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How To Clean Model Paint Brushes. VideojugCreativeCulture. Follow. 10 years ago | 6.6K views. There is a right and a wrong way to clean those tiny brushes used for fine detailing. This short video tutorial will tell you how to get your brushes paint-free without ruining them in the process. Report. Browse more videos Put your brush on it and wait for 15mins. Then shake the brush to let all the remaining paint dissolve in water. Take it out and put it on a sheet to dry. See, the brush is ready to be used. FAQs. Question: How to clean enamel paint from the brush handle? Answer: To clean the paint off the brush handle you'll need to use paint thinner. Just. Swirl your paint brush in your mixture until you see paint starting to come off. The paint should settle to the bottom of the bucket. Once your paint brush has been cleaned, rinse any remaining softener solution off by running your paint brush under water. Dry your paint brush and remove any remaining solvent on a paper towel or old rag How to clean oil-based paint off brushes. If you've used a gloss paint, scrape as much of the brush and back into the tin as you can. Fill an old glass jar with white spirit and put the brush in, pressing it against the sides to work the liquid into the brush. Leave to soak for a couple of hours. Refresh the jar if necessary and work the.

There are a couple of ways to remove water from wet brushes. Shake the brush vigorously above a paint pail, cardboard box or other container.; Alternately, use a brush spinner to spin the brush dry above a container.; Repeat as necessary. If moisture remains, blot it on newspaper, paper towel or clean cloth until the brush has dried For brushes used for oil paints, dab remaining wet paint off of the brush onto a paper towel or rag, then pour a small amount (about a 1/4) of cleaning solution, such as General Pencil The Masters Brush Cleaner ($11, walmart.com), into a small non-plastic container, she says. Work the brush bristles back and forth in the liquid until the. When I'm finished, I clean the brush in thinner or alcohol first, but then I clean it at the sink with a small sample size of shampoo (it costs like $1; anti-dandruff seems to work best). I reshape the brush when wet and then let it air dry. This seems to work pretty well. The shampoo does a real good job of cleaning the paint from the brush.

For example, I've tested the cleaning power of windex of tamiya vs vallejo acrylics. Windex clearly dissolves the Tamiya paint much faster than vallejo. 2. Don't use solvents to clean your regular brushes. Just use soap and water. The trick to keeping your brushes clean is to never let paint dry on them Acrylic Thinner can be used when the paint is wet. See below. When cleaning wet paint from an airbrush, use the acrylic cleaner listed below. If Acrylic paint dries on or in your airbrush, use one of the cleaners to remove the dried paint. Acrylic Thinners & Cleaners Model Master Acrylic 50496A 4 oz. Model Master Acrylic Cleaner 50497A 4 oz Once your brush has fully air-dried, we're able to test for additional remaining dried paint in the bristles and actually remove most of it with this simple trick. Simply fan through the dried bristles against the palm of your hand, or use two fingers to sort of flick through all the bristles, like you would scanning the pages of a book Repeat process until all the paint is removed. Your brushes will be reconditioned and you will have a new old brush. For Cleaning . 1. Wipe brush to remove excess paint. 2. Wet brush and/or The Masters® with water. 3. Swirl brush in The Masters® and work into a lather. 4. Rinse with clean water. 5 It's always best to clean paint off of your brushes while the paint is still wet. For wet paint, you'll need nothing more than warm water and Dawn Dish Soap to get the brushes clean. This works for craft paint, latex, oil-based paint, and even stain. Not only is Dawn gentle on the bristles, it's also gentle on your hands, unlike many.

The paint will soften and you can wipe off with a paper towel. If you want to remove all of the paint then use the nail polish remover and cotton swabs to remove model paint from the crevices and small areas. Fill a container large enough with paint stripper and soak the model for up to two days. Rinse the model off and blot dry Got a beloved brush you use for miniature painting? Did someone let paint get up in the ferrule? Are the bristles stained? It's ok - you can restore it! All. Wipe away paint with a paper towel or rag. This step is optional, but may help. Before you clean the paintbrush with water, first wrap a paper towel or rag around the bristles of the brush and gently press to remove excess paint You can also remove bits and pieces of dried paint from your brush by using a soft toothbrush to scrub off the bigger pieces, and a fine-toothed comb to manually separate the clumps. Just remember to hold the brush you're cleaning firmly from its base, its ferrule, so that you won't accidentally comb its bristles off

