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  1. Simple Grilled Swordfish is a great lean fish steak that is easy to make with ingredients you may already have on hand. Switch things up by using either lemon or lime juice. Swordfish is a firm and meaty fish that is mild in flavor which makes it perfectly suited for a marinade followed by a quick grill
  2. Swordfish. Swordfish is a mild-tasting white fish with a meaty and firm texture. It's found in Atlantic, Pacific and Mediterranean waters. This meaty fish is protein-rich and a great source of B12, zinc, and Omega 3
  3. ced onion, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, sour cream and 10 more

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  1. Directions. Plan on 6-8oz. of swordfish per person. Heat the grill to medium-high heat. Rinse and pat dry the swordfish. On one side of the steak spread 3 teaspoon of the mayonnaise and sprinkle 1-2 pinches of Kosher salt and 1-2 pinches of freshly cracked black pepper
  2. utes per side over direct heat for 1″ to 1 1/2″ thick steaks; depending on how hot the grill is, the temperature the fish started at, and if you cook with the lid opened or closed. Grill it to brown on the outside but so it is still slightly pink on the inside
  3. utes. Turn and cook for 3
  4. Buttery, juicy, and meaty, swordfish has a substantialness that few other creatures of the ocean can match. Grilling it is one of the best ways to bring those meaty qualities to the fore. It's easy to do, relying on only a few important steps: choosing the right piece of swordfish, preparing the grill correctly, and grilling the steaks just right

Cooking swordfish on the grill is super simple and easy. When preparing to make a swordfish dinner, be sure to choose the marinade ahead of time and have all of the ingredients on hand. If you don't have time to shop, a simple coating of mayonnaise is a perfect marinade, and most everyone keeps mayo in the fridge—plan to marinade your. Pan-Roast: Sear swordfish in a well seasoned cast-iron skillet or other oven-safe pan until brown on one side, then flip fish and transfer to a 400°F oven to finish cooking.; Grill: Heat and oil the grates of a charcoal grill.Marinate swordfish briefly (10 to 15 minutes) or season with kosher salt and black pepper and rub with extra virgin olive oil My wife is on Weight Watchers. The recipe for the swordfish was GREAT! I didn't have any white wine at the time, but did subitute a desert wine.This gave the fish a nice light sweet taste. (I got this idea from when we were in Alaska. Thanks for your recipe Swordfish is an excellent choice for the grill and this easy marinated grilled swordfish is an excellent choice. Lemon and olive oil add flavor

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Brush off excess marinade (not all of it, just most) from the swordfish steaks. Place the swordfish steaks on the hot grill grates. Grill for about 5 to 7 minutes on one side, until you have good grill marks. Turn over and cook for a few minutes longer, until the fish is just cooked through. Remove from heat and let rest a few minutes before. Prepare the grill (medium-high heat). Whisk the oil, mint, lemon juice, basil, and garlic in a medium bowl to blend. Season the lemon and olive oil mixture with salt and pepper, to taste Grilled swordfish steaks with a caper and Castelvetrano olive relish is a ridiculously simple, naturally low-carb, keto and paleo-inspired recipe that tastes like a Mediterranean vacation at home. ('Cause if your summer vacay is a stay-cay , it needs to be easy!

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Oil the grill grates and add the fish. Grill the swordfish steaks until opaque throughout, 3-1/2 to 4-1/2 minutes per side. To avoid drying out the fish, do not leave unattended. Top each piece of fish with about 1 tablespoon of the lemon-basil butter just as it comes off the grill. Allow to rest for 2 to 3 minutes before serving Grilled Swordfish with Lemon, Mint and Basil Swordfish is the perfect fish for grilling. Its meaty and mild flavor pairs perfectly with Giada's zesty vinaigrette Season swordfish steaks all over with salt and, if desired, pepper, then set over hot side of grill. Cook swordfish until first side is well seared and the fish releases from the grill grate, about 5 minutes Preheat the outdoor grill for medium heat. Marinate the swordfish in teriyaki sauce for 5 minutes per side. Lightly oil the grill grate. Grill the steaks, basting frequently with melted margarine, for 5 to 6 minutes per side, or until fish flakes easily with a fork. Season with garlic powder, serve, and enjoy

