Power antenna motor keeps running

If the power antenna motor keeps running, it's because the radio circuit is on and supplying it with electricity. Normally the radio on will make the antenna go up to a preset limit. The motor and mechanism is bad on the inside. You could cut the wire to the antenna motor, after it has gone all the way up, but then the antenna would be stuck in. Power Antenna Mast The power antenna system contains a relay. If the power antenna is inoperative, the relay is the first place to look. The actual motor rarely fails. The power antenna mast is replaceable on the Pick-Up and 4Runners. If the mast is damaged or broken, proceed as follows: Perform this repair with the battery cables connected The power antenna motor keeps working for 10-15 seconds after I turn on the radio and the antenna mast has extended completely. This usually leads to the motor burning out after an extended period of time. I've rebuilt 2 power antenna units since I had the car but this started happening about a year ago, it didn't always use to do this In this video, I replace the cable which pushes and pulls the antenna mast up and down.When this plastic cable breaks, the antenna motor will run constantly. Fix a stuck power antenna by replacing a burned out motor or bad cable/mast. You can do both in about 2 hours, and you'll avoid the $50 - $100 dealer service fee. You need only one special tool, an antenna wrench. Tilt the bottom of the antenna away from the fender and pull the unit down and out.

The motor stops when a sensor on the motor detects a high tension on the wire - fully retracted. Over time the teeth on the plastic wire wear away so the motor will just keep spinning. A timer on the motor stops the motor after a certain amount of time regardless of tension. This guy has a tutorial on rebuilding the antenna motor Power antenna keeps running in down position on 1987 Buick Grand National. Is there a fuse I can pull as opposedto disconnecting the battery Antenna motor runs after car is shut off, without retracting the antenna. I have to disconnect my battery to stop it. Relay #27 in the box under the hood runs only the power antenna on a 1992. For the. When I turn the radio off, the motor grabs hold of the antenna and pulls it down; however, once the mast is down the motor continues to pull and grind the gears for about 4 additional seconds. The same thing occurs when I turn it on, it pushes the antenna mast up and up until it pops out and then continues for the 4 additional seconds SOURCE: 1992 antenna motor on 1992 caprice classic car if you are buying a new motor, instructions should come with it. but if not if you get the same type of motor with no instructions when removing the old 1 draw a little diagram.if you are not happy with anyof this you can always cut the electric cable as it enters the aerial motor and tape it off. do this when its in the up position.if you.

You can stop the antenna motor from running by either pulling the electrical plug off of the motor, or by pulling the antenna relay that is located behind the dash on the passenger side (see the illustration below). Pulling a fuse will probably disable the radio as well SOURCE: power antenna The antenna motor runs but the If you have to people that are patient you can try to as you turn the radio on and of have one guy on the inside and one guy out take the nut off the top of your antenna and pull it out there is a geared cable inside as you turn the radio off feed the plastic cable in make sure you put the nut back on before turning the radio back onb good luc Heres a video of me taking apart a OEM Delco Firebird Power antenna. Heres how I fixed it, motor would run non stop and antenna would not work properly. Note..

SOLVED: Power antenna motor won't stop running

1984-1996 Corvette Antenna Mast Repair. Broken power antennas seem to be a common problem on 1984-1996 Corvettes. There is a fix though, without having to dish out big bucks for a new power antenna - and the repair is a fairly simple procedure The MR2 Spyder has the original really long power antenna mast. The power retracting motor does not work so it has the really tall antenna all the time. It.. Power Antenna Motor? Step 1: Removing the Fender Flare and Running Board End Cap (front) I've gone through two of these already on my '96 and am highly considering the taco whip mod so I don't keep dropping ~$50 just to listen to the radio. I didn't search the motor for broken pieces (old one seemed intact) and just installed the second. All power antennas should be securely mounted on some part of the body so that it cannot move when it is actuated. This will prevent material fatigue. There should also be a fuse in line with the power to the antenna so that if the motor fails or the switch on the reel fails and it keeps running, it will not start a fire as it heats up How to fix a stuck antenna motor on a 1984 buick LeSabre that keeps running and runs the battery down. 10 Answers. Car is in pretty good shape- only 85K miles. Overhaul of A/C, etc. last year. Antenna motor is now stuck and keeps running even when engine off, which runs the battery down. Don't really need the r..

The motor keeps turning and pushes the actual antenna back out, plus the extra several inches of tooth strip - all out of the bezel nut. Am I doing it wrong? If I remember correctly, after I put the motor back together, I reattached it to the mount inside the fender, then put then bezel nut on and buttoned up the fender (I needed to drive it. Keep in mind that if you have a car with a power antenna, and keep it for any period of time, the odds are that it will fail. It's not if-it's when-and the mast may be up or down; the motor.