The common and effective method to clean paint brushes that has been used for oil painting is to wash them in turpentine. Sometimes, however, you may find yourself inspired to paint and then find, once you have finished, that you have run out of turps! If you leave your brushes coated in oil paint to dry then they will be ruined I have always been interested in building model cars and am beginning by building a 69 Camaro Z/28. I am painting the parts with Testors enamel paints and am not really sure what the proper cleaning method is for my paint brushes. I've been pouring some of the thinner into a separate container and dipping my brushes in there and then wiping them clean with a paper towel Oil paint reacts well with thinner and breaks down into components. Those components are much easier to clean off a brush and make thinner the perfect medium to clean oil paint brushes. Use thinner to clean your brushes whenever you use oil paint. Paint thinner does nothing to acrylic paint, so avoid using it when cleaning acrylic paint brushes Ha, I figured this one out after using an old messed up brush to apply paint stripper to a project and lo and behold, the brush came out looking like new. I must say I have since soaked brushes in paint stripper to clean them (once for several hours due to forgetfulness) and haven't had any end up looking chewed Shake off the excess. Repeat until the brushes look clean. Dry the brushes on a clean cloth. See how to clean walls before you start on a fresh coat! How to clean oil-based paint off brushes. If you've used a gloss paint, scrape as much of the brush and back into the tin as you can

Frank shows us his workflow and tips for keeping his paint brushes clean after using them, including what cleaners to use and how different types of brushes. How to Clean Brushes Used With Glue. Many paint brushes are ruined when glue is left to dry on the bristles. Cleaning brushes after use is imperative if you want to keep the brush in prime working order. Clean paint brushes make a project run smoother and help you complete future projects faster Depends on the brush. If you're painting with an oil based enamel you use a natural bristle brush and you clean it with mineral spirits or turpentine. Sling out as much solvent as you can and then wrap the brush in a sheet of clean dry newsprint t.. But if you don't have time to clean them right away, avoid letting them dry out and attacking them with a wire brush to get the pesky paint off. Yes, it will help remove the dried paint from the tips of the bristle, but it will also knock off the flag (splits) at the end of the bristles, and you don't want that How do you clean Revell Enamel Paint off of a brush? Close. 2. Posted by 5 years ago. Archived. and use it to dip my brush: Wipe excess paint off brush using paper towel. Dip brush in thinner. Wipe brush. Dip brush. Wipe brush. Done. 1. The subreddit dedicated to the hobby of plastic model kit building and painting. Swap tips and.

Bad brushes will need a clean supply of Murphy oil because the paint leaks to the bottom of the jar. Rinse the brush well with water. Use the brush comb to make sure the inside of the bristles is clean as well. Soak longer if needed. You can scrub excess paint off of the bristles with a scrub brush Professional Diploma In Painting. Sign Up Today & Get A Free 4 Week Course! Upgrade Your CV With Our Professional Diploma in Painting Paint away the rest on newspapers, because cleaning a brush is made easier if you remove as much of the paint from its bristles as possible. Next, examine the can of paint, and use the appropriate. Another product I highly recommend and love is the Beauty So Clean spray.This product is awesome to use during your after event cleaning ritual. I also spray my brushes with the BSC right before I pack up my supplies. I do not use this product while Im painting like I do my Brush Bath because the bottle states that it may cause irritation to the skin To use vinegar, heat it in a pan until it boils. Pour the heated vinegar into a bowl or jar and insert your brushes. Allow the brushes to soak 30 minutes to 1 hour. Remove the brushes and wash them with dish soap. If desired, soak brushes in an acrylic solvent or turpentine to help remove stuck-on paint

How to Strip Paint Off Miniatures - Plastic Khorne Bloodreaver. This is the How to Strip Paint Off Miniatures headline model. As you can see, the before image shows a terrible paint job. I was painting this up as part of another blog tutorial and it came out very poorly. To top it off, I dropped him How to Clean Semi Gloss Paint Off a Brush. Semi-gloss paint comes as either a latex or oil-based formula. Latex paint tends to dry more quickly than oil-based paints so the brushes require. How to Clean a Paintbrush all about paintbrush care. Learn how to clean a paintbrush properly, to ensure that your paintbrush has a long lifespan!. The sign of a happy paintbrush is one that is gooped in paint, dripping with color, and skipping freely across a canvas - gleefully leaving behind a trail of peppy pigment I do what Andrew J does. Thinners, paint remover and cleaning agents are to expensive to waste on relatively cheap paint brushes, not to mention the waist of time cleaning them. Michael Topping: 05/08/2017 19:15:42: 74 forum posts 5 photos: I use spray gun cleaner, available from eBay relatively cheaply, it is good for cleaning air brushes too. Scrub back and forth, twisting in and out. Repeat until there is no paint debris on the brush or pipe cleaner. 5c. Use the cleaning brush or pipe cleaner dipped in Medea Airbrush Cleaner to clean the paint passage from the front of the airbrush (3 and 4). Clean until there is no paint debris on the brush or pipe cleaner

