Should I replace upper and lower ball joints at the same time

When Is It Time to Replace Ball Joints? By Rick Popely. Vehicles with strut-type front suspensions have only lower ball joints, but double-wishbone styles have upper and lower ball joints I have a 2002 GMC Sonoma with just over 100k on it. My mechanic has said that the lower ball joints need to be replaced and I trust him. A guy I work with says that I should also have the upper ball joints replaced at the same time, since it will save labor costs and alignment costs down the road Some vehicles have only two lower ball joints and some have four, both upper and lower. You do not have to replace all the ball joints at one time, just the ones that are faulty. Perry: Ball joint replacement costs vary from vehicle to vehicle. Factors include whether the vehicle uses two or four ball joints If you only replace one side, get the alignment done, and need to replace the other side in a month, another alignment will need to be done. I would recommend replacing both sides at the same time so only one alignment needs to be done and you have the peace of mind that your front ball joints will be good for a long time When replacing ball joints, should I replace lower and upper at the same time? Is the normal recorded procedure to - Answered by a verified Mazda Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website

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In pickup trucks with double-arm front suspension, the upper and lower ball joints on one side are often replaced at the same time if the labor overlaps. In some vehicles, the wheel alignment must be performed after replacing ball joints A: Plenty of mechanics will recommend that you replace both the upper and lower ball joints at the same time. They may also recommend checking related components at the same time, such as the stud.

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If you've had lower ball joint recall done, be prepared to use an impact tool at 150psi to get that 24mm nut off along and maybe a drill to get the oversize cotter pin out. Bastards!! Another dealership also overtorqued my steering rack when replacing it, so I need a two foot breaker bar to free the nuts and bolts After ball joint replacement the alignment does need to be re-done. Costs of Ball Joint Replacement. On average, it costs about $300 to replace a ball joint on a passenger vehicle. It costs about $500 on average to replace a pair of upper and lower ball joints (one side) on a four wheel drive vehicle The number of ball joints your car has depends on the type of suspension your car uses. If your car has a short-long arm suspension, then it has a total of four ball joints. Two ball joints are found on each wheel - one as the upper ball joint and the other as the lower ball joint

Ball joint replacement - just lower or upper and lower

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It is common to replace related components - ball joints, tie rod ends, sway bar links - at the same time that a control arm is replaced. RepairPal Recommendations for control arm issues RepairPal recommends inspecting (and replacing if necessary) the ball joint at the same time that the control arm is being replaced The cost to replace a control arm can be expensive. Oftentimes, the brushings and ball joints are replaced as part of the entire control arm assembly unit — although it depends on the level of damage and wear. They all work together, Hawley says. You can't have a control arm without a ball joint

I understand something may just be worn and causing the pull to the right. This truck has not been driven very much since the last time ball joints were replaced and the truck aligned. It has driven straight since that day more than 5 years ago. Until now. The only variable is the upper/lower ball joint replacement In many instances, the companion part on the opposite side is marginal, so it makes sense to replace both ball joints (uppers and/or lowers) or both tie rod ends (inner and/or outer) at the same time. It also saves the customer the inconvenience of having to bring his vehicle in a second time NO! no need to replace unless there is a problem with it. or you can get one that already has the upper and lower ball joints attached. that may be cheaper replacing the upper and lower ball joints 1 One ball joint exists on the farthest section of the lower and upper controls arms. Also, the ball joint also connects the car controls arms to the steering, on either part of the vehicle. That said, these are components that are prone to damage over time and might require replacement

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When replacing ball joints, should I replace lower and uppe

  1. The upper and lower ball joints are a critical part of any vehicle's front suspension. They are a large bearing that's like a ball-and-socket joint and allow for suspension travel while steering. Ball joints support the vehicle's weight, and without them, the suspension would literally collapse and drop to the pavement
  2. They had to replace to upper and lower ball joint and tie rods and the driver side axle and some other parts on the drivers side and just the ball joints on the passenger side and a wheel alignment I am goin to pick it up tomorrow or Friday and will see what exactly what was replaced and how much the bill is
  3. So I went to have an alignment done on my 09 Silverado and was told I needed upper and lower ball joints to the tune of $1300. Had another shop look at it and they said the same and wanted $1500. Dealer wants over $1600. Now after reading the forums and doing some pricing, I can get MOOG parts..
  4. You have to locate the ball joints. Check if your car has both lower and upper ball joints. If so, check both but be aware that the lower one wears much faster. The rubber cover. It's easy to tell it's damaged if lubricants leak out of the joint. The boot. It must be in good condition. If it's torn, worn, or gone, you must replace the.
  5. So with 8 days left, I figured I'd replace my upper ball joints and get a alignment and have a normal driving truck for 4 or 5 more days. Here's my ledima: Should I buy the Ball Joints and Control Arms in one whole swoop (123$ with Moog Ball Joints) and replace them then get a alingment; Buy..

