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It starts out emotional as the tearful Jordan who would later become a GOAT meme talked about his family. Then, he talks about the people who added wood into his competitive fire Pippen's defense of Jordan's status as GOAT comes as no surprise because Jordan's story is, in part, his story, too. Jordan is also the first megastar of the modern NBA, where corporate. LeBron James Would Be the GOAT Because He's Scored More Career Points Than Michael Jordan. From a statistical point of view, LeBron James is a species apart in the history of the NBA The controversial GOAT debate first spiraled between Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan and the late Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant. Soon after, LeBron James' emergence in the basketball. NBA GOAT debate: Big questions on the greatest players ever. Do legends such as Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar have a stronger case than Michael Jordan? What.


Debating the greatest of all time in sports is a tradition as old as the sports themselves. We've taken it upon ourselves to declare the GOAT in each of the major sports around the world. These. In a poll conducted by The Athletic of 117 current NBA players, Jordan is considered the greatest of all time, and it's not even close.. Michael Jordan (73%); LeBron James (11.9%) Kobe Bryant (10.6%) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (1.7%) Magic Johnson, Allen Iverson, Kevin Durant (1%) While many will assume Jordan's status as GOAT is etched in stone, James isn't finished This article is the ultimate greatest NBA player of all-time debate between Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James, with facts and stats. Let's settle the NBA GOAT debate. As with every major sport, fans and pundits often embroil in the endless arguments about the greatest of all time (GOAT)

The GOAT debate is an evergreen one suited for any occasion, yet it isn't one NBA players find too hard to decide. According to a survey by The Athletic, polling 117 NBA players, the best player. The ' GOAT ' is always going to be subjective, to an extent. The best we can do is stick to a tried and tested formula, and attempt to agree on a few players, while allowing for new stars to enter the conversation if they manage to match up 5. Fact or fiction: A current NBA player under age 30 has a chance to enter the GOAT debate before the end of his career. Arnovitz: Fact. Only two NBA players in history won a pair of MVP awards. The GOAT debate in the NBA is one that will be going on forever, and though there are really just two or three legit candidates, fans have their personal favorites who they'll back no matter After Tom Brady won his 7th Super Bowl ring, Shaq, Candace, D-Wade and Lefkoe debate who the GOAT of GOATs is. highlights from Inside the NBA with Shaq, Char..

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NBA: Michael Jordan, not LeBron James, is the NBA GOA

LeBron James or Michael Jordan: Who Is the GOAT? G

  1. Which NBA stars, past and present, prefer Michael Jordan and which prefer LeBron James in the neverending debate about the NBA GOAT? The Whiteboard is The Step Back's daily basketball newsletter.
  2. But we do have insight on how a specific group of the population feels on the GOAT debate and, frankly, it's not that close. The Athletic released its answer to the NBA's GM survey by doing an anonymous survey of current NBA players, touching on a wide range of questions, from who players would want to start a franchise with to who the.
  3. You often hear the word GOAT on T.V, NBA, social media, and news. But what is the meaning of the word GOAT in the NBA? Today we are going to talk about GOAT meaning in the NBA. It is not about choosing the real GOAT in the NBA because there are too many GOAT's in the NBA. You can list your own NBA GOAT list in the comment section below
  4. A veteran NBA reporter who covered Michael Jordan and LeBron James gave a simple explanation for why MJ is the GOAT, and it has nothing to do with rings. Meredith Cash. 2020-04-20T15:19:42Z The letter F. An envelope. It indicates the ability to send an email..
  5. The only thing that bothers me about the whole thing, though, is when people point to Jordan's perfect 6-0 record in the NBA Finals and act like it's the be-all, end-all because what that ignores.

There is no one GOAT, only several GOATs in the NBA, and quality arguments can be made for many players: Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Take. Michael Jordan was so good his claim to the NBA's GOAT throne is still gaining momentum almost a quarter-century after his retirement from the Chicago Bulls, as The Last Dance documentary.