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  1. There are two good ways to remove loose dust from models, brushes and compressed air. A dry, soft-haired brush works best for gently removing dust from a model without damaging delicate details. Brush lightly, working from top to bottom. Be particularly careful about details and electrical contacts
  2. The synthetic bristles help your paint lay down smooth while the natural bristles help hold paint in your brush. I do caution though against getting too much paint on your brush! Fusion and chalk-type paints look the best when painted in thin coats. The biggest thing to remember about your brushes is to keep them clean and in good shape! Always.
  3. If you forgot to clean a paintbrush and water-based paint has dried in the bristles, don't discard the brush. Instead, soak the paintbrush in vinegar for about an hour. Fill a saucepan with enough vinegar to cover the bristles. Put the brush in the vinegar, and then bring the vinegar to a simmer
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  5. Use An Old Comb And Manually Remove The Clumps. If all fails, get yourself an old comb you no longer use and use it to try to scrape off all the paint gunk of your brush. The finer the teeth on your comb, the more success you'll have with this method. The first thing you do is wet the brush with a little water and apply a little oil
  6. Swish the brush around in your cup of water to release any leftover paint. Gently shake off the excess water and pat against towel. Repeat Steps 1-3 as many times as necessary to remove the bulk of the acrylic paint. This is important for Step 6. Go to the sink and place a small bucket, pail or bowl under the faucet

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I don't see any foreseeable consequences with using a ultrasonic (US) cleaner to clean your paint brushes. Time shouldn't be an issue either. Personally, I would US clean them in a mild detergent (e.g. Ivory dishwashing liquid) for 5 min. then rinse them out well with tap water. (You could US clean them after that for 5 min. in tap water. Alternatively, if the needle is likely to pull paint through the brush using this removal method, it can be removed from the front of the airbrush following steps 8 to 13. Cleaning an Airbrush: Step 2 Cleaning an Airbrush Step 3: Unscrew the spring guide. Cleaning an airbrush Step 3 Cleaning an Airbrush Step 4

I use cheap turpentine for cleaning and good quality artists' turpentine for thinning paint. Lacquer thinner is the hardcore cleaning medium for dried-on enamel or brushes that have been left too long. I would avoid acetone/nail polish remover. It's uses in modelling are for thinning gap-filling putty, undoing super glue, and not a real lot else For an excellent way to clean a brush, mix the recipe in a glass bowl and be careful not to splash it on a wooden table.Let your brushes with dried paint soak in the mixture. This should only take about five minutes or so. Next, take an old hairbrush, or a specialized brush comb you don't use anymore and brush out the rest of the paint by running it repeatedly through the bristles If paint has begun to dry, you may need to let the paint brush soak for an hour or more before cleaning. Cleaning Wet Paint Brushes. Check the back of the paint can for cleaning instructions and the solution to use for the type of paint you have. Preparation: Before cleaning a wet paint brush, wipe off as much of the paint as you can Cleaning solution for the paint that you are using (water for any paint other than oil-based paint which will require paint thinner) A flat, stiff bristle paint brush or chip brush; Sanding sponge; The primary reason why you might want to dry brush paint is to get a faux vintage look on a new piece of furniture

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Keep the Brushes Clean; Clean the brushes every time you switch from one color to another of your paint by numbers canvas. The paint dries very quickly and will ruin your brush if you do not wash it immediately. You can prepare a bottle of water and a brush-cleaning bowl. Wet towel is also very helpful for cleaning brushes Soaking your brushes in fabric softener periodically will help restore softness and pliability to their bristles, keeping them from becoming brittle and breaking off. - Paint Nite You can use vegetable oil for cleaning a palette and dish soap and water for brushes If you're using regular enamel paint like Testors, then regular paint thinner is fine. You can use it to clean brushes and thin the paint. Old baby food jars are great for small amounts of thinner. Have two open, one to get most of the color off the brush and second one for the rest. Try not to push brushes too hard into bottom, ruining bristles 4). Stir the paintbrushes in the Testors Enamel Airbrush Thinner. If the brushes are still clogged with paint, let them sit for an additional 30 minutes. 5). Remove each brush and wipe it clean with a paper towel. 6). Place the paintbrushes on a clean piece of paper towel to dry

