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Kolkata metro smart card is very useful you just have to go to the ticket counter and tell them to make a card just give them ₹100 and 50 will be for security and other 50 will be for travel. You can recharge with min 100 you will get 110 on your card and for 200 it is 220 and so on Just go to the ticket counter with ₹100 or more and ask the officer to hand you a smart card. He will hand it over to you. Kolkata Metro charges ₹60 per card and puts the remaining money into the card for future use. 4.1K view Download from Playstore link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mt.metrorailwaykolkataE-Pass: https://pathadisha.com/metro/ONLINE RECHARG.. #kolkatametrosmartcardrecharge#smartcardrechargeonline#kolkatametrosmartcardrechargeonline#kolkatametroKolkata metro website:https://mtp.indianrailways.gov.i..

Kolkata Metro Web Card Recharge System release version : 1.6.1 release date : 29-Oct-2020 14:00 release type : Productio How to Recharge Smart Card | How to Recharge Kolkata Metro Smart Card Online | Metro Service Guideline | Adventure Tech TutorialIn this video, Adventure Tech.. The Kolkata Metro is a rapid transit system serving the city of Kolkata in West Bengal, India.As of February 2021, it has two operational lines, a 31.36 km (19.49 mi) line from Dakshineswar to Kavi Subhash and a 7.205 km (4.477 mi) line from Salt Lake Sector V to Phoolbagan, for a total of 38.565 km (23.963 mi).Four other lines are in various phases of construction

Easy guide to traveling in Kolkata metro post lockdown. Get all information on the new rules for traveling in Kolkata Metro restart after lockdown explained... Kolkata Metro Railway announced that Metro authorities have decided to allow ladies and children (below the age of 15 years) to travel in the Metro from 11:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs without any e-pass from tomorrow i.e. 20.11.2020(Friday). They can travel in the Metro using their smart cards from 11:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs Cash runs abound in Kolkata Metro, cards are frowned upon for any sort of payment and even rejected! Infants and toddlers do not have to pay for tickets when travelling with parents! And, do not forget to drop the token as you leave the station! the smart card can be swiped and used to stay inside the metro rail premises for upto 45 minutes Shortage of Smart card in Kolkata Metro rai

kolkata metro smart card recharge online introduce... Jul 7, 2020 60. 2. How to Generate/Book E-pass for Kolkata Metro ? Nov 9, 2020 46. 3. Kolkata Metro Timing After Lockdown 2020 Nov 9, 2020 16. 4. kolkata metro stations list Jul 5, 2020 7. 5. Kolkata Metro Fare Chart Jul 4, 2020 5. Recent Posts SMART CARD: Info about various types of Smart Cards available in Kolkata Metro Service now with online Smart Card recharge option. ABOUT METRO: Some basic information about the Metro Railway, Kolkata HELPLINE: displays all necessary helpline numbers needed in case of an emergency ****PLEASE NOTE*** No more smart cards or long queues to buy tickets from the counter. Passengers will need to download the Kolkata Metro Railway app so they can buy tickets online and get their hands on the Quick. This Official Mobile App has been developed to facilitate online recharge of Smart Cards and provide useful information regarding Metro services, fare structure and other useful information to the users. This Mobile app is completely developed & designed by Metro Railway, Kolkata itself. Metro Railway, Kolkata is the 17th Zone of Indian Railways under Ministry of Railways, Govt. of India

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How to buy a smart card in the Kolkata Metro - Quor

  1. imum fare is just Rs5. The maximum fare is Rs25 and passengers holding smart card will get 10% bonus on the overall value. The fare depends upon distance travelled. To buy a smart card you have to deposit Rs100 and metro riders can recharge the smart card from the machines
  2. New smart cards can be bought from stations — at counters and smart card vending machines at some stations. Existing smart card users can recharge at stations or online — from the Metro app and website. The smart card will be for access to the platform. To enter a station, a person needs a QR code-based colour coded e-pass. The.
  3. Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation Ltd.(KMRCL) invites Request for Proposal(RPF)-2nd call for Licensing of Advertisement on Kokata East-West Metro Smart Token & Card from potential interested parties. 15 Civil/05 of 2018- 201
  4. [ March 31, 2021 ] DMRC launches Amazon Pay facility for recharging Delhi Metro Smart Cards Rail News Kolkata Metro update: Construction works of Noapara-Barasat Metro project going on in full swing amidst lockdown. August 24, 2020 Rail News. Share with your network. Tweet.

