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Cable double dutch ropes are used by the top double dutch teams in the world. These ropes turn with great ease and help with turner's arm fatigue. High level competition jump ropes. They are much faster than traditional double dutch ropes and feature a specialty 1/8 thick PVC coated freestyle cable It's important that double dutch ropes remain fast and flexible, but it's critical that they don't stretch during use. We've found the perfect blend of materials to make the cable just right. The ropes can come with standard hard handles, long hard or long soft flexible handles

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Double Dutch is a game in which two long jump ropes turning in opposite directions are jumped by one or more players jumping simultaneously. It is believed to have originated among Dutch immigrants in New York City, and is now popular worldwide. While it had long been a popular street activity for African American girls in New York City, the modern sport of Double Dutch originated in the early. You will want to use a much longer rope if you plan to do double Dutch jumping. A rope of 12 feet (3.7 m) will be sufficient for one jumper, and add 2-4 feet (0.6-1.2 m) for each additional jumper Best Ropes When Jumping Double Dutch. Locating a double dutch jump rope is very important when it comes to being a beginner or even a pro, some of the best double dutching jump ropes are mostly considered the beaded ones, but many people have different preferences. Best Double Dutch Jump Rope US Games Double Dutch Ropes, 16-Foot (One-Pair. Select your Double Dutch jump rope (get the right length) Picking the right Double Dutch jump rope is important as well. The easiest rope for beginners is a beaded Double Dutch jump rope (see my recommendation below). Also, for a three player team (1 Jumper and 2 Turners) you'll want to go with a 12 foot jump rope

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  1. If you've dismissed jumping rope as something best left to schoolgirls playing double Dutch on the playground — or Rocky Balboa types bulking up in sweaty gyms — think again. In reality, jumping rope is a great way to burn lots of calories, develop muscle strength, greatly improve your cardiovascular health, and improve your balance and.
  2. Kids can enjoy exercise and fun with these Double-Dutch Jump Ropes. They are made from a tough blend of cotton and nylon for enhanced durability. These Double-Dutch ropes are designed for group activities, and are lightweight to help reduce injury. The package contains one pair of ropes that you can use at home or in school
  3. more with active exercise that's fun for all Object of Double Dutch is to jump over the(2) ropes that are turning in opposite directions at the same time Designed for hi-speed. No friction, easy jumping, Double Dutch fun Comes in assorted colors and includes(2) 14-foot woven jump ropes and instruction booklet with game information
  4. Double Dutch. The jump roping style of Double dutch uses two longer jump ropes that are turned by two people, with one or more persons jumping in the middle. Double dutch ropes range from 12 ft, up to 64 feet for multiple jumpers. At S&S Worldwide, we have cloth, vinyl and beaded ropes that can be used for double dutch
  5. RAMBO Professional Skipping Double Dutch Jump Rope Product details Item Name Jump Rope Item No RB-3703-12 Material PP+PVC Logo Customized Rope Length 2.74 m Color Regular color Package One piece/opp bag in carton or customized requirement MOQ 500pieces Sample time Within 3-5 days of existing samples Keyword jump rope Delivery Time 30-35 days Payment Terms a) T/T 30% in advance, balance before.
  6. Vinyl Double Dutch Jump Ropes, Pairs. Item #: W4285G. Great Exercise, Fun Competition! Team/multi-person jump rope fun! Sets include 2 durable vinyl jump ropes. Adjustable finger loop ends. Your choice of lengths. Read More. In stock As Low As: $10.49 (Set) 3.5 (14 Reviews) (Write a Review

A wide variety of double dutch jump rope options are available to you, such as yes. You can also choose from plastic, weavon rope, and pu rope double dutch jump rope, as well as from unisex double dutch jump rope, and whether double dutch jump rope is 0, 3, or ≥6 Double Dutch is one of the most exciting things you can do with groups in rope skipping. In this episode, Kelsy will teach you the fundamentals of Double Du.. Go to https://www.amazon.com/Double-Dutch-Roping-Black-Magic/dp/B0006MXD7O/ref=sr_1_1?s=movies-tv&ie=UTF8&qid=1547761084&sr=1-1&keywords=black+magic+double+d.. If you are not new to double Dutch, jump into the rope from one of the turners. However, as a newbie, you can jump in through the middle. You must be prepared to make several tries to get the rhythm if you are trying double Dutch for the first time. It takes excellent rhythm and quick movement to excel in a double Dutch jump rope trick Double Dutch is a form of jumping rope that involves two ropes and one or more jumpers. Two people rhythmically turn the ropes while the jumper(s) hop over them. Double Dutch started as a street game but now has advanced to competitions with awards and prizes. It is a fun and challenging game that you can learn with a few friends