Swordfish steaks are one of the easiest seafood you can make. It's often grilled on the barbecue or grilled inside on stove-top, like our recipe for Swordfish Oreganata. However, I prefer baking swordfish in the oven simply because it's easier and faster! It's the perfect dish to serve on rainy days too Easy, juicy and tender grilled swordfish stuffed in light corn tortillas. These grilled fish tacos take minutes to prepare. The perfect Summer BBQ main dish! (Instructions to bake or broil included.) Fish tacos are the best tacos - they're light, delicious and tender! They're a great way to incorporate more fish into your diet Grilled Swordfish with Garlic Soy Marinade is a healthy and easy meal to make for a busy weekday supper. Read on for details or jump click here to jump down to the recipe card . A weekday supper has got to be fast and easy, but it doesn't have to sacrifice on taste This Grilled Swordfish is a completely wonderful and totally delectable way to enjoy swordfish. Topped with a blueberry balsamic reduction, this swordfish is tender, sweet, and the perfect taste of the sea. Easy Grilled Swordfish. Now, I'm not always one for a backstory on recipes, but this recipe has been decades in the making

Simple, flavorful dinner in minutes! Add this lime basil grilled swordfish steaks to your busy weeknight menu and enjoy melt-in-your-mouth-tender flakes with side of your favorite vegetables in less than 30 minutes This simple and easy grilled swordfish marinates with fresh rosemary, garlic, melted butter, lemon juice & zest and then is grilled quickly. marinates with fresh rosemary, garlic, melted butter, lemon juice & zest and then is grilled quickly. Swordfish to me is like a steak in the fish world. It's thick and meaty, not a flaky fish Grill the fish until the flesh flakes easily, approximately 10 minutes per inch of thickness. Spoon the reserved marinade over the cooked fish, and serve immediately. Source: Hannaford fresh Magazine, July - August 200 Grilling is the best way to enjoy it, but you might be wondering how to grill swordfish the right way. It is a fact that a swordfish steak can be very easy to overcook. That is why I will be sharing with you a delicious, and more importantly, a very simple recipe of grilled swordfish on a gas grill Lightly brush the swordfish steaks on both sides with 1 tablespoon oil and season evenly with the salt and pepper. Grill the swordfish over direct high heat, with the lid closed, until just opaque in the center and still juicy, 6 to 7 minutes, turning once. Remove from the grill and serve warm with the sauce

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  1. utes (time depends on how hot the heat source is), or until lightly browned on one side. Turn steak over and grill or broil for about 5
  2. utes. (The length of time may vary depending on the thickness of the swordfish.) While the swordfish is grilling, add the 2 halves of the lemon directly on the grill, and grill the two halves until they are charred. Remove the swordfish and lemon halves from the grill and let them set for a few
  3. Cooking swordfish - on the grill, broiled, or in a skillet - is just like cooking a steak to a medium rare level of doneness. Whatever your cooking method, you'll want to sear both sides of your swordfish steak over medium-high heat, but leave the inside of your swordfish slightly medium rare

The recipe is simple yet flavorful, and it's the perfect way to enjoy swordfish. The garlic and parsley sauce is optional. Swordfish is a firm fish, making the steaks perfect for grilling or broiling. It's excellent cut into chunks for kabobs as well. Grill the swordfish steaks on an oiled grill grate over hot coals for about the same. Sear Swordfish: Heat olive oil in pan over medium-high heat until very hot, a few minutes. Add swordfish steaks to pan. Add swordfish steaks to pan. Flipping every 2 minutes, cook until center registers 130 F, 5 to 7 minutes depending on size of your steaks ( Note 3 )

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Cook dinner tonight that celebrates spices. This simple coconut vindaloo elevates the flavors of fresh swordfish by pairing it with vindaloo spice and creamy coconut milk. Ginger, garlic, and lime juice brighten up the dish. Get the recipe here. 2. Grilled Swordfish with Cucumber-Melon Salsa . Meaty swordfish lends itself well to grilling Watch Nick show you how easy it is to grill Swordfish using only 4 simple ingredients! This recipe is ready in 15 minutes and tastes delicious. Enjoy summer. Grill over medium coals 8 minutes on each side or until fish flakes easily when tested with a fork, basting frequently with lemon juice mixture and sprinkling with paprika. Serve with lemon wedges, if desired