Im working on the radio now and I came up with a question regarding the power antenna. On the radio harness there is a brown feed wire for power from the accessory fuse, a wire for up, and a wire for down. The original power antenna unit works like a champ, but the motor keeps running after it reaches its fully raised and fully lowered state Hi, I have a 2002 4runner, and the other day the antenna mast broke: it won't go up or down, and the motor just keeps running for a while then stops. The mechanic at the dealer right away said the motor has to be replaced, and it'll cost $480 for the whole thing Mast itself is straight. I went to test the motor by hooking it up to 12v power after I disassembled and cleaned and re-greased the unit. I noticed that when I click on the top limiter switch the motor and I'll disengage. However, when I click the lower limiter switch inside the unit, the motor keeps on running

I have a problem with the power antenna on my 84. Turn the radio off and the antenna will not retract but the motor keeps running. I bought another antenna--an AC Delco NOS part, checking numbers shows it is for an 82. With this antenna I have the same problem. Is there a relay or other switch ap.. Power antenna sensor wire???. I have a 1985 c4 when I got the car the antenna was stuck in the up position. Today I tried to put a new antenna in and turned the radio on to have the antenna keep running in the up position until the ribbon broke. Plus if you turn off the radio the antenna wont come back down 1956 Cadillac Power Antenna: I have had my car a long time (41 years). It was my first car. Around 1976 (I was 17) the original power antenna got bent and snapped off. I took the original one out and replaced it with a fixed stainless staff antenna. I stored the original antenna in the basement rafters of my Mom and Dad’s house First you need to remove the antenna pole and check the length of the rack cable. Turn the radio ON and let the antenna extend as far as it can and let the motor stop running. If the pole does not extend or the motor does not run that's OK. Remove the ring nut at the base of the pole on top of the left rear fender

SOLVED: Power antenna motor keeps running with radio and

There are 2 Fuses for the Power Antenna. One for switched ignition and the other for power at all times. I believe the fuse you want to remove is number 13. A 10 amp fuse directly in the centre of the fusebox. This is the hot at all times antenna fuse. Good luck

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Millones de Productos que Comprar! Envío Gratis en Pedidos desde $59 There are two fuses for the radio and antenna, fuse #14 and #22.Removing both should keep the battery from going dead. Disconnect the antenna motor at the base of the motor to remove it from the system, if the radio lights still turn on with the ignition off the problem may be in the radio

Since the other day, my power antenna continues to run whether I have the power to the stereo on or off. I hadn't played the stereo the last few times I drove the car. I was surprised to hear the motor running while the stereo was off. It really surprised me that it continued to run while the power is off Power Antenna Repair by Mark Booth. The correct procedure for installing the new power antenna mast is: The antenna motor must first be removed and disassembled to be sure that no broken pieces of the old cable remain in the motor housing. Then reinstall the motor housing unit into the car but do NOT install the exterior trim pieces and lock. antenna motor won't stop running. Jump to ceasers run and when i came back to the wag i heard a poping sound.after a few mins i was able to figure it was the power antenna with the radio off it keeps making the poping sound. when i power the radio on the sound stops. theres 2 radio fuses on the side fuse box in the car i pulled both but it. Anybody know where to get a new motor for the power antenna. Mine got stuck in the up position. Right now its in the shop and nobody seems to carry it. They were hoping it would be simple buy just repairing it. But he said that the motor is shot If you don't want the power antenna for some reason because the motor keeps running just remove the connector and it will be the same as a regular antenna. Especially if the internal texflon line is broken you can still raise and lower the antenna manually at least that was the way mine worked when it was broken but I elected to keep the power.

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  1. Antenna motor - My 1987 deville antenna motor won't stop running. Runs all night and day. The gear on the the power antenna are tripped and needs to be replaced. 1999 Cadillac DeVille- 98 Deville is turned off, motor keeps running? 4 Answers
  2. Not the engine, just the motor that is trying to bring the antenna down. I bought the car about a month ago, and it never did go down, but the motor would stop trying to pull it down after a few seconds. But now it just keeps running and wont stop. I tried turning the radio on and off but i cant get it to stop
  3. When your garage door opener suddenly stops operating properly, the cause of the problem is usually pretty simple to understand, and the solution is usually quite easy.. Here are the eight most common problems, along with the most likely repairs for each. If none of the following fixes seem to correct the problem, you will need to consult the owner's manual or contact a professional
  4. The power antenna on my 96 SS won't retract. Motor runs but the antenna stays in the up position, regardless if the radio is on or off. It's the original antenna - just wondering if that's the end of the road for this antenna

