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  1. Normally that would have been that but alas - Hobby Lobby had lighting/lamps on sale for 50% off. $40 for a light? Count me in. In all fairness, I wasn't sure if it was safe to convert a plug-in light to a hardwired light. I mean, it's just two little wires, right? But what about the ground? Plug-in lights don't have grounds so would it even work
  2. I show how i hardwired my LED fixtures in my garage
  3. Watch Video: HARDWIRED LED STRIP INSTALL Hardwire LED Strip Lights Safety Tips. As you can see, it's extremely easy to hardwire LED strip lights.In fact, it is a technique that can be used to hardwire LED strip under cabinet lighting, car lighting, or any other lighting systems that can contain LED strip lights
  4. I noticed that hardwired lighting is on average three times more expensive than plug-in lighting. However, both types of fixtures look the same to me. So I'd rather go for the cheaper plug-in lighting. While studying the plug-in lighting, I only see that they have two wires. Take a look at this LED strip light, for example

Hi there, I am getting my kitchen replaced next week and I need to buy some undercabinet lighting. I prefer to have them hardwired instead of plugged-in so that we have a free socket and less cables running around. I have found a set of dimmable puck LED lights on amazon which I like but.. Feed the light fixture's wires up through the base of the plug and out the front. Then push the body of the plug down the wire and out of the way. Next, attach one wire to one prong's screw as shown. Wind the wire in through the notch in the plug and snugly around the screw post. Tighten the screw to securely hold the wire

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  1. Hardwired vs Plug-in LED Shop Lights. As mentioned above, hardwired LED lights are the old school types of shop lighting systems. How exactly do they differ from the more modern plug in LED shop lights? Here Are a Few Differences to Note: Installation; When it comes to installation, plug-ins are definitely more convenient that hardwired LEDs
  2. I have 2 hardwired lights above my mantle. We are going to replace them. The lights I like (and can afford) are plug-in wall lights (IKEA, Lowe's, Home Depot)
  3. If you're new to LED strip lights but are eager to get them up and running, the most critical step is figuring out how to provide the appropriate power input to the LED strip in order to get it to light up. Depending on where you purchased your LED strip and LED power supply, set up methods may differ. Below, we'll go over the most common setups
  4. This is where the benefits of a hardwired dimmable transformer come into play. While a switched outlet will allow your LED lights to be turned on and off using a standard plug-in system, or dimmed using an in-line switch, it is the hardwire transformer which allows these low-voltage lights to be dimmed using a conventional wall dimmer
  5. Instructional video of how I converted a hardwire pendant light fixture to plug-in.https://venmo.com/jencline5-
  6. How to Hardwire the Hykolity LED Garage Shop Lights. Once I decided how I was going to space out my LED lights, it was time to install them. While I was waiting for the lights to be delivered, I removed one of my recessed LED lights so I could get an idea what was involved with the installation. Remove Old Recessed Lights. First things first
  7. g off the switch

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Inside the Cabinet Hardwired or plug-in lights can be installed at the front of your cabinets for maximum illumination effect, and the cables can be hidden along the inside of the cabinets. Drill a small hole up towards the very front of the cabinet where it cannot be seen, and run the cable up through the hole LED Under Counter Lighting Kit, Dimmable Kitchen Cabinet Strip Lighting Fixture,Hardwired Plug in,24W 8 pcs Bar Lights for Kitchen, Closet, Showcase, Shelf Lighting, 11 Inches DC 24V(Daywhite) 4.6 out of 5 stars 4 Need to concentrate on a task where clear crisp lighting is essential; Commercial Electric's 4 ft. LED Strip light is the best for you. This fixture replaces outdated, buzzing and glaring fluorescent fixtures. It offers traditional linear lighting using the latest and energy-efficient LED technology. Emits 1800 Lumens of brightness using only 20-Watts of energy with 4000K Bright White color.

