Homebrew 2 meter amplifier

2 Meter Homebrew Amp

  1. 2 Meter Homebrew Amp. Thinking of Tube Substitute. Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Amplifiers' started by K2WH, Oct 18, 2011. Thread Status: Not open for further replies. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > K2WH Premium Subscriber QRZ Page. Just want to pass this by this learned crowd. I am currently building a 500 watt 2 meter amp using a 4cx250 vacuum tube.
  2. Amplifiers are a favourite homebrew project. Years back I had helped build a couple of valve (tube in the US) amplifiers using a single 4CX250B on 2 meters. This produces a 250 Watt amplifier and has a strip line inductor to match the output. They never worked that well, but they were a lot of fun to build
  3. An 8-Watt, 2-Meter Brickette by W7PUA Put 20 mW into this little amplifier and get a 26-dB increase in transmitted power! Although the amplifier was designed initially for use with the DSP-10 transceiver, any 20-mW-output 2-meter exciter can enjoy the boost

High power amplifier for 1296 1 KW SSPA for 1.8-54 MHz A 1.5 KW LPF for 160-6m 1.8 to 54 MHz Dual Directional Detector 1.8 to 54 MHz combiner set Automatic Transverter Interface 1 KW 6 Meter LDMOS Amplifier 2 Meter 80W All Mode Amplifier 1 KW 2M LDMOS Amplifier 1 KW 222 MHz LDMOS Amplifier 500w 70cm Amplifier 1KW 70cm LDMOS Amplifier It uses a 2N6084 RF transistor, and will produce 50w output max. It is a class C amplifier design, and therefore good for FM mode only. I have tried using the 2N6084 in class A, but amplifier gain was down to about 4dB and it seemed a but pointless Meter readings All important voltages and currents are displayed on panel meters in the power supply. The meters can be switched by push-button switches to read either voltage or current. Additionally one may select between either valve 1 and valve 2 for screen and grid parameters. The meters The HLV-1250LPD 2 Meter Linear Amplifier will provide 1.250 kW RF output with drives levels as low as +4 to +18.0 dBm (2.5 mW - 65.0 mW). This amplifier included a high linearity pre-driver operating at 48.0 VDC as well as a user adjustable input attenuator. to set the appropriate low level RF drive for full RF output power

An 8-Watt, 2-Meter Brickette QST June 2000, pp. 43-47 Put 20 mW into this amplifier and get 26-dB increase in power. (can be companion to the DSP-10) A Pocket-Size, Direct-Reading VHF SWR Meter QST February 1997, pp. 33-36 This easy-to-build LED bargraph SWR meter goes with you anywhere AMPLIFIERS. 600 watt homebrew amplifier project; Amplifier homebrewing. This is the original WB0NNI scratch built RF amplifier site. A low cost 600 watt ultra-linear amplifier; Homebrew 3CX3000F7 Amplifier - W2DTC; Home Brew Amp Project - NI4L QRO GU-84B TETRODE; CABLES & WIRE. Field Components - Custom Coax Assemblies. CABLE X-PERTS, INC. A. TARASOV (UT2FW) Amplifier with 2x gu74b; V.Kotel'va (UA9FAD) EME 2 Meters 2x GU34B EME 2 Meters GU35B (UA1OJ) 2 Meters GU7B; OH3AWW Amp Linear amplifier 2 meter with gu84b; W6SAI Linear amplifier 2 meter with 3cx150

I decided it was time to set up a 2 Meter base station. Being the crafty maker type, I wanted to build my own antenna. Ham Radio Tags 2 meter, amateur radio, antenna, ham radio, homebrew, repeater, vertical dipole. 10 thoughts on 2 Meter Vertical Dipole Build Jan says: March 11, 2018 at 12:28 p Great deals on 2 Meter Ham Radio Amplifier. Be prepared and able to communicate in case of emergency with the largest selection at eBay.com. Fast & Free shipping on many items

