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In The '80s For anybody with even an inkling of interest in Life-In-The-Eighties, this site is candy. Gobs of links to articles, timelines, reviews, quizzes, and primary sources pertaining to all-things-'80s. They even have classic video games like Centipede and Pac-Man that you can download. This site actually makes you want to go back in time We all over-romanticize our childhoods, and it's no different for those of us who came of age in the 1980s. But what makes us different is that we don't try to pretend that our decade was something it wasn't. We're not like those '50s kids who pretend life was all poodle skirts and milkshakes. We're well aware of how goofy the '80s were Shopping became a past time, and a way to soothe anxiety. By the late 1980s, By 1980, 80% of men and 65% of women had engaged in premarital sex. Almost 75% of teens had intercourse before they were 20. Family life no longer required marriage. In the early 1980s, almost 25% of births occurred to unmarried couples 1980-1989, what a glorious time. If you grew up in this decade you know what a great time it was to be alive. If you're from a younger generation you might be curious in looking back on 12 things that made the '80s the greatest decade.. The 1980s were a time of great pop culture including some of the best movies, music, TV shows, and toys of all time

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10 reasons life in the 70s and 80s was better than today. YOU can keep your Snapchat, Wi-Fi and VR, we all know the 70s and 80s were better. Here are 10 things today's spoilt children are. Many people who grew up in the 80s didn't set foot in a car until they bought one. MORE : 20 toys from the 80s that we'd totally forgotten about until now 2 The 80's was my favorite decade of them all. I was a late teenager to young adult and living in NYC during those years. Of course there were a lot of bad things going on, like the recession, having Ronald Reagan for a president (he was a nicer, cl.. Past life from the late 80s and early 90s? Discussion in 'Past Life Memories' started by Jayla, Jun 6, 2019. Tags: #pastlife #90s #80s #pastlifememories; I have during meditation experienced another potential past life in the 1920's and seen glimpses of her being depressed Lisa Vanderpump's Past Life As An '80s Music Video Seductress. Whitney Jefferson. 9/26/11 7:30PM. 69. Save. From the very first episode of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, Lisa Vanderpump was.

25 Reasons We're Glad We Grew Up in the '80s Best Lif

  1. The '80s were surely golden, much of what we have today is rooted in innovations that took flight over 30 years ago, but for those who yearn for a not-so-distant past, think again
  2. Memories of past lives can also manifest themselves as recurring dreams and nightmares, believers say. Dreams of mundane or ordinary life activities may suggest a specific locale you inhabited during a past life. People who appear regularly in your dreams may have had a special relationship with you in another life
  3. Life In NDG Before The Mid 80's has 8,166 members. LOOKING FOR PEOPLE WHO REMEMBER THE GOOD TIMES THAT WERE HAD, GROWING UP IN NDG. This Group is for everyone who grew up in NDG before the Mid 80's,when everyone knew everyone.I wanted to find people who could relate,what NDG meant to them growing up in that generation

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12 Things That Made The '80s The Greatest Decad

  1. Entering the 80's from my 40's past life Thread starter edhCO; Start date Jun 18, 2020; Watchers 3 E. edhCO. Joined May 19, 2007 Messages 65 Location Denver, CO. Jun 18, 2020 #1 Hello Fellow Mudders. I'm switching over to the 80's! I had a previous love affair with my '76 40. Sold it when My family grew to 4 and started a new small business
  2. The truth about life after 80 Pensioners now outnumber under-16s in Britain - and the over-80s are the fastest-growing age group. But what's life like in your ninth decade
  3. g about being in the 70s/80s: is this a past life or just appreciation? Personal Experience I'm 21 years old and ever since I was a preteen I've always been fascinated by the 70s and 80s (clothing, home design, movies, music, appliances etc)
  4. Which '80s Rock Star Were You in a Past Life? ENTERTAINMENT 499 PLAYS By: Steven Miller. 5 Min Quiz Image: Youtube About This Quiz. You were a famous rocker in the '80s who passed away tragically. Let's see what kind of accomplishments you made before you transitioned to this new life you're living now

The authors examined the dietary data of 36,400 Americans from 1971 to 2008 and the physical-activity data of 14,419 people from 1988 to 2006 Politically, the '80s were a volatile time. Although the U.S. had adopted a more conservative political ethos, many national governments across the world were going through upheaval and unrest through protests, assassinations and coups. The '80s brought a lot of changes which still shape our lives today Sugary gum and candy were a '60s childhood staple. And blowing bubbles so big they break over your nose was a big thing. Sometimes kids had bubble blowing contests. The bubble would break and you'd start on a new piece. Gum was not allowed in school but you'd sneak it in anyway, and if you brought enough for other kids you'd make new friends. The average life expectancy in the United States is 9.1 years for 80-year-old white women and 7.0 years for 80-year-old white men. Conclusions: For people 80 years old or older, life expectancy is greater in the United States than it is in Sweden, France, England, and Japan. This finding suggests that elderly Americans are receiving better.

I am pretty positive that was a teenager and young adult through the late 70s/ Early 80s. I have a memory of killing myself in a bathtub as a youngish man. Maybe in my 30s. I've always associated that death with the life in the 70s, but from how the bathroom looked it could have been also a previous life before that one, in the 60s Aug 12, 2020 - Explore Linda Shandle's board My past life., followed by 145 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about my past life, past life, limited clothing

I'm curious as to what daily life was like during this time period (roughly 1975-1984). Reading through various threads on this forum and hearing stories from relatives, I have this general image in my head, i.e., clunkier cars, lots of smoking, children always playing outside, going out to dinner was a rare treat, colorful appliances and interior decorating, etc

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