AGRA: Work is progressing at rapid pace for the Agra Metro Rail Project. So far, 335 piles and 9 pillar have been erected for the under construction Line-1 of Agra Metro which stretch from Sikandra to Taj East Gate with route length of 14.25 km. At present, construction activities are going on to build three [ NAGPUR (Metro Rail News): Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Limited, on behalf of CIDCO (City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra), has invited tenders for the construction of balance works on six elevated stations for Navi Mumbai Metro Line-1. Name of Work. Design (part) and construction of balance works of Concrete & Fabricated Steel Structures, Architectural works. Hey, Getting a smart card is very simple! Go to any metro station and act confused, lost & say ' I don't have change ' that's it! At counter with in minutes at any metro station with explanation they will give you away a brand new metro card with.

Encuentra lo Que Necesitas en Booking.com, la Web de Viajes Más Grande Del Mundo. ¡La web oficial de Booking.com! 2.200.000+ Hoteles en todo el mundo How New Token Ticket by Kolkata Metro Works : After the huge success of metro, now the metro railway is finally switching from the conventional turnstiles for entry and exit to advanced, flap-style gates that accept only tokens and smart cards. The smart card will based on the Radio frequency Identification Technology (RFID) #Kolkata: Tokens are not being introduced in Kolkata Metro. You have to travel with a smart card. Although Metro service was launched in New Normal Kolkata, tokens were not introduced. I had to book an e-pass and travel on the metro. When that system was lifted, it was thought that the token system would be introduced gradually The Kolkata Metro has also been actively discouraging token use, by daily commuters, convincing them to use smart cards instead. Tokens are a logistics nightmare—collecting them from bins, and keeping them stocked at stations is a pain. Additionally, around 500-600 get lost each day, setting the Metro back by Rs 18.98 for each token

Rules of Metro Railway in Kolkat

Tourist Smart Card • 1 Day Unlimited Rides: Rs. 250 with Rs. 60 security deposit • 3 Day Unlimited Rides: Rs. 550 with Rs. 50 security deposit. Kolkata Metro East-West Line-2 Fare Chart (Prices) Fare charges on Kolkata Metro's Line-2 (Howrah Maidan - Sector V) were fixed on 05.12.2019 and are listed below. 1. Single Journey Fare Mr Mitra it is good to have a smart card always if u wish to travel in metro. It has one year validity. U spend Rs 100 in many things without even thinking. Tokens are a nuisance as there is heavy loss of them etc, so I would like metro to continue with smart cards. Metro, is not for the poor unfortunately. There is the EMU There are multiple types of SmarTrip® card numbers in circulation. Compare your number pattern to the ones in the examples. The numbers inside the brackets without spaces represent your card number. Cards for sale over the past few years all have numbers that start with 0167 (Example 4). Example 1: [012345678] Example 2: [012345678] WELCOME to KOLKATA METRO RAIL CORPORATION. The initiative had to wait for 2 decades when in 1969 the Metropolitan Transport Project was initiated. The master plan prepared by them in 1971 envisaged a network of 97.50 km consisting of three North-South corridors of which three were selected for detailed planning

kolkata police give the confirmation,ew metro project already face over delay,so ew metro do not desearve any more delay.ew metro construction work should be completed by 2021. Reactions: Indtrans, only smart-card. There may be a new QR code based e-ticket, no token immediately. 2). Officials said passengers would have to download the Kolkata Metro Rail app on their phones, and book their e-passes minimum four to six hours in advance. Those who do not have smart cards, without which travel will not be allowed, can book an e-pass and buy the card at the station. About 4,000 such passes are likely to be issued every hour Metro smart cards in a mess KOLKATA: With more commuters availing Metro services since the This happens as one of the gates either at Tollygunge or Esplanade do not work. When a card is. Kolkata Metro focus on online smart card recharge 31-08-2020 11:07 via timesofindia.indiatimes.com Before resumption of services, Kolkata Metro is focusing on the smart card recharging system to avoid crowds at the ticket counters KOLKATA: In an indication that it is not averse to the state government's proposal to run limited services, Metro Railway on Tuesday launched a much-awaited scheme that would allow smart card.

