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Every system of divination has some techniques to aid the practitioner enter to that mind state for divination, to receive the messages from God. In Geomancy, the other side is the Cosmic Soul, the conscious part of the world that creates the movement of the body of the world Geomancy (Greek: γεωμαντεία, earth divination) is a method of divination that interprets markings on the ground or the patterns formed by tossed handfuls of soil, rocks, or sand

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Puer, meaning boy, can be seen as a figure with a bulge in the lower part, suggesting the male sexual organs. Amissio, meaning loss, forms two upward pointing triangles with its six points. This suggests two inverted cups or vessels, and the corresponding loss of their contents. Albus, meaning white, has an obscure shape Geomancy is a sister to astrology. Rather than divining based on the energies and movements of the heavens, geomancy divines using the energies of our own world. The patterns of energies and virtues expressed in the Martial figure of Puer (The Boy, or the Young Warrior) are about enthusiasm, vim, pep, chutzpah and other great-sounding words. Puer lacks the femininity of water, and so is incomplete. Understandably, Puer is a Mobile element, and represent the young male youth at his finest. He is brave, courageous, fiery, and driven by high-minded ideals of truth and justice that manifest in his constant need for action and questing

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  1. Geomancy, Science of the Sand The Golden Dawn introduced Geomancy as part of its syllabus, but in an almost bare bones manner, particularly for the divinatory meanings of each figure. The Golden Dawn compensated for the paucity of information by giving comprehensive methods for constructing the system and translating it into a horoscope
  2. GEOMANCY Geomancy, or divination by the earth, is an ancient form of divination that has its roots in Africa and the Middle East where it was called 'ilm al-raml, or the science of the sand. Originally, the creation of geomantic figures entailed marking the ground with a stick in order to generate a random number of marks upon the earth
  3. In 'of Geomancy' Agrippa says: Puer in the tenth House signifies Princes to be powerful, glorious, and famous in warlike achievements, but they shall be unconstant and changeable, by reason of the mutable and various success of victory. Puer in this House causeth Judges to be cruel and unmerciful; increaseth offices in warlike affairs [.
  4. Geomancy is a method of divination that interprets markings on the ground, or how handfuls of dirt land when someone tosses them into the air. Geomancy as practiced in the west is based on the human ability for pattern recognition and has been around in the west since medieval times. More..
  5. T he short treatise entitled, On Geomancy is part of the larger Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy attributed to the 16th century mage and astrologer Cornelius Agrippa. Despite the controversy over the other sections of the Fourth Book, the treatise on geomancy does appear to have been authored by Agrippa
  6. Geomancy is a word which is derived from a Greek word, Geomanteia with Geo meaning world and manteia meaning divination. It is a form of divination. Geomancy is an old tradition. It is using either pattern in the ground, or tossing soils or rocks and reading the future by a series of patterns

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  1. d that geomancy has been a long standing tradition, used as a divination tool since ancient times. The energy and influence of Puer has a singularly biased basis, attributing the qualities of the element as being only male
  2. The first question that occurs to one about this system is, why is it called 'geomancy' when it certainly doesn't look like divination-by-geography? Isn't geomancy the same thing as Feng Shui? Well, it's called 'geomancy' because one early way of practicing this system was by randomly drawing four rows of dots in the dir
  3. Puer The Grail Knight - Boy - Energy, Sword, Testicles, Warrior - Outer Fire, Inner Air Puer is the Geomantic figure of virility and untamed manhood, not yet tempered by the experience and wisdom that comes with age. Its outer element is Fire, meaning that the figure of Puer outwardly exhibits energy, driv
  4. Geomancy is an interesting divination tool. Various methods can be used such as small pebbles or seeds, but I use sticks that I crafted from a Hawthorn tree. Together, they create Puer the geomantic figure representing male sexual energy, unstable passion, and justice in the 12th House of sorrow, fear, restriction,.

