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The PIC reset process on the MapleStory website can also be initiated from within the MapleStory Character Select screen. Please make sure that you are signed in to the correct account before resetting the PIC. If you run into an issue resetting the PIC, you may be logging in to the wrong account With this change, however, we will be asking all players to confirm their previously-selected PIC, and to create a new PIC for their account. Please take this opportunity to change your PIC, and ensure that your PIC is difficult to guess. If you do not know your current PIC, you can reset it via the MapleStory website Under Reset second password/PIC, click the reset button next to the server where your characters are on. Once clicked, your email should receive an email with the reset link. Upon clicking on the link, your PIC/PIN will be remove. Log into the game and you will be prompt to select a new PIC/PIN when you get to the character selection screen ok i just logged into my old maplestory account did a pic reset and somehow thats connected to my steam account, i dont see how.. however i am logged in now and playing. thanks for the help :) #8 < > Showing 1-8 of 8 comments . Per page: 15 30 50

I don't remember the full steps, but you can 100% reset your PIC if you have the info for the email you signed up with. Try going to account settings on nexon.net and see if they say anything about resetting PIC. I just came back, didn't know my ID/Pass/PIC and was able to reset everything through my email With this change, we are asking all players to verify their pre-selected PIC, and to create a new PIC for their account. Please take this opportunity to change your PIC, and make sure your PIC is hard to guess. If you don't know your current PIC, you can reconfigure it through the Maplistory website So i've got the support page ready to send a ticket but i figured i might as well ask the community for an answer first. i don't know my PIC, haven't played in a while. yep yep yep. go online to search how to reset it, get sent to nexon site. i LOG IN to nexon, go to account management, go to secondary password/PIC reset, select maplestory and hit send reset email then this pops up: 2nd. So I decided to start playing MapleStory again (through Steam) and made a new account and character and all that. But when I try to play (hitting the start button on the character select screen), it asks to change my PIC. And since the account is new, I don't have a PIC to change. I tried making a new PIC but it says that that PIC is incorrect

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  1. Maplestory was developed by one of the largest Global game publishers, Nexon and was designed by Wizet, a company based in South Korea. Free-to-play and currently available on Microsoft Windows, the original game was first released in 2003, followed its sequel 'Maplestory 2' in July 2015
  2. There's no way a hacker could, with only your name, pass, and pic, change your e-mail account to an e-mail that not only doesn't exist, but can't possibly exist. Furthermore, there's no way the hacker could get all that information unless you just plain gave it to him, or downloaded a keylogger (which even then would only give him the password.
  3. Discover Your Story! MapleStory delivers legendary MMORPG adventures with boldly original iconic 2D charm

Try one of the following solutions before asking for help! Are you getting a popup box saying unspecified error when you start the game client? If so, open the windia.ini file in the game's directory and adjust the width/height of the game client to a resolution your display monitor supports. Make sure to save the file A photo album full of gorgeous pictures that capture the true beauty of ocean. Available from: This item can be obtained from The View of the Ocean (Level 30 and above) quest. Used for: The View of the Ocean (Level 30 and above) quest I haven't played Maplestory in a while and I decided to log back on and play. I wanted to delete my old characters so I could start fresh, but it keeps telling me to create a PIC. I followed Nexon's instructions by clicking the OK button, but no keyboard came up. Can someone please show me how to create a PIC How to Hack Maplestory. Here is how to hack the popular MMORPG MapleStory. Understand the risks. Any kind of hacking is against the rules of the game and will get you banned from play if you are caught. Server hacking (packet hacking) is..

MapleStory and any related images and content are copyrighted by Nexon. Hidden Street is a fansite set up to provide cohesive and comprehensive information to MapleStory gamers. Advertisements found in this site are to support server and related costs of maintaining this website ehm . here is some picture that i take when i play with my super friend on maple story ( In this article, I'm going to be giving you my top 5 best classes to play in Maplestory as an unfunded player. So what makes a class good for unfunded players? Well, the whole point is that it's a class that's powerful enough to reach the endgame, with very little to no previous money going into the character