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Nylon Coated Cable. Diameter: 3/32 (2.4mm) Description: Nylon coated cables are commonly seen being used by CrossFit athletes doing double unders. This cable is slower that the Ultra Thin and Bare Cables, but still is plenty fast. There is a greater feel to this cable when spinning the rope than that of the previous two cables, which leads to greater control and less misses Comes with two 10-foot cables; Inexpensive; Color Options: Electric Green, Power Pink, Rouge Red, Jet Black ; Beaded Double Dutch Jump Rope . My guess is everyone reading this knows what Double Dutch is. For those of you who don't, Double Dutch is a game played when two long ropes, swung in opposite directions, are jumped by one or more jumpers

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Basically, Double Dutch is a rope skipping exercise played when two ropes are turned in eggbeater fashion. While the ropes are turned, a third person jumps within. A history of the game written by David A. Walker, the founder of the sport, traces the probable origins to ancient Phoenician, Egyptian and Chinese ropemakers Double Dutch Ropes For group play with two rope turners, you need a long rope or two long ropes of equal length to jump double Dutch. The standard long rope for one jumper is 12 feet. For up to two jumpers, use a 14-foot rope. For up to three jumpers, you need a 16-foot rope. A 20-foot rope fits up to four jumpers Double dutch jump rope events, classes and lesson

How long are double dutch ropes? Double dutch ropes are typically 12 to 16 feet in length. For speed events you should use 12 foot ropes. For freestyle you would typically use 12 foot ropes for 1 jumper only, 14 foot ropes for 1 or 2 jumpers, and 16 foot ropes for 2 or more jumpers Note: Single-person double dutch (one person in the ropes) only needs 13 feet of beaded rope, while two-person double dutch only needs 15 feet. 18 feet is provided in case you'd like as many as three people in the ropes! Contents: 4 flexible LONG handles, 2 18 foot cuts of braided cord, bushing mechanisms, 400 beads (4 color choices), sizing instruction Double Dutch Rope Length . 32 feet 48 feet 64 feet Clear selection. Double Dutch Ropes quantity. Add to cart. SKU: N/A Category: Phys Ed & Recreational Rope Products. Description Additional information Large continuous closed loop rope allows 2 turners inside loop for unique 2 directional rope movement. Great rhythm and coordination skills. Beprezco Long Jump Rope,Double Dutch Jump Rope 16 Ft 2 Pack,Jump Rope for Kids Adults,Beaded Segmented Skipping Rope (Blue) 8/10 our score. Buy Now. ⭐ LONG JUMP ROPE:The double dutch jump ropes are 16Ft,long enough for 4-5 person,good for school,company and family fun

Jumpplus DD Cable Ropes come in pair and they are used for Double Dutch Speed and multiple unders! The ropes are easy to turn, the long handles allow the turners to practice different turning combinations. The jumpers are always challenged to keep up with the speed! The ropes can be used indoors and outdoors, the regular size is 4.5 m The best Double Dutch jump rope is the Beaded Double Dutch Jump Rope by BuyJumpRopes. This rope has durable plastic handles, a nylon braided cord with shatterproof beads, and is long enough for 3-4 jumpers at one time. It comes in 7 different colors. These jump ropes make for great gifts as well As with everything in jump rope, practice, practice, practice. Double Dutch is quite rewarding once you get it, but it does take some time to get it down. If reading about all this makes your head dizzy, watch the instructional videos in our Double Dutch section on beginner Double Dutch. Watching how it's done can certainly make things easier Goofy Foot Double Dutch Jump Rope features a suction cup on handles to attach to any smooth surface for Double Dutch play; Made with PVC for long lasting fun; Rope is made to be flexible for easier jumping; NOTE: Colours and/or styles may vary in-store and are not guaranteed. For online orders, they are randomly selected during fulfillment

