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Project Selection Guidelines, Evaluation Criteria and Process . 2 C. Project must benefit at least one of the following WNTI target native trout and char species or sub-species in their historic range: Apache Trout, Bonneville Cutthroat Trout, Bull Trout, California Golden Trout, Coastal Cutthroat Trout, Colorado River Cutthroat Trout, Gila. Download Free PDF. Download Free PDF. A PROJECT REPORT ON RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION A PROJECT REPORT ON RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION BY SAYAN MAITRA -1- A PROJECT REPORT ON RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION BY SAYAN MAITRA A report submitted in partial fulfillment of The requirements of MBA program in IILM (BS), Kolkata. -3- ACKNOWLEDGEMENT As far. The Objectives for Project Selection. As stated above, not every project can be executed in organizations. That's why the project selection methods exist. That's the reason why the organizations are evaluating different possible projects before project initiation and deciding which projects to initiate respectively Nonnumeric Selection Model 4- The product line extension • Filling in the gap, or strengthening the existing production • Adding on to what you already have to make it better. 5- Comparative benefit method • Which project will benefit you more than the in the set of projects. • You can rank the project base on the perceived benefits or what meets you objectives best particular organization. At this instance, you would need careful guidance in the project selection criteria, as a small mistake could be detrimental to your project as a whole, and in the long run, the organization as well. Selection Methods There are various project selection methods practised by the modern business organizations

View 05-Project Selection.pdf from BUS 110B at San Jose State University. LECTURE 5 IDENTIFYING A PROJECT BS 110 SYSTEM ANALYSIS AND DESIGN REVIEW Your Project Idea Project Selection Methods 1. Benefit Measurement Methods. Benefit Measurement is a project selection technique based on the present value of estimated cash outflow and inflow. Cost benefits are calculated and then compared to other projects to make a decision. The techniques that are used in Benefit Measurement are as follows: 2. Benefit/Cost Rati Project selection is the most important process for any organization. The right project helps an organization grow its business and earn recognition. However, a bad one can put a damper on progress and hurt credibility. Project selection techniques help you choose the right project with a better return on investment Project selection methods have a vital role during project initiating phase. In fact during the project selection process a project manager rarely has any involvement. However, knowing the essentials of various project selection criteria adds value to the overall project execution Learn the tools and techniques of project selection, including: 1. The strategic planning process for the organization and IT department 2. Quantitative methods, including the following: - Return on investment (ROI) - Net present value (NPV) - Internal rate of return (IRR

Project Selection is a process to assess each project idea and select the project with the highest priority. Projects are still just suggestions at this stage, so the selection is often made based on only brief descriptions of the project. As some projects will only be ideas, you may need to write a brief description of each project before. Becoming an effective project manager takes a variety of skills. It requires strong leadership, superior communication abilities, meticulous planning, and a number of other essential characteristics as well.. But there's one skill that doesn't get enough emphasis in the world of project management - strategic and effectual Project Selection.. In fact, a recent Six Sigma-focused study of.

View 05-Project Selection (1).pdf from BUS 110B at San Jose State University. LECTURE 5 IDENTIFYING A PROJECT BS 110 SYSTEM ANALYSIS AND DESIGN LECTURE 5 IDENTIFYING A PROJECT BS 110 SYSTE Project selection is the decision to add a project to the list of planned and programmed projects. This selection is just one decision point in a long series of decisions that shape what ultimately gets constructed Exercise (Project Selection - Computation of Effort and Costs) We need to choose between two different project implementations of a software system we will introduce in our firm. The first option is based on internal development. The proposed project plan has the following characteristics •Development Process: Waterfall •Team project applications were submitted, with 112 projects ultimately selected through the April 2019 random project selection process (or lottery). Remaining projects were placed on ordinal waitlists established through lottery results. Through the project application process, the Agency observed common characteristics acros Download Free PDF. Download Free PDF. Chapter 2 ORGANIZATION STRATEGY AND PROJECT SELECTION. CY98XA IW9F09. Niressha Mannem. CY98XA IW9F09 Here it should be emphasized that this approach reduces the role that organizational politics can play in project selection and aligns projects with the strategy and objectives of the firm.If the class.

