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Citric acid removes the stained area of a pool when applied by eating away the top layer of the pool's surface. It does not harm a pool to have such a thin layer removed, it simply clears away the stain. Citric acid is a gentler stain remover than muriatic acid, another form of acid used to remove stains and resurface swimming pool interiors Bosh Chemical Vanish Pool & Spa Stain Remover (2LBS)- Natural Safe Citrus Based, Works Excellent on Vinyl, Fiberglass, and Metals, Removes Rust and Other Tough Stains 4.0 out of 5 stars 382 $17.99 $ 17 . 9 Hi. I am currently flummoxed with my pool. I had issues with brown stains, attempted many different brands of metal out, i.e., EZ Chlor Metal Magnet, EZ Chlor Stain Stop, etc. Finally, I found this site and tried the citric acid method of removing the stains. SUCCESS! However, it seems.. Removing iron pool stains. Ascorbic acid is found in most stain and scale products and works great for removing iron-based stains. Removing copper pool stains. Citric acid works similar to ascorbic acid but is more effective at treating copper based stains

Citric acid product ideal for treating stains to vinyl liner and fiberglass pool surfaces Recommended Dosage is 1 pound per 10,000 gallons; does not create any residual phosphates in your pool water −6 Keep in mind that ascorbic acid is best for treating iron stains, while citric acid is best for treating copper stains. Treat large stains by adding ascorbic acid to the pool water by sprinkling it evenly over the surface of the water. Start by using a 1/2 pound of ascorbic acid per 10,000 gallons of water in the pool

Cleaning salt stains with citric acid will work well initially, but once chlorine slowly breaks down the citric acid/iron complex, the stain will likely reappear after about three weeks. The Test Place a handful of salt stain remover in a skimmer rock attached to a pool broom Ascorbic Acid Treatment . This is how you use a large amount of Ascorbic Acid to treat staining in your entire pool. I cover using bulk Ascorbic acid and also using Natural Chemistry Stain-Free - which is Citric acid. This is a good treatment if your pool has a lot of staining and the spot cleaning is not an option

Now, rub ascorbic acid against the stain. After a few minutes, see if the stain is lightening. Continue to rub, wait, and check until the stain is gone. For larger stains, add half a pound of ascorbic acid per 10,000 gallons of your pool water by sprinkling it evenly over the surface of the water. Then, turn your filter on to circulate The universal stain remover: Vinegar. Vinegar is also good at getting rid of pool surface mineral stains. The acetic acid in vinegar will dissolve the minerals quickly before your eyes. Mix a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water. Dip a scrubber or soft towel in it. Scrub the stains and they will automatically transfer to the piece of cloth Lemon juice works similarly to vinegar for removing those nasty rusty stains on the vinyl liner of your pool. Combined with salt, the result is a powerful stain remover. The citric acid in lemons works by dissolving mineral stains like iron, copper, and magnesium, plus it's a natural bleacher and brightener Depending on the color of the stain (and the report from the pool water test you got), you can purchase the right metal stain cleaner for your particular stain. If your stains are caused by an excess of iron in the water, your best bet is a cleaner containing ascorbic acid (vitamin C) Apply citric or ascorbic acid granules. Using either a liquid or dry acid treatment, apply the stain remover to the pool and allow it to filter. Ensure you apply a treatment that specifically targets the metal you tested the pool water for, as treatments can vary. Add a sequestering agent

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Remove stains and scale with the new Citrus Stain Eliminator solution from Spec Chem. The new formula utilizes an all-natural, citric acid formula that was created to eliminate tannins, copper, iron and manganese stains from commercial pools and spas. Eliminator is phosphate free and compatible with all sanitizer systems and pool surfaces Stainfree is a citric acid product that removes metal staining on pool liners and finishes. Stainfree is ideal for treating staining on all pool surfaces and is compatible with all sanitizing systems. Use Natural Chemistry's Metalfree™ and you have the ultimate 1-2 combination for stain fighting

