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Latest IKEA flyer online. Save money with IKEA flyer! Weekly specials for your nearest store. Never pay more than you need to Using included wall fasteners or your own, secure your IKEA bookcase to the wall for support to ensure that they don't get knocked over accidentally or during an earthquake. Step 1 Remove all of the items stored on the top shelf and the shelf directly below the top shelf Ikea says that it encourages customers to anchor all dressers over a certain height to the wall by providing kits to do so; information about tip-overs is included in assembly instructions, as well as on the price tag, store signage, and on the website So when the California mother and her husband picked out a tall Ikea bookcase for their twins' bedroom in 2017, the parents used the included hardware to anchor it to the wall, as the. Just a few tips for anchoring an IKEA Shelf to the wall. Nothing special but might be helpful!Blessings,Be

How to Attach an Ikea Book Shelf to the Wall Hunke

  1. The best way to help prevent furniture tip-over accidents is to secure furniture to the wall. IKEA urges customers to inspect their IKEA chests of drawers and dressers to ensure that they are securely anchored to the wall using the restraints provided in the packaging. Should you need a replacement restraint kit to secure the IKEA furniture in.
  2. BILLY bookcases are built with a stackable design that allows you to attach new units whenever you need additional storage, just decide on what height suits your space best. Every model in the BILLY series also features adjustable shelves so you can fit anything from books to trophies, and everything in between
  3. Do you know how to attach a bookshelf to the wall? Because of their height, for safety reasons bookshelves and all bulky furniture should be secured to the w..
  4. Furniture Anchors for Baby Proofing,(6 Packs) Anti-tip Wall Anchor Kit Metal, Earthquake Tip Resistant Furniture Brackets, Furniture Secure Straps for Dresser Cabinet Bookshelf 4.6 out of 5 stars 397 $11.99 $ 11 . 99 $13.99 $13.9

Regarding the instructions from IKEA etc. this may have more to do with liability than instability. If you don't anchor it to the wall and your 2-YO climbs the shelves, they can point to the lack of anchors and the instructions (and enclosed bracket) saying you didn't follow the instructions and therefore it's not their problem Securing things to the wall by screwing into a stud is safer than using a wall anchor in the drywall where there's no stud, and this especially true for a heavy bookcase. The most reliable way to find studs is to use an electronic stud finder; turn the device on; run it along the wall, and mark the places where the light goes on or the meter. Remove the books and move the bookcase away from the wall. Use a stud finder to search for wall studs. If possible, find two studs and secure the bookcase with two straps to ensure a good hold. Secure the bookcase into wall studs whenever possible, instead of using wall anchors

How do you attach an Ikea bookcase to the wall

Please complete the order form on the right to receive the hardware kit for your IKEA chests and dressers. The hardware safety kits are for US residents for IKEA chests and dressers only, and not other IKEA products. If you live outside of the US, please contact the IKEA retailer in your country for information on how to obtain a hardware kit @Harper: Yes, the ikea. That's where my question comes from. I found that online some say it needs to be supported by screwing the top in the wall so I am not sure if it is an issue in IKEA or any assembly bookcase - Jim Aug 5 '17 at 7:5 A bookcase doesn't necessarily have to be placed along the wall of a room. It can also be used as a room divider if placed in the middle, with the short side against the wall. This is a great way to create some room for a small workspace or home office I want to buy a Billy bookcase and anchor it to my wall, but my wall is drywall and I am afraid it is not going to hold well. Nov 3rd Ikea agrees to submit a refund, warns it will take 10-14 days. Dec 16th, 6 months after my order date, 4 months after my cancellation request, I finally receive a refund minus the delivery fee. Obviously.

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I'm working on anchoring some new IKEA bookshelves to the wall. Two of the smaller ones are fine, but the big one (a double-wide BILLY) sticks out from the wall a bit at the top. The bottom is flush (sitting on laminate with a little felt padding under the legs), and the top naturally sits about an 1-1 1/4 from the wall 3 ways of locating studs inside a wall. Be safe.Wall mounting is a bit tricky. In this video I have the shelf resting on the baseboard. To mount it high on t.. How to assemble IKEA BILLY Bookcase white plus how to secure bookcase to the wall. Bookcase BILLY has 5 different color combinations you can add doors or hav..