Simple grilled swordfish with sauce gribiche at Frank Stitt's wonderful Chez Fonfon in Birmingham, Alabama. The Fuji X100 did a nice job at 1/10 sec and ISO 3200. We were next to the window and had a little light in the early evening Grill the swordfish directly over high heat, turning once, until grill-marked, firm to the touch, and opaque throughout, 3-4 minutes on each side (the swordfish must hit 145 degrees on an instant thermometer). Serve with the olive topping. Recipe tips and variations. Yield: This recipe will make 4 servings, 1 (6-ounce) piece of swordfish per. Grilled swordfish is positively delicious and makes an incredible change from the regular carnivorous BBQ's. It can also be cooked on a rack or tray 4 inches below the heat source I the oven & broiled. Prep time includes marinading

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  1. How Long to Grill Swordfish. When grilling swordfish, treat it as you would a rare steak.For a 1-inch piece of swordfish, use high heat to sear the swordfish on one side for approximately 5-6.
  2. utes. Turn off one side of grill and leave other side on high. Sprinkle each fish steak with salt, pepper and paprika; brush both sides of fish liberally with vinaigrette. Grill on the side away from direct heat for 2 to 3
  3. utes
  4. The Only Swordfish Recipe you'll need. This yum-licious Lemon Garlic Swordfish totally brought me back to our long-ago BK years (Before Kids) when Hubby and I frequently experimented with various fish, whole grains, and fresh veggies for dinner. In those early BK years, we would take time preparing healthy sauteed greens almost every night
  5. utes. Baste with some of the remaining marinade, turn and grill for an additionaly 4.

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These simple, Japanese-style swordfish steaks marinate in soy, sake and mirin before grilling. The accompanying miso sauce is intensely delicious. Slideshow: Grilled Fish Fill a bowl with ice. Grill swordfish, uncovered, turning once (using a spatula, never tongs on fish), over hot part of grill until steaks are covered with dark grill marks, 6 to 7 minutes. Move fish to cool part of grill and cook, uncovered, turning once, until center is no longer translucent, 3 to 5 minutes To spoon over grilled or seared swordfish: Sauté minced garlic in olive oil, then add lemon suprêmes along with the juice, capers, oil-cured olives, and chile flakes. -roxlet 6. For Asian pan-seared swordfish , make a sauce from rice wine vinegar, soy, wasabi powder, garlic, and ginger Light the grill or heat the broiler. Coat the tomato halves with 1 teaspoon of the oil. Grill the tomatoes cut-side up or broil them cut-side down, for about 10 minutes, until the skins start to blacken. Slip off the skins and put the tomatoes in a medium glass or stainless-steel bowl Grilled Swordfish. 4 · 50 minutes · Swordfish is a great fish to grill and this is a super simple recipe. Swordfish is a little deceptive because the smell is rather strong but it is mellow in flavor. The marinade adds just enough flavor. Fresh dill gives this fish a summer vibe. A delicious grilled dinner for a warm summer's night

Heat grill to medium-high heat. Brush both sides of the swordfish with the olive oil then season with coriander, a pinch of salt and a few grinds of black pepper. Grill swordfish steaks until just cooked through, about 3 minutes per side (depending on thickness of steaks). Transfer the steaks to plates 2 (1 lb) Swordfish Steaks 3 limes, juiced 2 TB olive oil 1 tsp salt 1/4 tsp black pepper 1/2 cup chopped fresh cilantro 1 lime, quartered. Instructions. 1. Pour lime juice and olive oil over swordfish steaks. Season with salt and pepper and half of the cilantro leaves. 2. Preheat an outdoor gas grill until it is smokin' hot Chef David teaches you how to season and cook Swordfish on your charcoal bbq. Chef David uses mesquite charcoal and pecan charcoal when he bbq's. If you love.. Swordfish is a great fish to grill and this is a super simple recipe. Swordfish is a little deceptive because the smell is rather strong but it is mellow in flavor. The marinade adds just enough flavor. Fresh dill gives this fish a summer vibe. A delicious grilled dinner for a warm summer's night. The Test Kitche Grilled halibut Niçoise, Italian-inspired swordfish steaks, and more: These grilled fish recipes are flavorful and easy to pull off