PROJECT SELECTION GUIDE 4-H. Clothing Construction The clothing construction project will teach you the basics, such as sewing a shirt or putting in a zipper. Learn to select appropriate fabrics, use patterns, sew quality seams and care for your garments. In advance Here is a detailed description of the importance of developing a systematic criterion and its fundamentals.. Let's begin with understanding the significance, 1. Significance of Project Selection . When you are running a project-based organization, every project that is taken up is a stepping stone towards attaining long-term goals.As mentioned earlier, a well-structured PMO is responsible. Project selection 1. Project Selection By SamiuR Rahman 2. Project selection is the process of evaluating individual projects or groups of projects, and then choosing to implement some set of them so that the objectives of the parent organization will be achieved. Managers often use decision-aiding models to extract the relevant issues of a problem from the details in which the problem is.

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The result of project scoring is not the only input to project selection and the availability of resources to perform projects is a major contributor. The portfolio of projects is reviewed on a monthly basis. A forum exists where non-performing projects are evaluated. This forum will terminate a non-performing project if it becomes clear that. Project Identification Projects are driven by business needs Identified by business people Identified by IT people (better yet) identified jointly by business and IT The project sponsor is the business unit proposing the system. The project sponsor believes in the system and wants to see it succee Project Selection WORKED EXAMPLE V1.0.6 Page 3 2. SCORING THE PROJECT IDEAS NPC have 2 project ideas to choose from. This section steps through the scoring process to demonstrate how to complete the Project Selection scoring template and score each project. Project 1: Leeward Island Project. A single large island on the west coast of Republic. the selection, production, management, health and showing of dairy animals. Citizenship This project will help you learn to value others and to be a good citizen of you local, national, and global communities. Electric Learn about the exciting world of electricity through this 4-H project. Atoms and electric

This primer focuses on the project delivery method selection. Determining the . project delivery method. is one of the most important decisions made by every owner embarking on a construction project. Choosing the best method for any project must start with a good understanding of choices available. Owners must also have a firm grasp o Draft 2018 Project Selection Schedule September to December 2017 -Task Force prepares recommendations on policies and procedures to the Transportation Policy Board January 2018 -2018 Policy Framework adopted February to July 2018 -Project selection process conducted; project recommendations to Boar Project selection is the decision to fund a project and add it to the list of projects to be constructed. Under the policy, project selection is specifically the decision to add a project to either the 10-year Capital Highway Investment Plan or the four-year State Transportation Improvemen • To emphasise the importance of sound selection of alternative means at the early stages of the cycle. • To explain how sound choice can be guided by using tools such as Logframe analysis. • To demonstrate how project elements can be clearly specified and risks assessed and reduced

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  1. e the project's total score. If participant numbers allow, it is helpful to work in teams and to arrange for each project to be evaluated by two different teams. Benefits of this approach include
  2. es its results. For example, a research and development project delivers a report that exa
  3. Knowles' model of adult education is presented and then used to analyze the selection/recruitment process, curriculum development, field instruction, and the students' own evaluation of their.
  4. Because of these limitations, project selection needs to be approached in a structured, strategic way. The goal should be to select projects with the most benefit to the organization; the greatest efficiency for the resources used. Exactly what that means will be different for every organization. It may even change depending on a given situation

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Project selection is the process of evaluating and choosing projects that both align with an organization's objectives and maximize its performance. Prioritization refers to ranking or scoring projects, based on certain criteria, to determine the order of execution. However, the terms prioritization and selection are often used. Clearly define project selection process Case Study - California Transportation Sector: 1. Environmental permits Identify project viability criteria and deal-breakers Consider time constraints, resources, and final goals 22 2. Regional political support 3. Viability of plan of finance 4. Social benefit-cost rati table of contents 1 purpose, roles, and responsibilities 1.1 purpose 1.2 applicabi lity and waivers 1.3 best value continuum 1.4 source selection team roles and responsibilities 2 pre-solicitation activities 2.1 conduct acquisition planning 2.2 develop a source selection plan {ssp) 2.3 develop the request for proposals 2.4 release the request for proposal Project on recruitment and selection process 1. RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION PROCESS OF SUBMITTED TO SAVITRIBAI PHULE PUNE UNIVERSITY IN PARTIALFULFILLMENT OF 2 YEARS FULL TIME COURSE MASTER IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (Approved by AICTE, Govt. of Under the guidance of: Miss Deepali DR PROJECT SELECTION CRITERION #6 - PARTNERSHIPS OR COMMITTED FUNDING Describe partnership assistance given to the APPLICANT the Bond Act (June 5, 2018) through PROJECT COMPLETION, by competing the chart below. If no partners are involved in the PROJECT, but the APPLICANT COMMITTED FUNDS, write See Funding Sources Form in boxes A and B below