Show with IKEA now, and get up to 15% OFF Living room furniture and accessories. Offer only valids until May 5th. Don't worry about the delivery price. Buy as much as you want and you can still get nationwide truck delivery for ₩39,000! (Jeju Island Excluded) Find out more Furniture Anchors (10 Pack), Bookshelf Anchors to Wall Anti-Tilt Furniture Anchors Kit,Child Anchors for Dresser and Bookshelf,Adjustable Child Secure Straps for Bookshelf, Cabinet, Dresser. 4.7 out of 5 stars 34. $9.99 $ 9. 99. Get it as soon as Thu, Apr 8. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon Today is all about our IKEA Billy Bookcase Hack. How we turned IKEA's Billy Bookcases into a wall of built-ins! After moving in to our home, we wanted a wall of built-ins installed in our den. I got a bid from the cabinet shop that did our cabinets, and it was way out of our budget. So, I started googling DIY options Anchoring ikea bookcases to the wall best practice homeimprovement diy built in bookshelves billy ins ers bookcase a beautiful mess part 1 45 awesome ideas for your home digsdigs easiest way hide holes mid modern mama how build easy from lovely etc Anchoring Ikea Bookcases To The Wall Best Practice Homeimprovement Diy Built In Bookshelves Continue reading Ikea Billy Bookcase Wall Anchor

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  1. A guide for choosing the correct hardware and tools to attach a chest of drawer to the wall
  2. Purife 10'' Furniture Wall Anchors for Baby Safety(4 pack), Heavy Duty Furniture Anti Tip Anchor Kit, Metal Furniture Safety Anchor to Wall, Safety Strap Wall Strap - Anchor Bookcase Bookshelf Dresser. 4.7 out of 5 stars 72. $15.99 $ 15. 99. Get it as soon as Thu, Apr 15
  3. d our customers that some IKEA furniture should be fixed to the wall; such as wardrobes, bookcases and tall drawer units
  4. I'm trying to anchor an IKEA Billy bookcase to the wall it doesn't contain screws for the wall (I don't think any IKEA furniture does). And their instructions don't explain how long the screws need to be. How long does the screw have to be to go into the wall (stud)? I have a 1 inch screw on hand, would that be enough

Secure it! - IKE

  1. Delete if not allowed. But I've been looking to slightly redecorate my bedroom and would like to add a new chest of draws and book shelf. Ive recently learnt ikea recommends you anchor your furniture to the wall and that isnt exactly an option for me (live in a rental with constant check ups from the landlord and would get in deep shit if i start making holes)
  2. Bonus points if you drill extra holes in the Ikea backplate and run them straight into the stud as well. Never drill more than 1-3/4 below the wall's surface. The standard for construction is that wires and pipes must be at least that far away from the wall surface or be guarded by a metal plate to make them difficult to drill through
  3. $69 Ikea Dresser Passes CR's Toughest Furniture Tip-Over Test should anchor wardrobes, dressers, bookcases, a pilot hole for securing the anchor. Proceed with installing the wall- and.
  4. Cause when it tries to fall forward, the weight of it will likely pull the screw out of the wall (even with an anchor) or tear through the top of our MDF bookcase. I watched the video associated with this product and started doing my happy dance. Sure, you have to cut a hole in your precious bookcase and position it such that it screws into a stud

Step by step instructions on how to assemble an Ikea Billy bookshelf.Please support my YouTube channel iScaper1 by using my Amazon Storefront to purchase p.. Ikea expedit mounted to wall you how mount a safe floating 2 x 4 shelf ers kitchenette with kallax 15 super smart ways use the bookcase apartment therapy seeking feedback on s anchor hardware and vinyl storage question page steve hoffman forums add feet an homes i have made 6 diffe uses for homify 22 Continue reading How To Wall Mount Ikea Kalla How to Build Built-In Bookcases from IKEA Billy Bookshelves To figure out how to best use the space, the picture below shows how we did the math. I measured the space in between the walls, in our case it was almost exactly 12 feet, or 144 inches, then I subtracted out the width of the bookcases which are 31″ each, or a total of 124 inches The horrifying moment a huge Ikea bookcase toppled over on to two-year-old twins in California was captured on a baby camera and The anchor on the wall did not stop the bookcase crashing.