Tonight..it was really loud at one point. Now if I give the antenna a little push down or a little pull up a couple times the motor will retract or lift the antenna. But if I don't give it the push/pull, the motor just keeps running. So before I start taking anything apart power antena removal Not rated yet Cannot get the power antenna out of the car. Cannot loosen the mast from the body? HVAC blower motor keeps running after ignition switch turned off Not rated yet I have owned my 95 C4 for 7 years. started up after being stored for the winter ,ran well ,I let it warm up then shut off the ignition and could. When I turn the ignition off, the radio antenna motor keeps running, even though the power antenna has not worked for quite a while. I would like to disconnect the wire to the antenna motor The antenna mast is broken, this is very common and a fairly inexpensive fix. Inside the antenna mast there is a plastic cable that is attached to the antenna mast and an electric motor. The motor turns and raises and lowers the antenna mast. If you can hear the motor running and you manually raise and lower the mast, the plastic cable is broken

Also, when I gently help it down, the motor keeps running even though it's down fully. On another note, I wired a switch in the ashtray on my Aurora so I could raise and lower the antenna on demand (which was good when we had freezing rain, as the antenna would try to rise but couldn't, so I hit the switch to stop the motor from trying to raise. Get a new antenna here: http://amzn.to/2bauwWMInstalling a power antenna assembly on a Corvette How to install power antenna on C4 1992 Corvettehttp://www.ai.. I hear the motor running, but the antenna doesn't go down. I'm a little unclear from this thread how I identify if I need to replace just the mast or the motor. I removed the mast. With the antenna fully extended there is none of the thread containing teeth sticking out of the bottom of the antenna

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The antenna went all the way down as it should have; however, once I screwed on the cap and turned the radio power back on nothing happens. I took the antenna motor out again to find that the motor keep retracting the cord to the point that i pull the cord out of the antenna Replacing a Power Antenna: Disconnect Electrical Components. Part of the series: How to Replace a Power Antenna in a Car. When removing a car power antenna,. Power Antenna Repair Kit Power Antenna Repair Kit. By Ranger, October 22, 2004 in yours should be a smooth plastic cable with a metal hook on the end . THE HOOK will hook into the spool in the motor. I drilled out the rivets on the motor to seperate it so i could lithium grease the drive gear and the spool, then replaced rivets with small. Electric-powered, self-extending antenna masts used to be a telltale sign of a fancy, feature-laden car. As is the case with many electromechanical parts, however, power antennas usually end up.

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Also the motor keeps running for about 3 or 4 seconds after it is up or down. Other than that - it is worth the $$. Read more. 5 people found this helpful. Helpful. Report abuse. S. Steves. 4.0 out of 5 stars Functional - but short life span. Reviewed in the United States on May 3, 2020 The power antenna on my 97 Concours has stopped going up and down. I can hear the motor running and a little clicking noise as something inside is failing to engage. It still pulls in signals as well as ever, but Im concerned about what will happen if I run the car through the car wash. Ive lost. The Antenna Source offers the lowest Wholesale prices on Pontiac Firebird Antenna Mast Parts, 10024259, 10017210, 15087886, 22549794, 12337870, 10195514, 10076752. You as a Customer can order your Pontiac Firebird Antenna Mast directly from us by skipping the middle man and high retail prices at your Pontiac Firebird Dealer - receiving an average savings of hundreds of dollars on a Pontiac.

Anina Universal 12V Car Automatic Power Antenna Motor Compatible with Nissan,Honda,Toyota,Chevrolet,Infiniti,Acura,Mecedes-Benz,Mistusbishi,Jaguar Power Antenna Assembly for AM/FM Radio the motor keeps running Very disappointed Read more. Report abuse. See all reviews. Pages with related products. See and discover other items: off road. 120v power to trickle charger to battery to antenna motor + & - . The one question I would have is, if you connect the radio lead to the 12v +, does the mast go down when you remove it? I would assume that is how it works. So, the only other thing you need to do is figure out how to have it make that connection for 12-14 hours during daylight

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This partis just the internal plastic cable. It will only work if the metal antenna mast is not damaged and the motor wants to keep running. If the motor works, and the mast is not bent in any way thenthe internal plastic cable is broken or damaged due to age.I have seen brane new NOS units go bad in 3 months To replace the antenna, first turn on your 4Runner so the motor is running and the radio is off. Use needle nose pliers and insert the tips into the slots on the antenna mast motor nut and remove it. Turn your car stereo on to allow the Toyota antenna to run up. Pull the mast from the power antenna while the motor is still running