Hardwired light fixture (chandelier, wall sconce, etc.) Lamp wire (cut to desired length, I'm using 20-feet) 15-amp light duty plug Wire connectors Wire strippers Electric tape Screwdrivers Utility knife Needle nose pliers Scissors Measuring tape. SHOP THE POS Inspired LED also offers a unique hybrid option through the Independence Dimmer, which offers the convenience of a plug-in system, with the look of a hardwired wall switch. Depending upon the specific needs of your project, and your experience with LED lighting, it can be an overwhelming task trying to determine which of these two methods is.

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I have a whole round up of great hardwired lights ranging from $25-$50. How to convert a hard wire light fixture into a plug in. Step One: Prepare your light fixture and gather your supplies. Step Two: Remove the female end of the extension cord using wire cutters. The female end is the plug in sidewhere another plug is inserted Sararoom Tycolit 2FT Led Shop Light Fixture, 20W LED Tube Light, 2400lm,4000K Neutral White, 60cm 23.6inch LED Garage Closet Light Ceiling Light for Office Home Basement, No Plug, No Ground Wire 4.0 out of 5 stars 68 Well, today's project was made to add a little light to that space; and I am going to show you how to turn a hard wired light fixture into a plug in light! Warning: I may be a woman of many skills and qualifications, but certified electrician is not one of them. I have basic wiring skills

Do this for every light until you get to the one closest to the switch. This light needs one length of wire coming from the switch box and one leaving the light on its other side. 6. Connect the lights. Isolate the electrical wire inside each light, separate the wires if necessary, and remove about 3/4in of the insulation from them Rope lighting looks like a rope with several small lights inside. Rope lighting can illuminate specific areas of your home including under cabinets and in bookcases. Most rope lighting comes with a plug at the end of the rope. Hard wiring a rope light will free up an outlet where the plug would normally sit 1. Turn off the kitchen circuit that provides power to the outlets above the countertop. Plug the receptacle tester into the outlets. The three lights on the tester will not light up when you turn. It's a great feeling. Flipping a light switch and watching your yard brighten that is! You too can have this feeling if you wire outdoor lights to an interior light switch. There are two wiring options. One is to hardwire the lights to the switch itself. The other is wire it to an exterior outlet with a transformer

ETi 32 in. Linkable LED Beam Adjustable Under Cabinet Light Plug in or Direct Wire 1000 Lumens 3000K Dimmable (103) Model# 53505111. Lithonia Lighting Contractor Select UCEL Series 24 in. 3000K Soft White Integrated 742 Lumen LED Direct Wire Undercabinet Light Fixture. hard wired cabinet lights (See our hardwired and other power supplies here)1. What do I need to set up a hard wire LED power adapter? Before you even get the necessary supplies together we need to cover safety. I know, I know, you've heard this all before. That's great that you know how to be safe, but like the adage goes, better safe than sor The other way to do it would be to splice in a receptacle and simply plug the led strip in. Given that the wire is 12/2 rather than 14/2 - it's probably fused at 20 amps rather than at the more standard 15 amps for a lighting circuit - you should check to see what the wire is feeding - some 20 amp circuits don't allow you to add anything (depending on what it is feeding) code varies. Got a lamp you love but no pre-wired light box in the wall or ceiling where you'd like to hang it? You don't have to do a major wiring job. You can simply re-wire the lamp with an extension cord and plug it into an available wall outlet

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  1. 12V LED strips come in reels of 16.4 feet (5m). Here at LEDSupply we offer smaller lengths of 3, 6, 9 and 12 feet. The strips can easily be cut down to size as there are cut marks along with solder pads every 4 inches for standard density and every 2 inches for high density
  2. LED light strips are lightweight and versatile. You can cut them to size and run them almost anywhere. They come in a bunch of different colors and are easy to hardwire into your van. Light strips are so weightless they can be attached with heavy duty double stick tape, zip ties, super glue, or any number of creative solutions
  3. Achieve your desired lighting angle thanks to the swivel light head. Suitable for both plug-n-play and hardwire mounting method. A 7.87 ft long power cable provided for easy plug-n-play use. A variety of mounting accessories provided for hardwire. 3000K warm white glow without pale white adds an elegant touch to the surroundings