Read PDF Models Methods for Project Selection: Concepts from Management Science, Finance and Information Technology (Hardback) Authored by Samuel B. Graves, Jeffrey L. Ringuest Released at 2002 Filesize: 2.29 MB Reviews It in a single of the most popular ebook. Indeed, it can be play, still an interesting and amazing literature This is where project selection methods come in use. Choosing a project using the right method is therefore of utmost importance. This is what will ultimately define the way the project is to be carried out. But the question then arises as to how you would go about finding the right methodology for your particular organization. At this instance. Project Selection Frameworks and Methodologies for Reducing Risks in Project Portfolio Management: 10.4018/978-1-5225-2151-8.ch010: Extracting and consolidating knowledge from past projects can help managers in selecting projects with the correct level of riskiness, while market analysi Project selection and initiation is the step that naturally follows evaluation and prioritization. A particularly delicate step of project initiation turns out to be the staffing of project teams. As mentioned earlier, resources are scarce, and in most organizations appear to be the most limiting factor in project selection

Recruitment and Selection: Hiring the Right Person A two-part learning module for undergraduate students By Myrna L. Gusdorf, MBA, SPHR StAffing MAnAgeMent instructor's Manual. Project team Author: Myrna Gusdorf, MBA, SPHR SHRM project contributors: Bill Schaefer, SPHR Nancy A. Woolever, SPHR Externa 10 Project Selection Criteria for Your PMO. The lifeblood of any Project Management Office (PMO) is a stream of new ideas that turn into projects. Projects help deliver strategy, and they keep the team busy doing valuable work that helps the business achieve its objectives Strategy & Project Selection Portfolio Management System - Project Selection . 2. Selection Criteria • Checklists - allows great flexibility in project selection across different division and location but with severe shortcomings. See pg. 40 Exhibit 2.4 for sample check list. a) Shortcoming include failure to determine value of the project

two project increments, and optimize the chances of achieving a successful project. Bidding and contract negotiation are two distinct steps in traditional contractor selection. While these may constitute only a small portion of an architect's overall services, they are a critical bridge between design and construction The Internship report is prepared for making a study on Recruitment and Selection Process at The ACME Laboratories Ltd. It is required to perform internship project for completing of BBA program at BRAC University SELECTION PROCEDURE AND CRITERIA FOR BENEFICIARY PROVINCES, DISTRICTS AND SCHOOLS 1. Selection criteria. MOET identified and endorsed 13 criteria for selecting the districts to be covered by the project from among the 49 provinces in the Northern Mountains, Central Highlands, and Mekong Delta area

In my last article I mentioned that there are project management solutions to alleviate some of the pains that corporations can endure during a time of financial concerns. Strong project management leadership should be involved in the project selection process. In this article, I will review business drivers and project assessments that may be considered in project selection Capstone Project Selection Criteria An acceptable Capstone Project possesses the following attributes: 1. The scope and focus of the problem or application area are properly defined and consistent with three credit hours of semester work. 2. The project integrates IE and EM knowledge with emphasis on multiple methodologies, an Operating/Competitive necessity - what is the difference between the two approaches and what is likely the source or impetus for the selection of a project based on these techniques? Comparative benefits - This is a useful technique for a first level screening of many different project proposals project. The project team was charged with stakeholders; additionally, the team faced ch ility of educational data. States that have more accurate and robus t data and an enhanced a in a manner previously unavailable in the past. ed only through rigorous planning, meticulous design, on (VDOE) was awarded a federal multi-year grant t