Pauls. 1655. Geomancy is an Art of Divination, wherby the judgement may be rendred by lot, or destiny, to every question of every thing whatsoever, but the Art hereof consisteth especially in certain points where of certain figures are deducted according to the reason or rule of equality o Puer may refer to: . Pu'er tea or Pu-erh tea, a variety of fermented tea; Pu'er City, Yunnan, China; Ning'er Hani and Yi Autonomous County, formerly Puer County, China; Puer (geomancy It lacks the compassion of Water, and it is for this that this figure - the Grail Knight (an idea put forward by John Michael Greer in his book, The Art and Practice of Geomancy) - seeks, in the form of the Grail. Puer lacks the femininity of water, and so is incomplete Geomancy, from Ancient Greek geōmanteía translates literally to foresight by earth; it is a translation of the Arabic term ‛ilm al-raml, or the science of the sand.Earlier Greek renditions of this word borrowed the word raml (sand) directly, rendering it as rhamplion or rabolion.Other Arabic names for geomancy include khatt al-raml and darb al-raml

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  1. The Active Transform this week is Puer (23) in the 11 th house (Virgo). It seems clear that you are actively working towards some specific outcomes. You can expect to bring your efforts to a very tight focus this week. Sharing is loving — please spread the word of geomancy by sharing this casting with your friends and followers. Thank you
  2. i. I will return, said he, and curse the hour when I first took up Geomancy. But, a pool of water lying a few yards ahead, he decided to give his pony a drink before he turned. The pony refused the water; and at the same moment he.
  3. Geomancy: Amissio The figure Amissio in black against a green background, surrounded by bands of green This is the third in a series of posts about Geomancy, preceded by Puer and a look at the whole table of figures
  4. Astrological geomancy is a particularly appropriate term as much of the divinatory methodology used in geomancy comes from traditional astrology. T he origins of geomancy are shrouded in mystery, but the first manuscripts describing the practice appear in the 9th century AD in the advanced Islamic civilization of the Middle East
  5. s [Once] you know the basic meanings of the sixteen figures If you create Puer, your raise could well occur if you demonstrate enthusiasm and initiative. Puella indicates short-term success and happiness
  6. Free Geomancy Readings The art of geomancy was known in ancient Greek and Roman times, however, we do not know exactly how it was performed or interpreted. PUER (BOY) Young man, men, employee. Rashness and combativeness. Traditionally good for love and war, but negative or other matters. Great energy that needs to be harnessed. Initiative.

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  1. The reader familiar with geomancy will notice that there are two signs that are not included within this account, those of Puer and Puella. The reason for this exclusion has to do with the so-called eleventh sefirot, Da'at. This requires a foray into another aspect of the Kabbalism—its attempt to make sense of what happened in the Fall, in.
  2. Free Geomancy Reading Throw | Clear (See below for meanings) THE MEANINGS OF THE 16 FIGURES. The single figure in the far right column is the Judge. PUER (BOY) Young man, men, employee. Rashness and combativeness. Traditionally good for love and war, but negative or other matters. Great energy that needs to be harnessed
  3. Geomancy is one member of a large family of divinatory methods founded on what modern mathematicians call binary or base-2 numbers. The most famous member of this family is the I Ching or Book of Changes, the most ancient and most important of the divinatory systems of China; in fact, the basic concepts of binary mathematics were introduced to the West by way of early translations of the Book.
  4. Geomancy is an ancient method of divination based on the interpretation of marks or patterns in rock, sand or earth (hence the 'geo' in its name).. Early shamanic methods were varied and likely involved spontaneous interpretations of naturally-occurring shapes or inspired scribblings made on the ground
  5. The divinatory art of geomancy (ʿilm al-raml), Arabic answer to the I Ching, was third in popularity only to astrology and oneiromancy throughout the premodern Islamo-Christianate world, and is still widely practiced today from Iran and Yemen to wes
  6. Reading the Shield Chart The heart and soul of Geomancy lies in the interpretation of the chart cast. The Shield Chart is the most common Geomantic Chart, which is generated by rearranging the Figures in the Shield Chart. Interpreting the Shield Chart, then, is one of the most important skills to master in the art o
  7. Above, Puer is shown to have the Fire, Air, and Earth lines active, but the Water line remains passive. Each of the figures is composed of four lines, each line containing either one or two points. In the Middle Ages, when geomancy was introduced to Europe where astrology was the foremost occult science,.