Turning Double Dutch correctly should make a very even, consistent sound as the ropes hit the floor. It should be 1-2-1-2-1-2 not 1—2-1—2-1, etc. Use your ears and make sure that the ropes are making a nice even sound as you go. Beaded jump ropes are the best type to use if you really want to hear the ropes as you turn Double Dutch Double Dutch is a rope skipping game that is played when two people twirl two ropes in opposite directions like an eggbeater. A person or a team of people jump inside of these ropes, usually using a lot of fancy footwork, gymnastic moves and break-dancing elements

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Jump Rope, Adjustable, Coated Steel Cable, Speed Jumping, Double Under, for Boxing, Skipping Workout and Fitness Exercise Training. Gift for NEW YEAR. Best for friends, family Plug and Play: With the exclusive patented self-locking design,you just need insert the rope into the handles and it will lock itself, plug and play, worry free from tools, screws, ties M-Way - Power Cable Double Dutch Way - IeGO Red Copper (1.75m) Also a game of jump rope with two ropes, two rope turners and at least one jumper. Most cable speed ropes have 90-degree angle attachments that prevent torque on the rope that may damage or even snap it, and hold the rope closer to the body for faster jumps. They rotate from the. Double Dutch is a skip rope activity in which two rope turners turn two ropes in eggbeater fashion while one or two people jump within the moving ropes. It was historically a game played by girls. Although there is no written history of the game, it probably originated from movements of ancient Phoenician, Egyptian and Chinese rope makers For a rope that can match your speed, we recommend the WOD Nation Attack Speed Jump Rope. Each WOD speed rope comes with two cables that can be attached to the durable handles in seconds. The thin 2.2 mm cable is designed for speed and the 3.3 mm cable has a heavier weight for more of an upper-body workout

Double dutch jump rope is one of the coolest and most impressive kids activities you'll ever see. This bundle offers a pair of classic 14' long ropes that are perfect for kids or teenagers. Champion Sports DD Series Double Dutch Licorice Jump Ropes - Orange, 30-Feet (Set). Classic licorice style jump rope designed for speed double dutch Length of 30 feet Made of vinyl and features looped ends for easy handling Rope color in orange Sold as a 2 rope set mor Unrecognizable adult man jumping rope in local park.He's wearing blue sport clothes and black sneakers.He's kinda clumsy. double dutch jump rope stock videos & royalty-free footage Two teenage girls with jump ropes, mixed ethnicity, white background Caucasian and black Teenage Girls on left and right of frame with jump ropes, white background. Two people turn the ropes; Double Dutch competitions are usually broadcasted on ESPN; When the ropes are off beat it is called Double Handed; When your feet are together and you jump side to side it is called Mumbles; David A. Walker was the founder of Double Dutch; It is called butterfingers when someone drops the rope while someone is jumping Double Dutch Skipping Ropes. Move your mouse over image or click to enlarge. Double Dutch Skipping Ropes. From £9.59. Product options below. Price match guarantee. Product Details. Heavy duty polypropylene rope with high quality polypropylene handles. Two ropes of contrasting colours which then means you can combine one of each colour to make.

Product Title MRX 9' PVC Jump Rope for Cardio Fitness - Versatile Jump Rope for Both Kids and Adults - Great Jump Rope for Exercise (Black) Average Rating: (4.1) out of 5 stars 16 ratings, based on 16 reviews. Current Price $8.99 $ 8. 99. Pro seller Double Dutch, children's game in which the player must time jumps between two jump ropes twirling in opposite directions.. In the 1930s, during the Depression era, children often jumped rope because the game required only a used clothesline to be played. By the late 1950s, however, a number of municipal and societal factors—such as the desire to keep children from playing in city streets. Double Dutch Jump Ropes. Our Double Dutch Jump Ropes allow people of all ages to get in on the fun. This set includes two durable jump ropes with adjustable finger loop ends for greater comfort Read reviews and buy Champion Vinyl Double Dutch Ropes, 16 Feet, set of 2 at Target. Choose from contactless Same Day Delivery, Drive Up and more

As the name implies, Double Dutch uses two jump ropes instead of just one. Two people turn the ropes - one in each hand - while one or two jumpers stand between the turners and skip the ropes Our jump rope features a steel rope with a clear protective coating to offer just the perfect balance between durability and safety. RECHARGEABLE & ANTI-SLIP: Our jump rope for adult fitness is designed with molded finger assist grips that ensure an anti-slip and comfortable grip while inhibiting sweat build-up Khnaue Robinson, a senior in high school, has been competing in double dutch since she was 12 years old. She practices with her school's team three times each week, and says being part of the team.