VHF linear amplifiers category is a curation of 58 web resources on , 2 m. Band VHF PA 5 Watts, GJ4ICD's 8877 50MHz Amplifier, Homebrew 50 MHz Amplifier. Resources listed under Amplifier category belongs to Amplifiers main collection, and get reviewed and rated by amateur radio operators 1-16 of 634 results for 2 meter amplifier BTECH AMP-V25 Amplifier for VHF (136-174MHz), 20-40W Output (2-6W Input), Analog and Digital Modes, Compatible with All Handheld Radios: BTECH, BaoFeng, Kenwood, Yaesu, ICOM, Motorola. 4.4 out of 5 stars 201. $137.89 $ 137. 89 $149.99 $149.99 C: Schematic of the 5000 volt 1.7 amp plate supply (print in landscape orientation). 160 METER MODIFICATIONS COMPLETED IN 2007: The 3CX3000F7 amplifier photographed and described above has been operating flawlessly for three years on 80 and 40 meters. Documentation on the original Gates amp indicated that it was a 2 to 30 mHz design 2 Meter Power Amplifier: No schematic. Nice looking and uses low cost tubes. 200 Watts: 40.0: PL81(2),PL504(2) 30: 2m 200W RF Power amplifier using YL1070/YL1060: 813 Homebrew Amp with Power Supply from recycled parts: No schematic, although he suggests close variants: X: 35.0: 813 (2) 85

Homebrew 2 Meter GI46B Amplifier using the YU1AW design Sep 1st 2018, 00:02: WB5EMX Joined: Aug 25th 2016, 23:32 Total Topics: 0 Total Posts: 0 : I was thinking that GI46B might have been a typo, looking for 6146B. Displaying 1-3 of 3 Technology >> Construction and. Home brew VHF linear amp Any one got a Cct diagram for a VHF (2metre) Linear amp please Thanks Fred G1SCY Sat 25th Nov 2017, 19:09 #2. paulears. View Profile That's not a 2 meter Linear Amplifier circuit. it's a Class C FM Amplifier and Fred requested a Linear Amplifier circuit for SSB / AM operation. Dan WA9WVX Sat 25th Nov 2017, 21. A homebrew amplifier with 50-60 watts of output would make a big improvement on the air, and seemed like the ideal follow up project. I had to do a lot of research to find a design for the amplifier. I hunted through back issues of QST (on CD-ROM) and through my collection of ARRL handbooks 10 watt HF 15 meterband amplifier using 2SC1969 or 2SC1944 or 2SC1173 10 watt HF 17 meterband amplifier using 2SC1969 or 2SC1944 or 2SC1173 1 watt 10-meterband AM/CW transmitter 0.5 watt 20-meterband AM/CW transmitter RF Powermeter / dummy load Viportmutant: Portable (balcony) multi band HF-antenn MIRAGE B-2530-G AMP 300 Watts 2 Meter. $797.00. $43.92 shipping. 28 watching. HEATHKIT SB-221 AMPLIFIER Eimac 3-500Z tubes and 10 Meter Mod. $499.00. 2 bids Ending Apr 26 at 9:15PM PDT 7d 3h Local Pickup. 1200w LDMOS Linear Amplifier 50v 1.8-60Mhz . $192.64. $28.55 shipping. 26 sold. TE SYSTEMS 4450G 440 MHz 180 WATT AMPLIFIER +GUARANTEED

(2) 3-500Z HF AMPLIFIER By William G. Moneysmith, W4NFR ; w4nfr@earthlink.net The following describes a 160-10 meter linear amplifier that uses a pair of 3-500Z triode power tubes. It was designed and constructed by William Moneysmith, W4NFR. The amplifier features fast warm up and 1500-Watt RF output with 100-Watts of drive technical reasons) both commercial and homebrew filters are in the range of 3 to 12 MHz. Thus to operate on the ham bands means that the LO (local oscillator) when mixed with the incoming signal results in the IF frequency. 9.0 MHz has been a popular IF frequency and when you mix that with a 5.0 MHz LO results in either 80 Meters (3.8 + 5.2 = 9. Don W6JL's 50 watt FET amplifier is a popular afterburner for FT817s and other QRP rigs and exciters. Don won the QST Homebrew contest in 2009 with this design. The amp offers a useful order of magnitude (12dB) power lift over QRP levels, and apart from the power FETs can be built from an averagel 2 meter all mode radio to drive amplifier Amplifier, the more power the better Sound card interface to computer WSJT software from K1JT and Time sync software for PC Sequencer to switch everything in the proper order Pre-amp at the antenna will be needed A few relays T/R, polarity, pre-amp protectio 6 & 2 meter LDMOS 1KW Linear Amplifiers (click on any photo for a larger view) My interest in 2 meter EME made it obvious to me that I needed a bit more power than the usual 100 watts available from most radios on the market. For years, I had used a Henry Radio Tempo 2002 tube amplifier that uses a pair of no-longer-available 8874 triodes