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  1. Geomancy: Rubeus, Puer and Carcer. The following methods have been passed down to me from my own teacher, and they work wonders from my own personal experience; especially in the case of sleep paralysis and nightmares caused by spirits. I'm posting them because I've seen several people complain about horrible nightmares and sleep paralysis.
  2. Sikidy. For the Malagasy people of Madagascar, the most important method of divination is Sikidy (pronounced s'kid'), a form of geomancy that relies on the interpretation of sixteen figures (volon-tsikidy).These texts, written in Arabic script, have been passed down over generations
  3. Geomancy: Puer — the second in an ongoing series of posts about the sixteen signs of geomancy, and how to use them. I have started to write a series of several posts on the signs or emblems of geomancy, based on the quilt I designed and made in January-February of last year
  4. In geomancy, the figures of Puer and Rubeus are traditionally assigned to the planet Mars. In my experience, each of them presents a different side of that Martial energy. The figure of Puer is active in the elements of fire, air, and earth—everything except water. Consider the image of the young man (perhaps in early adolescence) for whom.
  5. The geomancy figures are sixteen in number and they relate to a Planet and a Sign of the zodiac. Their names: Via, Caput Draconis, Cauda Draconis, Fortuna Major, Fortuna Minor, Puella, Puer, Acquisitio, Albus, Tristitia, Laetitia, Carcer, Conjunctio, Amissio and Populu

Puer in the 11 th house (Aries) shows that the start of this week sees you in a position to kick things off. You'll finally be able to make arrangements, lay the basic foundation or framework and start to get things in motion. Sharing is loving — please spread the word of geomancy by sharing this casting with your friends and followers Consulting Christopher Cattan's Geomancy (1591) (who borrowed his attributions from the 13 th century Gerard of Cremona it is clear he was a lot more positive about such a situation because he followed the astrology of the day. While he was still a little pessimistic it was more due to the astrology of the day Geomancy. In English, the word geomancy refers to two different practices.. One of them is the Chinese practice of Feng Shui, (literally wind-water) which concerns such matters as the proper placement and orientation of buildings and their doorways.. This page concerns the other practice known by the name of geomancy in English. It is a form of fortune-telling which was popular in the Middle. I n this course, we will delve into the solutions for remediation that the Sixteen Figures of geomancy can offer in readings of remediation. How Puer can encourage not only fiery Martial candle-work but also weight-lifting and martial arts training. How Puella can speak not only of the power of sorcerous Venusian oils and perfumery or the. The senior planetary Spirits of geomancy, contrasted by Agrippa with the more angelic planetary Intelligences, are referred to by Heydon et al as the 'seven Rulers of the Earth'.Without diving too deep into Heydon's idiosyncratic cosmology, it is worth reiterating that Heydon hardly ever refers to the straight astrological grammar of geomancy, preferring to use the names of the spirits.

Via[edit] Puer[edit] Ṭumṭum al-hindi. Geomancy. Geomancy tool Geomantic instrument, Egypt or Syria, 1241-42 CE, by Muhammad ibn Khutlukh al Mawsuli. When turning the dials, random designs of dots would appear, which were then interpreted. British Museum How To Pronounce Puer (Geomancy) How To Pronounce Puer (Jungian) How To Pronounce Puer aeterna; How To Pronounce Puer Aeternus; How To Pronounce Puer Aeturnus; How To Pronounce Puer Airport; How To Pronounce Puer archetype; How To Pronounce Puer City; How To Pronounce Puer eternus; How To Pronounce Puer Hani and Yi Autonomous County; How To. The first house contained puer. The fifth house contained via. The seventh house contained fortuna major. The first witness is acquisitio The second witness is amissio. The judge is via, which is also co-present in the fifth house. From my understanding, via is favorable in the fifth house and describes change, movement, journeys, and cycles Geomancy Method. This page is about everything besides how to calculate the points. Materials. There are several ways to do Geomancy. For the Earth based style, i.e. Golden Dawn, the quality of a reading usually is determined by the materials used for it

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A HANDBOOK OF GEOMANCY [THIS MS. is now first printed from the private copies of certain adepts, after careful examination and collation. It is printed for the information of scholars and the instruction of seekers Nice Puer geomancy symbol between the horns. <3. level 2. Original Poster 2 points · 1 year ago. Haha was wondering if anyone would notice that! View Entire Discussion (27 Comments) More posts from the astrology community. 1.3k. Posted by 2 days ago. Vintage rolling bar cart I found at a yard sale! (It folds,too!) 1/3. 1.3k. 47 comments. share.