How to Attach an Ikea Book Shelf to the Wall (with

Furniture Anti-Tip Anchor - Steel Child Safety Straps | Secure Wall Anchors for Bookshelf, Dresser, Cabinet, Earthquake Protection for Babies and Pets, 2 Pack, Hardware Included I lost one of these shelf pins for my Billy bookcase. Ikea does offer free replacement parts for most of their products, and I contacted them to get a few.. How to make a prefabricated bookcase look like built-in. Includes tips on how to cope crown molding and how to anchor bookcase to wall. Article by eHow. 59. Living Room Remodel My Living Room Living Room Decor Small Living Dining Room Ikea Bookcase Bookshelves Built In Bookcases Small Bathroom Furniture When it comes to hacking great storage, no other IKEA product works a room like the BILLY bookcase. The BILLY bookcase is pretty straightforward to build right out of the box, or you can get creative and make elaborate storage that looks great.. Take a look at 18 of the best BILLY bookcase built-ins ever To maximize space most efficiently I placed my Billy Bookcase on the far right side of the closet. 4. Secure Billy Bookcase to Wall. Photo via Ikea.com. The Billy Bookcase comes with a an anchoring device to secure your bookcase to the wall. Ikea also provides the above image and instructions to ensure you secure your furniture properly.

Gigantic Expedit-Bookcase - IKEA Hackers

Your bookcase can be perfectly fitted into the wall via a wall anchoring device. It is high time you get your hands on this stylish piece of furniture. 9) BILLY Bookcase 31 1/2 x 11 x 93 1/ The brackets are from old book shelf wall braces, long pegs from other IKEA furniture and screws were small woodscrews had in my toolbox. and anchor it to the wall that way.kind of like the way kitchen cabinets are installed. I saw the same thing when I was examining the Hemnes bookcase in the display section of an IKEA store. The.

Step 1. - 2 x 4 Braces Part of the challenge/complaint with IKEA bookcases is the risk of them falling over. Some people probably skip that step of securing their bookcases to the wall using the L Brackets or they hope the drywall will hold it In the Okas' incident, one of the anchors was pulled out of the wall yet remained attached to the back of the bookcase. The other anchor stayed in the stud of the wall yet broke off from the.

BILLY Series Bookcases & Parts - IKE

Design and select your IKEA BILLY bookshelf combination. We sketched out the space and selected a combination of Billy bookcases to fit the width and height of the area. In our case, we chose: 2 of W80 cm x H202 cm units; Position your Billy units and anchor them to the wall When attaching to the wall, hitting a stud is always best, but if not use the proper wall anchor for your application (the wall anchor and the screw that goes into the wall is NOT provided by IKEA). Whenever I install these for a client, I go overboard and use anchors that are rated for 100 pounds each The IKEA Havsta Storage Combination (Bookcase) is a hide and show storage combination with four open shelves at the top level and two doors at the lower level to keep things hidden and organized. The furniture is made of solid wood, and the movable shelves allow one to adapt their storage needs. The IKEA Havsta Storage Combination (Bookcase) has an overall height of 83.5 (212 cm), width of.

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  1. ate shelves could look after a little dressing up. Check out this before and after
  2. Ikea said the change is an effort to reduce the risk of tip-over incidents. The safe use of IKEA products is our top priority, and this new sales requirement reinforces the need for wall.
  3. With a stud finder, we found the wall studs and used the anchor brackets that IKEA provided to anchor the shelves to the wall. The part that makes these bookshelves look custom is the trim work so we added crown molding to the top. In order to add the crown, you'll need an extra piece of wood at the top to have something to attach the crown to
  4. The IKEA Billy (Wide Tall Extension) is a bookcase with a height extension unit for adding units to occupy an unused wall space. The adjustable shelves hold up books in rows. You can also set different height towers for the furniture while moving it in rooms where the height ceiling changes. The IKEA Billy Wide Tall Extension Bookcase has an overall height of 93.25 (237 cm), width of 31.5.
  5. Materials: Besta Shelf Unit, Besta Suspension Rail, Inreda Ladder, self-drilling heavy-duty Nylon wall anchors, multi-position extension ladder Description: Problem For the longest time I've been meaning to make use of the over head space in the stairwell of our home. With 1100 square foot of living area, space is at a premium. We keep all our books in the home office, but we don't have.
  6. Put your bookshelf pantry against the wall and make sure you use the safety kit (included with the Billy Bookcase) to anchor the shelf to the wall. This shelf is very tall and narrow, so it will tip if you don't anchor it. Here is what the anchor's that came with our Billy end up looking
  7. dful to do it right so I took my time, maybe someone a bit handier could do it faster)