This homebrew six-meter linear amplifier started off life as a junker Alpha 76PA h.f. amplfier. The original Alpha amplifier was missing its two 8874 tubes, and the bandswitch and tuning capacitor had been badly arced and melted. The meter was defective, and an extra hole had been drilled in the front panel DL5DBM`s 2 meter Antenna preamp - Homebrew with CF300 DGMF with about .24 dBD gain [ Hits: 3146 | Votes: 5 | Rating: 7.6 ] GaAs FER Pre Amp Cookbook - There are many designs for building preamps each with their own advantages and disvantages WTB:HOMEBREW 2 METER TUBE AMPLIFIER. It is a good amp, if you use it to its rated output. The 4cx250b is only rated for 250w plate output. Trying to get more from that tube will shorten life, and produce much more heat. I have used that amp running at 150w out and it just gets warm, and i On 6 Meters a Beko HLV-1950 amplifier and JK-65, 5 element beam. Icom IC-9700 on 2 Meters with a homebrew 500 watt MOSFET amplifier, and a M2-12 12 element beam at 50'. Now active on 630/2200 meters using the TS-990 1mw out on the DRV port, into a 200 watt homebrew FET amplifier. Antenna is a 40' vertical 300' T, and 8-200' radials W2DTC's HOMEBREW RF AMPLIFIER: SP5GJN (with QSK-5PC installed) W4EMF 2008 MLA2500 retrofit to GI-7B: W4EMF amp with a pair of Russian GI-7B tubes: N6JV AMPLIFIER CONSTRUCTION PUSH PULL, GROUNDED GRID AMPLIFIERS: W6JFR 3CX1500A7 Amplifier: W7RF RADIODAN - Henry 3K Classic X MKII: W8ERJ My 813 Linear Amplifier Project: W8ZR Six-Meter Linear Amplifier

· 2304 MHz 2.5W Power Amplifier - WA3JUF · 50 MHz 350W Power Amplifier - 2xBLX15 · 3.4 GHz 3W Power Amplifier - DB6NT · 3.4 GHz 7W Power Amplifier - DB6NT · 10 GHz 4W Power Amplifier - DB6NT · 1296 MHz 50W Power Amplifier - DJ1E Although the amplifier can withstand an SWR of 2:1, I still managed to blow up the power transistor a number of times. The use of automatic antenna tuner initially caused me problems, just running through the tuning cycle was enough to make the FET go pop. Keeping that input power down will save the day and allow the amplifier to work well

The three larger meters used were a cheaper Philmore 0-1 ma meters but were available at my ham store when I built the amplifier, really looked nice, and an especially nice thing -- they all matched. The scales were hand drawn to match the new scales but I have recently found a program which allows the user to make a really nice, customized and. CD/cc (-RN) - Continuous-duty, rack-mount, medium-power amplifiers. Cooling is by convection from large vertically oriented heatsinks mounted frontside on the rack panel. Size/Wt is 9 x 19 x 4 (h, w, d) / 14 Lbs for -RN AMPLIFIERS . GU-84B HOMEBREW 2 TUBE 8KW+ HF AMPLIFIER -- From Chris NI4L Scratch Built RF Amplifiers-- From Bob, WB0NNI. Amplifier, Theory, Upgrades-- AG6K, Richard L. Measures HF Power Amplifiers by SP5GJN. Amplifier Links-- Via WA6BOB. ARRL Tube Amplifiers. 4-1000a HF amp -- Home Brew Amp Project By Randy Adams -- NT8 Example: 3000 volts at 1 amp (using 1.8 factor) gives 1666 ohms. If you decrease the plate voltage to 1/2 and the plate current to 1/2 you will have the same load impedance. 1500 volts at .5 amp (still using 1.8 factor) still gives 1666 ohms. (V / amps)/1.8 (3000V / 1a)/1.8 = 1666 ohms. For this GI7b amplifier, it would then look like this

