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  1. Bonus app: Astound - Voice & Speech Coach If your child is a bit older, beyond elementary school, and the other language development apps on this list are a little young for them, check out Astound - Voice & Speech Coach. This app is ideal for older kids and adults. With Astound, you can concentrate on those areas where you need to improve
  2. Talking Pierre is a free and fun speech therapy app that can enhance your child's speaking abilities. Talking Pierre is one of the best speech therapy apps because it packs a stockpile of fantastic features. Pierre, the Parrot, repeats and invents his own sentences
  3. SpeakColors has quickly become one of our favorites in terms of working on speech. The app encourages your child to imitate and use simple sentences using colors as descriptive words and pairing them with photos of objects. We start by practicing each of the colors and then listening to and imitating the name of the object that the app gives
  4. Speech Tutor is one of the best speech therapy apps to give a clear overview of what happens inside the mouth and throat during speech. It offers 132 animations depicting both a front view and a side view of the mouth so children have an accurate, visible example of how to create sounds
  5. NACD Apraxia (Blue Whale Apps) This is a speech app that is used for kids or adults with apraxia but it is also amazing for any child working on articulation or basic sound combinations. There are three other versions (two-syllables, endings, and words) that are equally as impressive especially for the price
  6. The Splingo app from the Speech and Language Store offers children a way to learn listening and language skills by playing a fun, interactive game with aliens and spaceships. The app was designed by speech and language therapists to focus on nouns, verbs, prepositions, and adjectives

10to8 is free, cloud-based practice management software speech therapy practices can use to reduce appointment no-shows. Send automated customizable appointment reminders via text or email The articulation station app was created by speech and language therapists to help children learn the sounds of the English language through fun games and activities. The app is colourful and highly motivating

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Language apps from Teachkidslanguages in speech therapy practice Are you a speech therapist in a free speech therapy practice and do you treat children? You can treat them more effectively from 2 (!) to 7 years old using the app Teachkidslanguages This app allows kids to make requests and interact with peers as well as combine words together to make sentences. I also like this app because it allows children to conjugate verbs and add grammatical markers so it can adapt to the child as he/she grows and changes. Speech Therapy Apps Resources

Speech Essentials App. This app is a complete articulation therapy program that includes a wide variety of activities. These include flashcards with professional pictures and built in audio cues (word AND sentence level), a mirror function to allow children to see themselves while they practice forming sounds, and several engaging games to make practicing speech fun Speech with Milo: Prepositions was created as a fun and entertaining speech therapy tool for children. Milo is ideal for parents wanting to teach their children key language skills. It can be used for toddlers and pre-schoolers, as well as children with language delays. For more info click her Speech Articulation Apps for Kids. SAVE MONEY: Ibotta currently is running a deal on 5% off any iTunes purchases! Speech Blubs Speech Blubs. Speech Blubs makes speech fun and interactive. Think Snapchat filters mixed with an articulation app. Kids love it! Cost: Free for Therapists and Educators . Articulation Station Articulation Station Pr Proloquo2Go, an Argumentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) app for Autism, uses this strength to counteract a child's speech problems by teaching them how to construct simple sentences through the use of pictures and symbols. Some additional features include: Support for both British and American voice and pronunciation Apps can be a great way for kids to practice a variety of skills. Read on for information on our top 10 choices for speech and language apps for children! App Name Focus Age Group Description Purchase/Download Info Peek-a-Boo Barn Lite Spatial concepts (in, on, under, next to) Animal sounds Vocabulary (animals names, open/shut, barn) [

One of the best speech apps for children with apraxia of speech, Nacd Speech Therapy for Apraxia offers four different apps: sounds, words, 2 syllables and endings. You can buy all four apps as a bundle on iTunes for $16.99 or the individual apps for $4.99 each. Android only offers the individual apps for $4.99. 6. 'WH' Question Card First on our list of Speech Therapy Apps for Kids is the Articulation Station speech app. This speech therapy app offers 6 engaging articulation activities. Articulation Station - Speech Therapy App This speech therapy app is free to download and offers the P sound program for free Speech Therapy Apps. Ever since iPads and devices came on to the scene about a decade ago, our kids have been benefiting from apps. If you own a device or if your child has one on loan from the school, now is a great time to get in some extra practice Speech Therapy Apps for Toddlers. Some speech therapy apps are most appropriately used in the educational setting, while others can be incorporated into the clinical therapy setting and used at home to strengthen therapy goals. And some can be used by speech-language pathologists (SLPs) to follow the progress of a patient Checkers for 1-2 players or teams. BackGammon strategy game for older kids. Reversi Another strategy game for older kids. 1-2 players.. Games that are a bit more challenging: Treasure Dive: The diver must avoid the sea creatures as he collects the gold from the treasure chest. Word Turtle Create your own word search.Two levels of difficulty. Greate for articulation generating synonyms.