The list for NBA GOAT is short. Here's how LeBron stacks up against the competition. Bill Russell won 11 championships with the Boston Celtics. This will never be topped. In Russell's era. Why Michael Jordan Is the GOAT. Currently, Jordan holds a lead in all accolades minus Rookie of the Year, All-Star appearances, All-NBA Team, and Hall of Fame The following NBA Finals, Jordan had the most clutch game of his career and sealed his GOAT legacy with his game 6 performance. He had 45 points in the game, but with the Bulls down three late, Jordan proceeded to make a quick layup then steal the ball from Malone on the other end and then he finally buried the jumper to give the Bulls a one. The debate of who is the greatest of all time (GOAT) in the NBA between Michael Jordan and LeBron James will be around for years to come.The new generation of basketball fans tend to lean towards James because he has dominated the game of basketball for close to 20 years

Who's the GOAT in NBA? LeBron James or Michael Jordan

Why LeBron James is the GOAT after winning 2020 NBA title

Michael Jordan is the GOAT of the NBA. At present, Jordan is the forerunner in all accolades other than Rookie of the Year, All-Star appearances, All-NBA Team, and the Hall of Fame A new poll commissioned by ESPN in 2020 found that 73% of NBA fans believe Jordan is the superior player overall, and the Chicago Bulls legend swept all 17 questions comparing him to James by metrics both on and off the court. NBA GOAT debate: Big questions on the greatest players eve The GOAT in the NBA is a long-running debate that many players, writers, and basketball fans have strong and varying opinions about. Is there one clear true GOAT out there? Many of you are probably thinking Michael Jordan and that's an obvious and excellent choice, he was definitely one of the best, if not the best to ever do it Former Wizards' Star Explains Why LeBron James is the GOAT of NBA Over Michael Jordan & Kobe Bryant Published 01/14/2021, 6:10 AM EST Jan 10, 2021; Houston, Texas, USA; LeBron James #23 of the Los Angeles Lakers reacts during the first quarter of a game against the Houston Rockets at Toyota Center on January 10, 2021 in Houston, Texas The NBA GOAT debate has raged on for years. RELATED: LeBron James Risked His Legacy and GOAT Status to Fight for Racial Equality. Ever since LeBron James won his third NBA title and his first with his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers, the debate regarding who is the greatest basketball player of all time has really heated up

After Tom Brady won his 7th Super Bowl ring, Shaq, Candace, D-Wade and Lefkoe debate who the GOAT of GOATs is. highlights from Inside the NBA with Shaq, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson and more In the National Basketball Association (NBA), GOAT is an acronym for Greatest of all time. The term GOAT is used in all kinds of sports as an honorable title for the greatest player to ever have done it From local hero to goat to hero and G.O.A.T. as LeBron James returned and gave Cleveland and Cavaliers a championship. more He is a five-time NBA champion, a two-time NBA MVP, a three-time NBA Finals MVP, a 15-time NBA All-Star, and the only player to be selected to both the All-NBA and All-Defensive Teams for 13 consecutive seasons The Ultimate GOAT Argument - Lebron James. Jordan's legacy. I don't understand why millenials think MJ is GOAT when they haven't had the emotional effect of Jordan to brush over his weaknesses. Jordan is deemed the goat b/c people wanted him to be the GOAT In today's NBA great big men are few and far between, but there did used to be a time when big men dominated the league. To call LeBron the GOAT would be doing a disservice to all the great big men in league history. LeBron James is a dominant force in the league right now, but he wasn't the only guy to ever dominate before

LeBron James' comments about being the 'GOAT' have rankled the NBA world. Scott Davis. 2019-01-06T18:52:00Z The letter F. An envelope. It indicates the ability to send an email A debate of the GOAT among GOATs. The candidates are LeBron James , Tom Brady , Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo among team sport athletes. Among individual sport athletes, the discussion revolves around Roger Federer, Serena Williams, and Tiger Woods

Michael Jordan weighed in on LeBron James and the GOAT debate. right now that they are coming dangerously close to being one of the four teams that would have to take part in the NBA's play-in. The Greatest Of All Time—or more simply, The GOAT. It is the title bestowed upon one person that is perceived as superior to all the rest. It is the person believed to be the best basketball. Durant has done his own bidding to put himself in the NBA's GOAT conversation. Only Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain have won more scoring titles than KD as he has led the league in points. Either way, James already is in the GOAT discussion without question. Arnovitz: Fiction. The modern NBA extends back for more than 70 seasons. Five weeks of basketball and, possibly, a postseason being canceled would be a blip in the historical sweep of the league and any conversation about its most distinguished players. MacMullan: Fiction Whereas, James has reached nine NBA Finals and has three titles to show for it. It took Michael Jordan four years to get past the Detroit Pistons and he left to play baseball from 1993 to 1994

Andiambro said... (original post)Duncan is a much stronger choice for 00's GOAT than Kobe.Or even Shaq for how much he dominated the first half of the decade Hakeem Olajuwon Says The NBA's GOAT Is Extremely Clear. Olajuwon, 57, played in the NBA while Jordan was dominating, so it's not surprising to see him go with the Chicago Bulls legend Most valuable NBA single-season performances since 1976-77 according to FiveThirtyEight's RAPTOR wins above replacement, including playoffs. And in the battle for GOAT seasons, Jordan's.