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  1. The one that I did find was for an older model and the wiring to the trailer plug was completely different. I am wanting to hard wire an LED Tail/Brake/Blinker/Reverse Strip to my 2015 Ram 1500 using the wiring for the trailer plug. I currently have the strip plugged into my 4 pin trailer plug, but I am wanting a cleaner look
  2. And at ~$50 each, I thought they were a steal, but we did not have wiring in the spots where I wanted to hang them. Rather than open up and rewire the wall (because, if I'm being honest, I might will almost definitely rearrange the room sometime and NOT want sconces there), I decided to covert the hard wired lights into plug ins. And I've got a step by step tutorial for you, too
  3. LED strip or rope lighting is going to be the most invisible. However, puck lights can be recessed into the bottom of the cabinets - so you wouldn't see them much. The issue with wiremold plugs is keeping up to date with codes. The electrical codes in some areas require tamper-proof outlets now
  4. Instead of hard wiring a light you hard wire a plug. Make sure that you preset the desired light settings honey LED light. When you control them with a wall switch they should pick up on the previous settings. Do I Need A Special Switch For Led Lights? Generally you do not need a special switch to install LED lighting

Shop DALS Lighting 5-Pack 60-in Hardwired/Plug-in Smart Puck Under Cabinet Lights with Remote in the Under Cabinet Lights department at Lowe's.com. The DALS Wi-Fi smart LED puck lights are a beautiful option for your under cabinet or small interior application. Change the color of the light outpu Of course, the rest of the team might disagree. It might be a difference in culture, but many Americans learn about how to wire lights, including decorative lamps, signs, etc. It's also quite common for home owners to change out their hard-wired light fixtures without calling a professional electrician LEDs (light-emitting diodes) are also highly versatile and can be fashioned into thin strips, tapes, ropes, pucks, and various low-profile fixtures. Under-cabinet lighting can be hard-wired and controlled by a wall switch, but most DIYers choose an easy-to-install plug-in system Want to hardwire your light to a switch without voiding your warranty? Here is the answer. The Strobes N' More Hardwire Kit gives you a female cigarette plug with 8 foot cable, a lighted rocker switch with mounting panel and screws, and the ends for the wire to easily plug into the back of the switch Solar Landscape Lighting. Unlike electric lighting, solar landscape lights use LED lights. The LED lighting is one of the longest-lasting lighting options, sometimes lasting 10 years or more. Solar-powered lighting is great for those that don't have much experience working with wiring because they don't have any wires

So about 8 months ago , right after I bought my truck, I bought a LED light bar. I mounted it right away, and since then have not found an easy way / no hacking way to make it work. After a bunch of searching I found a harness to go in between to make it work like plug and play, except for the re.. Shop LEDSupply - Free Shipping & the lowest prices on Hard wire Power Supplies. In stock. Click or Call (802) 728 6031. LED Strip Kit 1M Strip & Track Plug-n-Play Kit 8AA LED Strip Light Kit 3AA UV LED Strip Light Kit LED Motion Sensor Strip Light RGB LED Flex Strip Help - Buying Guide Hampton Bay 3-Light LED Plug-in Track Lighting Kit at Home Depot Each unit features three LED bulbs that you can angle as needed, so you can provide light to certain spots in the room. Best for Bedside: Wrought Studio Birchanger Plug-In Armed Sconce at Wayfai This high power LED light provides versatile lighting in 120 V. built in LED driver with 3 level dimmer button switch. Linkable up to 25 units. Mounting is made easy with our snap in clips. Portable or hardwire option. Available in white, nickel, and bronze finishes. Great for kitchen cabinets, display cases and shelves

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I'd replace the existing light fixture with a receptacle that has a weatherproof while in use cover, plug in the string lights, and call it a day. Commercial grade string lights (the kind with a standard bulb-socket every 4 ft or so) are designed to be hardwired. Xmas lights are not Since it is difficult to provide you with steps to install wired LED closet lighting like the hardwired led closet light strip , we have selected this video for you to look at. This video outlines the step to wiring a closet light. Step 3: Plug in and Turn on the Strip How To Convert a Hardwire Fixture To a Plug In Pendant. Every once in a while, I am looking for a pendant light and I find the perfect oneonly to realize that it is supposed to be hard-wired and I want to be able to plug it in to an outlet Shop Swivel Cabinet Lights with adjustable lens & color temperature switch, allowing you to control light direction & hue. Available in 6 lengths plus choose between 2 installation methods, hardwire or wall plug-in. All accessories are included for easy installation plus 5-year warranty