Putting some new bal joints in a 2002 Chevy 1500 Silverado You'll need to use your ball joint tool, and press out the ball joints. Start with the upper ball joint, and arrange the tool so that it pushes the ball joint from beneath, up into the receiver cup. It will take a good deal of pressure, but eventually the ball joint will pop out. Once the upper ball joint is out you'll move on to the lower one They can be replaced one at a time, but most technicians replace them in pairs; if the lower ball joint on one side is replaced, the lower ball joint on the other side should be replaced as well. The same is true with the upper ball joints Here you should be able to find the exact specifications for the part that you need. Also, check whether your vehicle requires a single ball joint on either side or has upper and lower ball joints. If the latter is the case, then bear in mind that upper and lower ball joints differ in their construction. Design is also an important factor to.

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  1. Next, the lower ball joint is removed from the wheel and steering knuckle, and the control arm is then removed via bolts from the frame. At this time, the mechanic will also inspect the related components, such as the ball joints, tie rod ends and sway bar links, to see if they need to be replaced
  2. The lower ball joint is what attaches the steering knuckle and control arm together. There are two pieces which make up the lower ball joint; a socket and ball. These pieces are inside of a rubber boot that is filled with lubricant. Basically, the lower ball joint allows the wheels and tires to be connected to the vehicle and its steering assembly
  3. The Upper and Lower Ball Joints on these axles are at different angles, in other words the vertical axis of the Upper and Lower Ball Joints are neither inline or parallel to each other. To compensate for the different arc of each Ball Joint during turns, the modest sized, straight shank, 7/8 diameter stud of the Upper Ball Joint is vertically.
  4. So that is a good reason to replace them when they are cracked. The boots of the upper control arm and tie-rod end are relatively easy to replace, no need to unbolt several parts besides the wheel. The lower control arm ball joint is a bit trickier. The big 22 mm nut of the ball joint is hidden under the lower part of the strut
  5. New upper and lower joints. Two pair if doing both sides. The sockets that I used were 1/4 inch socket for grease fitting, 1 1/8 socket for lower joint, 7/8 socket for upper joint, 1/2 wrench or socket for bolts for upper joint. Regular hammer and a 5lb hammer. Ball joint press/remover tool. Jack and jack stands Grinder and drill

Here's Why Your Ball Joint Failed The Driv

  1. In addition to (theoretically) sharing the same load and wearing at similar rates, lower ball joint replacement on these axles requires removal of the upper joint before accessing the lowers, so replacing both joints at the same time is a good idea
  2. Buy Now!New Ball Joint Set from 1AAuto.com http://1aau.to/ia/1ASFK006481A Auto shows you how to repair, install, fix, change or replace loose, worn, or creak..
  3. A typical ball joint will last from 100,000 to 200,000km, however harsh driving conditions can cause failure well before that. Replacing a single upper or lower ball joint is approximately $250 to $400, depending on the type of car you drive. Because the lower ball joints bear your car's weight constantly, they are likely to wear out sooner.
  4. Upper & Lower Ball Joints will usually cost anyware from $60-$75ea, so about $140 just to do one side. If you have to replace just one joint, you better off replacing both at same time while you already have it torn apart. You can rent the Ball joint press at local auto store or buy a press from Harbor Freight for about $30
  5. How much ball joint replacement should cost. Prices paid and comments from CostHelper's team of professional journalists and community of users. Hiring a mechanic to replace four ball joints (two per wheel on front suspension systems) can cost $350-$2,200 or more, depending on the make, model and year of the vehicle; how difficult it is to access the ball joints and whether the work is done at.