Geomancy - Puer - boy, unstable energy, impulsivity, risk-oriented; Moon - Capricorn until Aquarius at 8:44 AM PST (VOC til 8:43 AM PST) Human Design Channels - none; Patience may be required today, especially if you or those around you are experiencing intense or imbalanced emotions. However, you cannot allow impulsivity to put. Puer as sports bar, Aquisitio as banker's pub, and so on. Geomancy is a worldly form of divination concerned with specific answers to worldly matters, and imagining the characters in this way serves to anchor what they represent in worldly experience. The 16 geomantic figures are the primary symbols used in the art of divinatory geomancy. Each geomantic figure represents a certain state of the world or the mind, and can be interpreted in various ways based upon the query put forth and the method used to generate the figures. When geomancy was introduced to Europe in the Middle Ages, the figures acquired astrological meanings and new forms.

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Geomancy or Oracle of the Earth is the ancient method of divination, its roots and origin are in Ancient China, Arabia, North Africa, Ancient Greek. So the sixteen geomantic figures are (in Latin language): Via, Populus, Puella, Puer, Laetitia, Tristitia, Fortuna Maior, Fortuna Minor, Acquisitio, Coniunctio, Carcer, Albus, Rubeus, Caput. Page [unnumbered] Henry Cornelius Agrippa, Of Geomancy. GEOMANCY is an art of divination, where∣by the judgment may be rendered by lot, or destiny to every question of every thing whatsoever: but the art hereof consisteth especially in certain points, whereof certain figures are deducted according to the reason or rule of e∣quallity or inequallity, likeness or unlikeness; which figures are. Listen to the audio pronunciation of Puer Aeturnus on pronouncekiwi How To Pronounce Puer Aeturnus: Puer Aeturnus pronunciation + Definition Sign in to disable ALL ads Pu'er, Puer (geomancy), Puer: Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia [home, info] Puer : Online Plain Text English Dictionary [ home , info ] puer : Webster's Revised Unabridged, 1913 Edition [ home , info

Puer may refer to: Puer tea or Pu-erh tea, a kind of tea beverage; Puer Hani and Yi Autonomous County or Ning'er Hani and Yi Autonomous County, a region in Yunnan, China; Puer City or Pu'er, in Yunnan, China; Puer Aeternus, a Jungian archetype; Puer (geomancy Geomancy: Puer I have started to write a series of several posts on the signs or emblems of geomancy, based on the quilt I designed and made in January-February of last year. The idea is that I want to write a post about each sign, illustrated using the image from the quilt — and then at the end I'll write a post about what the quilt has. The word geomancy derives from the Greek roots geo, referring to the earth, and mantikos, meaning of a soothsayer or prophetic. Geomancy is any system of divination (an attempt to get in touch with the divine) related to manipulation of the earth Astrological Geomancy. As was noted in the previous page, the geomantic chart was also used to construct a horoscope of sorts. The conventional method (introduced by Agrippa, however, rather than being a traditional one as old as Geomancy itself) of doing so is simply to translate the geomantic chart to the horoscope by taking the planets associated with the geomantic figures located in the.

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Geomancy as a Strategy in the Politics and Everyday Life of Augustus, Elector of Saxony (1526-1586) Dr.UlrikeLudwig IKGFErlangen-Nürnberg November11,2014 tia,Puer,Rubeus,CaudaDraconis,Carcer,Via. (3) Honest=Acquisitio,Laetitia,Puella,Albus,CaputDraconis,Popu Puer: Latin for the Boy. The figure is a representation of a sword or erect phallus and refers to male energies, primarily aggression and passion, but also war and male sexuality. It is bad in most cases, but good in situations where boys (in Antiquity and Medieval society) excelled: love and war Geomancy is derived from the Latin geomantia, which in turn is derived from the Greek for divination by earth. The Arabic name for geomancy, 'ilm al-raml, means the science of the sand. In its original form, the geomantic figure was created by making lines of random numbers of dots in the sand, hence the name Geomancy Overview: X has moved from a sorrowful but stuck situation in which something carefully built has eroded (Tristitia), towards a passionate, but immature and unstable situation (Puer).X may behave impulsively here, and will take initiative (Puer).A secret will be kept (Tristitia).In the end, what is gained here will be easily lost, but it will move quickly and will happen easily.