A Hue Lightstrip V3/Plus, and the plug adapter. The LED lightstrip themselves are quite pricey compared to some of the competitors, but Hue lightstrips are RGBW not just RGB. What this means is that the individual LEDs in the light strips contain separate red, green, blue and white light-emitting diodes LED light bulbs are slow to burn out, don't generate excess heat, and are energy-efficient. When shopping for under cabinet lighting, you can choose from hardwired light fixtures (also sometimes called direct wire), wireless versions, or plug-in models that require an outlet Below is a great guide on how to choose the correct LED strip light for your application. How to choose the best LED strip light for your project. 2. Choose one your preferred strip above or choose one of our LED lighting kits. Our LED strip light kits were created with many projects in mind I wanted to use this inexpensive ($26) exterior nautical style sconce, but it was designed to be hardwired into the wall.I wanted to be able to plug it in instead. Plus it had to be mounted to a movable piece of furniture, it wasn't going to be mounted to a wall

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On the other hand, hardwired lights will need to be installed by a skilled electrician. The hardwired under cabinet lighting can leave you with a more professional look. However, most light bars plug into an outlet. Let's illustrate it: Plug-in; Lights that are plugged into regular outlets are easy to maintain and cost-effective Reliable & Robust Power Supplies for LED Lighting. Power Supplies, also called LED Drivers or Transformers, are a key piece of any LED light installation. LED's are inherently low-voltage electronic components, so they will all require a Power Supply when connected to the high or line voltage (120-277VAC) of a home, commercial building, or retail space Modifying the Height of a Light Fixture: Use a ruler to measure how low you want your pendant light to hang. If you need to, put a piece of painter's tape at that mark to give yourself a visual reference spot to see if you like that height. (Or corral a partner into holding the light fixture for you while you make up your mind.

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I installed led rgb led strips with a RF rgb remote on the vehicle. The power connection was directly to the car battery which is plug to the rmote reciever. It worked well until the reciever gets hot and eventually the remote does not switch off the lights Tip: Let the system's wiring hang free until all the LED tape is in place, then go back and secure wires and terminals to the cabinets with staples and screws. Step 5 Plug in the Power Supply Photo by Kolin Smith. Place the power supply and the dimmer on top of the upper cabinets. Plug the power supply into the new outlet Direct-wire as a fixture with the Noble Pro hardwire kit (sold separately), then turn the Color Switch to choose 2700K, 3000K or 4000K temperature light from the two high-performance 10.4 watt, energy efficient, dimmable LED arrays. Energy Star rated for efficiency and California Title 24 compliant The little nook between the built-in closets in the bedroom has new sconces. I had originally planned to build a window seat in this area, but I have now decided to put a small writing desk in this nook. So the nook needed some lighting, and these dimmable brass sconces were just what I needed. The price was great, and I love the simple design and the tall shades. Because I was installing them. His solve: swapping in a plug-in cord kit for the hardwired cord that came with the fixture. Voila! A pendant light is born for the cost of about $10 to rewire, he says

Here is the smaller light and I wanted to show you that the lights do reflect on the counter, but there are NO spots. Some cheaper LED lights will show pin marks of the LED bulbs. Here are what the lights look like at night and dimmed all the way! There is a LOT more light than there used to be, which is nice for my aging eyes That way she can use them for task lighting when needed and then as accent lighting or mood lighting when she wants. LED strips have a peel-and-stick backing, so they're super easy to install