1-60 of 68 results for speech therapy apps Wonster Words: ABC, Phonics, and Spelling for Kids. Jun 27, 2014. 4.1 out of 5 stars 5,761. App Free Download. Available instantly on compatible devices. Language and Cognitive Therapy for Children - early intervention game-like exercises for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): Mental. The speech therapy application is for toddlers and children 2,3,4,5,6,7 years old. Now Miogym is actively used by speech therapists and parents around the world to teach children. Download the app and enjoy your kid's development. Information about the auto-renewable nature of the subscription May 1, 2016 - If you find an app that is no longer free, please add a comment below and I will change the price and move the app to a different board! Thank you! In addition, there are a lot of apps here. They are organized simply by newest pins on top... so there may be great apps toward the bottom of the screen! Pinterest does not allow you to sort pins within a board Apraxia Ville - Another app by Smarty Ears was created specifically for children with apraxia of speech, severe sound disorders and children struggling with sound production. This app comes with single user or multiple use applications and can be a great option for use in a group therapy session Speech therapy software: It's widely available, easy to implement into a speech therapy plan and, by most accounts, very effective with the youngest patients. Surveys show that nearly three-quarters of all speech therapy patients use software to practice at home, and 89 percent saw noticeable improvements

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Speech Blubs 2 is the update of a voice-controlled speech therapy app that helps kids learn first sounds, words, and sentences. This version's new look, helpful Parents' Academy, new saveable face filters, and access to the reading app READING BLUBS are designed to help late-talkers, and kids with autism, ADHD, apraxia, and Down syndrome There are tons of speech therapy apps available from free to $299. However, most of us spend our personal (or school) budget on the iPad itself, leaving little left over to build an app arsenal (I'm going to coin it right now #SLPAppArsenal). Whether you're getting paid the big bucks or not..

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Available on Android & iOS. Free. Out of all Autism Apps this is the Best Autism App of 2017 on the Healthline's list Used by over 150,000 children with ASD as a supplement to their regular therapy Includes unlimited language and cognitive exercises designed to last for approximately 4 years Recommended by hundreds of physicians for children with ASD starting from two years of age Mental. This school year I worked with preschoolers ages 3-6 for therapy. I also worked on the assessment team for preschool. That means I evaluated over 90 preschoolers this year. I also interviewed 90 parents! A lot of parents are buying good apps for their kids. They can do 7 piece puzzles on the iPad and they can match letters, colors, and numbers Believe it or not, there ARE some good, fun toddler games out there, and most made for that age are easy to adapt to speech therapy. One of my absolute favorites that I used with my kids years ago that you can still purchase is Roll & Play by ThinkFun. The game is super-simple: roll the cube and pick a card that corresponds to the color the cube lands on Tactus is known for creating speech-language therapy apps to support adults and stroke survivors, so I've found many of my high school students appreciate the complexity and design of the app. iOS & Google Play. Price: Free lite version; $24.99 for the full version When the iPad was introduced a little over a decade ago, it was revolutionary. And, the autism community and special education community were some of the pioneers in developing apps. Now, our disabled kids, regardless of their issues, can find an app for autism, speech or any other area. Apps for Autism are so common

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Speech Blubs is an app that helps kids make sounds, then words, and then sentences. Just 10-15 minutes a day of speech therapy at-home practice. The app has more than 1,500 fun kid activities for late talkers, and for preschoolers, as well. Speech Blubs was designed with speech therapists, parents, and KIDS, too You will find free speech therapy worksheets for articulation, vocabulary , grammar, holiday articulation and language gamesand lots of other miscellaneous speech therapy creations that I love! but if you know of any good apps for android tablets, I'm all ears! Pat. March 6, 2015 at 10:04 am My speech kids love to play bingo but.