We reside at a complex adjacent to kabi subhas metro station (west bengal, kolkata) where metro works are going on. The workers are doing open toilet beside our wall. Metro Railway, Kolkata — non refund of security deposit of smart card. D. Dhanrj. Sep 14, 2019. Kolkata, West Bengal In a new development announced today (November 24), Bandhan Bank's logo will now be seen on smart cards that the Kolkata Metro will issue to commuters. The coming together of two iconic institutions of the city to leverage each other's popularity, is surely a landmark event for the city Initially, a total of 110 trains will play at an interval of 10 minutes. As like in other cities, Kolkata Metro will also allow passengers to travel using only smart card to minimise contact amid the coronavirus pandemic. Metro trains will also operate on Sunday, i.e. September 13 but only for NEET aspirants and their parents Metro spokesperson Indrani Banerjee said no transaction charges will have to be paid by commuters. Passengers will continue to get a 10 per cent bonus on the recharging amount of their smart cards as before, she said. There are around seven lakh active smart card users of Kolkata Metro at present

Kolkata Metro New App/Kolkata Metro Smart Card Online

  1. Smart card: The Kolkata Metro did not settle with the implementation of the RFID tokens. It also introduced another innovation via a service of smart cards for the users. It is noteworthy that they were also issued by the Center of Railway Information (CRIS,) and were designed with the purpose of letting the users pay and schedule multiple trips
  2. The Metro authorities are issuing only smart cards at the booking counters and no tokens. Special passes were issued to employees of contract agencies who work for Kolkata Metro, officials said
  3. customer relations 202.637.1328 smartrip customer support 888.smartrip (m—f, 7 am—8 pm
  4. Kolkata Metro online smart card recharge system likely to start by end of 2019 Once the facility is in place, commuters using smart cards will be able to recharge them online by visiting the.
  5. istration is busy installing digital smart card recharging systems across stations to manage contact less operations. In line with the current preparations, the Metro Ad
  6. The Smart cards protect against a full range of security threats. A smart card resembles a credit card in size and shape, but inside it is completely different. The inside of a smart card usually contains an embedded microprocessor. The microprocessor is under a gold contact pad on one side of the card
  7. A Metro official said the footfall at Dum Dum station, an interface for suburban and Metro passengers, was 80,000 passengers daily. The number is 39,000 now. We are trying to encourage people to travel by Metro by withdrawing the e-passes. Now, passengers can buy smart cards for travelling, said Indrani Banerjee, Metro spokesperson
RVNL Floated tender for Setting Up of Kolkata Metro New

D.S. Nirkha, General Manager, State Bank of India, Eastern Zone was also present at this function. At present, there are 7 lakh active smart card users of Kolkata Metro. From now onwards, they will be able to recharge their smart cards online. However, commuters can also recharge their smart cards from the ticket counters as before In order to purchase the Kolkata Metro Railway smart card, at first, the user will have to pay Rs 100/200/300/500 and 1000, which is inclusive of Security Deposit of Rs 60

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What is Zero Human Intervention metro card and how does it work? Zero Human Intervention metro card: These cards offer an automatic top-up feature. The commuters will need to register the card on the Autope app (available on Google Play Store) or website which will be linked to their debit, credit, or UPI account Kolkata Metro commuters can recharge their cards online by visiting the Metro Railway, Kolkata, website and clicking on 'online recharge' option. The recharge can be done after filling out basic information from the card. The online recharge system was launched by Kolkata Metro on June 30 this year in partnership with SBI

