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Access all information related to this legislation on CanLII. Applying to change orders or agreements (2) To apply to the court for any of the following orders: (a) an order to change, suspend or terminate an order that was made under the Family Law Act or the Family Relations Act; (b) an order to reduce or cancel arrears under a support order made under the Family Law Act or under a support. A warrant under subsection 43 (1) or 59 (2) (absconding respondent) of the Family Law Act or subsection 41 (6) or 49 (1) (absconding payor) of the Family Responsibility and Support Arrears Enforcement Act, 1996 shall be in Form 6 and, where the warrant contains a provision for release on completion of a promise to appear, the promise to appear.

Under Rule 14(4.2) of the Family Law Rules the Court may dispense with the case conference if it is of the opinion that there is a situation of urgency or hardship or that a case conference is not required for some other reason in the interests of justice. Eden v. Eden, SCJ Court File No: 171/19 - March 30, 202 Rules apply to all family law cases (3) Waiver of rule by agreement: Rule 1-3 — Object of Rules (1) Object (2) Proportionality: Part 2 — Resolving Cases by Agreement: Rule 2-1 — Agreements (1) Written agreements (2) Filing agreements under the Family Law Act (3) Enforcing agreements: Rule 2-1.1 — Determinations of Parenting Coordinators (1 Canadian statute law provides rules governing property relationships among married spouses, and how their property is shared if the marriage ends. By contrast, the law affecting common law spouses in most provinces is much more fluid. Aptly, their fate is determined by the common law, which leaves much more discretion to the judge

Access collections and useful links for this jurisdiction on CanLII The Law. Justice Jones considered rule 24(8) of the Ontario Family Law Rules, which states that: [i]f a party has acted in bad faith, the court shall decide costs on a full recovery basis and shall order the party to pay them immediately Rule 24 of Ontario's Family Law Rules, O. Reg 114/99 (the Rules) promulgate guiding and general principles for the Court's exercise of discretion when determining costs in a Family Court proceeding. Based on the Rules, the case law in Ontario identifies important and fundamental objectives for the Family Court to consider and balance. Children's Aid Society of Toronto v. C. (S.A.),2005 CanLII 43289 (Ont. S.C.), affirmed on appeal, 2007 ONCA 474 [standard of review in family law cases] Re Genereux v. Catholic Children's Aid Society of Metropolitan Toronto (1985), 53 O.R. (2d) 163 (Ont. C.A.) [appeal court judge is granted a wide discretion in deciding whether or not.

The Ontario Court of Appeal, in a recent case called Frick v. Frick, confirmed that the Ontario Family Law Rules are philosophically different from their civil counterpart, and reflect the unique nature of litigation involving families.. The initial facts in Frick v. Frick were unremarkable: The couple married in 1993 and had two children. They separated 20 year later, and the wife started. Providing full financial disclosure is the most basic obligation in family law. In Burke v.Poitras, 2018 ONCA 1025 (CanLII) at para 11-12 the court addressed this obligation: 11 It is well-established that the most basic obligation in family law is the parties' duty to disclose financial information and that this requirement is immediate, automatic, and ongoing The Court of Appeal has just released a very important decision on mobility issues which will be required reading for anyone involved with such a problem, at least until the Family Law Act comes fully into force. In R.E.Q. v. G.J.K., the court provides an important review of its key mobility decisions over the last ten years and offers a stinging critique of the convoluted manner in which the. Parties had been involved in family law litigation since 2009. On October 29, 2014, Rogin J. of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice awarded custody and child support to Ms. Vermette and access to Mr. Nassr This entire subject could easily be rectified by the Family Law Rules changing to provide that any order made in a default setting may be set aside based on the test under Rule 19.08 of the Rules of Civil Procedure. This test provides the clearest, most consistent, and fairest mechanism for the court to decide when to set aside any default order