To accompany grilled swordfish, choose side dishes that feature summer's fresh seasonal produce. Start the meal with a Caprese Salad or Grilled Artichokes. If you want to go super simple, corn on the cob and baked potatoes are great accompaniments. Here are some of my other favorite side dishes to serve with grilled swordfish After a half-hour marinade in a concoction of lemon, fish sauce, and chile paste, chunks of swordfish are skewered with cherry tomatoes and snow peas, then charred to perfection on the grill Great recipe for Simple Seared Swordfish. A very simple recipe here that you'll be done with in 15 minutes or less. Fantastic flavour

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An easy and light grilled swordfish topped with pineapple salsa. Print Ingredients Swordfish. 4 swordfish in 1 - 1.5 inch thick filets ¼ cup lime juice zest one lime 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 2 finely diced garlic 1 tablespoon cilantro 10 - 12 dashes Texas Pete® Original Hot Sauce. Grill until fish is just opaque in center, 2-3 minutes per side, and lemons are deeply browned on cut side, about 5 minutes. Meanwhile, toss together kale, tomatoes, onion, and remaining 5 tablespoons vinaigrette in large bowl. Divide salad evenly among 4 plates. Top with swordfish steaks and place 1 grilled lemon half on each plate

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Place the swordfish steaks in a deep baking dish or pyrex and add 2/3 cup extra-virgin olive oil, crushed garlic and salt & pepper to taste. Turn the swordfish in the oil to coat all sides and let sit at room temperature for 30 minutes, turning once halfway through. In another dish, mix the breadcrumbs and the parsley 1. Season the swordfish steaks with salt and pepper. 2. Grill for 60 seconds and flip swordfish over. 3. Place 1 TBSP of crumbled feta cheese on top of each steak. 4. Move steaks to the coolest part of the grill and cook to an internal temperature of 135˚. 5. Remove from the grill and keep warm. 6 Citrus Marinade Grilled Swordfish Recipe. I had some amazing Swordfish from Anderson Seafoods that was calling my name this past weekend, and since my grill is now ready for use - I decided it was the perfect time to get grilling! So, I got a little creative and made this Citrus Marinade Grilled Swordfish Get the grill heated. Prepare the sauce: While grill is warming up, heat all of the sauce ingredients in a saucepan. Place on a very low simmer to keep the sauce warm while grilling the swordfish steaks. Grill the steaks on a medium-low heat for 2 minutes on each side until the bread crumb coating is a nice gold-brown color

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Grilled Swordfish recipes such as kebabs are perfect for a quick, easy fish dinner. Swordfish is an ideal white fish to use for kebabs, as it is firm and won't crumble easily whilst grilling. Swordfish is a very popular fish in Greece, you can find it at most fish markets Soak the swordfish in a marinade (optional): You can soak the swordfish in a marinade of your choice; per the FDACS, even your favorite salad dressing can double up as a marinade. If you're short on time or prefer to keep the swordfish steak's taste simple, just sprinkle some salt and pepper over the fish instead

Rinse fish and pat dry. Sprinkle fish with lime juice and season with salt and pepper. Lightly brush fish with oil. Place on grill and cook 2-3 minutes per side (Alternately, preheat your oven or grill to 375ºF.) Close the lid, and set the temperature to 375ºF. Add about two tablespoons of the butter sauce to a grill safe dish. Place the swordfish steaks in the dish and cook for about 4-5 minutes per side. Remove the swordfish from the grill. Plate each steak and top with Garlic Sage Butter Grill 5 to 6 minutes, turning skewers once or twice, until just opaque in the center. Remove swordfish from skewers to a bowl and toss with 1/2 cup of the salsa. Cover mixture and keep warm while heating tortillas. Heat tortillas directly on grill 30 to 45 seconds per side, until softened and pliable. Wrap in kitchen towel to keep warm and soft main. 1/2 Cup extra-virgin olive oil, plus 2 tablespoons for oiling the fish. 1 Whole lemon, juiced. 2 Clove garlic, minced. 3 Tablespoon finely chopped fresh parsley. 1 Tablespoon finely chopped fresh oregano or 1 teaspoon dried oregano. 1 Tablespoon brined capers, drained (optional). 4 (6 to 8 oz) swordfish, halibut, tuna or salmon steaks, 1 inch thick. salt and peppe