GOAT cons: Fedor's name is still brought up in GOAT conversations all the time, but mostly in a name-drop sense to establish credibility as a longtime fan. The beatings Fedor took toward the end. Even though LeBron James has been to more NBA Finals, succeeded more with worse teams, been a better rebounder and passer his whole career, and never tried baseball, people still constantly argue that Jordan is superior to LeBron because he went 6-for-6 in the Finals with 6 Finals MVPs, and LeBron is just 3-for-8 with 3 Finals MVPs Michael Jordan was so good his claim to the NBA's GOAT throne is still gaining momentum almost a quarter-century after his retirement from the Chicago Bulls. The Last Dance documentary.

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Everything you need to know about the NBA GOAT debat

  1. For years, the NBA world has continued to discuss about the GOAT, comparing NBA greats like Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Bill Russell. More often than not, the debate boils down to James and Jordan, who are considered the two best players ever to play the game
  2. The two most-often cited answers would be Phil Jackson and Red Auerbach, primarily because of the number of championships they have won (11 and 9, respectively - next closest is Pat Riley with 5). On the other hand, championships are just one mea..
  3. He is the GOAT. Edit: Another issue for me is that Griffith came home after his career was over and has been an outstanding representative for the city and a model citizen. Best NBA career.
  4. Let's start with the NBA where Michael Jordan leads the debate while names like LeBron James, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bill Russell, and more are thrown into the discussion as well. They each have their merits and those players have an amazing amount of combined rings, but is there a reason this GOAT debate seems to start after 1955
  5. Who is the GOAT? Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James Career Stats Comparison (Regular Season) Among the NBA world, the separation between the two comes down to the NBA Finals. Jordan is 6-0 in the finals, winning finals MVP with each championship. James has won three finals MVPs but has a record of 3-6
  6. According to the survey, 73% believe six-time NBA champion Jordan is the greatest player the sport has seen. James came in second with 11.9% of votes, ahead of Kobe Bryant with 10.6%

Who's the GOAT in each major sport? - MS

  1. The GOAT conversation needs to be done because it is the most toxic debate in the NBA. Sports allow us to escape an everlasting negative reality for brief windows of time
  2. Average 30 points a game, and go to like 13 NBA Finals. That's just not going to be broken And then he's going to pass Kareem. Also Read: Skip Bayless calls out former Cavalier for dissing Michael Jordan as the GOAT scorer in favor of the Lakers star. LBJ has a career total of 35318 points, roughly around only 3,000 points behind Kareem
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  4. The achievement reignited one of the fiercest debates in the NBA — who is the GOAT, the greatest NBA player of all time. Supporters of Jordan pointed to Jordan's six championships, his.
  5. In a recent interview with SportsTalk 790's 'The A-Team,' Drexler discussed The Last Dance, his overall career, the debate on who is the best NBA player of all-time and more. More than 20 years after Drexler and MJ last laced it up against each other, Drexler has his own opinion on the GOAT debate
  6. They would probably argue that he is the NBA's GOAT. He finished his career in the early 1970s as the league's all-time leading scorer and was a one-in-a-million phenom at 7-foot-1
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Michael Jordan or LeBron James—Who Do NBA Players Think Is

  1. With four titles, 10 NBA Finals appearances in 11 years, potentially four NBA Finals MVP awards (though he and Anthony Davis are battling for this one), 16 straight All-Star Games, 15 All-NBA.
  2. Who is the NBA's GOAT, the player who is the Greatest of all Time? Let's let the best-informed people vote: the players themselves. This is an informal, unscientific attempt at a consensus poll, based on what some of the greatest players in NBA history have said on the subject.
  3. Franklin High School, a basketball powerhouse in the Public School Athletic League. Manigault set the NYC junior high school record by scoring 57 points in a.

