuel supply line from the petcock. Then unplug the vacuum line at the back of the fuel valve. When the bike is not running, the fuel valve should only supply fuel in the prime (PRI) position

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In which case you should be able to bypass the fuel pump and apply vacuum directly to the petcock for testing. You will want to use a vacuum pump for this. If you get good fuel flow with vacuum applied to the petcock, but not when attached to the fuel pump. You could have a bad diaphram in the fuel pump Finished modified petcock. Here's the bypass that got me home. This is the hose from the filter to the pump. Notice that like the 800 the 1500's petcock output is larger than the carb inlet. I will use this hose and the stock filter, so I won't have to buy universal filter with two different fittings. The bend in the hose is about right Drain the radiator by loosening the petcock valve or the drain plug. Make sure you have a large enough container in place to collect the coolant. Step 4: Remove the vacuum lines from the coolant vacuum valve switch. Make sure you have already marked where each vacuum line will be replaced before removing them In this auction you are bidding on a new fuel tap repair kit Vacuum Petcock Bypass Kit for a Harley Davidson Big Twin, Sportster model year 98-06. Vehicle manufacturer: Harley Davidson The article is sold as it can be seen in the pictures. If you have any questions, send us an email or give us a call Tel .: 035725/72591 LA - 89 Please inquire about shipping costs outside of Germany before.

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I have replaced vaccum operated petcock with the fuel switch used on the Joyners. It has a bit larger fuel opening and and you don't have to rely on the vacuum to let fuel in. Just bypass by removing one of the y-connectors and run vacuum from the manifold to the carb and the the emmissions box..if you have one The fuel line that feeds the petcock from the rear is the vaccuum line from the intake, that opens the petcock, there should be no fuel there. If you put fresh fuel in the tank, either apply vaccuum to this hose manually (suck on it) fuel will flow. Alternativly set the petcok on prime to bypass this feature Petcock vacuum line? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 4 of 4 Posts. K. kunaiX · Registered. Joined Apr 24, 2015 · 38 Posts . Discussion Starter • #1 • May 25, 2017. 01 Volusia vl800, pulled carb to clean.. XS750E vacuum-operated fuel taps. The vacuum-operated fuel tap (aka 'petcocks') on these bikes have two main failings. The first type of failure is when the diaphragm on the back perishes, the fuel in the tank leaks into the vacuum lines, down into the cylinders and eventually into the oil

Vacuum from the running engine, sucks open a diaphragm . to allow gas to pass through it. If you were to crash your bike and the engine stalled, gasoline . would not continue to fill the carburetors and overflow - which could cause a fire. As some people failed to suggest, when you park the bike, turn . the petcock lever to OF On my Yamaha Riva 80 I ditched the vacuum system which simplified things up a lot. To ditch the vacuum petcock, connect the fuel line directly to the carb (with the manual petcock in-line) and then remove the other hose going to the vaccum petcock from the intake manifold, which is the vacuum line. Just cap off the fitting on the intake As a test, you might bypass it (run fuel line direct from petcock to carb, as in OEM configuration) for a while and see if your stalling disappears A vacuum leak can cause a myriad of drivability problems, as it introduces extra, unwanted air into the engine, leaning out the air/fuel mixture. Modern internal combustion (multi-port fuel injection) engines use intake vacuum to operate sensors, actuators, and power brakes (on some vehicles)

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