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Kolkata Metro has launched its own official mobile app Metro Railway, Kolkata for android smartphone users which provides information regarding station, train timing, fare and has online smart card recharge facility. [90] Seat reservation. In 2008, the Kolkata Metro Railway experimented with the practice of reserving two entire compartments for. The smart card refund process is not adequate in metro railways kolkata. This incident happened with me I had a smart card which had approximately Rs.1000 in it and I was using it regularly, the card stopped working and I approached the station master for card refund. The card was still not expired when I took the refund form Kolkata Metro is focusing on online smart card recharging system to avoid crowds at the ticket counters at stations. As per a report in Times of India, posters will be distributed among commuters and displayed at the stations showcasing steps to recharge metro cards online

How to recharge kolkata metro smart card online kolkata

Kolkata metro also introduced smart card recharging machines, in Park Street station, on an experimental basis, where money could be credited onto the smart card by inserting ₹ 100 notes into the machine and placing the card in its slot. Another type of Smart Card is the multi-ride card মেট্রো রেল কর্তৃপক্ষ নতুন অ্যাপ Smart Card Recharge smart card Online recharge kolkata metro update kolkata metro smart card Kolkata metro Web Title : online recharge of kolkata metro smart card introduced Bengali News from EI Samay , TIL Networ

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India is well on its way to create a world-class MRT system as an integral part of community infrastructure development in the country. Growing cities, growin Soon, Chennai Metro's smart card will work in retail outlets too, Minister for Industries M.C. Sampath said here on Thursday. Speaking at the launch of a facility to use the smart card at.

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  1. After entering their Metro Smart card number, they can choose any amount between INR 100 to INR 2000 to recharge their metro card. After successful payment, they need to tap the card at the automatic vending machine (AVM) at any Delhi Metro station and select Top -UP to add the balance to their card
  2. By the completion of all 6 lines, the metro will run in Kolkata and its major suburbs. From the Metro lines of 1 to 6 mostly will have 29 metro stations. This is the India's Biggest metro project mostly metro works will complete by the end of 2019
  3. Address : Paribahan Bhavan - I, 12, R.N. Mukherjee Road, Kolkata 700001, Phone : +91 33 2236 1916/2237 2692 Email : info@wbtc.co.i
  4. The metro card, built in line with the central government's initiative of national common mobility card, which could be used for NMRC-run city buses, parkings and online shopping, is being sold for Rs 100. Customers need to have a voter card or their driving license in order to buy the smart card for Aqua line
  5. gs of its services from Monday, December 7, 2020. In order to facilitate passengers to travel conveniently the Metro Railway, Kolkata, will run 204 daily services, instead of the earlier 190 services, every Monday to Saturday
  6. The Delhi Metro Smart card users can also make use of the Top-up facility offered by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation. However, it is limited to the ICICI bank account holders. The format for to recharge via SMS is DMRC <space>Card Engraved ID<space>Amount<space>last six digits of ICICI bank Account number and send to 9222208888

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  1. It is also possible to check the metro card balance online as well as offline methods. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation also known as DMRC launched on May 3, 1995 is a center state public sector company
  2. It was after 2016 that the work got accelerated and the dreams of lakhs to see a metro train in Dakshineswar got fulfilled. The north-south metro that went beyond Noapara to connect with.
  3. Find metro route from Esplanade metro station to Salt Lake Sector V metro station. Get travel summary e.g. distance, total stops, travel time, interchange, token fare, smart card fare, station details with gates info
  4. Kolkata Metro, Calcutta, India. 5,373 likes · 5 talking about this. This page is about our Android App - Kolkata Metro Our application provides various information about Kolkata Metro
  5. 1]-The smart Card can be used purchase tickets from automatic ticket vending machines[ATVM] that have been set up at Howrah, Sealdah and several suburban stations. 2]-Useful for people who travel frequently on work to various locations in the districts