Pre-heat grill and set fire to medium. Brush both sides of the swordfish steaks with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Place the steaks on the grill and cook turning once until cooked through and lightly browned. About 5 minutes per side. Remove from grill. Place the slices of ciabatta bread, crumb side down on the grill and lightly toast 1 recipe Charcoal-Grilled or Gas-Grilled Swordfish Steaks. INSTRUCTIONS. A slice of sandwich bread pureed into the sauce keeps the flavors balanced and gives the sauce body. Toasting the bread rids it of excess moisture that might otherwise make for a gummy sauce. Salsa verde is excellent with grilled meats

Place swordfish in pan. Melt butter in microwave or over low heat. Brush butter onto swordfish. Sprinkle Lemon Juice over the sword fish, sprinkle paprika, garlic powder, and celery salt over the swordfish both sides. Broil a few minutes on each side til opaque and fish is firm. Number of Servings: 3 Recipe submitted by SparkPeople user LUNADRAGON Arrange swordfish on rack and cook until fish is cooked through and flakes easily when tested with a fork,about 2 minutes on each side. To serve,transfer grilled swordfish steak to serving platter and top each with half of the margarine mixture Heat gas grill on medium or charcoal grill until coals are ash white. STEP 3. Combine all swordfish ingredients except swordfish steaks in bowl. Brush fish with butter mixture; place onto grill. STEP 4. Close lid; grill, turning once, 8-12 minutes or until internal temperature of fish reaches at least 145°F and flakes easily with fork. Serve. Grilled Swordfish Steaks with Tomato Olive Relish is a simple grilled fish recipe. White fish is topped with a simple warm salsa for a healthy and light dinner. Print Recipe Pin Recipe Rate Recipe Save Recipe Saved This Grilled Swordfish has a simple spice rub and a delicious olive topping. Once the grill is heated, dinner is ready in 20 minutes or less. This Grilled Swordfish has a simple spice rub and a delicious olive topping. Once the grill is heated, dinner is ready in 20 minutes or less

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An easy baste of miso and mayonnaise (yes, mayonnaise!) is a terrific complement to meaty swordfish steak and helps it develop a nicely browned crust without overcooking. We like cutting the steak into thick fingers for lots of surface area to pick up great grilled flavor It's quick and simple to prepare, which means you can come in from the beach, throw the fish in the 20-minute marinade, heat up the grill, and have dinner on the table in no time. GRILLED MOJITO SWORDFISH RECIPE. The grilled swordfish marinade basically contains a classic mojito cocktail- rum, lime juice, and mint. Plus an abundance of garlic.. Preheat a grill to medium heat. To make the salmoriglio, mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Slice the swordfish into thin slices about 1/2-inch thick, pound the lightly, and trim the slices into a square shape. Mince the trimmings and reserve to add to the stuffing in step 4 A quick pickle of red onion serves as a tangy counterpoint to meaty swordfish in this simple slider recipe. And charring sweet, ripe summer cherry tomatoes (I used Sun Gold cherry tomatoes, but feel free to use whatever looks best) gives them an interesting background smokiness that complements their natural sweetness nicely

On a cutting board, pat the swordfish fillets dry with paper towels. Add the swordfish to the dish with the marinade, turning to coat. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Preheat the grill to 350°F (180°C) Set swordfish steaks over high heat on the grill. Grill 3 - 4 minutes, flip, and grill 3 - 4 minutes longer. The fish will continue to cook once removed from the grill. Look for fish to be nicely seared on the outside and have a good amount of give when touched But there isn't any trickery to a moist and tender swordfish steak; it's simply how long and how high you cook it. No different than a regular steak, I like a fast, searing cook for swordfish on the grill over med/high heat. This will give you those gorgeous grill hatch marks, a tender interior and be done in under 10 mins. Win. Win Win You will find our recipe for grilled swordfish steak with lemon dill aioli sauce in a convenient, printable recipe card at the bottom of the post. However, if you want some indispensable cooking tips, helpful information, and other suggested recipes, then stick around and peruse through the entire post

Grill: Another perfect way of cooking the fillets is grilling them, especially during the summer times. Simply, heat and oil the grates of a charcoal grill. Then, season or marinate the swordfish briefly and grill the swordfish for about 3-4 minutes on each side. You want to have a slightly pink color inside Firm, white meaty steaks make swordfish an excellent choice for the grill. The steaks cook quickly, taking about 4 minutes on each side, and they taste good plain or seasoned with a marinade or sauce. Swordfish pairs with a variety of summery side dishes, some of which can be grilled alongside the fish