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Repeat until the stain is gone. Swimming pool stain remover. For stains on your pool liner or stairs, use 1 cup of citric acid per 10000 gallons of water. Citric acid is a more gentle stain remover than muriatic acid. Let your chlorine level drop very low for the citric acid to be effective. Sprinkle the citric acid over the stained areas Use a stain removal product to release the stain from the surface of the pool. These chemicals typically contain ascorbic acid, citric acid, oxalic acid, or a combination of two or all three. Follow all label directions carefully, making sure to wear appropriate protective clothing and face protection 2 Pack Swimming Pool & Spa Stain Remover - Natural & Safe, Works For Vinyl Liners, Fiberglass, Metals. Essential Values. Regular price $39.99 $32.99 Sale Quantity. Add to cart EASY TO APPLY - Citric Acid Base, Compatible With All Sanitizing Systems, Works Perfect On Vinyl Liners, Fiberglass & Even Metal Surfaces.. A+ Stain Remover can be applied directly to pool stains and used in conjunction with any sanitizer and pool surface. Dosage: Use 2 lbs. per 10,000 gallons Details Details Give your pool the new look with A+ Stain Remover. In The Swim provides this stain remover so you can eliminate any unsightly stains that may build up in the pool area

The easiest way to remove it, is to empty and acid wash the pool; The initial dose works well but Chlorine slowly breaks down the Iron/Citric Acid complex and the stain reappears. Salt is the biggest cause of stains in pools so it is important the pool owner realises that stains are an ongoing problem in salt pools Citric as works wonders on metal stains. However, is not effective on an organic stain from leaves, algae etc. You can easily test if the citric acid will work or not by using a lemon. Cut a lemon in half and rub it on one of the stains. If it lightens or removes the stain, then you are in business and a citric acid treatment should remove the. Ascorbic acid is found in citrus juice. The vitamin C is what helps remove the stain. Using these products will help remove more stubborn stains but may require some tough scrubbing or even draining the pool so you have better access to the discolored area. Building a homemade scrubber that uses muriatic acid is a great way to remove stubborn.

Answer: The brown stain might be caused by the ioniser that deposits Iron metal in your pool, you need to clear the stains using ascorbic acid, then consider reducing iron metal levels in your pool by draining and refilling a portion of your pool water or use a metal remover such as ProTeam Metal Magic to remove metals through the filter and. The electrolysis causes the metal to release from the surface of the pool. You'll then add the appropriate metal sequestering agent to, well, sequester the metal.. For a big stain, you can level up to ascorbic acid:. Lower the chlorine to 0.0 ppm and the pH to 7.2 For those of you pool students with a stained plaster finish, today's lecture will be very meaningful. For my vinyl pool students in the class, please read Chapter 7, Stains in a Vinyl Liner Pool. A No-Drain Acid Wash is a term coined for a pool plaster cleaning or descaling process, without draining the pool water.. Essentially, the pH of the pool water is reduced to a very acidic level of. Remember, most of the time, acid washing costs 4-5 times more than a treatment from the pool stain removers. Fact is, acid washing is rarely needed to remove pool stains. For more information on rust stains in pool, black algae stains in pool or about pool acid washing click here

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Question: I added citric acid to my pool to remove a stain. I realized later that was a mistake, since it eats up chlorine. How do I get out of this trouble? Answer: Leave the pump running for a day or two for the citric acid to be used up, then balance the pH and chlorine starting with the pH How to remove stain-causing metals from pool or spa water? Posted by Jerry Rademan on November 26, 2008 at 7:59am Can anyone please tell me what they have found that best prevents or removes iron or copper stains?Thanks,Jerry Rademan You need to be a member of Pool Genius Network to add comments!.

Beware the high priced stain remover from Leslie pool supply! It says it treats 20,000 gallons, but in reality it only treated the pools surface the chemical touched. I double checked the required ph and alkalinity levels, and the stain remover from Leslie Pool Supply only treated small sections of my pool, and was not effective on the walls Blue-green stain on pool surfaces or in water (but water is not cloudy) Copper from algaecides, heat exchangers, fill water, older copper plumbing Granular treatments, such as citric acid and ascorbic acid used directly on the stain; an additional sequestering agent can help the filtration system trap removed metals If this didn't remove the stain, no worries, it is part of the stain removal process. Vinyl liners can't be drained and acid washed, and draining and pressure washing doesn't usually do much. Vinyl pool stains need to be removed more gently. Mineral Pool Stains. Generally speaking, mineral pool stains respond best to a treatment with acids Concentrated Granular Stain Remover. Features. Citric Acid - high concentration. Benefits. Removes rust & metal stains from all pool surfaces. Application. Adjust pH to 7.2 and Chlorine level to 0.5ppm. Pre-dissolve Pool Magic Citric Stain Remover in a bucket of pool water before adding as a slurry to the pool