I'm new to scale model building and have an F-22 Raptor from Revell. I am using both acrylic and enamel paints. I'm having no problems with the acrylic paint but I am with the enamel. I'm having issues with cleaning the paint brushes between colors, seems I need to get some paint thinner to fix the problem. I need some advice on paint thinner and cleaning brushes The absolute best way that I've found to remove dry acrylic paint from my brushes is to use EZ air brush cleaner. It's non toxic, odorless, and biodegradable. Soak the brush overnight in equal parts brush cleaner and warm water. Use a rag and a toothbrush to pick off the dry bits of acrylic paint. Rinse with soap and water and repeat if. Overlap each series of brush strokes to avoid going over partially dried paint, and keep your strokes to a minimum for the same reason — to let the paint level and dry without showing brush marks. After painting, clean the brush immediately (don't mash the bristles!), smooth the tip back to form, and store the brush upright to dry

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By keeping the paint in your brush wet right up until you begin cleaning, the opportunity for the paint to dry is greatly reduced and the brush will be much easier to clean: simple. Sooner or later however, you'll forget your poor airbrush for an hour or two with the paint cup full of the nastiest acrylic paint known to mankind Lindsay - Klean-Strip 1 gal. Brush Cleaner is a full-strength solvent which works to clean latex and oil based paints and coatings off of synthetic brushes. If you would like to get more information, please call our Klean Strip helpline at 1-800-398-3892 so we can discuss in more detail A way to test and see if your paint is bad, is to use a paint brush and apply some of the paint to a sheet of paper. Assuming you got a decent amount of paint on the brush, you will be able to see clumps within the paint on the paper. But that's assuming the paint is quite bad If paint does dry on your brush then use a brush soap to clean it off. When I'm painting I will always keep my brush wet for this reason. If I'm working on something and it's taking a while to accomplish, like base coating large areas of a model, then I'll routinely clean off my brush, load it up again, and keep going Use your fingers or a fine comb to gently pinch through the bristles to get rid of paint ; You're best off using a fine-toothed comb since blunt nails and fingers are not as likely to get those small pesky bits of paint out of the paintbrush. Do remember, however, that the paint isn't yet fully clean, though it may appear to be so

Use an old toothbrush and warm, soapy water to scrub off remaining paint. Scrub gently so you don't scratch the surface of the figurine. LA Totally Awesome is the recommended cleaning product for stripping paint off of plastic miniatures. It's an all-purpose cleaner and degreaser that doesn't have ammonia, acid, or bleach, so it's safe. For brush painting you actually want a thicker texture and probably should not dilute the paint at all. If anything you would want it to be slightly thicker. As for cleaning brushes, water and washing up liquid are fine if you wash your brushes straight after use. You can use the acrylic thinner if you have let the paint dry on your brush

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Unfortunately, the same quick-drying aspect can be detrimental to your brushes. If allowed to dry on paintbrush bristles, acrylic paint is difficult to remove without ruining the brushes in the process. But there is a way to clean and salvage your paintbrushes. You can remove the paint using acetone and restore the usefulness of your brush Product Description. 3M Paint and Rust Stripper 7771NA 10 Brush Mandrels Hardware Department Open Stock Cleans rusty surfaces with a double-thick edge to strip quicker Features Scotch-Brite abrasive web that won't rust or splinter like wire brushes Conforms to surface contours reduces gouging and leaves a smooth paintable surface Fits all standard household drills 1/4-Inch 3/8-Inch and 1/2.

I see people using brushes (hair or foam) to spread glue. This is not something I have seen in real life. Without experimenting I have a feeling that spreading glue with a brush might be a good idea, but when the gluing setup is finished and one has time to clean the brush it is already set. So every such gluing would cost a brush Detail Model Paint Brushes Set - 6 Pieces Miniature Painting Brushes for Acrylic, Watercolor - Airplane Kits, Ceramic, Plastic Model, Warhammer 40k 4.6 out of 5 stars 524 $8.9 With all the Model 3 vehicles basically made to order, as soon as the car rolls off the factory floor (or tent floor), those vehicles may sit in a lot for a very short time before getting swooped up and sent for delivery. The time for the paint to cure for the Model 3 is measured in days rather than in months as was the case for my Honda If your paint is too thick, you can clog up your airbrush. On the other hand, if it is too thin, you will find your paint running off the area you are busy with. Remember, when you thin-out your enamel paint, make sure you use the right paint thinner. The thinner should be recommended by the manufacture for that particular type of paint