Puer, the impetuous youth of Mars and Aries, can be rash and inconsiderate, but also energetic, enthusiastic and competitive. Traditionally good for love and war, but negative or other matters. Great energy that needs to be harnessed. Intiative and leadership. Impulsive behaviour. Ascendant - Indifferent. Best in War Geomancy, Geomanteia (γεωμαντεία) is a Hellenic word consisted of two words, gaia=earth and manteia=divination. Divination with earth, with soil, was a common method of divination from 1200 a.C. till the end of 17th century in Europe Geomancy was among the most popular of all divination methods only four hundred years ago, in the waning years of the Renaissance. Puer ( Boy ) : Energy, activity, enthusiasm. Favorable for.

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Geomancy is a form of fortune-telling which was popular in the Middle Ages, and was borrowed directly from the Arab world, where it was called Ilm al-Raml. laetitia, puer, rubeus, fortuna major, fortuna minor, puella, amissio, conjunctio, albus, via, populus, caput draconi, and dauda draconi. Each one of them is represented by a group of. — PUER — — CAPUT DRACONIS — This work derives in the first instance from a lecture on Geomancy which circulated in the Golden Dawn. Another version was published by F.I. Regardie in the two versions of the G.D. papers he edited; both of these however omitted the tables of Witnesses and Judge, though they included material omitted by. I present you the true Arabic geomancy, and the most guarded secrets jealously by the masters of this art. Saturday, April 16, 2011 Meanings of the sixteen figures and houses in the circle of Zennat Geomancy has come through various changes since it originated. It originally dealt with the life of ground or sand. In the ancient time prophets assumed that ground is living. They drew a circle on the ground and they cast sones in it or they drew random marks on the ground from which they later predicted the future

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Geomancy as a Strategy in the Politics and Everyday Life of Augustus, Elector of Saxony (1526-1586) Ulrike Ludwig. Related Papers. Fate 9/15 (English) - Newsletter of the International Consortium for Research in the Humanities. By Rolf Scheuermann The Art and Practice of Geomancy teaches readers how to divine the answers to life's everyday questions about health, luck, new jobs, and love, as well as those less mundane tasks such as finding buried treasure, predicting the weather, being released from prison, and identifying secret enemies Geomancy is very easy to do, but very difficult to explain in writing without making it sound ridiculously complicated (and without blatantly plagiarizing from other people who have already tried). I'm sorry if I misled you at the beginning of this post when I claimed that geomancy was attractive because it was a form of divination accessible.

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Because Astronomy is so transcendent and subtil an Art in itself, that therein a man ought to have respect unto so many things before he can attaine to true judgment thereby, because the eye of the understanding will not pierce unto the half thereof, and few Doctors of our later time have been found so experienced therein that they know sufficiently how to judge thereby; Therefore I have. Geomancy or Oracle of the Earth is the ancient method of divination. Our programm generates a series of random odd and even numbers and builds from the 16 possible combinations of points 16 geomantic figures. Each figure relates to correspondent field of activity and can appear in one of 12 astrological houses plus 3 non-astrological

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Geomancy is experiencing something of a revival of late, in large part due to the efforts of scholar-practitioners who through their work of translation, historical analysis and personal experimentation are facilitating new levels of access to primary sources and insights. And here is how it is traced [PUER*]. It announces a young man, an. The court card for Aries is the Queen of Wands, and for Scorpio, it is the King of Cups. Aries is also symbolized by the geomantic figure Puer, which means boy in Latin, and Scorpio is Rubeus, which appropriately means red. Mars can be associated with the yellow solar plexus chakra called Manipura Discordian Witchcraft, Chaos Magic, Traditional Wicca, Geomancy, and the occasional glimpse into 12-Step Recovery from the impertinent perspective of a Post-postmodern Pagan