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  1. Hi everyone, I read several threads on here about removing stains and really appreciate the knowledge stored here! I brought my Chlorine level down low (0.5-1ppm) last weekend, added polyquat and about five pounds of citric acid on Saturday - roughly following mbar's sticky. It's taken a couple of days but most of the stains are finally gone
  2. C tablet has no effect
  3. Ascorbic and citric acid can remove iron- or copper-based stains. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to know what type of metal you're dealing with, so it's a good idea to have a pool company test the stain and recommend removal products or have professionals clean the stain for better results
  4. STAINfree is an all natural citric acid product that removes metal staining on pool liners and finishes. Follow your pool dealer?s recommendations on steps you can take to protect your pool from algae during this metal stain removal process.Balance pool water chemistry before using STAINfree: pH:7.2-7.6, Alkalinity: 80-120ppm, Calcium.
  5. Metal Stain Remover works effectively to remove stains caused by excess metals in pool water. This special formula is effective for the removal of iron, copper and manganese staining. These may appear as brown, grey, turquoise or black stains. Metal Stain Remover should be used first if stains are already present
  6. Nontoxic, all-natural, citric acid formula; Effectively removes copper, iron, tannin, organic and manganese stains from pool surfaces; Phosphate-free formula; 2 Pound bottle; Dosage Amounts: Sprinkle product into the pool over main spotted areas. Use 1 pound per 10,000 gallons of pool water; Note: Natural Stain Remover should be used first if.
  7. This stain remover is made out of 50/50 Oxalic Acid and Citric Acid making it perfect for pool use. To use the Zodiac All-in-one stain remover, turn off your filtration system to allow the stain remover to settle near the stains. Liberally sprinkle the stain remover at the spots that you want treated and leave it overnight

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  1. ate staining to pool liners and finishes. Stainfree is ideal for treating staining on all pool surfaces. Stainfree is a citric acid product. Use Natural Chemistry's METALfree and you have the ultimate 1-2 combination from stain fighting! Dosage Instructions: Add 1lb of Stainfree per 10,000 gallons of water
  2. Ascorbic Acid for pools, like Stain Free, or our A+ Stain Remover are granular forms of citric acid that can be used to remove stains on plaster or vinyl pools, without draining Sulphamic Acid Products like our EZ Stain Remover or Jack's Magic Step Stuff can be sprinkled in the pool, or poured into an orphan sock to make a 'stain sock.
  3. Brush the pool walls & floor thoroughly, along with area that was treated. Final step is to test and re balance water BACK to normal levels. It is Important NOT TO SHOCK POOL FOR AT LEAST 1 WEEK FROM TREATMENT; Enjoy your clean like-new pool, Stain Free! CAUTION: DO NOT SWIM UNTIL STAIN PROCEDURES HAVE BEEN COMPLETED & NORMAL CHLORINE RESIDUAL.
  4. ate them completely. For removing iron stains, you can use ascorbic acid and citric acid is quite effective for copper stains. Use a metal reducer to deactivate excess metals. Then, add ½ pound chemical to 10,000 gallons.
  5. Use either of the Stainfree (Stainfree is citric acid, Stainfree Extra Strength is ascorbic acid) products to remove metal surface staining or water discoloration (see water discoloration section for more information). Follow up this application of a Stainfree product with an initial dose of METALfree per the Stain Removal Instructions
  6. Product Name:STAIN REMOVER CITRIC ACID / CITRIC ACID Recommended Use of the Chemical and Restriction on Use: Use according to manufacturer's directions. Stain remover. Details of Manufacturer or Importer: The POPS Group Pty Ltd as Trustee for The Pool Shops Trust 10-12 Cairns Street Loganholme QLD 4129 Phone Number: 07 3209 7884 1800 143 78
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But Did You Check eBay? Check Out Swimming Pool Stain Remover On eBay. Fast and Free Shipping On Many Items You Love On eBay Remove Metal Stains from Pools Safely with Natural Chemistry's Stain Free! Natural Chemistry Stain Free is an all-natural way to eliminate staining to pool liners and finishes. Stain Free is a citric acid product that is ideal for treating staining on all pool surfaces and is compatible with all sanitizing systems Stainfree is a citric acid product. Use Natural Chemistry's METALfree and you have the ultimate 1-2 combination from stain fighting! Dosage Instructions: Add 1lb of Stainfree per 10,000 gallons of water. With the filtration system on, walk around the pool and sprinkle the product evenly on the surface, brush stained areas Periodic Products, Inc. 1885 Marina Mile Blvd. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315 Tel: 954-764-7654 Fax: 954-764-765