Supreme Court Civil Rules, BC Reg 168: 142: Family Law Rules, O Reg 114: 145: Federal Courts Rules, SOR: 148: Civil Enforcement Regulation, Alta Reg 276/1995: 154: Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule, O Reg 34: 160: Rules of the Small Claims Court, O Reg 258: 16 Thanks to a grant from the Law Foundation of Ontario, CanLII has added access to approximately 4,800 decisions from Reports of Family Law to CanLII.org published between 1968 and the present.. This project to expand access to this important body of case law includes 3,800 PDF decisions that were scanned and added to CanLII and are now available to researchers on CanLII.org A collection of judgments of the Ontario Court of Justice, primarily released after April 1, 2004, is posted on CanLII. The CanLII website is not an exhaustive source of judgments of the Ontario Court of Justice. The official version of the reasons for judgment is the signed original or handwritten endorsement in the court file

Forms (Family Law Rules, O. Reg. 114/99) Forms (Related family forms regulated by Family Responsibility and Support Arrears Enforcement Act , 1996) Ontario Court of Justice Practice Directions, Policies and Local Protocols Informed choices are always better choices. Individuals dealing with a personal family law question can search for reliable family law information with these online resources Last year, CanLII made a call for volunteers to help put together an open BC litigation practice manual from scratch. Today, we're pleased to announce that The CanLII Manual to British Columbia Civil Litigation is now available on CanLII. The resource can be broken down into three main parts. Areas of Law Pathfinders This par

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The obligation to provide full financial disclosure comes from the Family Law Act, SBC 2011, c 25 (the FLA), the Supreme Court Family Rules, BC Reg 169/2009 (the SCFR); and the Federal Child Support Guidelines, SOR/97-175 A Guide to Procedures in Family Court. This is a 9 Part set of Guides to the various steps in a Family Law proceeding published by the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General. Each section is brief and to the point. This is a great introduction to the process

The test to determine urgency in a family law matter continues to be governed by Rosen v. Rosen 2005 CanLii 480 (ONSC), in which Justice Wildman held that in addition to a matter being urgent, a motion shall proceed in the absence of a case conference if the moving party provides evidence (a). Family law is a general term referring to any of the laws that make rules about family relationships. This can include rules about how to marry, who can get married, how to separate or divorce, how adoption works, and how to protect children who are not being properly cared for. Family law includes federal and territorial legislation and. C.M.M. v. DGC, 2015 ONSC 2447 - the Court found that, in an application by a child under the age of 18 for child support, based on s. 33 of the Ontario Family Law Act, the original motions judge was incorrect in concluding, based on an interpretation of the family law rules, that the child required a litigation guardian Family Law Rules Forms. Notice to Profession: Changes to the Family Law Rules in force August 1 and September 1, 2020 NOTICE: On March 1, 2021, significant reforms to divorce, separation and parenting will come into force. In support of these important reforms, the Family Law Rules and forms are also changing

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  2. All family law cases in the Superior Court of Justice are governed by the Family Law Rules, and use the procedures, forms, and steps set out in these Rules. To locate a court in your area, please see the List of Ontario Court Addresses on the Ministry of the Attorney General's website
  3. CanLII: court cases from across Canada, including BC cases (BC laws are here now too) Courts of British Columbia: court cases from BC. Court Rules. Small Claims Rules: the rules of procedure in Small Claims Court. BC Provincial Court (Family) Rules: the rules of procedure in Family Court. BC Supreme Court Family Rules: for family law cases in.
  4. CanLII (Free Case Law) Child and Family Services Act. Child Support Guidelines (Family Law Act) Children's Law Reform Act. CLEO - Steps in a Family Law Case. COMSOC-Confirmation of Assignment. Court Fees and Court Information. Domestic Tariff Reform: Discussion Paper (July 2015) Domestic Tariff Survey Results. Family Law Act. Family Law Rules.
  5. imize conflict. The BC FLA requires a court to ensure that a proceeding under this Act is conducted in a manner that strives to

The judge added that if a party commits an ongoing abuse of a central facet of the Family Law Rules then a court can order a fine or monetary payment as part of its role to control and 2008 CanLII 48648. Concerning the Ontario courts' authority to make these kinds of orders; see Mantella v. Mantella, 2009 ONCA 194 (Ont. C.A. Fattali, 1996 CanLII 7272 (ON SC), the court excluded such evidence and emphasized that, such forays into the gathering of potential evidence admitted, whatever the rules. The family law lawyers at Simmons da Silva LLP have the experience in arguing for or against admissibility of improperly obtained evidence. Should you require an Stone, 2001 CanLII 24110 (Ont. C.A.) (equalization of net family property, unequal division of net family property) Rawluk v. Rawluk, 1990 CanLII 152 (S.C.C.) (equalization of net family property, resulting trusts, constructive trusts Source law Year: All 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 Public statutes as enacted Private statutes as enacted Regulations as file