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Speech With Milo: Verbs by Doonan Speech Therapy (See Demo Video) Created by a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, this app offers a versatile and entertaining speech therapy tool for children. The app is for speech therapists working with children, or parents who want to teach language skills to their children We have tested dozens of apps to compile our list of the top 3 speech apps in 2020 that are effective, easy to use, and most importantly, fun for your kids. 1. Articulation Station. Articulation Station, from Little Bee Speech, is the most comprehensive articulation app designed to make learning fun for children Online educational games for kids of all ages. (math, grammar, science, spelling, history) Whiteboard. The possibilities are endless with a whiteboard! Use to have your students draw a picture as a reward. If so you've come to the right place with over 285 free Spring activities for speech therapy. 253+ Yes or No Questions for Speech Therapy We currently have 4 speech therapy apps for free download: Inference Pics Lite, Empathy Pics Lite are free autism apps for iPad/iPhone. Comprehension Toolbox is a free aphasia app on iPhone/iPad. Keywords Understanding Lite is suitable for adults with aphasia and children with autism or delayed language Approved by children and speech therapists Speech Blubs was made with the help of our network of 1000+ speech therapists (SLPs) who make sure the app is equipped with the necessary tools to improve your little one's speech. Kids test it to make sure it's fun, too

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Visual Perception Apps. 11 || Little Finder - FREE - Another figure ground challenge, but this time with an option for two kids to play against each other for points. Sometimes, a little competition goes a long way! 12 || My Little Suitcase - FREE - This is a basic visual memory game that allows for up to 4 players. Kids have to find the matches for all of the items they're going to. Whether your expertise is articulation, expressive language, receptive language, social skills integration or another specialty, the top 10 speech therapy apps that made our list have a lot to offer school-based SLPs — and the children they help. 1. Articulation Station Developer: Little Bee Speech Cost: Free (Full version is $59.99

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Children follow verbal prompts to complete puzzles of increasing difficulty. This technique is also used in speech therapy and Pivotal Response Training. The app uses an adaptive algorithm to adjust the difficulty of activities based on your child's skill level and performance. Cost: The app is free for Using Speech Therapy Apps to Treat Talking. From repeating phrases to naming pictures to discussing hot topics, we've got you covered with 5 core and 5 bonus speech therapy apps to improve verbal expression. 7 min read. Read Mor Articulation Games is a comprehensive, flexible, and fun speech-therapy, iPad app that was created by a certified speech and language pathologist for children to practice the pronunciation of over forty English phonemes, organized according to placement of articulation. It includes thousands of real-life flashcards, accompanied by professional audio recordings and capability of audio recording Our speech therapy apps are for:. Speech Language Professionals who work with children or adults. Parents who wish to help improve their child's speech or language. Adults with communication difficulties due to Stroke, Brain Injury or a neurological condition such as Parkinson' Synergy eTherapy is an online therapy site that isn't yet available in all states (your child or teen one must be matched with a therapist who is licensed in the state where you reside.) As a smaller company, they are able to provide each potential client with a free consultation. They treat adults, teens, and couples

Our toddler is apart of many speech therapy programs here in Utah and all of the therapists were astonished with what he had learned from this app. We took his iPad to all three sessions last week just so they could potentially use it as a tool themselves, since we got some immediate, great results Yes. We have ten FREE Apps. Three of these free apps are full-version apps; seven you can try for free, and then purchase the full version if you choose. To download Apple® apps, click here. To download Android™ apps, click here

These apps have proven that anyone, anywhere can access therapy without spending big bucks. Here are the top 10 speech therapy apps you can try in 2020-21 - 1. Stamurai - The Speech Therapy App for People Who Stutter. Stamurai is a holistic speech therapy app. It has speech exercises, breathing exercise guides, and meditation guides In the List of Free iPad Apps for children with Special Needs: Part 3 you will find 20 more Free iPad Apps for students with Special Needs. 20 Free iPad Apps For Children With Special Needs To be more specific, 17 Free Apps are for students with Speech Special Needs and 3 Free Apps for Students with Vision Special Needs Free Apps for Occupational Therapy. The free apps below are broken down into targeted skill area. I'm adding apps for handwriting and letter formation, visual motor skills, executive functioning skills, and other areas. Some of these apps are IOS apps and others are Android apps Most of my kids are highly interested in the colors, sounds, and animations that an iPad offers. In addition, many iPad apps offer immediate visual and auditory feedback for correct and incorrect responses. For recommendations on specific apps that would help your child achieve his or her therapy goals, contact your child's speech therapist They have a 'Free App of. Article from thespeechroomnews.com. Apps for Late Talkers. Just wanted to jump on here and steer you over to Technology in Special Education. Speech Language Therapy Speech Language Pathology Speech And Language Speech Therapy Activities Language Activities Preschool Activities Listening Activities Toddler Speech.