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Puer may refer to: Puer tea or Pu-erh tea, a kind of tea beverage; Puer Hani and Yi Autonomous County or Ning'er Hani and Yi Autonomous County, a region in Yunnan, China; Puer City or Pu'er, in Yunnan, China; Puer Aeternus, a Jungian archetype; Puer (geomancy) See also. Puer aeternus; Puer oblatus; Pueraria; Pueraria lobata or Kudz PUER . Evil in most demands, except in those relating to War or Love. Ascendant - Indifferent. Best in War. Second House - Good, but with trouble. Third House - Good fortune. Fourth Geomancy being a form of Divination especially attributed to the Element of Earth, and therefore more purely Terrestrial in operation, the Spirits and their. The 16 Figures of Western Geomancy, with their attributions: Puer * Mars, BRTzBAL * Aries, MLKIDAL * * Letter of Enochian Alphabet: B (Pe) * Value: 90 Amissio * Venus, QDMAL * * Taurus, ASMVDAL * Letter of Enochian Alphabet: A (Un) * * Value: 6 Albus * * Mercury, ThPThRThRTh * * Gemini, AMBRIAL * Letter of Enochian Alphabet: S (Fam) * * Value. Zero—until today, that is, because today is newsletter day and that provided the impetus for a new Geomancy piece. I threw the dice and came up with 1) Acquisitio (cups), 2) Puer (boy = red), 3) Rubius (red= red square), and 4) Tristitia (sorrow = diagonal line). My descriptions here are simplifications (to say the least) of much more complex. Tarot has a Trump Card called The Tower. Literally it is a Trump Tower, Too perfect of a correspondence, wouldn't you say?. UPDATE: To be clear, last night was the first wave, if you will.

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Yeah, I think Nigel has some geomancy, I really do: 8 of Coins is the one called populus. K of W (Staves) looks like the top of Albus, the rest is obscured by his throne. Q of Cups looks like the top of Puer, again the throne's in the way, and etc. Maybe I'm overreading Lineal Figures of the Planets, etc., and Geomancy: Puer Geomantic Intelligences : Melchiadel ( # ) Legendary Orders of Being : Mania, Erinyes [Euminides] ( # The word 'geomancy'covers two completely distinct areas. The original use of the word, dioinatory geomancy, was a Puer - boy o o o 0 o Career - prison o o 0 o 0 o INTRODUCTION 3 Populus - people o 0 a a a 0 o 0 Laetitia - joy o o 0 o 0 o 0 Amissio-loss o o 0 o o 0 Albus - white o 0 o 0 o o 0 Rubeus - red o 0 o o 0 o Brought to you by the Feast of the Saints Peter and Paul and the saints of the same names; the Dead Magician and Pope Honorius; the herb Basil; the mineral Sapphire; the Tarot Trump of the Hierophant; and good intentions (but temporal failure) on getting to the demon Serguthy (and the Exu Mirim), the Geomantic Figure Puer (and the Odú Ireté), and Magical Swords THE SOLID GREEK CUBICAL CROSS, the Admission Badge for the Path of tau, is composed of 22 squares, answering to the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet. THE SOLID TRIANGLE OR TETRAHEDRON, or Pyramid of Fire, the Admission Badge for the Path of shın, represents the Simple Fire of Nature and the Latent or Hidden Fire.. The three upper triangles refer to fıre — Solar, Volcanic and Astral, while.

Deflecting The Knife - Astrogem GeomancyAstrogem Geomancy - Use your Uniqueness to make an Impact!Scattered - Astrogem GeomancyHow Much Do You Want It? - Astrogem GeomancyFourth Knowledge Lecture - Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

ジオマンシーまたはゲオマンシー(geomancy、ギリシア語: γεωμαντεία)は、土や石や砂を手に握り、それを地面に投じてできたパターンを解釈して行う占いの一種である。 土占いとも。最も広く流布したジオマンシーの方式では、16種類の形を再帰的にあてはめて解釈し、占星術的解釈と. Transactions produce expectations. Just as you wouldn't pay to have abuse heaped upon you (unless, y'know, you're into that), people don't pay psychics to say, Go ahead and pick out a. Christopher Cattan Geomancy Introduction to Astrological Geomancy The 16 Geomantic Figures Asking the Question & Generating the Mothers The Geomantic. The Geomancie of Maister Christopher Cattan Gentleman - Free download AMORC Cosmic Geomancy as Used by the Veiled Prophets PDF Geomancy is called of Gy a Greek word, Puer to Libra, and so consequently of the others, as the examples shall shew hereafter. Now must we speak of the Zodiack, following our former promise, the most plainest and manifest that we can, although that it do not much touch the matter of Geomancy If you're not as familiar with Geomancy, contributor @EdwardW2 has pulled together a table of them and basic rulerships. If you put the figure name in ALL CAPS (VIA, POPULUS, PUER, etc.), I'll be able to flag it for side-margin embedding; Markdown-style syntax is strongly preferred. This is ESPECIALLY the case on the table pages

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