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The nature of family law litigation is emotionally charged and parties are particularly vulnerable. By its nature most information about family law cases will often be perceived as confidential from outset: L.M.B. v. M.R.B. , 2003 MBQB 146 (CanLII 4 While Ontario Rules employed a costs grid in the Rules in 2002, costs remained mainly discretionary, as it was never judicially adopted. Jonathan de Vries The Law of Costs - A Brief Overview Shillingtons LLP at 8. 5 Zesta Engineering Ltd. v Cloutier, 2002 ONCA 25577 (CanLII). 6 Zesta Engineering Ltd. v Cloutier, 2002 ONCA 25577 (CanLII) In deciding the costs question, the court began by pointing out that under the Family Law Rules, there is a presumption that as the successful party the wife was entitled to her costs in the case. There is also a rule that states that if a party has acted in bad faith, the court must decide costs on a full recovery basis and order him or. Prior to August 1, 2017, compensation received for expenses actually incurred or to be incurred as a result of death or injury to a family member [i.e. pecuniary damages under section 61(2)(a-c) of the Family Law Act] or for loss of guidance, care, and companionship [i.e. non-pecuniary damages under section 61(2)(e) of the Family Law Act] were.

Russell Alexander is the founder of Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers and is the firm's senior partner. At Russell Alexander, our focus is exclusively family law, offering pre-separation legal advice and assisting clients with family related issues, including: custody and access, separation agreements, child and spousal support, division of family property, paternity disputes. Adult interdependent partner and spousal support. The Family Law Act includes rules for determining adult interdependent partner and spousal support. 'Adult interdependent partners' are defined in Alberta's Adult Interdependent Relationships Act as two people who live together in a relationship of interdependence:. for a continuous period of at least 3 year

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  1. The Ontario Court of Justice issued a good refresher on summary judgment motions in Catholic Children's Aid Society of Toronto v. C.G., 20018 ONCJ 193.. Summary judgment is a conclusive ending a case short of trial, and such motions are governed by rule 16 of the Family Law Rules.. On motion, the court must consider whether there is a genuine issue for trial, and the onus is on the moving.
  2. The CanLII team is pleased to announce that the Canadian Journal of Family Law is the latest addition to our commentary section! Published biannually since 1978, the Canadian Journal of Family Law is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal containing academic articles in both English and French that cover a broad range of family law issues.
  3. The CanLII team is pleased to announce that the Canadian Journal of Family Law is the latest addition to our commentary section!. Published biannually since 1978, the Canadian Journal of Family Law is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal containing academic articles in both English and French that cover a broad range of family law issues. . Originally published by York University's.
  4. Costs in Family Law Trials in Alberta Prepared for: Legal Education Society of Alberta no special rules for family law matters.13 Costs in matrimonial matters should not, as a general rule, 2016 ABQB 184 (CanLII) at para 16 [Busch] (our emphasis). 12 Metz v Weisberger, 2004 ABCA 151 (CanLII) at para 30

Chichak, 1998 ABQB 881 (CanLII), 1998 ABQB 881 (CanLII); aff'd 2000 ABCA 10 (CanLII), where Wilson J. stated at paras. 9-10: In my respectful opinion, costs in matrimonial matters should not as a general rule be treated any differently than costs in any other matter, subject to the exercise of discretion, which cannot be codified or patterned. Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII) is a free resource where you can search online for case decisions from every level of Canadian courts. It is a great resource for self-representing litigants. It has powerful search capabilities and it is worth spending some time to learn how to get the most from this database of case law