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I've logged in till the character screen but everytime I double click it keeps asking for a pic. I've inserted the one for the admin but doesn't start and keeps asking for the pic. Whenever I click on the Ok button when the NPC displays the Basic Configuration for Maplestory, Maplestory is closed and the Batch files says my connect was. no pic for now Step 8. right click in ollydbg, go down to copy to executable, and click all modifications if you ticked more than one hack. Step 9. Select Copy all Step 10. A box thingy should come up. Just close it and it will ask you to save or else.. say yes and save it to your maplestory folder. no pic right now.. and you are done with that!! The Nexon team will NEVER ask for your PIC so From January 16 to February 4, you can play the Maplestory Board Game! Win bonus items or do quests to gain even more items. Users first accept the event by either clicking the Dice icon on the left side of the screen, or by talking to Maple Administrator.. Jul 14, 2020 - Explore P0tat0z's board Maplestory on Pinterest. See more ideas about maple story, anime, maplestory 2 So To Start off practicing you should try to find a maplestory private server and either ask to wz edit or hide it =) anyways i will later on upload pictures but for now until more people ask for pictures ima leave it how it is but thnak you Energetic, Nov 1, 2011 #10. brulle97 The New Guy. Post Count: 15 Likes Received:

How to Pick a Job in Maplestory. Are you interested in a job available on MapleStory? This short quick-find guide will help you to find one that suits your needs. Select one of these as a job: Ask a Question. 200 characters left. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Submit. Advertisement The client is the Maplestory.exe and all of its contents that you have downloaded in your computer.The server is where all the player levels,exp data and item data is stored.When a hack is said to be server sided,it means that other players using other clients will experience it.When a hack is said to be client sided, only the player with the. Up next Maplestory Blaster Maplestory 2 Macro Guide. Ayumilove MapleStory Striker Thunder Breaker 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Job Skills Preview Revamp 2013 Duration: 2:00. ayumilove8 303,900 views. Macro Keys allow players to execute multiple skills by holding down one button and can be setup in-game through the Macro Settings menu Maplestory's 2018 anime crossover event introduced three new androids modelled after characters in the show: Eva Unit 01 Android, Asuka Android, and Rei Android. Eva Unit 01 was obtainable through the event coin shop in untradeable coupon form for 250 EVA Coins; the latter androids were available in tradeable coupon form via the Cash Grab. 4.4 One Small Tip to improve your chances to register monsters Explorer Archer's link skill (introduced in Glory patch update) gives you a 35% increase in chance to register monsters (at Level 6), it is recommended to train Bowmaster, X-Bowmaster and Pathfinder to at least Level 120 to obtain the Level 2 link from each class to help you in your journey in monster collection

For MapleStory on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled ITT: Phantoms Post a pic of your cane. After MapleStory has loaded, shrink the screen by pressing Alt+Enter. After doing so, go back to Micro and click 'Run' again. Once MapleStory finishes loading, you will have two MapleStory clients running. <<>>Step 5<<>> Continue Step 4 to keep creating more MapleStory processes. Most computers can only handle either 2 or 3 Never been a fan of showing off or making equipment videos, but a lot of you have been asking for this for a while now so here you go. Plans for the near future: gloves main pot, capes main pot. Welcome to MPGH - MultiPlayer Game Hacking, the world's leader in Game Hacks, Game Cheats, Trainers, Combat Arms Hacks & Cheats, Crossfire Hacks & Cheats, WarRock Hacks & Cheats, SoldierFront Hacks & Cheats, Project Blackout Hacks & Cheats, Operation 7 Hacks & Cheats, Blackshot Hacks & Cheats, A.V.A. Hacks & Cheats, Call of Duty Hacks & Cheats, Gunz Hacks & Cheats, Quake LIVE Hacks & Cheats.

MapleStory friends in real life. More pictures to be added in spoilers as we take them! Need to get a picture of us together side by side since our height difference is so vast at 5'2 and 6'10 (158 cm and 208 cm). I kept asking if he was okay, if it wasn't too heavy, and now we found out even if I tried my absolute hardest to pin him. 1. open up maplestory 2. log in 3. when it asks for your pin, enter it but dont press log in 4. there are 3 buttons press change pin. 5. type in your desired pin and confirm it. 6. Don't share it. Under Settings > Options, set your MapleStory client to windowed mode 800x600: Change your PIC to any combination of 1s and 7s. Your PIC can only contains 1s and 7s KMS ver. 1.2.263 - MapleStory V: Lucid! The third (and final?) part of the MapleStory V update has been released! It contains the third area of Arcane River: City of Dreams, Lacheln, as well as a new boss, the Queen of Nightmares: Comma

What we ask of you . All we ask is have you join us on your mains only. And guild cap with us. Although it isn't necessary to guild cap we would like it to have it as a habit so we can keep track of activity. So what are you waiting for? Come watch the Sakura trees with us. Feel free to pm me. Or whisper Ancestry or CherryParfum for an invite A program when run always brings up a question asking for approval as follows. Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer? I want to run the program for the usual work but do not want it to do any other things . Is it a way to stop the question from coming up again? · This behavior is caused by the design of the program.