Project selection is an essential process for portfolio management and plays an important role in accomplishing organizational goals. This paper presents a literature review of the techniques used in project selection. Numerical methods include financial models, scoring models, and optimization models.. 2022 Project Selection Process and Criteria . Summary of Steps & Associated Timeline for P rojects Starting in January 202 2 . PROCESS STEP TIMELINE (ALL DATES 202 1) Conduct POC and Member Survey January 27 (Wednesday) - February 26 (Friday) Request for Pre-Proposals & Pre-Proposal Submission (1st Round) March 9 (Tuesday) With these five considerations guiding your project selection process, you'll be ready to choose the projects that will best serve your organizational goals. From here, it's all a matter of implementing your project - and managing it to a successful conclusion. Share. Subscribe Project Selection Process Overview • Project Selection Task Force -met September to December 2019 • Policy Framework adopted in January 2020 Based on VISION 2040 policies Provides Board direction for project selection Detailed policies and procedures for conducting the process • Call for Projects released in Februar

and selection, if you don't already have one in place, it is useful to prepare an overall policy to set the parameters for how you manage this vital area. Such a policy provides for both internal and external communication of your commitments in this area but also ensures that fairness and transparency apply The site selection process involves the following interrelated tasks: Assemble an experienced site selection team. It should be a sub-team with representation from the project development team. Review site selection criteria, identify a site, and devise a plan for your project. Initiate the loan process with a lender. Importance of Site Locatio

the projects to inform project selection and funding. Funding availability (whether a project is fully or partly funded) and project readiness (how far along the project is in the development process) are important factors for optimizing TxDOT's project portfolio and ensuring that projects ar Project Selection: Economic Value Add. Whether a project returns to the company more value than the initiative costs is Economic Value Added. In Cost Management chapter, there is a different concept, namely, Earned Value Analysis. Earned Value frequently appears in the exam and economic value rarely appear in questions or choices Free project topics and materials PDF and DOC download with complete quality research work and case studies for final year undergraduates and postgraduates students 2020/2021. Have you been searching for recent final year project topics and materials for your department, you are on the right page of this website The Project Selection Criteria section is found on pages 14 through 29 of the Application Guide available at parks.ca.gov/rpp. Format Overview: This document gives applicants a template to structure the response to the Project Selection Criteria. Please follow this Outline when responding to the Criteria

Good luck with the selection of a Municipal Flood Control Grant project within your jurisdiction. Refer to the step by step instruction starting on page 14 of the Program Guide & Application Guide for completing the application. An application checklist is provided on page 4 of the application form t Approaches project selection models and AHP technique. Project selection is a big task and both financial as well as non financial. Contentuploads200911The-Art-of-Project-Selection.pdf Accessed.The project initiation process will also be discussed outlining selection models, risk analyses and funding considerations

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Project selection is a cog in the project management lifecycle, but informed, effective selection decisions are essential to management success and the ability to deliver on time, on budget projects. Selection steps kick things off, providing the basis for all of the planning and decision making that lies ahead 4-H PROJECT SELECTION With the help of your parents, 4-H club, project leaders and agents, you will learn skills to last a lifetime! It is very important to sit down as a family to select 4-H projects for the upcoming year. 4-H is a family affair, so time required State of Oregon : Oregon.gov Home Page : State of Orego Software selection is a complex challenge that requires expertise and experience. Capgemini Consulting is your ideal partner for software selection, because: • Our best-practice approach for software selection is thorough and pragmatic, and comes with project accelerators (e.g., tools and templates) • We understand the importance of stakeholde

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  1. d otherwise it might turn into a big disaster. An effective diagnostic study is required before selecting projects and with the undivided involvement of the top management are pre-requisites for.
  2. Project Selection Methods for Project Management Professionals By Avantika Monnappa Last updated on Oct 4, 2018 When you have a number of interesting and challenging projects to choose from, finding a project that is the right fit for your team's skillset, level of competence, and has the best chanc
  3. organizations' project portfolio selection. Dye & Pennypacker (2000) claimed that the importance of project portfolio selection is widely recognized; however, a clear and formal project selection and prioritization process is too often lacking. Many researchers and practitioners are concerned about thi
  4. Selection Criteria Projects included on the long-range transportation plan meet at least one of the following transportation objectives, which serve as project selection criteria: A. Maintain highway pavement and bridge conditions to state standards. B. Maintain facilities to achieve or exceed facility and equipment lifecycles
  5. project sustainability (e.g., cost-recovery tariff reforms) as part of the project scope. 3. ADB will review the executing agency's proposal for a project to be included for support under the project readiness loan and, if necessary, may request additional information to justify the selection
  6. support project selection and is complementary to ongoing efforts to build project appraisal and selection capability. The IPF, as it is presented herein is the latest , version of the tool, which continues to evolve through on going piloting. We follow its description with lessons drawn from initial pilots in Vietnam and Panama an