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  1. This blog provides updates on important developments in family law in British Columbia and news about changes to the legislation, court procedures and court rules applicable to family law cases and is curated by Collaborative Divorce Vancouver. CanLII Connects
  2. In BC, both the Supreme Court and the Provincial Court hear family law cases. The Supreme Court hears cases involving divorce, adoption, and the division of family property. It also hears cases involving parenting arrangements resulting from a separation. Child protection matters must be heard in Provincial Court
  3. ing domicile in common law jurisdictions are based on case law.Most jurisdictions have altered some aspects of the common-law rules by statute, the details of which vary from one jurisdiction to another.The general framework of the common-law rules has however survived in most jurisdictions and is in outline as follows
  4. FAMILY LAW ACT Chapter F-4.5 Table of Contents 1 Definitions 2 Crown is bound 3 Court jurisdiction 4 Concurrent proceedings 5 Duty of lawyer Part 1 Establishing Parentage 5.1 Interpretation 6 Application of Part 7 Rules of parentage 8 Presumption of parentage — biological father 8.1 Assisted reproduction 8.2 Surrogac
  5. The Canadian Journal of Family Law is Now on CanLII October 16, 2020. The CanLII team is pleased to announce that the Canadian Journal of Family Law is the latest addition to our commentary section!. Published biannually since 1978, the Canadian Journal of Family Law is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal containing academic articles in both English and French that cover a broad range of.
  6. The BC Collaborative Roster Society is pleased to confirm that on March 29, 2019, (to come into effect on May 13, 2019) the B.C. legislature passed an order in council to amend the Provincial Court Family Rules. The amendment adds a section 5.01 to the Rules, titled: Early Resolution and Case Management Model. The Early Resolution Requirements will apply at first only to the.

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This was the blog for JP Boyd on Family Law, a ClickLaw Wikibook. JP Boyd on Family Law Blog by Collaborative Divorce Vancouver This blog provides updates on important developments in family law in British Columbia and news about changes to the legislation, court procedures and court rules applicable to family law cases and is curated by. 4,800 Reports of Family Law decisions from 1968 to present added to CanLII. Thanks to a grant from the Law Foundation of Ontario, CanLII has added access to approximately 4,800 decisions from Reports of Family Law to CanLII.org published between 1968 and the present. This... Read More Thanks to a grant from the Law Foundation of Ontario, CanLII has added access to approximately 4,800 decisions from Reports of Family Law to CanLII.org published between 1968 and the present. This [

Chat: crisisservicescanada.ca Kids Help Phone Ages 20 Years and Under in Canada 1-800-668-6868 First Nations and Inuit Hope for Wellness 24/7 Help Line 1-855-242-3310 Canadian Indian Residential Schools Crisis Line 1-866-925-4419 Trans LifeLine - All Ages 1-877-330-636 family debt means family debt as described in section 86 [family debt]; family dispute resolution means a process used by parties to a family law dispute to attempt to resolve one or more of the disputed issues outside court, and includes (a) assistance from a family justice counsellor under Division 2 [Family Justice Counsellors] of Part 2 The Family Law Rules exist to provide as much as possible, a set of directions about procedure that should apply to court cases in the realm of Family Law. They cannot cover all of the permutations and combinations that may arise in family litigation, but they do a creditable job There is no right, so to say, to conduct questioning under Rule 20(5) of the Family Law Rules. A threshold needs to be met by the party seeking questioning for it to be justified. The three factors that are considered are: 1. It would be unfair to the party seeking questioning to carry on with the case without it; 2

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The Family Law Centre provides child-focused programs and services for families going through separation and divorce. These family justice programs and services promote and emphasize the best interests of children. Parenting Arrangements (Parenting Time and Decision-making responsibility) Family Court Counsellors' Office The Family Court Counsellors' Office provides cour Compounding matters, this area of family law is chock full of complexities, with an intermingling of varying provincial statutes and rules of court, the aspect of provincial-leval and superior-level courts, Marok v Marok 2003 CanLII 9094;.

Understanding Rules Regarding Misnomer Involves Understanding the Proper Naming of Parties to a Lawsuit. The law, generally, permits reasonable name corrections as necessary. A correction is often made merely on Consent; however, if a party is unwilling to Consent, a review by a Judge at a Motion Hearing may be required 3.4-18 Rules 3.4-17 to 3.4-23 apply when a lawyer transfers from one law firm (former law firm) to another (new law firm), and (a) the transferring lawyer or the new law firm is aware at the time of the transfer or later discovers it is reasonable to believe the transferring lawyer has confidential information relevant to the new law firm's. This case is not available in a print law reporter but is available via CanLII. The jurisdiction and court level are needed because this information is not available elsewhere in the citation. R v Hekob, [1978] AJ no 227 (QL) (CA). This case is not available in a print law reporter or on CanLII. Provide the Quicklaw (QL) identifier