A 600 Watt homebrew Solid State Amplifier and - G0KL

That should go well with my homebrew six element yagi at 40 feet. I'd be very interested in what you are going to use for a screen voltage regulator. I build a 2 meter amp using a single 4cx250 a few years ago. I wanted it to be all tubes so my screen regulator was a shunt type adjustable regulator using a 6L6 and a double triode (a 6sn7 I. 2. Connect to the top of the 1500 pF loading capacitor. • Place the input and output band selectors to the same band — say 40 meters. • Set the loading and tuning capacitors near the center of their ranges. • Using the dip meter, find the exact tap point. You will have to rotate both capacitors to resonate the inductors 28.2.16: The ZL2PD si5351a VFO, GPS frequency reference, Li-Ion battery monitor, CS2000 signal generator were added to the website. 15.9.15: The OBD-2 speedometer and a digital QRP SWR meter were added to the website. 18.6.15: Soldering stations, four dot clock and soldering iron cleaner adde A low cost 600 watt ultra-linear amplifier for 40, 20, 17, 15, 12, and 10m This compact little amplifier is the brain-child of Pat Murdoch, ZL1AXB, in Auckland, New Zealand. It is only 11″ wide, 4″ high, and 9″ deep. In most respects it is a typical grounded grid linear amplifier, with the exception ofRead More..

This project is meant to demonstrate the capabilities of the MRF300 transistors as linear broadband devices in the 2-50MHz range and to be used by radio amateurs as a starting point for a medium-high power amplifier. This is also my entry to the NXP Homebrew RF Design Challenge 2019.. A600 Broadband 600W linear amplifier with MRF300 transistor The most important meter you can have on your amp is a grid meter to measure mA. Forget about how many plate volts it has, let the PS tell you that. A grid meter can tell you much more about what is going on inside your amp. There are many articles written on this subject for you to study on the net as it can get quite involved Excellent choice 144 MHz to 146 MHz Low Noise Wideband Yagi Antenna for 2 meter band. Perfect F/B. Best SWR on all frequencies. Good for Tropo or EME work. Best quality 2 meter stationary or portable Yagi antenna PA144-8-3B 2.4 GHz RF Power Meter / SWR Meter It is possible to make high frequency RF power/SWR (standing wave ratio) meters using homebrew directional couplers and other easily available parts. It is even possible to use the directional coupler and detector diodes from an old cellular phone

PG1N's HAM Radio Site - 2m Projects - Amplifier

New amplifiers were built over the next 2 years for 40, 17, 15, 12, 10 and 6 meters. The following photos are of the 6 meter amplifier which uses 3-500Z tubes and followed by the 20 meter amplifier that uses 4-400A tubes. Push pull was chosen for the single band amplifiers because all my tubes were used and nothing matched ARRL Amplifier projects over 30 (some are accessible to members only). Amplifier homebrewing . This is the original WB0NNI scratch built RF amplifier site. Circuit improvements for the Heath SB-220 Amplifier, etc. Some components by Richard L. Measures, AG6K. Home Brew Amp Project - NI4L QRO GU-84B TETRODE

2 Meter 80W All Mode Amplifier - W6PQ

Homebrew grounded-grid 160 meter amplifier based on GI-7B tube (click here for more photos and schematic) Homebrew 10-watt 160-meter AM transmitter (click here for more photos and schematic) Homebrew 160-meter AM receiver (click here for more photos and schematic) The Two Tube Tuna Tin Transmitter Not quite finished, but operational. Plate current meter is on the top, grid current below. Plate voltage is 2400v. Drive is about 40w. Output is just under. The goal of this amplifier is to have a 10-160 meter amplifier that would safely achieve 1500 watts output on all bands and fit nicely on the desk at my operating position. The triode is a single GS-31B and the plate transformer is a custom 80lbs 5KVA unit which will eventually be enclosed in a separate cabinet under the desk