The Billys are fastened to the wall with included L-brackets. Ikea gives you screws and washers but not wall anchors. We used 1″ drywall anchors because that's what we have. Obviously use the correct anchor for your wall. We leveled the first unit on the far left, then fastened it to the wall Each Billy bookcase is 31.5″ width by 79.5″ tall and 11″ deep. Here is a link to Ikea for the specifics. I knew I was going to use three bookcases and I wanted 6″ between each so that would be 3 x 31.5 + 12 = 106.5″ in total width that I would be using on the wall. For the height, this will also depend on the wall

May 31, 2020 - Explore Debbie Kennedy-Telleysh's board Bookcase wall unit, followed by 2162 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about room design, living room designs, living room decor Feb 27, 2021 - Explore Brynn Thomas's board ikea cubbies, followed by 191 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about diy furniture, ikea cubbies, home diy

So cool! You guys make anything cheap-o look like a masterpiece. I too recently just bought an IKEA bookcase this past weekend (the IKEA 5×5 expedit) and put it all together myself. I'm pretty proud of my accomplisment b/c I had to lug that thing up 3 1/2 flights of stairs and it's taller than me (I'm 5'2″, the bookcase is 6″ tall) Hereof, can you stack Ikea shelves? The IKEA KALLAX bookcase has become something of a classic. An 8-cube IKEA Kallax stacked on top of a 16-cube unit makes for an impressive bookcase set-up if you've got high enough ceilings to fit them in.. Additionally, is kallax the same size as Expedit? Now, let's look at Kallax.Ikea reports that the internal dimensions of the system are exactly the same. The smaller bookcases in the middle and the taller shelves on the end. Connect the bookcases together by screwing in metal brackets to the backing for added stability. Now is also the time to insert a small hole for any cables or wires (if you plan to have a tv on this bookcase wall) 10. Insert the inner shelves Likewise, what screws to use for shelves? For heavy loads we'd recommend 38 mm or 50 mm screws as these have a strong fixing and don't need wall plugs. The screws should be the heaviest gauge that the holes in the bracket will take. This is usually a 4 mm gauge on small brackets and 5 mm or 5.5 mm on larger ones

Furniture needs to be attached to the wall, but my tenancy

The IKEA Hemnes TV Storage Combination Bookcases (Wide) features a Tv bench and wide bookshelves/cabinets that provide additional storage for other household accessories. The large drawers allow you to keep your things organized or hide multiple sockets or items by removing the bottom shelf. The IKEA Hemnes TV Storage Combination with Wide Bookcases has an overall height of 83.5 (212 cm. The anchors went it effortlessly. Make sure you use a Phillips Head Screwdriver and not the cordless drill. You don't want to do major damage to your wall. The anchor goes in all the way into the wall. I placed the IKEA shelf mount back on the shelf to make sure that it was still leveled step five: DIY angled depth extension for corner unit, anchor to wall. I was actually surprised by this particular step! So, on the IKEA website, they have a BILLY Bookcase set that comes with a corner unit and three bookshelvesbut NO! It is not technically a corner unit at all, it is just a narrow BILLY Bookcase set at an angle I also used the recommended fixing to walls by IKEA for BILLY bookcases. These were bracketed to the wall with the supplied wall brackets. They were fixed with firm anchoring with steel crimped bolt threads into plaster board with 1/2 bolt threads The IKEA Kallax Shelf Unit (5x5) easily blends and adapts itself to the space of where it is placed. This design has 25 storage cubes that provide the user with storage space. The shelving unit can be placed against the wall or act as a room divider. The unit is available in 3 different finishes. The IKEA Kallax Shelf Unit 5x5 has an overall height of 71.625 (181.9 cm), width of 71.625.

How to Anchor a Bookshelf to a Wall Hunke

I wanted to share my recently installed modern China Cabinet, hacked from IKEA BILLY bookcases. For a couple of years now, I had been searching for the perfect china cabinet for my breakfast nook. Then, attached them to the wall with the anchors provided in the cartons. Next, I added crown molding to the top of the piece and shoe molding to. Mar 29, 2021 - Découvrez notre produit FINNBY Bibliothèque, noir, 60x180 cm. Profitez de prix IKEA toute l'année Faites vous facilement livrer à domicile