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  1. g pool suppliers also have many industrial products that can be used to clean the pool. Atlantic Pool and Spa have a number of products and methods that will keep your fiberglass pool looking its best
  2. eral stains are present on the plaster, they are difficult to remove with simple
  3. Without any effort to remove calcium from pool tile, calcium deposits will continue to grow and spread to other areas of the pool—even, potentially, on the bottom. This can result in pits being created in the plaster that you'll have to pay to have refinished or resurfaced

When to Acid-Wash a Swimming Pool. The process of acid-washing your pool removes unsightly stains due to hard water and algae buildup. Once your water begins to look murky and unusually green or. I am trying to use citric acid to remove brown stains from my pool. I have some questions. I have easy access to citric acid via my work. I can buy it very cheap, so I figured I give it a try. I still had chlorine in my pool when I started but since I have plenty of citric acid I figured I would start the process. My question is I added 10 lbs to 16,000 gallons of water High levels of Cyanuric Acid (CYA) in pool water can cause issues. That's why Minimal CYA is Orenda's Fourth Pillar of Proactive Pool Care.. And yet, we encounter many people that are hesitant to drain—or even dilute—their pool to reduce CYA levels The first step to cure these stains is to use ascorbic acid in your swimming pool. This acid is also known as vitamin C. How to treat your pool with ascorbic acid. Below is the instruction to remove the stains in your swimming pool with ascorbic acid: The first step is to take down the level of chlorine in the pool to at least 7.2. The reason.

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Before taking any action to treat for stains, check what caused the stain, as green, yellow, or black stains may actually be a result of algae, not metal. Take some citric acid from a lemon/lime/orange or vitamin C tablet and apply directly to the stain, and it will chemically lift any copper or iron stains in your pool To clear the brown stains in your pool, make sure your pH is not more than 7.2 and FC is low at 0ppm to avoid more brown staining, put your pool filter on circulation and add 1 pound ascorbic acid for every 10,000 gallons of water targeting most stains affected areas and the stains will disappear within 24 hours

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Once stains begin to form, it may take citric acid to lift them off the surface, and that process is aggressive on plaster. We hope this article helps you better understand metals, and gives you hope that yes, you can prevent metal stains and discolorations in your pool. If you have specific questions, contact us or your local NextGeneration. Before using SeaKlear Metal Stain Remover, make sure your pool is properly balanced. Calcium hardness and total alkalinity should be within recommended ranges (check with your local pool professional for the ideal levels for your area). Adjust pH to a minimum 7.4

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Most of the time this type of rust spot in pools can be treated by speciality pool chemicals like citric acid or complex stain removers available from most pool shops. Be sure to follow the directions carefully as some of these chemicals require you to lower your chlorine levels before adding the stain remover for maximum effectiveness. 2 Common plant sources include pine oil, corn sugars, citric acid and soy oil. When to use them. I have found that most professional installers will only use biochemical strippers if the work being done is in an environmentally sensitive area where solvent odors, stripper overspray or rinse water could potentially kill grass, plants or trees Granulars are the most popular. They lift the stain so it can then be treated by another agent to help the filter trap the removed metals from the pool water. If you choose to use a liquid stain remover you should know that most removers contain phosphoric acid which adds phosphates to your pool. They need to be removed at a later time. Iron Stains