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Criteria vary based on project, organization's size, etc. Relative ranking guides project selection 5 3. Select IS development projects Ongoing activity b/c business condition changes over time Incremental commitment Continuous reassessment of project after each phase Primary deliverable: schedule of IS projects Highway improvement project selection by the joint consideration of cost-benefit and risk criteria P Kelle1, H Schneider2, C Raschke2 and H Shirazi3 1Department of Information Systems and Decision Sciences, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA, USA; 2Highway Safety Research Group in the Department of Information Systems and Decision Sciences, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA. Highway Project Selection Process • Addresses different types of projects independently from one another • Decentralizes and broadens input into the decision-making process • Draws on expertise throughout DOTD, from other state agencies, and from non-state entitie Material Selection And Specification Minimum Material Selection and Specification Experience: 160 Hours Definition:The analysis and selection of building materials and systems for a project. The materials specified for a particular project communicate the requirements and quality expected during construction. Specifications ar project. The site selection process is most successful when it is a methodical search for the site that best meets established criteria, including size, location, proximity to services and price — factors that will help ensure the project fulfills the needs of future tenants. However, in many situations

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Project evaluations also facilitate deliberations by the Cabinet Budget Committee during the Budget process. They assist in the selection of projects to be included in the State Capital Works Program Benefits of Project Portfolio Management • Builds discipline into project selection process. • Links project selection to strategic metrics. • Prioritizes project proposals across a common set of criteria, rather than on politics or emotion. • Allocates resources to projects that align with strategic direction 4. Next, follow the instructions in the E xport Project Data section of this document (below). Section 3 - Export Infrastructure Project Data 1. Regardless of which selection option you used to select your Infrastructure Project area above, you will now E xport the underlying census block data project the owner requires • A GMP is established early in documentation • Competitive bid for subcontracts ADVANTAGES • CM and Architect selection based upon qualifications • Owner can be involved in selection of CM team members • Early CM involvement to control budget and schedule • Owner may be involved in sub-contractor selection PROJECT SELECTION TOOL The following is a tool that the Department of Transportation (Department) is developing to assist in determining the appropriate delivery method for projects. The Department is testing this tool on projects on the State Highway System that have been nominated for the Design-Buil

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Project Portfolio Selection: the Efficient Frontier Approach Efficient Frontier Analysis traces its origins to Nobel Prize winner Harry Markowitz and his work related to modern portfolio theory. According to this theory and common investment sense, there is a trade-off between portfolio risk and portfolio return: the mor Project Selection Process. All project applications must be submitted through e-snaps following the process outlined in this Appendix. C. Highlights. 1. CoC Program Requirements. To be eligible for funding under the YDHP NOFA, Project Applicants must meet all statutory and regulatory requirements of th Subsequently, the economic sense and soundness of the project must be tested. If Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) is used as a selection technique, this will implicitly confirm (or not) the economic sense of the project. If another selection technique is used, CBA must still be performed on the selected technical solution Discuss the systems view of project management and how it applies to healthcare projects Describe the importance of aligning projects with business strategy, the strategic planning process, and using a SWOT analysis Explain the four-stage planning process for project selection and provid IS project selection •Top-down: Projects identified by top management or by a diverse steering committee •Bottom-up: Project initiatives stem from managers, business units, or the development group •Mixed: The process varies across projects selected by the organization 5203 Systems and Infrastructure Lifecycle Management 2

CHAPTER 2 PROJECT SELECTIONAND MANAGEMENT This chapter discusses how organizations evaluate and select projects to undertake from the many available projects. Once a project has been selected, the project - Selection from System Analysis and Design, Fifth Edition [Book PROJECT SELECTION AND EXECUTION PROCESS 1. General.Set forth below is the process to be followed for the selection and execution of low-cost housing projects to be developed by the private party (the Private Party) on privately-owned land under a public private partnership scheme under the Naya Pakista Project selection is the process of evaluating individual projects or groups of projects, and then choosing to implement some set of them so that the objectives of the parent organization will be achieved. This same systematic process can be applied to an