2N6084 144MHz FM Power Amplifier - M0UKD - Amateur Radio Blo

11 elements 2 meter Yagi antenna with highest possible gain for its length. Excellent choice 144 MHz to 145 MHz for VHF Contests or EME work. Packed length 149 cm. Low Noise design Yagi Antenna for 2 meter band. Perfect SWR 250B Tube Homebrew Never Finished. $400.00 USD. 250B Tube Homebrew Never Finished. $400.00 USD. USA. swan ham radio 2 meter vhf 150 amp. $800.00 USD. USA. Crescend UHF amplifier. Freq:... $378.00 USD. Crescend UHF amplifier. Freq:... $378.00 USD. Poland. 2,4GHz QO-100 - Es´Hail PA -.. The easiest but not the most cost effective or educational way of increasing power on 160 meters is: sell the old 80 through 10 meter amplifier and purchase a new model that has 160 meters included. I chose to convert my old SB-220 to include 160 meters and pocket the knowledge and experience plus the roughly 600 dollar difference 700 amateur radio topics - 6,000 links & 133 pages - from antennas to zone Try this small 2 meter vertical antenna with your mobile rig or HT and enjoy more success in your uplink. I built this small vertical because I could not uplink very well at low elevations and I just could not bring myself to drill holes in the roof of my new truck to install a more substantial antenna

Homebrewing any amp to cover all the way from 10 to 160 is not easy. A single GS-35B is definitely a good bang for the buck if homebrewing. Remember that you will need a chimney and a supply over 3,000 Volts Power is supplied by any 14 to 25 volt (or 2 x 12v battery) DC source with a current draw of 1 to 2 amps depending upon RF power output and applied voltage. The linear amplifier can be used with QRP SSB/CW/FM/AM/PSK transmitters on any of the amateur bands between 40m...15 meters. 80m with limitations Homebrew Ham Radio Projects. RF VOX (COR) Icom IC-703 S-meter calibration and receiver sensitivity RF VOX (COR) If you are too lazy to hook up the PTT from the rig to a (homemade) brick RF amplifier and don't want to make a T/R sequencer, the above schematic diagram of RF VOX or actually a COR (Carrier Operated Relay) may be useful, though. MFJ Enterprises Inc,Ameritron,Hy-Gain,Hygain,Cushcraft,Vectronics,Mirage,MFJ,MFJ Enterprises,Antenna,Radio,Ham Radio,Amateur Radio,Tuner,Analyzer,Starkville,Amplifier.

The Gemini 2-1.2K is a solid state 1200W CW output Linear Amplifier for the 144-148 MHz amateur band. Now fitted with the ART1K6FH LDMOS to give 1400W max output. Being a Linear Amplifier it is suitable for all modes of operation - SSB, CW, RTTY, PSK, FT8, JT65 , MSK etc 2) It appears he 1N4007 rectifier across the coil of K1 is shown in the wrong direction. Introduction After successfully converting the Twin Crystal Filter 40 meter QRP transceiver, designed by Drew Diamond, VK3XU, onto the 20 meter band I decided to build a single band amplifier comparable to the 100 watt output of the modern transceiver homebrew 6 meter amplifier, 6 & 2 meter LDMOS 1KW Linear Amplifiers (click on any photo for a larger view) My interest in 2 meter EME made it obvious to me that I needed a bit more power than the usual 100 watts available from most radios on the market. For years, I had used a Henry Radio Tempo 2002 tube amplifier that uses a pair of no-longer-available 8874 triodes

Ham Radio 80-10 Meter Homebrew Amplifier With Dual 4-1000a

BEKO HLV-1250 2 Meter RF Power Amplifier with 1,250 Watts

In meantime repair of one XP20 yagi will be done and construction of remote amplifier cabinet for W6PQL 1500w amp. April 7, 2021 - Update: Took down the 50-foot Rohn-25 tower by cutting the legs at 5-foot and letting tower free-fall to soft land in two-foot of snow. I removed the old pictures of my array and will post pictures of the stages of. This amplifier was placed in service in April of 2003. Below it is the 50Mhz 8560A homebrew amplifier, it runs at 250 watts output (grey panel with 2 meters)that was put into service in Feb 2002. On the shelf is the DEMI 1296 transverter, watt meter and powersupply. Below the shelf is the homebrew N6CA 1296Mhz amplifier using a single 2C39 amplifier (Q8), the clipping meter amplifier (Q9) and the SSB output buffer (Q10) are disabled by control line βSSB. The clipper proper consists of the two diodes in the drain circuit of Q4. The third section of the RF speech-clipping system provides metering on the front panel. It consists of amplifier Q9 and two op amps; see Figs 2 and 5 Compared to the practical VFO range of 2 to 7 MHz, the HF spectrum is huge, 1.8 to 30 MHz. Right away one can see that a homebrew direct conversion 10 meter receiver is difficult because it needs a stable VFO that will tune 28 to 29.7 MHz. This problem can be solved b