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Envío gratis con Amazon Prime. Encuentra millones de producto There is no hole on top you make it. Then if you have dry wall or plaster, use wall anchers and a 1 screw. First mark with a pencil where the L bracket touches the wall. (Stick the pencil through the opening on the L bracket move the unit aside and make a small hole to insert the anchor so it's flush and snug in the wall How do I secure my Ikea bookcase to a plaster wall (there are no studs)? I'm looking for a very specific solution [like you posting a link from Home Depot with the item(s)]. I've tried a couple of different screws I had around the home but the outcome has been the same. The screw goes in and then will easily come out Assemble bookcases and height extensions one section at a time based on IKEA instructions. Then, anchor WELL to wall using IKEA provided anchors and the proper screws for wall type. On the section that will be in front of the secret door, simply assemble the outer frame of the main bookcase - without the back or base

How to Anchor Furniture to Help Prevent Tip-Overs - Consumer Reports Anchoring a bookcase to a wall is an essential safety precaution, especially in a home with children and pets. The most common types of anchoring involve brackets and screws, but they can cause holes and damage to both the bookcase and the wall IKEA Hack #1 - Found this IVAR system's side leg part in As-Is section for $15. Compared to pine wood sold at Bunnings, it was a bargain. Using a flush cut saw, separated all beams and legs to individual parts; Cut to the length of KALLAX. Made recesses with chisels to let them fit to KALLAX's side parts

How to Secure a Bookcase to a Wall: 15 Steps (with Pictures

IKEA BILLY Bookcase Hack . Tatianas Delights So that you know, you'll need to anchor the furniture to the wall to avoid tipping. Continue to 17 of 21 below. 17 of 21. IKEA BEKVAM Spice Rack Hack . Piper and Poppies We heart this easy storage hack by Ashley at Piper and Poppies. The blogger hangs her children's clothing on an IKEA BEKVAM. We were able to build them all in one evening and set them in place. We spaced them according to the measurements of our wall to be equidistant apart. The top of our facade piece was flush with the lowest shelf on the bookcase. Before we moved on, we made sure to anchor the bookcases to the wall. There are a variety of ways to do this I've connected bookcases and storage shelves together many times around my house. Like when I made the storage unit for my oldest daughter's room using the IKEA Expedit system(now called the IKEA Kallax). If I had added the IKEA Bill extension to the top of the cabinets in my daughter's awkward corner that I turned into great storage, this would have been exactly how I would have secured. It's an Ikea Billy bookcase. The cut out for smaller baseboard doesnt work. Would like it to look flush with the wall. Would rather not have to cut the baseboard. Looking for a way to cover/disguise the gap. Any ideas

Hi Brittany.!.This Ikea Lack Shelf is driving me Crazy! After many attempts I read your experience and finally bought the wingit anchors you suggested. I put them in the wall and they hung down a bit. I called Wingits and they said that means its in right and it means the wings are in place.But They said I needed the bracket to hang the shelf on Once all of the bookcases are attached to each other, use a level and square them all up. Then find the studs in the wall and anchor each bookcase to the wall using L-brackets secured into the studs. Depending on the width of the bookcases, you should be able to anchor at least one L-bracket on each bookcase into a stud — possibly two A Ikea Havsta bookcase is thus a great way to store your favorite books. The description of the product says it's solid wood and it most certainly is. In fact, almost all the areas of the Havsta Ikea cabinet that are hidden by the assembly are unfinished solid wood. Comparing Price Points of Ikea Havst

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If using a pointed, self-starting anchor, drive the anchor into the wall by hitting it with a hammer and seating it firmly so the tooth prongs bite into the wall. If you have the type that is not pointed on the end, drill a pilot hole in the wall, sized as per instructions on the package (depends on anchor body size) Once the bookcase was in place and all finished, we went ahead and secured it to the wall with the anchor hardware that came with the bookcase. I love how it turned out! I think adding the shiplap, rich paint color, and beautiful brass knobs really helped to transform the piece and make it a lovely focal point in the room The popular Ikea bookcase almost killed the 2-year-old twins. Credit: Nicole Oka. This is where everything goes wrong. Despite being bolted to the wall, the bookcase comes off its brackets and falls down directly onto the twins. Californian mum Nicole Oka and her adorable twins, Dominic and Clara. Credit: Nicole Oka. They can be heard screaming. Isoto Furniture Anti Tip Anchor Child Proofing Baby Safety Strap For Cabinet Dresser Bookshelf Mounting Hardware. Shows Ancd Ikea Bookcase Crashing Onto Twins. Furniture Straps Metal Anchors Anti Tip Wall Anchor Kit For Baby And Pet Proofing Resistant Brackets Protect Cabinet Bookshelf Dresser Wardrobes From Falling 8 Pack Locks. Secrets Of. Steps Use a stud finder to mark where the wall studs are. Mark your bookshelf's height onto the wall. Make 2 marks 8 inches (20 cm) below the first marking. Drill holes into the areas marked for the brackets. Secure the metal bracket anchors into place. Screw 2 brackets into the bookcase's top trim