With several hundred thousand FREE hacks, cheats and bots, over 4 million members strong, a free and open marketplace and a great community, what else is there to ask for? REGISTER now for full benefits of our site, it's completely FREE. to join: Access to our large gaming community with millions of discussions to participate in Saw this android on twitter/ patch v189. Hence, #maplestory #maplestorysea #maplesea #maplestoryfanart #maplestoryandroid #maplestorynewhairstyle #maplestoryart #nexo MapleStory (メイプルストーリー, Meipuru Sutōrī) is a Japanese‑Korean anime based on the popular South Korean online game MapleStory. It began airing on October 7, 2007. It began airing on October 7, 2007 MapleStory 2 is the upcoming sequel to MapleStory, with an entirely new block art style and a large focus on customization! This is my Comprehensive Guide to MapleStory 2, with information on everything I experienced in the CBT. If you have any questions, comments, or anything you would like me to add, please comment and I'l Literally, we're only asking you to do two things that cost you zero money and little time on your part, and you could win a MapleStory themed DXRacer gaming chair. Now before the complaints start.

PLAY NOW - Aurora [GMS 192] MapleStory Private Server - Discord Open From The Top 100 MapleStory Sites id-96270 Just getting back to maple gonna have one of the most active guilds in Aurora, great conversations , great fun and just a great environment. Contact Information: DM me on discord for availability. 9 A detailed guide of where each golden treasure chest is located including pictures and videos of each spot! Other MapleStory 2 Guides: Beginner's Full Guide (Mesos Farming, Classes & More). Guide to the Stars (Exploration Guide). Guide to Easy Leveling an

Asking for main fan and haku fan, maybe worth using fafnir as main fan for the set effect anyway? submitted by /u/Spell98 [link] [comments] KMS ver. 1.2.326 - Ghost Park Ranking Mode & Pink Bean's Rolling House gamelauncher is found in your maplestory folder, usually C:\Nexon\Maplestory --The message a sizable amount of people are getting after entering their correct PIC. Ask your parents about. Maplestory Absolab Guide Our service can save your educational life! Some students ask themselves 'Who can I pay to do my homework?' This happens when they lack time to do their Maplestory Absolab Guide homework, or there Maplestory Absolab Guide is no Maplestory Absolab Guide one around who could help them MapleStory V Thank You Gift Feast. The MapleStory V Thank You Gift Feast event is to thank the users who have played during the MapleStory V update. Everyone who logged in at least once between June 26 and August 18 can redeem the gift on the MapleStory homepage, and receive it in-game by going to the Cash Shop. This can be done until September 7

seokjin smiling at effort and then asking if he plays maplestory Pic definition, a movie. See more. They're everywhere you turn, but can you identify the 10 types of nouns easily MmoGah is a trustworthy FFXIV Gil, PoE Currency, RS Gold, ArcheAge Unchained Gold, ESO Gold, DFO Gold, PoE Items, FFXIV Power Leveling shop \ I had already checked the forum but nothing in there. I ask a lot of my friends and they said they dont know. So, pls help me! Ign: magician5876 (buddy me if you want, dis acc noob) Answer: Since MapleStory is free, the developers of MapleStory introduced the Cash Shop to generate revenue. This is a virtual shop where players can buy items. To completely fix maplestory crashing issues because of Windows registry, always choose reliable software like RegInOut. This advanced tool enables to remove all registry problems causing your games to crash and also optimizes your system for common PC problems Check here