In this blog post, I share with you all that you need to know to get smart cards and make the most of them. Kolkata has three Smart Cards each for Metro Railways, Local trains under Eastern and South Eastern Railways and for State Buses issued by WBTC. Kolkata Metro Smart Card: 1. It is available from any Metro Station. 2 My dear sir, I have bought a smart card from kolkata metro railway vide card no.[protected] in the year 2014 or before and since then using the same for metro railway.Fewdays ago i have gone to the ticket counter to recharge the metro smart card, the counter person said that the card is not readable properly and have to change or replace the card.in that respect i have gone the station master. Photo Of A passenger uses a ticket vending machine to recharge his smart card as Kolkata Metro services resume in a graded manner, amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, in Kolkata 5/3 কলকাতা মেট্রো রেল কলকাতা মেট্রো পরিষেবা metro smart card kolkata metro service Kolkata Metro Rail Web Title : smart card and aarogya setu app is must for availing metro service Bengali News from EI Samay , TIL Networ The Metro will upgrade its faregates later this year to be more efficient and reliable in June. As a result, SmarTrip cards obtained prior to 2012 with old chip technology will no longer work with.

Kolkata Metro map showing all the metro stations and the places covered by Kolkata Metro. Find the list of metro stations, route map and metro rail timing s on weekday and Sunday At present Kolkata Metro charges Rs 14 for a 25.12-km ride from Dum Dum to Kavi Subhash (New Garia), as against the Rs 23 the Delhi Metro charges for a 25.15-km ride from Dilshad Garden to Rithala. Besides, commuters using prepaid Smart Cards get a rebate ranging between 20 to 37 per cent depending on the amount they recharge A Metro official tells WUSA9 that once the card is processed to the app -- most likely via a serial number that can be scanned or typed in -- the card would not function at faregates and Metrobus. Figure 4 58 : India: Kolkata Metro Forecast: Smart Card Volumes (in 000's), 2012-2018 Figure 4 59 : India: Kolkata Metro Forecast: Smart Card Values (in Million INR), 2012-2018 Figure 4 60 : India: Bangalore/Namma Metro: Daily Ridership (in 000's), 2011-201 Kolkata Metro is focusing on smart card recharging system to avoid crowds at ticket counters. Here are few basic steps to be followed for online recharge of smart cards. Every passenger has to take the smart card before traveling in the metro and stop at the card balance checking terminal of the station

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No need of e-pass to travel in Kolkata Metro Tokens will not be issued for now and a smart card is a must for entering the Metro station. The e-pass system was introduced for access control at. Metro officials spelled out the challenges. Before the suspension, the Metro attracted a daily average of 600,000-plus passengers. Maintaining social-distancing among even a third or fourth of that number would be daunting, officials said. For now, we are planning to let in only smart-card users. Tokens have the risk of contamination Kolkata Metro Railways to implement online smart card recharge system to motivate social distancing Wed 01 Jul 2020, 22:47:19 In a bid to encourage social distancing when it resumes service, the Kolkata Metro has introduced an online system of recharging smart cards withou Kolkata, April 23: In a bid to make travelling in buses convenient, state-run Calcutta State Transport Corporation will soon introduce smart card facilities on the lines of Metro Railway

The year will go well There may be a little pressure at work, but it will be a good year There may be a gathering of guests in the family Give yourself a little time this year You have to travel on Kolkata Metro with smart card, not token. 1 hour ago admin . Contact Us. Email:- [email protected] Griveance Cell :- [email protected] Contact. La ĉi-suba teksto estas aŭtomata traduko de la artikolo Kolkata Metro article en la angla Vikipedio, farita per la sistemo GramTrans on 2017-12-26 05:19:29. Eventualaj ŝanĝoj en la angla originalo estos kaptitaj per regulaj retradukoj. Se vi volas enigi tiun artikolon en la originalan Esperanto-Vikipedion, vi povas uzi nian specialan redakt-interfacon

Find here online price details of companies selling Smart Cards. Get info of suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, traders of Smart Cards for buying in India Metro commuters need not stand in queue to get their smart cards recharged. Mumbai Metro One Private Limited (MMOPL) has started an online recharge facility. MMOPL has launched the top-up facility of CSC (Contactless Smart Cards) through Internet-enabled mobile phones and computers