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  1. Acrylic paint brushes typically require a special type of cleaner to help keep these brushes in prime condition. We love this cleaner for its ability to clean deep to remove paint, all while maintaining an eco-friendly formula that is made entirely with non-toxic ingredients
  2. g the polystyrene. Apply the remover and leave it on the affected area until the paint starts to wrinkle. Do not immerse
  3. After using the brush, clean up with the recommended thinner. For acrylics, you can use soap and water. Shape the bristles of the brush with your fingers so that they are not distorted. Store with the brushes in a cup-like container with bristles pointing upward and into the air. Spray Can. The spray paint can is the most widely used paint.
  4. eral spirits. I took it to the sink and rinsed it thoroughly with warm water. I worked some dish detergent into the bristles and brushed it well with the wire brush to remove all the loose paint
  5. utes to eight hours to work
  6. Test the thinned paint on a scrap model or piece of paper before you apply it to the model. If the paint is too thin, it can flood off the brush and ruin the surface. If you are trying to layer thin paint for clothing highlights and shadows, a little paint can go a long way. After you dip the brush in the paint, drag it across a dry paper towel
  7. Yes, it is not as easy to clean up as water-based paints like latex, but the clean up process really isn't that difficult (and it's worth the money it would cost to buy and toss a cheap brush). Oil-based paint on your hands is the worst. You go to wash it off, and the water just glides right on over that spot of paint on your finger. A.
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  1. Spilling or splatting paint seems to happen to me every time I pick up a paint brush, so I'm thankful that it's so easy to remove paint spills simply using rubbing alcohol. You simply need a paper towel and some rubbing alcohol and then you scrub. To find out how this works and to see before and after photos, visit CreeklineHouse.com here
  2. When the brush is clean, wash it out with some water, and set it to dry in a jar. Don't ever let the brush rest on its bristles, or they will bend and the brush will become unusable. Advanced model painting techniques Using an airbrush. Almost all beginners decide to brush-paint their first models
  3. The Masters Brush Cleaner and Preserver removes oils, acrylics, watercolors, stains, and varnishes from the finest sable and bristle brushes, and makes painting with nylon and other synthetic brushes a snap. Start by wetting your brush and working up a lather on the hard cake. To clean your.
  4. For Cleaning 1. Wipe brush to remove excess paint. 2. Wet brush and/or The Masters® with water. 3. Swirl brush in The Masters® and work into a lather. 4. Rinse with clean water. 5. Repeat if necessary until brush is clean (lather will be white). You can clean one color after another without removing the previous colors from The.
  5. Small picks scrapers and stiff brushes will turn up a lot of areas that need additional attention. Sand any old paint drips or sags. Sand edges of chipped areas to blend with adjacent surface. If chipped areas continue to flake-off, the old paint is loose and needs to come off. Keep scraping and sanding until the finish is smooth to touch
  6. If there are still some paint left in the plastic item, proceed to method number two. Method Two: Use a paint scraper or a putty knife to remove the existing paint from the plastic item. In some cases, a razor blade can be an appropriate tool for dried and thick acrylic paint. Scrape off the paint gently and avoid putting too much pressure on it