The LINE Edge-Lit LED Undercabinet Light is a high output energy efficient undercabinet light that provides a wide angle of glare-free lighting. The system can be ordered as plug in or hardwired and is available in five lengths making it a cost effective and easy to install task undercabinet lighting system. George Kovacs 10 Inch LED Under. The innovative plug-in or hardwire design of the Waldwick 2-Light Wall Sconce allows you to move this mid-century modern light from room to room, regardless of an existing hardwire connection or not. The matte black finish has antique brass accents coupled with an ultra-trendy design to provide a versatile light that can be used in any room LEONLITE Metal LED Picture Light for Artwork, Arc Arm, Plug-n-play & Hardwire, 3000K,Satin Nickel, 2 PackAttractive Design:Slim and classic appearance with satin nickel finish; Enhance the look of your decorative items with its 3000K warm white glowVersatile Lighting:270 degree swivel light head allows you to tilt it upward or downward wherever you need the light focus to be; 120° beam angle.

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How to Hardwire Interior LED Car Lights by Tricia Lobo . Led blu image by Davide D. from Fotolia.com. Interior LED lights, which provide lighting across a variety of wavelengths and degrees of brightness, offer convenience, safety, and the possibility of customizing your vehicle. LED lights offer myriad advantages, including their small size. These are the led under cabinet lighting hardwired linkable lights that you can install in horizontal shape under the cabinet. The best thing about puck lights is that you can always add more lights by simply linking the wires of new ones with the old ones, no need to do the installation process from scratch

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We call these types of installations hard-wired, ballast bypass, or direct wire. After replacing the LED light sockets or verifying you have the correct socket, we're ready to move on. For this application of fixtures for tube lights, one socket will have the live power, and the other socket will serve solely as a lamp holder LED tapes generally draw 12V or 24V of power (sometimes 36V, although this is less typical). Because the UK's mains-electricity grid supplies a voltage in the range 220V-240V, any installation of LED strip lights will need one or more electrical transformers to step its input voltage down to the right power

Hardwire Installation: *Before hardwiring your LED stair lights to your home's electrical system, shut off power to the installation area. 1. Cut holes (either in the drywall surrounding your stairs or in the fronts of the steps themselves) for all LED stair lights and PIR sensors.Make sure that the hole for each light is large enough for its housing and retaining clips; each light should. Hard wire and do a good job, you are 100 % sure it's not the plug- On the installs that I do, the first thing to go is the OEM light board with the plug socket.For your lights using led's is a good idea, they will last a lot longer than a bulb. 3MM will work for you Although it may seem like yesterday the Plug and Play LED tubes were introduced to the market, a lot of things has happened since. More than 4 years has gone by since manufacturers started distributing the plug and play tubes and although the product has had an immense impact on the industry, many question marks regarding the performance, safety and efficiency has occurred throughout the years When you buy a Orren Ellis Hardwired/Plug-in LED Wall Mounted Picture Light online from Wayfair.ca, we make it as easy as possible for you to find out when your product will be delivered. Read customer reviews and common Questions and Answers for Orren Ellis Part #: LLIT1021 on this page. If you have any questions about your purchase or any other product for sale, our customer service.

I'm doing a reno, yesterday whilst at Bunnings I checked out their range of downlights and found exactly what I want but I noticed they are all the plug-in type and I had a gut feeling my 1980 house wouldn't have that type so I went home and checked, mine are all hard wired from little transformer boxes by the looks of it, near each light This picture light has an eye-catching design, makes your wall decorations unique and timeless. Achieve your desired lighting angle thanks to the swivel light head. Suitable for both plug-n-play and hardwire mounting method. 3000k Warm white glow without pale white adds an elegant touch to the surroundings. 560lm appropriate brightness avoids the light being too dim or overwhelming. Free from. Install a power plug for each light. The team at Renovator Store has spent some time with residential electricians to determine the best way to install your LED down lights. Each down light should have its own power plug. We discuss below the best plugs to use for a new house and for a retro-fit in an existing house UNDER CABINET LIGHTING POWER SUPPLY . Battery; Plug-in; Hardwire; If you choose the plug-in or the battery-operated lights, the install is going to be fast and easy do it yourself install.. Just consider that if you choose the plug-in lights you must have access to an outlet.; And if you pick the battery-operated lights they must be easily reachable for you to once in a while switch out the. Step 18: Solder Ground Wire - We will wire the switch to the positive DC wire, so we need the ground to be soldered together. Solder the ground wires from the power adapter and the LED light strip plug. Make certain that the wire you solder on the LED light strip side is the side of the connection that will correctly connect to the negative connection on the LED strip