So if I do have to replace the right side lower control arm should I just have him replace both, he is also going to do the inner tie rods and ball joints. Mustangman May 16, 2017, 12:27p A ball joint replacement can take some time because there are many different pieces you need to disassemble to reach the ball joints. A mechanic will be able to properly disassemble the necessary parts so that they can replace the ball joints Replacing the upper & lower ball joints on my 2001 Taco TRD 4x4 (144K) with OEM parts this weekend. I have been reading threads and see installing the upper ball joint on the vehicle may be a challenging PIA. I am planning on renting AutoZone's Master Kit 648617 which has different sleeve sizes to press different OD's in & out

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Note: If your vehicle has only one ball joint (most do) this is your procedure. Notice that the bolts on the front lower ball joint are not all facing the same direction. The outside bolts have their heads facing up. On the rear, the nuts are all facing up. The lower ball joint bolts are a different size than the upper bolts The upper ball joint-to-spindle should have the tri-castle nut and the lower multi-castle nut. Step 20: Make sure that the shoulder is correctly against the K-member and that the pivot has been correctly pressed far enough into the lower control arm Here's my ball joint procedure - its a little wordy (but then, that's me), but it is fairly comprehensive. This was on a 73 bus, but the earlier busses (and probably bugs too) should be pretty much the same. This was written up in April 97 so suggested prices and/or vendors mentioned later in the instructions may have changed - your call Bad upper or lower ball joints can make a terribly annoying noise or cause uneven tire wear at best, and at worst they have a dangerous effect on your ability to steer your truck. The good news is that replacing upper or lower ball joints is a very easy task that requires only a moderate level of skill and basic tools Which grease you should use depends on a few factors but basically any grease rated GC-LB by the NLGI (National Lubricating Grease Institute) is graded to work for all your chassis lubrication needs, including ball joints. We suggest Lucas X-tra Heavy Duty Grease or Marine Grease because they are designed to last in extreme circumstances and environments

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The bearing knuckle known as the lower ball joint provides support to the steering column and steering wheel. Working with the wheel assembly, they allow the suspension to move freely as you turn the vehicle. Over time, this component can wear out or break down, and you'll have to get it replaced A ball joint removal tool makes short work of removing the ball joint. The tool can also save the stock ball joints and grease-filled boot, which in this case were still in good condition. The constant force applied to the ball joint by the tool will pop it loose and won't damage threads or other components that might come with trying to. Location : Front, Driver And Passenger Side, Lower Components : (2) Ball Joints, and (2) Control Arms Type : Greasable Replaces OE Number : 2L5Z3083AA, 3L5Z3083AA, 6L5Z3085AA, 8L5Z3085L, F5TZ3083A, 1F7035211, F7ZZ3082CA Quantity Sold : Set of 4 Warranty : 1-year TrueDrive unlimited-mileage warranty Prop 65 Warning : . WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead and Mineral. The lower ball joints are the true ball joints in the AAM design. The spherical lower is a ball and socket design allowing lateral misalignment (unlike the king-pin upper). Because the design tracks the knuckle on an imperfect axis, the spherical lower is required to allow the knuckle to move freely with only a slight vertical travel through. Using a floor jack placed under the lower control arm, jack up the control arm until the lower ball joint stud pokes through the lower part of the steering knuckle. Install the nut on the ball joint stud and tighten. Place the upper control arm ball joint stub in the upper steering knuckle opening and attach the nut. Tighten the nuts

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10: To remove the upper control arm, start by placing a jack securely under the lower control arm as support. Loosen the upper ball joint nut. Now use a ball joint separator to loosen the ball joint from the spindle. Sometimes this sounds a lot easier than it actually is Suspension Dudes Front Upper Lower Ball Joints. While only a single ball joint of your car might be damaged, it is highly recommended to get a set of 4 ball joints to replace them all. And thus, most of the ball joints available in the market come in a pack of 4 so that you do not have to buy multiple. you would want something that can. Re: How to replace upper control arm ball joint Jul 13 2013, 4:57pm I'm probably going to be needing to replace a few suspension components, especially now that my leveling kit is installed Ball joint replacement is EXPENSIVE! Jump to Latest Follow same thing happen to my buddies jeep Load up the lower ball joint tension and hit the hex with a 4lb. Substantially easier on the tool than just pure torsion, that impact will get things moving way sooner than torque will