Cotton Double Dutch Jump Rope 32 Games /Activities Brand EVERRICH Cotton Double Dutch Jump Rope 32 Games /Activities Brand EVERRICH Weight 1lbs Cotton Double Dutch Jump Rope 32 Games /Activities Brand EVERRICH Cotton Double Dutch Jump Rope 32 Games /Activities Brand EVERRICH Weight 1lbs GOLD'S GYM DOUBLE DUTCH CABLE JUMP ROPE. $24.00 + $7. FACT: Double Dutch was introduced in the 1600s, by Dutch settlers living in what is now New York City. Step 4: As the nearest rope passes the jumper's face, they take a big step and a big jump into the middle of the rope. Land with the foot that is closest to the turner whose rope will hit the ground first

Double Dutch, in which two ropes are twirled and jumpers perform tricks ranging from turns and hops to flips, was a popular street game among African American girls in the 1970s and '80s. These Champion Double Dutch Jump Ropes feature a solid, vinyl-material that is perfectly balanced, providing fast and accurate rotation every time. Adjustable loop handles on each end. 16 feet long. Assorted Colors Jump Rope with Coated Braided Cable and Nice Grips for Exercise Fitness Rope. $11.05. Free shipping. Seller 99.8% positive. Double Dutch Jump Ropes 1 Pack with 2 Purple 14' Jump Ropes. Items are new in factory packaging, the packaging may have some signs of handling. Most are sealed, all are unused new items Martin Double Dutch Jump Ropes Heavyweight cotton Cotton Jump Ropes DD32 32' DD48 48' DD64 64' . Due to color differences in monitors, the colors on this site are for reference only. Please contact Epic Sports if you have any color questions

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Beast 4.1 ounces - Aircraft grade cable with PVC coating. Currently our heaviest cable weighing 4.1 ounces per 9' length (excluding handles). Our bruiser cable that provides the pain that masochist seek in their high intensity training. Also great for bigger, stronger athletes needing more resistance and feedback than most typical jump ropes. Find double dutch jump ropes lesson plans and teaching resources. Quickly find that inspire student learning It is surmised that Double-Dutch rope jumping may have its origins in the ancient rope-makers in Phoenicia, Egypt and China. The runners who supplied the rope-makers with hemp would have to jump the twirling ropes to get up and down the floor. The history of the modern sport, however, started when Dutch settlers brought the activity to America. Double-dutch jump rope classes for grades 3-12 begin on Tuesday and run for eight weeks from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays. The classes are held at Fleetwood-Jourdain Community Center. SR Replacement Cables - Nylon. Worn cable? Get a new one. SR Nylon Replacement Cables are specifically designed to work with the SR line of Rogue jump ropes.. The Red Nylon replacement cable is the standard cable that comes with the SR Series, and is a durable option for beginners and seasoned pros, alike

Catch us jumping double dutch at Open Ropes in Herald Square tonight from 7-9pm. Free! Ropes and instruction provided. All people welcome to jump! #openropes #doubledutchempire #explore34 #learndoubledutch #manhattan #nyc. 4. Jump with us tonight in Herald Square from 7-9pm. Ropes and instruction provided Apple's new AirPods Pro spot, which debuted last night during the Grammy Awards, is another tour de force of craft for the brand, featuring Japanese double-dutch phenomenon Kengo Sugino turning. CHALLENGING DOUBLE DUTCH ROPES 2019 ODYSSEY EVENT. ZUMBA SONG SHAKY SHAKY ,UPTOWN WORKING THE LAST FEW DAYS BEFORE WINTER HITS 343 Pleasant Ave between 118 and 119th street Free to All come on down Saturday at 2 pm we star Double Dutch eventually found its way into public schools, and a competitive league was created in 1973 in New York. A spokeswoman for D.C. schools said the game is part of the physical education. Champion Sports 1 Champion Way Marlboro, NJ 07746 732-294-5561 Customer Servic