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  1. Paper towel drying can remove the thin film of paint and simple green on the model. You can also run the model under a faucet and clean it. afterwards with paper towels. Once dry, take the kitchen brush and stiffly but not strongly brush the models the clear away any remnants of paint left on the model. Clean up afterwards
  2. Paint reservoirs hold the paint supply for spray guns and airbrushes. The different types include glass jars which plug into the brush from below, or fixed or interchangeable cups for small quantities of paint. Airbrushes can have any type of reservoir; spray guns are normally available with jars only
  3. iature, and figure out how to subsect the paint coating so it will come off easily. The acetone has turned the paint into a thin coat over the model that is no longer sticking to it
  4. Even after cleaning paint with soap and water, there still can be a layer of grime left, and this stuff removes that layer of light grime (if present) and really makes the typewriter shine. Toothpaste & Toothbrush: I have recently had a ton of success with using toothpaste to clean paint on typewriters with crinkle-style paint
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  1. Proper prep for any paint or stain job is a key to overall project success. Purdy offers a full line of surface preparation tools to scrape, brush and strip old paint and other compounds from almost any surface. Purdy also has faux finish tools to leave an exceptional and durable finish
  2. Acrylic paint is a fast-drying water-based paint which contains the pigment that is suspended in the emulsion. It becomes water resistant when it dries up, and it's not easy to remove from surfaces. Hence, to remove acrylic paint from any surfaces, you will need a cleaner that can break down the acrylic resin. Note that the cleaners are picked based on the type of surface in which they.
  3. iatures, you want a hard-bristled toothbrush. Stiff bristles get into the cracks and seams of the
  4. As cleaning tool experts for over 50 years, Scotch-Brite Brand is the only brand with the breadth of cleaning tools for all your home cleaning needs. Whether in the kitchen for scrubbing dishes, wiping counters, and cleaning appliances, or in your bathroom's hard-to-reach places like shower tile and under the toilet rim, or even removing pet.
  5. Well there is lots of stuff you can use to clean your models. But you should be careful with your selection because you can easily damage your model. Brushes are very popular for example. But they are not ideal. For instance if you pick a too hard brush you can easily scratch the paint or windows of your model. That ain't cool
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Airbrush, after the paint, when kept for few hours dries up quickly leaving it clogged. This clogged airbrush, cannot be used further for any work. Hence maintaining an airbrush without any blockage by cleaning it on and off will surely help you to make use of the airbrush for a longer period of time The simplest is to take a very fine paint brush, dip it into the wash and then lightly touch raised areas on the model. Make sure that the paint brush does not hold too much paint - you do not want to flood the model and you can always add more later.The wash will flow around bolt heads, along ridges and panel lines etc Thinned paint is used to create a cleaner finish on the model or miniature you are painting and makes it much easier to control the movements of the brush with paint that is evener. My goal is to show you how thinning paint can produce much better outcomes for your projects and make your life easier in working with these acrylic paints

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If the water turns slightly cloudy, it means you still have more paint in the brush. Clear Swishing = Clean. Continue the fresh-water rinsing process until the water stays perfectly clear. If there is hardened paint on the handle or tops of the bristles near the handle, use a stiff nylon brush to clean off this paint Related article you may like: DIY paint sprayer and wall painting tips. Final Verdict. If you want to remove dried latex paint on any surface, do not panic. However, if you accidentally spill latex paint on your clothes or surface, the essential thing is to clean it before curing to avoid complicating the removal process If you brush is covered in hair, haircare products or even dandruff, it's time to clean it out. These are the best ways to clean plastic or ceramic brushes, paddle brushes and wooden brushes

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You should soak the pre-assembled plastic Model parts in the Dish soap 4-8 drops in a1/2 gallon of warm water for 10-12 minutes and then rinse in clean warm water and allow to air dry. Then depending on the type paint your using you may want to use Barrier if your using oil base enamel NEVER clean up a brush with hot water! The glue that holds the bristles into the brush can melt. This will result in hairs falling out as you paint. The brush will be useless and need to be thrown away. After washing the brush it is very important to form the tip of the brush into its point The toothbrush will help you scrub the softened paint out of any small crevices. If there are any patches of stubborn paint, blob on a little more stripping gel, allow it to soften, and then wipe again. Finally, use a wet paper towel to clean all remaining stripping gel residue off your piece and you're finished The hottest water possible. Let the Mod Podge soften, and then scrape as much off as you can with a butter knife. Add a little liquid or dish soap and scrub with a brush to remove as much as possible. Option two involves petroleum jelly, also known as Vaseline. To use this method, scrape off any excess Mod Podge that you can Cleaning with a brush. To clean it out, use a miniature abrasive brush, such as these available from McMaster-Carr. A .094″ brush should be about right. You can either spin it by hand or, to speed up the process, chuck the brush into a drill or a rotary tool. Wear eye protection if you do that. Cleaning with a dril

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1. You will need the brush that came with your machine, or a stiff paint brush or toothbrush. You will also need clear sewing machine oil. 2. Remove the bobbin case, take the bobbin out and clean the inside of the bobbin case with your brush. 3. Remove the screws that hold the retention piece in place How to use the Healing Brush Tool: Select the Healing Brush icon from the Toolbox (grouped under the Spot Healing Brush tool). Choose your desired brush size using a drop-down menu in the upper right corner. Choose Sampled as your source. Option+Click on a clean spot that you want to use as your source

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