Very responsive on ****, add me on Yum****. Feel free to ask any questions and can show you plenty more images that you are looking for. Will be selling to highest C/O, price negotiable! Description: 1) Main Class: Night Lord Level: 250+ Stats: ~43 seokjin #1 maplestory fan https://t.co/5JNZh76G7 Please be as detailed as you can when making an answer. Answers that are too short or not descriptive are usually rejected. Please do not use this box to ask a question, it will be rejected - this box is for answers ONLY.If you want to ask a question for this game, please use the ask a question box which is above on the right Editing. Anyone editing the main article should read the WikiProject Computer and Video Games page so that the article remains conformed to the project's guidelines.. Anyone who wants to work on character or game guides should go to the StrategyWiki section on MapleStory which is located here.. Only notable fansites and guides should be added to the external links section in the main article

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  1. Gorrist s face turned pale, and he seemed to see the voodoo idols, Cbd Maplestory cbd maplestory and was afraid of the future. Fantasy and science shisha pic fiction magazines have also cbd maplestory attracted a new group healthiest cbd gummies of writers.. Grist Cbd Maplestory screamed as if killing a pig, and the stalactites fell in a shudder the two of them fell slightly and stood upright.
  2. , download it there, and right-click/ share with [other user] then it would be able to run without having to type the password in.
  3. Maplestory Pic. Source(s): https://shrinke.im/a8iEu. 0 0. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now. Ask Question + 100. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Join. Trending Questions. Trending Questions. do you still play games on Nintendo Switch ? 12 answers. Why people think Kim Kardashian is better looking
  4. Ask the community. Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. did u use bannestory for taht pic? and if u did, how did u get a clear pic of it? nice style btw. Reply. TurtleBulletz Oct 6, 2010. nuu BELLOCAN FTW :3. Reply. xfLiPjamsX Jan 14, 2010. lol. i love maplestory (: i play in scania xD. Reply. inadoodlingmood Aug 27.

Response to MapleStory Sprites 2007-05-22 09:59:37 At 2/23/07 09:17 PM, INsaNoX wrote: www.orbisoutlet.com I guess everybody never heard off a Character Simulator... no pic for now Step 8. right click in ollydbg, go down to copy to executable, and click all modifications if you ticked more than one hack. Step 9. Select Copy all Step 10. A box thingy should come up. Just close it and it will ask you to save or else... say yes and save it to your maplestory folder. no pic right now... and you are done with. This will edit your images in your MapleStory and possibly reduce RAM by a little or a lot, still editing though so don't It's taking this forever to get to 100%, because sometimes some edits can D/C you in game because they're needed for the Big Bang images than Old Maple. Also have school so that's crappy too. About the Patching.. wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 29 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time

So, a while back in Korea (July of last year), Nexon released a set of figures of the Heroes for Maplestory, each numbered in order of the class' release. There's a total of 6, and they were made super exclusive. 100 per class, and the only way to purchase them was through the cash shop in a bundle that cost 75,000 NX Maker skill is a newly released Beginner skill that allows players with a job other than Beginner to create equipment for their job class, you can create anywhere in the Maple world using a select recipe of items. Using the skill, one can also increase (or in some cases, decrease) the base stats of the item during production through the use of additional items - To learn Herbalism, you must talk to NPC Saffron, who will ask for a small fee and then lead you through a tutorial and a short quest in order to gain the skill. - Herbalism is the prerequisite for learning Alchemy. • Mining: Allows you to gather gems and ores to create refined ores which you can use to craft items and potions 54 responses to Official List of Scammers in Maplestory So that's why we also encourage that if the person paid back your scam he should be requested by the victim to ask me to remove his name. Oh, btw there's 8 pictures there. Reply. FlamedEgg. October 10, 2012 at 5:46 pm Hey guys! ^_^ It's been like FOREVER, I know, I know. My summer internship demanded a lot of my time and with Aqua Road Radio thriving as it has been, there was a LOT of work to be done. But now, the semester's about to start up again and hopefully, I'll have some time to spend on this blog and dazzle all you guys with my wit and thoughtful dispositions (hahayeah right >_>)