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Trust Me Michael jordan Is good, and better than most nba players but kobe he was A monster He dominated Basketball Basically his Whole Life. Two Goats Fighting It Out NBA Career. Kobe Bryants dad Joe Bryant Introduced him to the game of basketball The NBA G.O.A.T discussion - the greatest of all-time - is tiresome, and The Last Dance Michael Jordan documentary has re-ignited this tedious Jordan vs. LeBron James debate

In my opinion, I think Michael Jordan will always be the GOAT because of some of the insane achievements throughout his career that will never be matched. Comparing both MJ's and Lebron's careers is very impressive especially since Lebron is still currently playing in the NBA Hakeem Olajuwon says Michael Jordan is the undisputed GOAT. In recent interview with CNBC, Hakeem Olajuwon sat down to discuss all things NBA but what caught the viewers' eyes was his take on who he believed the greatest NBA player of all time was This website will analyze the greatest players of all time. I hope to present you with information so that you can make your own decision about who the greatest basketball player of all time. This website will provide player stats, player career analysis, and interesting player facts. I hope you learn more about the greates Lebron & kobe would have been amongst the best if they played in the 90s. Lebron is a special special player, & he would have had a good chance to be the goat if he stayed in Cleveland & not jump ship. People think we call jordan the goat because of rings & points. They have no idea. We call him goat simply because of the way he played in the air They call Babe Ruth the greatest of all-time (GOAT), of baseball. For football, it's Tom Brady or Jerry Rice. For hockey, it's Wayne Gretzky. For the NBA, it's either Michael Jordan or LeBron James. But for the professional wrestling industry? It's a wide-open debate, where fans and pundits can make a strong enough case for 10 to 15 superstars

With quarterback Tom Brady winning his seventh Super Bowl, BetOnline.ag released an interactive map showing who is the true GOAT in every U.S. state Yet, at this point, in the wake of a 35-year-old LeBron James capturing his fourth NBA championship, only those three names belong in the GOAT conversation. However, there will be plenty of time. The NBA's GOAT debate is largely one between two players: LeBron James and Michael Jordan. As people continue to compare their skillset, stats, and accolades, cases hold strong for both players.

NBA news: Players vote Michael Jordan as the GOAT over

  1. Jordan was the first NBA player to rise higher than the game, to tap into those parts of society that didn't follow sports or athletes, to become a cultural icon. Not to the extent of Muhammad Ali
  2. nba Michael Jordan vs LeBron James: 11 Hall of Famers Weigh in on NBA GOAT Debate Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share via E-mail More share options Share on Pinterest Share on Flipboard Share.
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  4. LeBron has already statistically lapped Jordan in every major category...plus he's got 4 championships with 3 different teams and was the MVP of all of them and is still going...LeBron is the GOAT! Upon LeBron's retirement, this won't even be a debate
  5. Who is the GOAT? The conversations usually boil down to Michael Jordan and LeBron James, although now that James has failed to win a fourth NBA championship, critics say the debate over the GOAT.

Luka is GOAT. Lol Hawks: JordanvPlumbers: 4: 4/15 7:15AM: Anthony Edwards says KD is the GOAT: NeoBlade258: 29: 4/14 6:37PM: Skip Bayless on Undisputed Monday after Lakers beat Nets w/o Goat and AD. DonnieD: 12: 4/12 11:09AM: LaMarcus Aldridge retires due to irregular heartbeart: NeoBlade258: 6: 4/15 8:09AM: Name a good NBA player of the last. Fact or fiction: A current NBA player under age 30 has a chance to enter the GOAT debate before the end of his career. Arnovitz: Fact. Only two NBA players in history won a pair of MVP awards by. The NBA goat THE GAME OF MY LIFE - Bill Velasco (The Philippine Star) - October 31, 2020 - 12:00am Mere numbers cannot do him justice Not every NBA franchise has a Jordan or a LeBron, but every team has their own GOAT. This is the best player ever from every NBA team from Jordan to LeBron to Hakeem, Duncan, Wilt, and more

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the legendary 7-foot-2 center for the Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers, recently spoke with The Undefeated to clear the air on the topic and make his stance on the GOAT (greatest of all time) debate: These GOAT discussions are fun distractions while sitting around waiting for the pizza to be served LeBron James has earned his fourth NBA championship and fourth Finals MVP, closing the gap on the ring total of all-time great Michael Jordan. As LeBron's legacy continues to grow, the debate of who is the best player in league history becomes closer than ever before. Here's a look at some numbers to support either side of the argument