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Before embarking on a full-blown vendor selection project, it is a good idea to look internally to see if you may already have a solution in house that could either support or be upgraded to support the required functionality. Conduct meetings in each department to gather information on • Project Selection. Executive Management needs to develop criteria that guides the project selection process to ensure the projects deliver the desired benefits when completed. The selection process might consider risk, technical or management complexity, availability of resources, alignment with the business. In this article, by using fuzzy AHP and TOPSIS technique we propose a new method for project selection problem. After reviewing four common methods of comparing alternatives investment (net present value, rate of return, benefit cost analysis and payback period) we use them as criteria in AHP tree. In this methodology by utilizing improved Analytical Hierarchy Process by Fuzzy set theory.

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  1. Generation and Screening of Project Ideas Part II: Analysis 4. Market and Demand Analysis 5. Technical Analysis 6. Financial Estimates and Projections Part III: Selection I 7. The Time Value of Money 8. Investment Criteria 9. Project Cash Flows 10. The Cost of Capital 11. Project Risk Analysis Part IV: Selection II 12. Project Rate of Return 13
  2. your final selection, but they will likely be the ones you want to weight the most. An example might be on a project with an aggressive schedule and a significant penalty if it is not available for occupancy by a date certain. In such a project, the firm and their team's prove
  3. Project analysis and selection process Commitment to transparency and impartiality in the BNDES' decision-making processes is reflected in the way the institution conducts project analysis and the selection for financial support. Requests for financing that arrive at the Bank undergo a series of procedures in which the final decision is made.
  4. Project evaluation is done on an ongoing or a concluded project and the project evaluation sheet records the findings. It aims to analyse to what extent the project has been able to achieve its goals. It also focuses on the other aspects such as the effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of the project
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  6. Proposed project(s) will be . located in a community of: 1. Under 5,000 15 2. Between 5,000 and less than 15,000 10 3. Between 15,000 and 25,000 5 . Population _____ D. Unemployment. Proposed project(s) will be located . in areas where the unemployment rate: 1. Exceeds the State rate by 25% or more 20 2
  7. PROJECT SELECTION GUIDE---State Fair. Kansas State Fair.-----State Fair. Kansas State Fair.----Beef . The beef project is a great way to learn about . raising, caring for, and managing beef cattle. Be-gin with a bucket calf and build your own herd

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  1. Scorecards are part of a scoring model approach to project evaluation and selection - models that are based on the attributes of desirable or winning development projects. Some people refer to these as profiling models or marker models. Think of the field of cancer research, where cancer researchers hav
  2. g process is only one component of the comprehensive regional transportation planning process. RPAs are responsible for the creation, maintenance, and updates of the following five planning documents as part of the planning process. These responsibilities must b
  3. ing long-term business objectives Projects should support strategic and financial business objectives rozlin BPA 2092
  4. Project Selection Decision Matrix (MS Excel) Project Portfolio Management Template (MS Excel) Project Concept Review Checklist ; Lessons PM Network, PMI Today, Pulse of the Profession, the PMI logo, and the PMP logo are marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc
  5. While project selection decisions are often not left to the project manager, one must still be prepared to advise and consult with others in the organization to help arrive at these decisions. Gathering information and facilitating discussions will be an important part of the PM's role here. The more information, documentation, and analysis.
  6. Project Selection Criteria Selection Criteria The below table includes point values assigned to various sections or components of the BHI application. Not every section of the application is scored. However, for the application to be . considered in the review process, all sections must be complete. Applications missin
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  1. Capstone Project Selection - 2. Verify Preferences After some time elapses, your project preferences will show up in the preference pane. The preferred projects will be at the top of the list, followed by the projects that are not preferred. The number of eac
  2. Project selection is one of its responsibilities; Project Portfolio Committee - is also known as Project selection committee or Project evaluation committee. Just as the name suggests, this committee is responsible selecting new projects, prioritizing projects, making project closure decisions, measuring the existing project's progress etc
  3. Project report on selection and recruitment pdf Download free HR project report on Recruitment and Selection process at Infosys and Learning Mate which is useful for BBA, PGDM and MBA students doing.The successful accomplishment of this project work is the outcome of the
  4. DECLARATION I hereby declare that the project entitled. RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION PROCESS Submitted to the Annamalai University, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Master.
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