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Mercifully, lighting designers finally took a hint and started making wall sconces that just plug into an outlet, no hard-wiring required. Some of the cords are made to disappear visually, while. How to Hard-Wire a Fluorescent Light Fixture to a Garage Door Opener. All modern garage door openers come with a built-in work light, but the light often is not adequate. Connecting a centrally. GetInLight 3 Color Levels Swivel LED Under Cabinet Light, Dimmable, Hardwired/Plug-in, Warm White(2700K), Soft White(3000K), Bright White(4000K), Bronze Finished, 12-inch, IN-0202-1-BZ September 19, 2017 Lighting Help Kitche When you're a renter reading a design blog, it can be frustrating to see so many gorgeous pendants and sconces that aren't available to you (unless your landlord is cool with you hiring an electrician to hard-wire a light fixture, and most aren't). There are, however, several plug-in options for walls and ceilings here are 10. West Elm: Although their selection tends to favor hard.

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1 high-performance LED puck lights and 1 six-foot power cord with roller switch. Zinc alloy housing with aluminum heat sink. Included power cord allows plug-in control; wall switch hardwire box sold separately LED lights are like stickers, so wait until you're ready to put them on the wall before pulling the backing off. It's best to do this a little at a time. Start at one end of the surface, peeling the backing off of the initial LED light. Position it, press it flat by hand, then continue placing the rest of the strip Can I safely convert this fixture to a plug-in light? They sell shop lights, and I bought this not realizing it was hardwired. I see a lot of google results for hardwired sconces/ceiling lights, but can't find anything about this type of light specifically

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Monios-L 4 foot LED Shop light offer the highest standard in lighting. They can easily replace any existing fixtures. Plug and play, or be hardwired to wall switch. Linkable design solved the troubles of annoying wiring and reduce you installation cost. Moinos-L led shop lights are ideal for any indoor applications Shop for Gracili 8W LED Picture Light, Plug-in/Hardwire, 3000K Warm White, White - 1PACK. Get free delivery On EVERYTHING* at Overstock - Your Online Wall Lighting Store! Get 5% in rewards with Club O! - 2822527 Diode LED combines the electronics and housing of a heavy duty hard-wired driver with the ease and simplicity of a plug-In adapter making permanent indoor installations quicker and easier. DMX Decoder with Built-in LED Drive The innovative plug-in or hardwire design of the Jacob Wall Sconce allows you to move this mid-century modern light from room to room, regardless of an existing hardwire connection or not. The matte black finish has antique brass accents coupled with an ultra-trendy design to provide a versatile light that can be used in any room

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TORCHSTAR LED Under Cabinet Light, Hardwired or Plug-in, 12 Inch, 60LM/W, Dimmable, Linkable, 3 Color Levels, On/Off Switch. Sold by GrowKart. $102.72 $91.64. AIBOO Hardwired Under Cabinet Lighting,8 Under Cabinet LED Lights,12V Dimmable Kitchen Light Bar for. Sold by GrowKart. $89.36 $79.73 Hardwired LED Strobe Light Combination Alarm with 10-Year Sealed Battery. The First Alert Hardwired Smoke & CO Alarm with LED Strobe Light and 10 Year Battery Backup features a powerful LED strobe that's proven to be extremely efficient in providing assistance for individuals with hearing impairments Plug-In. For a standard wired plug-in installation, the Tru-Slim uses a 10' AC adapter cord to plug into any standard wall outlet. Plug-ins are fully dimmable with an optional Dimmer Dial, which scales the brightness of the light between 5% to 100% Whether you are searching for Hardwired Picture Lights, Battery Operated Picture Lights, or Plug In Picture Lights.Cocoweb offers a variety of LED Picture lights options to help bring your beautiful paintings to life! Scroll through our many different customizable picture lamp options

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