Michael Jordan's six championship appearances with 6 championships won, is the Holy Grail that pushes Lebron to a near 2nd as the NBA 'GOAT'. You can make a case for Bill Russell as the GOAT if you base it on rings alone. Russell has 11 rings, but played on a Celtic's team stacked with talent, and Red Auerbach as his coach The rookie point guard is certainly getting some major props from his teammates for his energy and effort like this praise from Jaylen Brown: Payton is the GOAT, man Thanks, NBA GOAT! 21 de junho de 2017. Reply. stanley wecker. I consider Larry the Cable Guy to be the ultimate basketball player! 11 de novembro de 2017. Reply. Jeff White. Jordan is the most spectacular player of all time but Kareem is the greatest. When you can dunk without even jumping everybody takes you for granted. And everybody has

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Who is the GOAT of the NBA, NFL, Soccer, and Baseball

Who is the NBA GOAT? Wilt Chamberlain Votes: 23 4.3% Bill Russell Votes: 4 0.8% Michael Jordan Votes: 444 83.8% Magic Johnson Votes: 10 1.9% Larry Bird Votes: 10 1.9% LeBron James Votes: 13 2.5% Tim Duncan Votes: 7 1.3% Kareem Abdul-Jabar Votes:. Source: NBA Advanced Stats, Basketball-Reference.com Jordan was also named to the NBA's All-Defensive Team nine times , winning Defensive Player of the Year in 1988

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NBA GOAT debate - Big questions on Michael Jordan and the

A goat is a ruminant animal that has been domesticated. People raise these animals for meat, milk, and as pets. A goat has a reputation for being stubborn, and for eating things they really should not. A G.O.A.T. in the NBA and in other sports is not a stubborn animal, but is the Greatest of All Time However, when I think of him as the greatest NBA player of all time, I can't help but wonder if he actually is or not. In my mind, players like Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bill Russell, and (with a couple more titles) Lebron James all have an equally good stake at claiming the highly coveted title of GOAT - Greatest of All Time Survey Shows Majority of Americans Think Jordan Is the GOAT, Not LeBron. By FNR TIGG. The Reason The BI claims to have asked over 1,000 respondents how often they watched NBA and who they feel. On this day in Boston Celtics history, head coach and former player K.C. Jones resigned as coach unexpectedly on completion of the 1987-88 NBA season. Jones, an eight-time NBA champion with the team as a point guard, would win two more rings as head coach (one in 1984, the other in 1986), and would be designated coach of the NBA All-Star game. He led the NBA finals in all significant statistical categories against the team with greatest 3 year run in NBA history Currently Kareem is the GOAT but LBJ is closing Mt. Rusmore

NBA GOAT debate cheat sheet: Where legends rank No

The achievement re-ignited one of the fiercest debates in the NBA - who is the GOAT, the greatest NBA player of all-time. Supporters of Michael Jordan point to Jordan's six championships, his. Let me start this off by saying I have the utmost respect for Michael Jordan and (even though I feel the media pushes him on us) LeBron James.But, Kobe Bean Bryant is the true GOAT of basketball. He's often the most disrespected by the media (let's be honest early in his career he did not have a good relationship with the media).In several recent rankings he has been placed outside. RJ Hampton joined Sports Illustrated host Robin Lundberg to discuss his draft preparation and he also revealed who he thinks is the NBA GOAT The former NBA bad boy also mentioned that Kobe, Magic and Kareem are all considered great, but MJ is the GOAT and there should be no discussion about it anymore. Over two years ago, Rodman. The intensifying LeBron vs. Jordan GOAT debate is a game within the game, and it is far from being over, Martin Rogers writes

Who's the NBA GOAT? MJ, Russell, Wilt, Kareem, Magic, Bird, Kobe, Oscar? i think most of you will say that jordan is the goat, so i made a rankings by category for us to measure who's the goat. It's up to you who're your gonna put on your list. These are my ranking by categories. by rings 1. russell 2. kareem/ jordan 3. magic/ kobe 4. shaq/ duncan 5. bird by stats 1. wilt 2. russell 3. jordan. 'GOAT' is more than an athlete. For every goat, there is a GOAT. For every foil, there is a legend. Gray's book tells stories of generational talents and some of the best to have ever played. For the author, becoming the greatest of all time isn't a statistical achievement. It's not about one great moment or one bad moment Abdul-Jabbar is the NBA's all-time leading scorer with more than 38,000 points. Jordan is fifth, more than 6,000 points behind. The man they call Cap is third on the all-time rebounds list. Every now and then, you can see the GOAT debate making a comeback, sometimes stronger than others but there are always people trying to convince others who is the greatest basketball player of all.

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