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CABLE SPEED JUMP ROPE IN FOAM GRIP HANDLES: Fine quality Cable speed rope fitted with ball bearings in plastic foam grip handles.Ball bearings gives you a easier and smoother rotation than any other ordinary jump ropes. Code: H-72: Rope Length: 8ft,9ft,10ft. Rope Diameter: 6MM: Rope Type: Fine quality Cable speed rope in foam grip handle Double Dutch Jump Rope : Double Dutch is a game in which two long jump ropes turning in opposite directions are jumped by one or more players jumping simultaneously.We offers you double dutch licorice ropes, double dutch beaded ropes and double dutch cloth ropes Double Dutch Ropes. Several jump ropes materials are used for Double Dutch with beaded ropes being the most recommended. Many children commonly play with either a heavy nylon or a light plastic rope. Beaded ropes are best for general purpose Double Dutch because they are easiest to see and to control. Beads are durable and easy to replace

This polyester rope is double braided and has a smooth, robust look. Thick industrial coating for a wear- and UV-resistant rope of UHMWPE yarns. Used as manure cable, whinch cable and mooring rope. Q1 Shield. Quality Dutch made ropes. Since 1638. Contact info. Touwfabriek Langman B.V. Postal address. PO BOX 22 I loved to jump rope when I was younger. It was always a race to get to the jump ropes at recess so we could be first on the playground so we had a space to jump Double Dutch. But Double Dutch is not only for jumping, it also for fun when you are making cards with a Double Dutch Fold Ropes Beaded Double Dutch Jump Ropes $ 24.00 Add to cart. Beaded double dutch ropes for fun and fitness. Instructional. ULTIMATE SINGLE ROPE SKILL BUILDERS SERIES $ 249.99 Add to cart. Learn to Jump Rope with 5 Time World Jump Rope Champion, Rene Bibaud using her smart sequencing approach to teaching rope jumping The National Double Dutch League suggests that the style of jumping known as Double Dutch, where long ropes are turned toward each other while one person jumps in the middle, originates with ancient Phoenician rope makers. They would walk backward from one another on ropewalks while twisting strands of hemp into rope. Other workers ran back and. Double Dutch is a jump rope game that requires two long ropes turned simultaneously in opposite directions while one or more players jump in and out of the ropes. The game's unique moniker is attributed to the belief that it was invented by Dutch immigrants who moved to New York City

Two ropes at a time (Double Dutch) Criss-cross (one person holds both ends of the rope and crosses their arms back and forth on alternate turns of the rope) Jump rope chants, rhymes, and songs have passed down through generations orally. Many originally came from Germany and England. Some make little sense; this author admits liking the words. Another trick, in which the rope turners walk around the jumpers, had Monica Berry, who has judged Double Dutch tournaments for more than 20 years, gasping from her vantage point in the wings The Playm8 Double Dutch Skipping Ropes are made from heavy duty braided polypropylene rope with high quality nylon handles. Two skipping ropes of contrasting colours; Blue & Yellow. One of each colour can be combined to make learning easier Oct 28, 2013 - Explore Madilyn Overturf's board Double Dutch , followed by 107 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about jump rope, dutch, doubles Beprezco 2 Pack 16 FT Long Jump Rope, Double Dutch Jump Rope, Soft Beaded Skipping Rope for Kids Adults, Plastic Segmented Jump Rope, Long Enough for 4-5 Jumpers 4.4 out of 5 stars 115 $32.49 $ 32 . 4

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For both double dutch and single rope jumping, a standard jump rope is 15 feet long. Waiting players form a line, or designate and follow a jumping order. Jump rope is the most common and widely played cooperative playground game - all active participants (turners and jumpers) need to be aware and be paying attention for the jumper to do the. Mottled. Sanguine Cloth Double Dutch Ropes are made from braided polypropylene core with multi color speck on the sheath. The heft of our ropes responds smoothly to speed changes, giving double dutch jumpers perfect loops. Ideal for competition..