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While a concrete acid stain looks unpleasant, acid-stained concrete floors are usually a popular choice for the driveway or the patio. Some people are opting to use them as an indoor flooring option as well. This concrete floor brings out an air of old elegance to any home Use citric acid to remove the scaly buildup. It works as well as many commercial cleaners, but doesn't harm the environment or people. The acid comes in both powder and liquid forms, with both. Here is a list of pool water components and the balance parameters for pool stain identification and treatment: Free and Total Available Chlorine 1 - 3 parts per million (ppm); pH 7.0 - 7.4; Total Alkalinity 80 ppm or lower; Calcium Hardness 200 - 400 ppm; Cyanuric Acid (Stabilizer) (CYA) below 70 ppm; Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Below 1200 ppm (except salt systems ROBARB POOL SPECIALTIES STAIN TAMER REVISION DATE : 05/26/2015 Page 1 of 9 FOR ANY EMERGENCY, 24 HOURS / 7 DAYS, CALL: Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing. Citric Acid 77-92-9 30 - 40 Hexametaphosphate 68915-31-1 2 - 8 SECTION 4. FIRST AID MEASURE Safely Removes Metal Stains From Pools. 100% citric acid; Removes metal stains from pool liners and finishes; Effective on all pool surfaces- works great on steps; Compatible with all sanitizing systems; Directions for Use: Note:Operating the pool for a couple of days without chlorine can create an algae concern

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Oxalic acid for stains on vinyl pool liner. A discussion started in 2010 but continuing through 2018. June 2, 2010. I have a 5 year-old, in-ground, vinyl liner swimming pool. It is in great shape except for stains that are apparently due to excessive metal (I suppose it's either iron or maybe manganese since the pool is surrounded by trees CITRIC ACID. Buy Online! PHP 140 / 1-kilo bag Sour Salt - Technical Grade Hydrogen borate / boracic acid Insecticide, stain-remover, mold killer, disinfectant, deodorizer. BORAX. Buy Online! PHP 100 / 1-kilo bag Sodium borate / sodium tetraborate / disodium tetraborate Stain remover, mold and mildew killer, insecticide Swimming Pool. It may remove hard water deposits from glass, rust stains from sinks, and tarnish from brass and copper. Lemon juice, another weak acid, contains citric acid, which can be used in much the same way as vinegar. Oxalic acid is effective as a rust remover. Phosphoric acid is often found in cleaning products that remove hard water deposits If you are looking to buy from the Focus range of pool chemicals and equipment there will most likely be a store nearby. Focus sells to independent pool shops, builders and service companies Australia wide. To find an accredited store close to you use our store location finder or contact the head office on 1300 1 FOCUS (1300 1 36287). Find out mor

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Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Natural Chemistry 07400 Swimming Pool Spa STAINfree Stain Remover - 1.75 lbs at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products All Pool Stain Problems and Solutions. Help I Have Metals In Pool Water. Ascorbic Acid Metal Stain Remover (Rust + Iron) Rated 5.00 out of 5 $ 27.95 Add to cart. Citric Acid Metal Stain Remover (Copper) Rated 4.50 out of 5 $ 19.95 Add to cart. Flexzilla No Kink Drinking Water Hose - NSF Certified. Acid Strength: Strong vs. Weak Acids. Acid strength refers to the tendency of a specific acid to dissociate into a proton and an anion.Strong acids completely dissociate, and the chemical formula for this process is HA → H+ + A−.On the other hand, weak acids only partially dissociate, with the formula being HA ⇌ H+ + A−. In terms of rust removal, these two types of acid react.

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All Pool Stain Problems and Solutions. Help I Have Metals In Pool Water. Metal Stains on Pool Surfaces. Brown Pool Water. Green Pool Water. Iron Bacteria in Pool Water. Citric Acid Metal Stain Remover (Copper) Rated 4.50 out of 5 $ 19.95 Add to cart. Search Products. Search for: Product categories However, citric acid, not to be confused with ascorbic acid (vitamin C), is beneficial for people with kidney stones. What is a sequestering agent for swimming pools? Sequestering Agents are chemicals used to bind-up minerals and metals in solution, making it difficult for them to precipitate out of solution to cloud the water or stain the pool Removing stains from the pool and hot tub surfaces. 1. Metal stain removal from the surface. 2. Chelation of the dissolved metals in the water with a sequestering agent. 3. Elimination of the metals from the water. To get rid of pool metals and metal stains, add oxalic acid, ascorbic acid and citric acid or a similar product into the pool water. Continue filtering until the water clears. ProTeam Metal Magic should be used with a pH at 7.5 or above. It is not affected by Cyanuric Acid levels. Calcium will be lowered to 350-375 ppm. Metal Magic is safe to use on all pool or spa surfaces. It will remove the metal from the water before it will remove the stain

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