I checked all four ball joints and got about the same vertical, up and down, movement. But no horizon, side to side, movement at all. I told a respected friend about this and he saidall ball joints need to be changed immediately. He said there should be absolutely no noticeable up/down vertical movement in a ball joint at all. Unsafe The upper ball joint would pull out of the socket. I think they were designed this way as if it didn't come apart it would require more expensive parts. He worked and bought his own parts and helped doing repairs. He bought a used GMC 3/4 ton with a bad spindle caused by a bad bearing. I replaced spindle,rotors,calipers,ball joints,anti lock parts Each of the control arms of your front suspension system, upper and lower, have a ball joint at the outermost end of the control at its closest point to the front wheel. In the case of strut-type suspension, there is only one lower ball joint affixed to the lower control arm at the same point

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Ball joints last anywhere from 70,000 to 150,000 miles, after which time they need to be replaced. The lifespan of a ball joint can be affected by bumpy road conditions and exposure to salt. Lower Ball Joint Replacement Cost. The lower ball joint is the one that is located in between the lower control arm and the steering knuckle The lower ball joint is the load-carrying joint in this type of suspension, while the upper ball joint is the follower, with no significant load to support. It acts only as a second pivot point for steering. Most modern ball joints are sealed and do not require lubrication as they are lubed for life If not, the lower ball joints don't seem like a major project to do after, and it shouldn't require me to get another alignment. Btw, I called the dealer. They want $65 for each tie rod end, $202 for each inner tie rod joint, and $150 each for lower ball joints. The parts guy had no idea why those inner joints were so expensive All of the front suspension bushings should be replaced. Front suspension lower ball joints wear quickly, and they take the majority of the vehicle's road load. Upper ball joints do more stabilization than load carrying and as such tend to experience minimal wear. All wheel bearings should be checked and, in most cases, replaced This is a fairly easy job. first about your question - the lower control arm ( complete ) is about 60.00 dollars from rockauto.com. the bushing kit ( you would want to do both ) is about 13.00 dollars . depending on the condition of the ball joint I would say change that as well - around 25.00 dollars. then labor to remove the bushings

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I've searched high and low, but can't seem to find anything about replacing the lower ball joints on a Gen 2. My local parts guy told me I have to replace the entire lower control arm, but I was able to find just the ball joints online. I ordered those, and got them in. I have the factory.. LCA = lower control arm LBJ = lower ball joint UCA = upper control arm UBJ = upper ball joint Anyway, I decided to go with the Beck-Arnley units. They arrived yesterday. I may not need to replace them, but I have a suspicion that I do. I am hoping to have time to do the replacement this weekend, but we shall see

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  1. When I did my ball joints, I replaced the complete upper control arms and replaced the lower ball joints. The reason I didn't buy the lower control arms is that they were at least twice as expensive as the uppers. It took a while to grind the rivets on the lower ball joints, but it was not too bad
  2. The ball joints should be easily removed now; if needed, a flat blade screwdriver can be inserted to help get it loose. Remove the lower ball joint nuts. Use a ball joint separator or pickle fork to separate ball joints from control arms and steering knuckles. Audi A6: How to Replace Upper Control Arm Bushings A6 Quattro
  3. Short-long arm suspensions feature two upper ball joints and two lower joints. In comparison, most strut suspensions have two lower joints in the front end, although wishbone strut suspensions have four ball joints. Meanwhile, vehicles with conventional types of suspension systems usually have two ball joints, the upper and lower ball joint
  4. The design of the lower control arm leaves no outside area for the ball joint press to grab ahold of with the press cup, it just wants to tilt and slip off. I ended up using a chisel from the side to break the ball joint lip away from the control arm before I could get enough pressure on the ball joint tool to press them out

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Because of the design of the lower Toyota ball joint, you must remove the tie rod end from the steering knuckle, even if you are just replacing the ball joint with the original 4Runner part. The bolt hole for the tie rod end is part of the cast piece the ball joint is attached to wheel hub > steering knuckle > upper/lower control arms > frame. If the ball joint that connects the knuckle to one of the control arm fails completely then the knuckle can separate from the control arm and this can happen while driving. This may not cause the wheel to come off completely but it will definitely require a tow truck #1 Best Seller in Automotive Replacement Suspension Ball Joints. $30.53. 4WD 8 Lug Models Front Upper and Lower Ball Joints for Dodge Ram 1500 2500 3500-4pc Set. MOOG K6541 Ball Joint ended up using old snap ring and old nut which worked but shouldn't have to do that with a new ball joint. Will buy local next time... Read more. 3 people.