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iPad apps are helpful in speech therapy sessions, though most synthesized voice apps use the same voice, Perfect Paul, which might not be best for kids As a speech therapist and technology specialist, I get asked all the time about my favorite apps I use in my practice. It can be overwhelming finding the right apps for children that are practical, but that also facilitate learning and communication, and aren't just for playing games A couple of years ago I shared my (paper based) Articulation Screener here on Mommy Speech Therapy (for free) to help parents, teachers and SLPs determine which speech sounds their kids struggle with. I received so much positive feedback from that screener and multiple requests to turn that screener into an app Teachers With Apps brings you 31 super speech and language iPad apps for home, classroom, and/or the therapist's office.Speech and language is one area of educational apps that has exploded with smashing success. The prices range anywhere from free to expensive-there is a stuttering app that runs almost $1,000

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Speech Therapy for Apraxia - 4 Pack (NACD: apraxia words, apraxia 2 syllables, apraxia endings, apraxia) by Blue Whale Apps Inc. $26.99 These apps are comprehensive and with the guidance of a speech pathologist, you can select appropriate words for your child to practice when they have a motor speech disorder such as apraxia Credit: Josie Maitland Information for parents, carers, and schools. FREE weekly webinars from Studio III on managing behaviour/stress/autism among other topics. Email admin@studio3.org to book & to find out what's coming up this week. Free CPD webinars for SENCOs - Starting on 21st April 2020; A daily SEND Q&A session to answer any questions in the Education Matters group on FaceBook (UK.

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Speech with Milo: Verbs by Doonan Speech Therapy $2.99. Toca Hair Salon by Toca Boca $1.99 (some children may think the characters are scary) Toca Tea Party by Toca Boca $2.99 (older toddlers love this one too!) Wake Up Mo! 3D Interactive Pop-Up Book $2.99. For toddler language development tips, tricks, and activities, please visit My Toddler Talk Naming Therapy: Word-finding app to help people with aphasia and children with special needs practice important naming and description skills. Allows users to add their own images. $24.99: iOS, Android: Communication, Speech: Notability: A sleek, powerful note-taker to annotate documents, record lectures, sketch illustrations, and more

This free activity is designed for upper elementary students working on figurative language skills in either speech-language therapy or in the classroom. It may also be used for students working on articulation carryover skills. To introduce the concept, included is a poster that explains the def This free app gives you unlimited access to the complete collection of 20+ games, all in one kid-friendly app. Recommendation: When giving your toddler the iPad or iPhone, I highly recommended using the Guided Access setting, which temporarily restricts your device to a single app and does not allow them to do some major rearranging of other apps I use it to fill my books on Story Creator with pictures. You can also look up silly pictures for children to describe, etc Definitely an essential, free app! 6) Book Apps: There are too many to list all of them, but if you want/need more book apps there are many good, free options. I have Toy Story, Lazy Larry, and The Artifacts. I would.

We also included some speech therapy apps for those who want to improve their communication abilities too. 1. CT Speech and Cognitive Therapy (iOS and Android) First up on our list is the CT Speech and Cognitive Therapy App. Speech-language pathologists designed this top-rated app to help patients regain speech, memory, and cognitive function Speech therapy is a treatment for speech disorders. Both children and adults may benefits from speech therapy. During speech therapy you may perform speech exercises, work on language.

Speech therapy apps for smartphones, computers, and tablets in these crucial young years has proved to be in great demand for speech therapy. These apps are not only affordable but easily accessible to both parents and their children. Using speech impaired apps, make the learning process extremely easy for toddlers. Some of the best speech. Speech and Language Therapy SLP. The other entry in Otsimo's special education apps is their Speech and Language Therapy SLP app. This is the ONLY Speech Therapy app to use voice and speech recognition technology and machine learning to make speech improvement easier on kids because it can understand what they're trying to say Creators of the highly popular Splingo apps, The Speech and Language Store aid speech and language development in children of all ages. Download here All website sales support our free mission-based speech therapy clinic for underserved toddlers and preschoolers in the rolling hills of central Kentucky where the Bluegrass meets the Appalachians. DVDs, videos, or apps. When a child has unique interests (even fixations), include those too. All website sales support our free mission. Many families ask about tablet applications - apps - specifically for childhood apraxia of speech. Please know that apps should be used with therapist and parent supervision to support the child's speech practice or to assist them in their communication attempts

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