It was pretty tricky as I had to keep the antenna motor unplugged, turned on the radio and let the antenna motor run until it stopped by itself, inserted the antenna mast tip into the housing, assembled the housing, turned off the radio and the motor rolled the full antenna back into the housing. Try mountie's steps first.. An ohmmeter has its own power supply, a small low-voltage battery. TEST 1. Connect one lead from the meter to the tip of the antenna, and the other to the radio pin -- the piece at the end of. It just keeps spinning in an effort to raise the antenna, but because it is broken, the antenna is not going up and the motor will not stop running as long as the radio is on. In some cases, the motor will not stop running even with the key off depending on where it gets its power I bought this to replace the Power Antenna on a 1992 Buick Lesabre that had both a broke antenna and broken motor. This was the most inexpensive I could find so I went for it. The mounting of this antenna took some imagination to get a secure fit, and the wiring harness wasn't a perfect match so some work was needed there You will need only two tools besides a replacement antenna pole, a #2 Phillips screwdriver and an 8-mm socket and ratchet. First you need to remove the antenna pole and check the length of the rack cable. Turn the radio ON and let the antenna extend as far as it can and let the motor stop running

Bought this product, barely pushed the antenna up, and cant go back down until you help it by hand, and when in the down position, the motor keeps running Very disappointed Report abus Choose Advance Auto Parts for Power Antenna Motor Connector. Daytime Running Lights (DRL) (1) Daytime Running Lamp Connector (1) Diesel Glow Plug Components (1) Disclaimer: We strive to keep all information accurate and up-to-date; however, product availability,.

SOLVED: Power antenna keeps running in down position on

(1) 1 product ratings - NOS Power Antenna Relay 1984-1996 GM part: Chevy Corvette 5.7L V8 1985 1992 198 (paste) If your antenna has stopped extending and retracting, its possible the nylon cable that drives it has broken. Take a listen when you turn the radio on/off and see if you hear the antenna motor running. If you hear the motor but the antenna doesnt move its likely the cable has broken You just remove the power antenna by removing the top but and disconnecting the power and antenna connection as well as the lower mounting point. To replace the mast is easy as well, take the top but off and pull the old antenna mast out turn the radio on till the motor stops running and pull out any of the plastic inner toothed cable sticking up On top of this, last night when she came home, the power antenna motor would not stop running (even with the power off on the vehicle) We could push the antenna down, but it would still keep running. Ended up pulling the fuse (which is also the interior light fuse) to get it to stop This is a new high quality aftermarket stainless steel Power Antenna Mast that cost less than 50% of the dealer factory retail price. If your power antenna mast is (Stuck, Bent, Missing) and you can hear your power antenna motor (running, clicking, grinding) every time you turn on and off your radio, but your mast does not go UP & DOWN anymore.

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Be sure both ends of the antenna are properly grounded and corrosion-free. There are two ways to reduce noise: by using an inductance in a power cable to keep the high-frequency noise from. Low prices on Power Antenna Motor Connector for your Ford E-450 Super Duty at Advance Auto Parts. Find aftermarket and OEM parts online or at a local store near you Krator Power Antenna Replacement Mast Compatible with Lexus RX300 (1999-2003) - AM FM Radio Antenna Mast Replacement Cord Cabl Rear Electric Power Radio Antenna Motor Mast fits 99-03 Lexus Rx300 86300-0W010 (Fits: Lexus RX300) 5 out of 5 stars (2) 2 product ratings - Rear Electric Power Radio Antenna Motor Mast fits 99-03 Lexus Rx300 86300-0W01 I screwed with my antenna enough to want to cry. Open fender, remove old, close fender, buy fixed mast kit, can't find the right bracket, maybe I don't need a bracket, scour the world for a bracket, give up, try to disconnect antenna lead up top near strut tower, will not come apart, give up, look at running the fixed mast lead all the way to radio, looks impossible and I'm getting too stiff.

the back driver side so you can see the antenna motor. This is where the light becomes necessary. You\'ll see two bolts attached to a piece of metal with a U shaped gap seperating the two bolts, one has a ground wire running out from the bottom of it. Remove both of these bolts and move the ground wire out of the way. Now it gets a bit more. The second photo shows the motor running while connected to an AC Ammeter. The name plate on the motor says it runs with a current draw of 7.3 Amps. The meter is set to the 15 Amp. range. The actual reading is just a little below 7 Amps. Taking such a reading while the motor is actually running confirms that all is well The metal power antenna makes contact with the fixed mast part of the electric motor via just touching metal to metal. The adaptor does the same thing, it only sits in the antenna hole and makes contact with the fixed mast inside the fender, just like the original antenna does. The retaining nut on top of the fender is what holds the antenna in. The antenna was broke anyway and I just needed the motor to quit running. Thanks for the help man!! I need to get a shorter one, my stock one keeps getting snagged on branches and things while offroading. This made the base of the antenna loose. I took my motor to my power antenna apart for my 2004 Toyota sequoia. I took it apart to.

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