Swordfish Recipe with Lemon-Garlic Sauce. The secret to this fabulous thick swordfish steak is easy pan-roasting plus an addictively delicious lemon-garlic sauce. Best of all, you can make it for dinner in less than 30 minutes. Grilled Swordfish Recipe with Sicilian Sauc Grilled Swordfish with Basil Pesto: This easy fish recipe features swordfish steaks brushed with basil and olive oil pesto, and grilled to perfection. Perfect for summer cookouts + BBQs! This Grilled Swordfish with Basil Pesto is a quick, easy, and flavor-packed main course that's perfect for barbecues and cookouts!. Grilled Swordfish Recipe. Grilled Swordfish with Tangy Rosé Wine Mayonnaise. Grilled Swordfish with Tangy Rosé Wine Mayonnaise will take your grilling to the next level. Grilled swordfish is topped with rosé wine mayonnaise that is also turned into a creamy vinaigrette used to dress a simple & refreshing salad of fennel, radish and avocado Grilled Swordfish with Pineapple Peach Salsa is a delicious seafood recipe to throw on the grill! My sister Susie has always had a bunch of recipes in her at-home collection. It's like Disneyland for a recipe freak like me when I visit her, since I can flip through loads of new-to-me cookbooks and recipe clippings for ideas- especially since.

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Tackling a Grilled Swordfish. It's OK if grilled swordfish sounds intimidating. Those fish can grow up to 1000 pounds. Thankfully, you're not the one who has to wrangle it out of the water. You just need to find the perfect cut. Swordfish is usually sold in steak form. It's a beautiful, white-fleshed fish with a meaty texture Swordfish - 15 minute preparation Cut whole steak into 4 pieces, approximately 1/2 pound each, or buy individual steaks. If grilling in a pan, preheat pan for 2 minutes. If grilling on open grate, preheat the grill on medium heat for 3 or 4 minutes. Brush/coat pan or grill surface with cooking oil or cooking spray

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Mango Salsa on Grilled Swordfish is a simple and healthy way to spice up that grilled fish with a great side dish packed full of flavors and vegetables. It is a quick and easy salsa to make and compliments the grilled swordfish perfectly. A quick dice of red onion, green onion and jalapeno peppers all marinated in lemon juice with spices and. Swordfish is a super robust meat, similar in texture to tuna. The large and thicker cut steaks are excellent when grilled, just be sure to oil your grates well in advance, and between flips. This particular recipe also has a quick 1 hour marinade to give the fish a burst of fresh flavor Ingredients. 2 tbsp. canola oil 4 (8-oz.) boneless, skinless swordfish steaks Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste 2 tbsp. minced herbs, such as oregano, rosemary, and thym Swordfish, along with tuna, salmon, and Mahi Mahi, are ideal for the grill. The high oil content will keep the steaks moist during cooking. Have your fishmonger cut the steaks about 1/2-inch thick and then remove the bloodline from the center of the steak, giving you two pieces from each steak

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Grilled Swordfish Steak Recipe with Roasted Rainbow Vegetables. For as long as I can remember, I have loved grilled swordfish. I love how thick and juicy each piece of fish is plus the taste is just amazing. For years, my favorite swordfish recipe was Hong Kong style which means that it was topped with a ginger, sherry soy sauce and put over grilled, mix vegetables One of my favourite meals was a blackened swordfish and I just had to try making it at home! The basic idea behind a blackened fish s that the fish is seasoned and then briefly seared at high heat until the spices and the surface of the fish just start to blacken, but not burn Place the swordfish on the grill rack and cook for 5 minutes. Turn and cook for 2 to 3 minutes more (total cooking time is 7 to 8 minutes), or until the fish is just cooked through. Serve with. To grill swordfish, start by preheating a grill to medium heat. While the grill is heating up, brush your swordfish steaks with a marinade or some seasonings. Once the grill is hot, lay each swordfish steak on the grate and cook them for 6 minutes, flipping them over halfway through But this recipe for Grilled Swordfish with Rosemary has a short list of simple ingredients, and the swordfish is allowed to shine in flavor on its own instead of being drowned in a too-flavorful marinade. How to make Grilled Swordfish with Rosemary: The swordfish is marinated for a short time (one hour) in a mix of wine, garlic, rosemary, salt.

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