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From 14a.m. to 22p.m. (GMT+9), KMS heard the voice of maplers, and will have changes. The attendees are Directors includes 강원기(141, General Director), and some top players People who are level 30 to 50 in MS are really hard to level and the price of the potions can cost a lot! Here is an easier way to level up your characters who are level 30 to 50. Between 8am to 12am, at XX:15 and XX:45, you will get a.. Each time I boot up the game, there is considerable lag when choosing my channel (anywhere from 10 seconds-a minute) and then after I choose my character and enter my PIC, the game crashes and says Maplestory has stopped working Press Scroll Lock to take pictures in Maplestory. The pictures will then appear in your Nexon or Maplestory folder. ask a friend to hold a camera while your playing and have them take the picture. 0 2. Amir. 1 decade ago. dont know. 0 2. Still have questions? Get answers by asking now. Ask question + 100. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100.  Luminous (KR:루미너스) is one of the six heroes who sealed away the Black Mage and like Evan (and Freud before him) is a master Magician. He uses a Shining Rod as his primary weapon and an Orb as his secondary weapon. Formerly known as the last of the five heroes, he dealt the final blow to the Black Mage once and for all. However, upon doing so, he became tainted with the Black Mage.

Ask the Explorers! Come ask questions to the original explorers of the Maple World! In-between training, the group might be able to answer some inquiries! ----- Mage - Thief - Archer - Warrio My picture for my sister, Claire~ She wanted me to draw her standing besider her crush so here it is. xDD Fastest pic I've ever drawn, she requested it last Sunday night and I began to draw after coming back from school. 2 days 1 pic. ._. Like the previous one, this is also posted in facebook so don't worry if you see this^ Just again wanted to tell you guys that is blog is no longer active. I've moved my blog to itsmaplestream.wordpress.com which is going to be my new blog and I'm going to be a lot more active on that blog and unlike this one, I'll try to keep up with the time and post stuff. I won't be checking this blog anymore so if you leave a comment, I won't answer/know about it

Evan (KR:에반) is one of the six Heroes. He is one of the two Heroes who is a Magician, the other being Luminous. Evan starts his journey on a farm as the son of a farmer. As the Dragon Master, he uses a dragon to fight alongside of his primary weapon, which is either a wand or a staff, while Documents or shields are used as the secondary weapon.2 1 Story 1.1 Prologue 1.2 The Spirit Pact 1.3. Page 1 of 2 - Bella's Awesomsauce I/L Guide - posted in Works in Progress: As I've spent most of my time on Maplestory these past few months, I decided to make a (not-so) little guide to raising an I/L mage. Please bear in mind that I'm an eMS player, therefore most of my guide is focused on the areas and quests that are available in Maplestory Europe Maplestory 2 update timeline Hurry up, because the Marvel Machine is ends on Sunday, April 4 at 11:59 PM PDT / 8:59 AM CEST Apr 5 / 4:59 PM AEST Apr 5! 1 day ago Read More Read on for details about the compensation issues that were discovered per the Quick Update on Bonus Stat Generation Issue Compensation Quest Issues post. 3 days ago Read More This April Fools MapleStory is a free-to-play side-scrolling 2D MMORPG from South Korea that is both loved and hated for its unique graphics reminiscent of 16-bit games. Oh, and there's also an anime version, which has a plot with nothing in common.Like most MMORPGs, MapleStory is crawling with all sorts of people, including (but not limited to) kids, tweens, teens, adults, noobs, hackers, people who take it. /msg/ - MapleStory General Dammit you're suppose to misdirect them into not asking the question anymore while they distract themselves with a furry cuncun. >> Anonymous 02/26/21 Retoasting other OP's pic because I don't want it going to waste >> Anonymous 02/26/21(Fri).

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  1. MapleStory is a free-to-play, 2D, side-scrolling massively multiplayer online role-playing game, developed by South Korean company Wizet. Several versions oNew content will be added above the current area of focus upon selectionMapleStory is a free-to-play, 2D, side-scrolling massively multiplayer online role-playing game, developed by South Korean company Wizet
  2. Site full of fags. A webiste originally used for maplestory auctioning... now commonly used for attetion grabbers, spammers, forum games, grammer abusers, post your real picture, sex offenders, maple gossip, Random shit, suicide talk, life complaints, advice, flame wars, rate my pic, funny videos, online slang abusers, Lol's to Wtf's, Tiger Fans, posting pictures, and etc
  3. Here you will find the Female VIP Face style cosmetics in every color available. I verified all of these towns personally via gMS on 1/29/14. It took me what seems like forever to finally get to the VIP Face style cosmetics, but once I decided the layout I wanted to go for... It only too