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Phool Bagan Metro Station was opened in Oct 2020. New Tourist Smart Cards shall be introduced, Card-I. valid for one day unlimited ride, Card-II. for three days. For more about these, read the conditions here. By tram Calcutta Tramways is the only tram service in all of India, and the oldest surviving electric tram network of Asia The country remains in poverty despite decades of work by development programs. However, one program that has proven effective is the Smart Card India initiative. A Smartcard is a plastic card with a built-in microprocessor, used for many purposes such as financial transactions and personal identification Kolkata Metro Smart Card Metro App Kolkata. Metro Railway has developed a smart card recharge App.This new App will help commuters to recharge smart cards from home & eliminate queues at stations when services will resume. Commuters will have to download this App from Google Play Store where it will be available shortly

Kolkata, Jul 1 (PTI) In a bid to encourage social distancing when it resumes service, the Kolkata Metro has introduced an online system of recharging smart cards without physically going to the. Kolkata: The Kolkata Metro on Thursday announced it plans to install automatic smart card recharging machines across all its 23 stations by the end of this year. After the success of the automatic. Bangalore Metro Rail Extends Smart Card Validity To 10 Years, Enables Online Recharge The Bangalore Metro Rail Cooperation (BMRCL) has extended the validity period of the cards from one year to ten years while also enabling online recharge. Written By. Kolkata Metro Official The ticket price of city buses will be reduced by 20% and metro fares will have a 5% deduction on the ordinary fare when using the card. Types There are two types - named cards and unnamed cards. Named cards include those for adults and students, while unnamed ones are classified into ordinary, souvenir and special cards

With this facility, the commuters can top up their smart cards at the AFC entry gate itself. Add Value of Rs.200/- will be done on the combo card when the balance of the smart card goes below Rs.100/- (Auto Top Up Threshold). Later, Rs.200 will be debited from Passenger account and credited to DMRC account Business listings of PVC Card, Polyvinyl Chloride Card manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Kolkata, West Bengal along with their contact details & address. Find here PVC Card, Polyvinyl Chloride Card suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, traders with PVC Card prices for buying It is one of the deepest underground metro stations of Kolkata Metro. Kalkutta Metro hat vor kurzem ein Token System und Smart Card System eingeführt um Fahrscheinprobleme zu vermeiden. Die Entwurfsgeschwindigkeit ist 80 km/h und damit recht schnell. Kolkata Metro ist das günstigste Verkehrsmittel, mit einem Startpreis von nur 4 INR (0,05. The cards are swiped at entry and exit points at the stations, and the fare is deducted. The minimum fare is 9.5 rupees. New users will be required to spend 100 rupees in addition to the fare, consisting of 50 rupees to purchase the Smart Card and 50 rupees to maintain minimum balance. The cards can store up to 3,000 rupees Metro Station in Kolkata, West Bengal. UPDATE July 15, Buy a smart card for metro if you dont want to stand in LONG, REALLY LONG QUEUES during rush hours. Abhishek Dey Das October 24, 2011. The metro ticket counters usually have long queues during rush hour. Jinia Roy May 9, 2012

The metro smart cards which are unreadable but physically OK will now be replaced immediately with no additional charge by Delhi Metro. Earlier, commuters had to deposit unreadable cards at the. The Go-To card is a contactless smart card used to pay fares for bus, light rail, and commuter rail lines operated by Metro Transit and other transit agencies in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. A GoTo Card can hold up to a maximum of two passes and/or $400 of stored value Only Smart Cards for travelling in Kolkata Metro. In view of containing the spread of COVID-19, no token will be issued, only Smart Card shall be used. For senior citizens, ladies and children.

How to Ride the Kolkata Metro Rail or Subway: Insider Tips

Kolkata Metro: Services will resume from 14 Sept, issues set of dos and don'ts 3 min read . 10 Sep 2020 Kolkata Metro introduces online smart card recharge facilit You put a dollar value on the card and pay $2.75 at the beginning of each trip. The minimum balance for new cards is $5.50, the cost of two swipes. You can combine time and value on the same MetroCard. Time will always be used first. Value will become available the time on your card runs out Kolkata: Union Railway Minister Piyush Goyal on Saturday commended Kolkata Metro for starting additional services and extending timings of its services from Monday (December 7, 2020). People of Kolkata can rejoice as from 7th December, metro to increase services to 204 from Monday to Saturday. Further enhancing passenger convenience, there will also be an extension of timings and easier.

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