Schematic Of 200 watt amplifier

VHF Projects - ARR

The 2X-813 homebrew linear amplifier shown in Figure 1 was constructed to complement my Octal Tri-Bander Transceiver described elsewhere on the kg7tr.com website. It is the same physical size and features identical styling. Electrically, the amplifier is very similar to the HB-600 linear (detailed at kg7tr.com) and covers 80, 40 and 20 meters 40/20 Meter version shown, with attenuator input for 1 to 2 Watts drive 40 Meter version shown, with transformer input for 3/4 to 1 Watt drive This RF Power Amplifier operates from a 12 Volt supply, can be set up to accept an input of from about ¾ Watt to 2 Watts, and can deliver from 10 to 14 Watts of output into a 50 Ohm load Awhile back I built a Kal e-brewery control panel. The volt meter never worked and when my friend (with a Doctorate degree in space robotics) tried to help me fix it, we fried the power supply for the amp meter. *sigh* Though these aren't necessary for the brewery to function, I would like to have the info The 2 meter full wave loop is so light, it can even be attached to most any non-conductive support with good tape. Keep it away from any large metal surface closer than about 1 wavelength. The farther away, the better. It can also be used as an indoor attic emergency backup antenna after a suitable location and mounting is found

HOMEBREWING - Amateur Radi

The speech amplifier is a 6AU6 providing 155 gain followed by a 12AU7 configured as a self-balancing phase-inverter. This stage drives the 6L6GC modulators. The oscillator is a 2E26 configured as an Electron-Coupled Colpitts crystal Oscillator, which is capacitance coupled to the modulated RF amplifier PC Board for ADL5324 Power Amplifier for Cheap and Simple Microwave Transverters A 2-meter transverter for Flex-1500 and Microwave Transverters. Miniverter-F for 2 meters, A Homebrew Ratiometer for Antenna Measurement, or a Handheld Network Analyzer

Some of my Circuit Collections redrawn using TinyCadHomebrew 3CX3000F7 AmplifierAn Experimental SolidRF Circuits / Circuitos de RF - Littlesoft electronics

RELATIVE RF OUTPUT METER ON/OFF SWITCH RF OUTPUT SENSITIVITY ADJUSTMENT. In the mid 1970's I built a Tiny Tim linear amplifier from an article by Russ Covington in the August 1971 issue of 73 magazine. At the time the only rig I had was a Hallicrafters SR-150 transceiver. I was interested in RTTY and I wanted a little more power Checks with a Collins watt meter and the old fashioned RF ammeter and voltmeter shows that the amplifier gives excellent efficiency, One kilowatt DC in gives about 650 watts RF out. 4CX250B Yes, you are correct in wondering what commercial mobile antenna will handle two kilowatts, I have tried a variety of commercial and home brew designs. Hi all, I have been hard at work building 6 meter amplifiers these past few weeks....I built one in October and offered it on ebay and it sold straight away with 8 separate bidders...I then got requests to build more so I have been fairly busy....This unit pictured is MK2...I started it 2 weeks ago and finished final testing last Sunday....I offered it to one of the hams wanting my work and 2. Homebrew Magnetic loop antenna for 40 up to 10m. Homebrew Open-Folded W8JK 2 elements beam Antenna 30m to 6m. Homebrew EFHW 80m to 10m (23m long). Homebrew G5RV antenna . This antenna is not used and dedicated for backup. Homebrew Vertical multiband antenna (6 bands 40m to 10m) on a 12 meters fiberglass pole (Backup Antenna) For many years now, designing antennas has been a passion for many a ham operator. The next one on the list is a cage dipole. For this, you will need either 4 or 6 inch (10.2 or 15.2 cm), thick wall PVC sewer, or water pipe, and a way to cut it in either 1 ⁄ 4 or 1 ⁄ 2 inch (0.6 or 1.3 cm) spreaders. Use of a compound mitre saw makes this. Although all three commercial units out-performed the homebrew units as the test frequency climbed above 5 MHz, the differences in both Isolation and Signal Attenuation, even at 13 MHz amounted to a worst-case of 2.3 dB for the DHP design, .13 dB for the BB-2 and less than a full dB for the BB-4

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