Use press to insert new upper ball joint. Replace upper castle nut. Replace cotter pin. Insert brake rotor. Replace center nut. Replace cotter pin. Replace brake caliper and two main bolts. Mount wheel back on and lower truck to the ground. Figure 10. Using ball joint press to mount upper joint. Figure 11. New joints in place Video: Replacing the Lower Ball Joint on a '03-'07 Honda Accord ( or '04 -'08 Acura TSX) This seven-minute video will show you visual step-by-step help for completing the replacement of the front lower ball joint on a Honda Accord. The steps are also described lower down in the article Step 4 - Loosen the upper ball joint. Loosen the 18 mm nut securing the control arm's ball joint to the wheel knuckle. Unscrew the nut a few turns, but don't remove it entirely. Figure 6. Loosen ball joint connection nut at the knuckle. Using a hammer, hit the side of the knuckle attached to the upper control arm's ball joint Ball joints appear well made and will hopefully be Bullet proof, Only time will tell. would be nice if they were greasable The warranty for this ball joint is three months from date of purchase for the original purchaser

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Front Lower Ball Joint K6541 Fits 2002-2014 Escalade, 2007-2013 Avalanche, 2003-2014 Express 1500, 1999-2015 Silverado 1500, 2000-2013 Suburban 1500 5.0 out of 5 stars 2 $24.99 $ 24 . 9 Moog ball joints are no exception, helping to restore your chassis to like-new condition. Performance and durability are traits required to reach the winner's circle, and Moog offers these top-quality steering linkage components for hundreds of applications--front, rear, upper, and lower Well, it all comes down to wearing off over time. The best way to tell if you have bad ball joints is to be on the watch for telling signs. If you should notice the problems below, you should consult a professional on the same. Failure to do so will put you and others at risk of misfortunes. That said, let's get started: Signs of bad ball joints

The ball and socket joint has been used on vehicles since the turn of the century, but just like our hip joints, ball and socket joints, ball joints, tie rods, and sway bar links wear out. OEM or suspension manufacturer recommended procedure for inspecting a ball-type joint rarely involves a pry bar and almost never involves a set of pliers Ball Joint Replacement Tutorial The Ball Joints I replaced on my 1997 Z71 Silverado had the same installation procedure as the Tahoe tutorial below. I just don't remember if the part numbers were the same. So be sure you have the correct parts for your vehicle. The lower ball joint need to be replaced. The new ball joint we purchased has a snap-ring to be intalled on the top after the ball joint is pressed in. However, the ball joint now installed has cover over the top with 4 small notched cut into it which does not allow access to the top of the ball joint. We tried to remove the cover be were.

Everyone seems to be giving conflicting answers but on the 02-05's you cannot just replace the upper ball joints. On 06-08's its possible. For my truck all the parts ran like 3 something. I did both tie rod ends and bilstein shocks at the same time also and of course 2 days after i finished everything my rear blows The rear ball joint connecting the rear upper control arm to the trailing arm is a particular trouble area for higher mileage E46 models, as it wears out over time. Inspect the rear ball joint for excessive play. You can do this by jacking up the rear of your vehicle and wiggling the wheel while monitoring the movement of the ball joint That is discussed shortly. When installing the ball joint, note that relatively little torque is often required, sometimes only 18 ft-lbs. The force of the spring and the weight from the vehicle basically push down on the ball joint in the upper control arm so the bolts serve more to locate it than to help bear this load Moog-K8695t - Front lower ball joint - 98 F250 4wd- In the service manual it says you have to replace control arm,will this ball joint work if I press the the old joint out and this joint in Answer: Moog-K8695T is an OE stock replacement lower ball joint for your 98 F250 4x4 if you have the independent front suspension i have a 1999 dodge ram 2500 im in the process of changing the ball joints and i got both the lower and upper pressed in then when i put everything back together and lowered it the upper ball joint popped back up through the control arm. is there a way to fix this or do i need to buy a new control arm and hope its a tighter fit( the top was a liitle loose when i pressed it in and the contro. In cases like this, it is best to plan to replace all the suspension bushings at the same time. We find it unwise to decide, for example, to replace control arm bushings but not stabilizer bar bushings. Take advantage of the fact that all components are disassembled. The price of individual bushings is a miniscule portion of the total repair

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