The family law statutes applicable to most Ontario situations are as follows: Family Law Act; Children's Law Reform Act; Family Law Rules; The Common Law applicable to Ontario residents is generally Ontario-based, but there is nothing stopping a judge in an Ontario case from citing some relevant legal precedent from some court in Alberta, or. Becker v Pettkus was published by the Supreme Court (summarized in Important Family Law Cases) followed by Peter v Beblow in 1993, together inspiring an impetus of statute law that has not abated to this day, gradually extending to cohabitants, subject to legal strict thresholds, support and property rights including the all-important pensions This act is the main provincial private family law statute. It deals with determination of child parentage; guardianship, parenting and contact orders; enforcement of time with a child; spousal, adult interdependent partner and child support; the child support recalculation program; and other actions This means that primary law coverage for the province of New Brunswick on CanLII now goes back 50 years. In July, we announced that we had also completed a project funded by the Law Foundation of Ontario to add approximately 4,800 missing decisions from Reports of Family Law , published between 1968 and the present

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On appeal, the court found that the connection between the two cases was sufficient to warrant the lawyers removal from the case. The discretion to restrain a lawyer from acting may be applied more readily in the context of family law. [PCH] Rosin v. MacPhail [1997] B.C.W.L.D. 189 (B.C.C.A. Rules that claims be resolved in or by a court process in a just, fair, timely, and cost effective way.4 This paper examines the suitability of conducting a family law summary trial, its advantages and disadvantages, the Rules relating to family law summary trials; how to prepare for a family law

A common quote you will see in the case law in Inspiration Management Ltd. v. McDermid St. Lawrence Ltd. (1989), 1989 CanLII 229 (BC CA), 36 B.C.L.R. (2d) 202; 36 C.P.C. (2d) 199 (C.A.), the Court of Appeal held at ¶43 that, on a summary trial under Rule 18A, the trial judge can resolve credibility issues in the appropriate circumstances Family Law - The Basics There are five main issues in family law: Parenting - Also known as Custody and Access. The two main concerns here are: How will decisions relating to the child be made - minute to minute and day to day?, aka decision making, and Where will the child be spending their time - minute to minute and day to day?, aka the parenting schedule CANLII citation QL citation Westlaw (WL) Date of Release (Law/Media) 2012 2012 NUCJ 01 R v Devries 2012-01-25 Johnson Iqaluit application under Criminal Code, s. 462.34 application for release of funds seized into evidence to pay for lawyer - draft order approved and funds released to counsel for accused as set out in the order 2012 NUCJ 1. Common Law Ontario The definition of what is common law in Ontario depends on what legal right is at issue. Each Ontario statute defines common law differently, so you could be considered common law for one purpose and not for another. In this article, I look at what family law and estate law rights and obligations a common law partner has

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FLO jobs & opportunities - a free jobs board exclusively for family law. FLO links - curated links for family law lawyers, including a complete set of links to CanLII noting up the Supreme Court Family Rules. FLO's community statement Updates to NCA Syllabi for Canadian Administrative Law and Family Law. January 31 NCA Exam Rules & Information; NCA Exam Review; NCA Schedules; NCA Resources; NCA Advisories. 2019; 2018; 2017; 2016; 2015; 2014; 2012; 2011; OUR SITE. About Us; POPULAR LINKS. CanLII; Law Societies; National Criminal Law Program; National Family Law Program. Judgments. A collection of judgments of the Provincial Court of Alberta is available from CanLII. The official version of the reasons for judgment is the signed original or handwritten document in the court file This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website In family law proceedings, contempt motions are governed by the Family Law Rules, which in the right circumstances allows a court to make an order even if another penalty is available. As they relate to custody and access situations specifically, the court must also factor whether the breach of the order resulted not form the parent's conduct.