17 - Align the pictures in each frame so that there is little or no movement between frames. Pressing the enter key will allow you to test this or flicking between each frame. 18 - Go to the library and open up 'character', which is the Movieclip we first created. 19 - Go to the second frame. 20 - Open up the MovieClip in there MapleStory is fun and addicting game. Quite unique as a 2d side scroller. Alot of hackers lately though (last I've heard, haven't been on for a while) MapleStory is a game while BannedStory is a program that you can mess around with sprites from the actual game MapleStory. Hope I helped : BannedStory is the most known simulator of MapleStory with a variety of characters,maps,npcs,pets,etc. While others cannot compare to the variety we have as MapleMe is only of the character. BannedStory is not just used for figuring out how you would look like in game before it even happens

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Nexon is getting ready to kick off its third MapleStory Fest, and like so many other gaming events this year, this version will indeed be a digital one. It's been dubbed MapleStory Fest 2020 at Home. Celebrate MapleStory and MapleStory M together with other Maplers from the comfort of your own home, the announcement reads What's a site that provides maplestory background pictures like Kerning City that I can use for bannedstory???? Answer Save. 2 Answers. Relevance. Anonymous. 1 decade ago. Get your answers by asking now. Ask Question + 100. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Join. Trending Questions I am level 18/ dual blader. It is so hard for me to beat the Shadow dark lord. I've tried many times and it didn't work. I've watched few videos on., MapleStory Live Questions and answers, iPhone/iPa

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Feel free to ask any questions and can show you plenty more images that you are looking for. Price is final, non-negotiable. **UPDATED FRESH PAP MARK DROP ON HERO** Description: 1) Main Class: Hero (Can job change to other warrior class of your ch here have a pic of me and the fattest mech of the resistance :D. Posted 7 years ago 28 notes . Tagged: maplestory, extremely late, yey i got aidan pregnant, . I wanted to dress like that demon who rages around resistance headquarters and found this vampire thing costume, also helped ulrika with her witch dress since her sister was busy *cough.

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Maplestory launches on my cousins computer , but when he presses start and has selected his character it disconnects him. Failed solution : My mom brought his computer to some guy that made maplestory work, But took off The camera that came with windows 7 . Dell Webcam . Fixing failed solutions >.< : Appearently someone wasnt happy with it off, so someone came over to fix it to get the webcam. During MapleStory Fest this weekend in LA, I got to sit down with developers for MapleStory and ask about the upcoming summer updates for the MMO. Notably, MapleStory is just starting to move on.

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Share suggestions, ask questions, and connect with other users and top contributors in the Google Search community forum. Inside Search. Get the most out of Google with the latest additions to Search Tengaged· Big Brother Game· Survivor Online Game· Fashion Game· Online Hunger Games. Tengaged.com is an online social site and it's not affiliated with Suzanne Collins, Scholastic, Lionsgate Entertainment, Endemol, Big Brother TV show or any other party related to the social games that can be found in this site

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Yes, MapleStory 2 will be available in other regions outside Korea. Do note that alpha is an early version of the game as evidenced by the lack of certain areas and classes etc. Usually companies don't allow testers at a large scale to test the game at alpha state. You can expect a lot of changes when MapleStory 2 hits beta. Thanks for reading #maplestory #lucid #boiiiiii #i liked lucid in orchid clothes waaaaaaaay to much man #thank shky for the idea because im so weak #although she looked like a bdsm officer but i ain't complaining #would pay 10 buck to get stepped on boi #also i chopped off her leg bcoz i cant anatomy :v #colla Ok i been playing game called maplestory... Now i want a private server to get on im trying to get on several atm PirateMS when i download it i drag the icon to maplestory folder and click it then it says This app. has failed to start because ijl15.dll was not found. Re-installing the app. may fix the problem so i re installed MS and icon and tryed again SAME! thing happen need ppl to help. Hi. I am planning to release an english translation for MapleStory DS. However, this is just an introduction, there is no release patch yet.I will be translating the game from japanese-english, not korea-english. But will require korean rom for patching. I don't think there are any different with the the two games in terms of storyline so far.

Ways to get Very Ilbis in MapleStory - Media | RDTKSecret to Scrolling in Maplestory: Maplestory ScrollingBounty Brothers have ears! : MaplestoryCome stay at the Nodoka Bath House and Inn! : MapleStory2

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