Multi-Buy PLAYM8 Double Dutch Skipping Ropes 4.8m £11.95; Multi-Buy Apollo Lightning Speed Skipping Rope £2.95 PLAYM8 Braided Skipping Rope 6 Pack 3m £7.26; Multi-Buy Apollo Speed Cable Skipping Rope £4.95 Braided Skipping Ropes £1.20 PLAYM8 Big Gym Skipping Rope £2.88; Multi-Buy Apollo Weighted Skipping Rope £9.95 PLAYM8 Plastic. The American Double Dutch League was formed by David Walker around the same time and the sport has grown in popularity, both nationally and internationally ever since. Double Dutch Jump Rope is a popular fixture at the Annual Street Games event hosted by the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation Official Site of the NATIONAL DOUBLE DUTCH LEAGUE a not-for-profit organization. A history of the game written by David A. Walker, the founder of the sport, traces the probable origins to ancient Phoenician, Egyptian and Chinese ropemakers

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Our popular action rope is now available in Double Dutch lengths! Without a doubt these are the best ropes available for speed jumping in Double Dutch. Used by top teams around the world, it won't take long to realize why they're so popular. Don't worry if you're not into speed, these ropes are also great for all around Double Dutch jumping. They're lighter than cloth ropes and spin. We love double dutch just as much as the next person, and who knew all those hours at recess were actually training us for our favorite type of adult cardio. Jumping rope, when combined with other fitness regimens like weightlifting and yoga, is a great source of cardiovascular exercise that's as healthy as it is fun Street Ropez has a range of jump ropes for double dutch, individual jump rope and single long jump rope. Royalty Double Dutch Ropes with Handles- Set of 2 Ropes $13.9 Our Double Dutch Jump Ropes allow people of all ages to get in on the fun. This set includes two durable jump ropes with adjustable finger loop ends for greater comfort. Power Training Rope. Our WORKOUT BATTLE ROPES are available in 30ft, 40ft and 50ft with 1.5 or 2 thickness

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Take your students to the next level of rope jumping difficulty by introducing double dutch; Includes a pair of durable plastic ropes with loop handle Eight-month-old Phoenix Clark is barely old enough to walk, but she can already turn rope in double dutch.The Atlanta baby's parents own Double Dutch Aerobics. So the sport is in her blood

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LONG ISLAND, New York -- Long Island's Dutchess of Ropes is on a mission to bring the lost art of Double Dutch back into the lives for women of all ages Double dutch Jump Rope. LifeAndJoy Applications Sports. Everyone. Contains Ads. Add to Wishlist. Install. Thump and Jump with friends over ropes in double dutch jump ropes. Read more. Collapse. Reviews Review policy and info The Champion Sports Double Dutch Licorice Speed Ropes have looped ends for easy handling. These soft vinyl ropes are fast and durable, and the set of two ropes is available in three sizes. • Double dutch licorice speed ropes • Vinyl • 12 • Yello Define double Dutch. double Dutch synonyms, double Dutch pronunciation, double Dutch translation, English dictionary definition of double Dutch. also double Dutch n. A game of jump rope in which players jump over two ropes swung in a crisscross formation by two turners. American Heritage® Dictionary.. Evolving from Africa, Double Dutch is historically a jump rope game played originally by Black children (mainly girls) in rural and urban areas in America. The first concrete evidence of jump rope activity can be seen in medieval paintings where children roll hoops and jump rope down the cobblestone streets of Europe

Jammin' Jumpers Jump Rope Team is a national non-profit competitive jump rope and double dutch organization that competes and performs around the country. We are locally located in Norton, OH. Our performance team has appeared at many different venues such as school assemblies, city chamber event Our highest quality beaded double dutch ropes. CHOOSE COLOR OPTION. Made with super strong, 2 long beads. Set includes two ropes 14 long. Used widely in US and world competitions, but great for school playground use. Bead and cord design make it very easy to control the rope speed. Light-weigh

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Jump ropes are a classic fitness tool and a great addition to any workout. Simple and versatile, jump ropes put a total body workout at your fingertips. Use your jump rope or speed rope to help tone arms, legs and shoulders while supporting your cardio goals. Consider the following when choosing a jump rope for your workout Define ropes. ropes synonyms, ropes pronunciation, ropes translation, English dictionary definition of ropes. n. 1. A flexible heavy cord of tightly intertwined hemp or other fiber. cable - a very strong thick rope made of twisted hemp or steel wire. double Dutch; dragrope; References in classic literature Any type of ropes can be used (single rope, wheel, double dutch, long rope etc.). 15 Seconds on the Beat (Individual and Team). Athletes have 15 seconds to show the best music interpretation possible while skipping. The focus of this event will be creative choreography to music and smooth execution. Difficulty of skills will not be considered

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