How to Anchor Furniture to a Wall Wirecutte

How to attach built in bookcase to wall - A collection of the top 10 how to attach built in bookcase to wall wallpapers and backgrounds available for download for free. We hope you enjoy our growing collection of HD images to use as a background or home screen for your smartphone or computer DIY MID-CENTURY BOOKCASE IKEA HACK. This week, I decided to revisit a previous DIY theme with an Ikea Hack for my bedroom. I love the idea of creating a nook around your bed as if it were inset, and tall bookshelves flanking the bed do the trick beautifully. Don't forget to anchor the bookcase to the wall, kids like to climb. Posted 6.29.16

How to Secure a Billy Bookcase to the Wall Hunke

An Easy Ikea Hack: Bookcase To Wood-Wrapped Changing Table We've also used heavy duty 3M command velcro to adhere the bike art firmly to the wall beyond the screws-into-studs/anchors hanging method that we used. which we usually order from amazon. You can attach anything to the wall, including bookcases (like we did here), TVs (like. The Billy bookcase comes with a small package containing tools to anchor them to the wall. If I had small children in my home, I would definitely do this to avoid an issue, just in case they decided to climb the shelves. My Billy shelves feel very stable so I'm not worried about them falling forward Currently none of our Ikea bookcases (6 tall Billy, 2 tall Magicker, 7 short Magicker, and 5 medium sized cheap shelves containing comics / manga) are mounted. We rent and my husband doesn't want to put holes in the wall. The short Magicker shelves are stable, but I'm very nervous about the rest The main body is made up of: 2 x 80x40x202 Billy Bookcases, 2 x 40x40x202 Billy Bookcases and 4 x 600mm wide kitchen bridging units (ours were from B&Q). Building Billy Bookcase. As this beast was going to be wall-hung, it needed to be secure

How to Anchor a Large Bookcase Without Damaging the

IKEA bookcase, good condition, only issue is the back wall is put on in reverse so the corking shows but you can't see it once you fill it with stuff , doesn't affect the function but that's why selling so low Ikea Hack Rustic-Industrial Bookcase. Posted on Last updated: January 15, 2019 By: Author Lisa. Categories then move the unit out of the way, drill holes and install anchors. Put the unit back in place and attach to the wall with screws into the anchors. I colored my screws with a black Sharpie so they would blend in. I attached both metal.

IKEA Billy corner bookcase assembly instructions

The cheapest bookshelf we reviewed was, unfortunately, the worst performer. South Shore's Axess Collection bookcase is one of Amazon's most popular assembly bookshelves and is currently listed at the affordable price of $63.94, putting it in the same price range as IKEA's Billy IKEA recommends that all bookshelves taller than three feet or installed in homes with small children be bolted to the wall for safety--they could be a hazard if they were to tip over. Using included wall fasteners or your own, secure your IKEA bookcase to the wall for support to ensure that they don't get knocked over accidentally or during an. 2) Hollow-wall anchors, on the other hand, will not work in solid materials. Instead, they are designed to be used in thin materials or on hollow walls. They each have a unique way of spreading within the hollow of the wall. Once spread, the anchor cannot be pulled back through the smaller installation hole Features like integrated door dampers and snap-on function make it a great product. The bookcase has a dimension of 270*197 cm, making it perfect for large storage. 6. HAVSTA Bookcase. HAVSTA is an IKEA solid wood bookshelf combination featuring glass doors. It comes in white colour with 203*47*212 cm dimensions The Bottom Line on the Ikea Billy Bookcase System However, once the Billy bookcase is filled with items (or overstuffed with them), it tends to fade into the background—which is a good thing. Ikea's Expedit bookcase is aesthetically superior, and also has a deeper shelf that easily holds coffee-table sized books Also, if you're installing shelf brackets directly into a drywall, use drywall anchors for additional weight support. 5. Install Closet Rods. Hang the closet rod over the shelf bracket hooks. Secure each end of the rod with a screw (one end to the bookcase, one end to the wall). The closet is really coming together now! 6. Install Bottom Shelve

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