9.6 Evidence Rules in Family & Criminal Contexts: Past Conduct. While basic rules of evidence apply in family (custody and access and child protection) as well as in criminal cases, rules relating to the admission and use of information in a criminal context tend to be more restrictive than in a family law context CanLII research tips roundup June 15, 2020. You may have noticed some new features on CanLII.org to help you conduct legal research more easily and effectively. We've rounded up these features below, along with some other tips for using CanLII that could come in handy For the BC Supreme Court Family Rules, see Rule 9, Rule 10-4, Rule 13, and Rule 14. For the BC Provincial Court Family Rules, see Rule 10, Rule 11, and Rule 13. See also the BC Evidence Act and the case law on the CanLII website. Researching other family law cases has tips for using the CanLII website. The rules about evidence can be complicated Play video Our independence from the government is primary to our mission; it is important to the administration of justice and is fundamental to maintaining a free and democratic society that respects the Rule of Law. That is, the legal profession is uniquely positioned in society to provide a check and balance on government power by ensuring citizens who are in conflict with the government. Please note: The Forms Assistant referred to in this guide is no longer available. For fillable family and small claims court forms, go to Ontario Court Forms.. Part 1: Information Before You Start Your Family Case, The Right Court And Resource

CanLII is a non-profit organization managed by the Federation of Law Societies of Canada. CanLII's goal is to make Canadian law accessible for free on the Internet. This website provides access to court judgments, tribunal decisions, statutes and regulations from all Canadian jurisdictions, plus case summaries in CanLII Connects and a small. The Family Law Information Program (FLIP) is a free online resource for families, former spouses and partners about to enter the family justice system. The goal of the program is to help you make more informed decisions about legal and emotional issues that often arise at the end of a relationship Audrey Shecter is a Certified Specialist in Family Law and a partner at Beard Winter LLP. She practises exclusively in the area of family law. Audrey represents and assists clients on a wide range of matters such as property division, parenting and access, child support, spousal support, cohabitation agreements, and marriage contracts This page contains a form to search the Supreme Court of Canada case information database. You can search by the SCC 5-digit case number, by name or word in the style of cause, or by file number from the appeal court Another good place to start your research is one of the digests or encyclopedias of Canadian law. The Canadian Encyclopedic Digest is available to Duke Law students, faculty, and staff on Westlaw, through the path International Materials > Canada > All Canadian Treatises.The online version combines and updates the text of two separate print encyclopedias, both no longer updated in print at the.

New on CanLII: Les Cahiers de droit March 10, 2020. From Canlii blog. We are delighted to announce the addition of Les Cahiers de droit to CanLII's commentary section.. The journal is published quarterly by the Université Laval Faculty of Law with a mission to ensure the dissemination of research that contributes to a deeper understanding of the law and its evolution in relation to society Decisions. There is significant public interest in court decisions in Saskatchewan, particularly in the criminal area. Given that court decisions can have an immediate impact on the lives of citizens in the province, the public wants to learn more about how courts operate and make decisions and why certain results are reached in particular cases

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Calgary Exempt Property Lawyers 403-444-5503 Calgary Exempt Property Lawyers explain to their clients that when you divorce in Calgary there are three key property division rules for divorcing parties. These rules do not apply to common law spouses in Alberta, although in BC common law spouses who have lived together for more than two years [ CanLII is delighted to co-host this year's virtual edition of the Law Via the Internet conference, annually organized by members of the Free Access to Law Movement (FALM). Virtual LVI 2020 is sponsored by Lexum and co-presented with the African Legal Information Institute

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The Ontario Court of Appeal, in a recent case called Frick v. Frick, confirmed that the Ontario Family Law Rules are philosophically different from their civil counterpart, and reflect the unique nature of litigation involving families.. The initial facts in Frick v. Frick were unremarkable: The couple married in 1993 and had two children. They separated 20 years later, and the wife started. Tania Harper Family Law August 26 · First decision in Ontario courts (that I know of) regarding children attending in person school where there is a difference of opinion - this case said yes to in person attendance Jump To: Table of Contents | Civil Decisions | Short Civil Decisions Good evening. Following are our summaries of the civil decisions of the Court of Appeal for Ontario for the week of April 26, 2021. Continue Readin

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Canada's online legal magazine. Show Menu. Home; Column • Review court document for compliance with Rules of Civil Procedures. • Experience using family law software Divorcemate and document preparation and generation. • Family law documents preparing such as financial • Legal research using CanLii and Westlaw on case law and precedents. • Drafting pleadings and motion records This is a collaboration between Legal Listening and the Provincial Court of British Columbia. This article provides general information only and should not be used as.

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