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Classic Mini racing twin 1½ HS4 carburetter conversion kit. Supplied with inlet manifold, heat shield, return springs and throttle linkage. Built to order, fully assembled, ready to bolt on. Built to order from FZX305 AUD52E - MGB HS4 SU CARBURETTORS 1962-72 - PAIR - RECONDITIONED. Quantity required - 1. This item is supplied on an exchange basis. A surcharge of £100.00 excl VAT will be charged in addition to the unit cost if it is supplied in advance. This is refundable on return of an old unit in serviceable condition AAR spring-loaded or swing needle for SU HS2, HS4, or HIF4 carb. Carb Needle, Spring-Loaded, AAT (CUD1017) Price: $24 includes throttle shafts, bushings, butterflies, jets, float needle/seats, and gaskets/seals. Carb Service Kit, HS2, Single (CSK51) Universal linkage kit for twin SU carburetors. Includes throttle cable guide, throttle.

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  1. Universal linkage kit for twin SU carburetors. Includes throttle cable guide, throttle and choke linkages, and throttle cable trunnion. Linkage Plate, HS4, Used (12G0766-USED
  2. Today I will discuss tuning of SU carburetors. Tuning includes mixture adjustment, idle speed adjustment, and synchronization. It is assumed that your carbs have been properly rebuilt and the jets centered; if not, stop here, because your carbs are likely not tune-able. Instead, go study one or more of my posts on SU rebuilding, startin
  3. SU HS4 Mods SU HS4 Mods. By Mark, May 24, 2011 in Carburettors . Share but the main problem is the choke lever that connects to the bottom of the jet appears to be the wrong shape and fowls the head of the bolt that holds the float chamber onto the carb body. HS2 linkage as these are going on my MK3 Spit and decided to keep the.
  4. (c) Slide the throttle disc into its slot in the spindle until the two securing screws can be entered. Use two new screws. (d) Manoeuvre the disc until it is a snug fit in the body with the throttle closed. Check the fit visually, and tighten the screws fully. Spread the split ends of the screws just sufficiently to prevent turning.
  5. (a) Tighten the clamp bolt of the throttle spindle interconnections and set the link pin lever with the pin resting against the edge of the pick-up lever hole (see inset). This provides the correct delay in opening the front carburetter throttle disc. (b) Re-connect thejet control linkage, so that both jets commence to move simultaneously.
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Little talk through of the issue I am having with this SU HS4 carb installed on my Moke. It all started with bad fuel, and ended in me trying to clean out t.. SU HS2 carb pair, intake manifold & linkage setups. $895 ($795.00) Carb Pairs. $695 ($100) ($595) SU HS4 carb pair, US Model Jet configuration, $695.00 ($100) ($595) Zenith Stromberg single 150CD carb & intake: Manual choke $495 ($ 50) ($395) Auto choke $495 ($75) ($395) SAAB

Description: HS4 Carburettor Throttle and Choke Linkage Kit Availability: In stock Ex. VAT: £22.25 (Incl. VAT: £26.70 Universal linkage kit for twin HS2 or HS4 SU carburetors. Throttle and choke linkages with lever arms. Order throttle return springs separately ( AEC2075 ), two or three required

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Su Carburetters are The Worlds Sole Manufacturer of Genuine SU Carburettors, Fuel Pumps and Spares. Showing all products belonging to the Choke Lever Connectors & Cable Pins category. 6 Item(s) Linkage Parts. H Type Fast Idle Kits. Return Springs & Kits. Throttle Return Springs & Kits Throttle return lever, right carb 1 9 WZX1140: Linkage Sundries. Adj screws, springs & clips 1 10 AUC8473: Choke Lever pivot tube 1 11 AUC8474: Spring Washer, choke pivot locating 1 12 AUC1375: Spring, cam lever 1 13 AUC1520: Spring, link lever 1 14 WZX1335: Choke return spring kit. 1 15 AUD334 Su Linkage For Choke Or Throttle With 4 Rod, Customer Cuts To Length, Reguires An Additional Kit To Take Care Of T... Part# WZX871 More Details... $29.93. Add to Cart Su Link Kit 2x Hs4 Shaft Len. 3.25 Su Linkage Kit Twin Hs4 (Throttle & Choke) Shaft = 3.25 Apt Has Methods For Adapting To Any Required Shaft Length...

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  1. The SU HS4's on my 71 had a throttle shaft leak, and I needed a replacement until I could re-bush the shafts; so I decided to clean these HIF4's up. The instructions were still greek to me, but armed with a six pack of beer I decided to attack the beasts
  2. Remove the linkage to clean the carburettor. The retaining plate is held on by two screws. Usually there is a square hole in the fast-idle cam . Turn the cam to reach one of the screws through the hole. Otherwise, remove the cam. With the retaining plate free, pull the choke assembly out, taking care not to damage the seals
  3. SU carburettors were a British manufacturer of constant-depression carburettor.Their designs were in mass production during most of the twentieth century. The S.U. Carburetter Company Limited also manufactured dual-choke updraught carburettors for aero-engines such as the Rolls-Royce Merlin and Rolls-Royce Griffon
  4. I note that the choke linkage for the wax stat jet and the RED jet are totally different. Perhaps fitting the correct SU choke linkage for the RED jet may be the answer. Mark Wilson Minor Addict Posts: 903 I have a HS4 with waxstat which I intend to convert to the standard jet arrangement in due course so the information is very helpful
  5. In this video, Ed D'Arata, Mini Mania's SU Carburetor genius, goes through the differences between the various SU Carbs found on classic Minis, Sprite & Midgets, and Morris Minors. Use this handy guide to identify what carburetor is on your classic
  6. Caurburettor Linkages: Twin SU . lots of people ask for pictures of the throttle linkages, and tips on how to install them. Understandable because one you have the carbs out of the car, its easy to forget how they went in. Standing on the right side of the car, facing the engine, the choke linkage will be the one closer to you, and the throttle.
  7. Linkage rod and bracket set for the twin 1 1/4 inch HS 2 SU carbs as on all Mini Coopers and Cooper S types and Austin 1300 GT...from 1961 to 1972.....they get very worn and bent over the years..will fit the 1 1/2 twin SU HS4 carbsmay need to shorten the rods which are 2.25 in 55mm long

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  1. 386-385 SU Carburetor Throttle Shaft Bushing Reamer|This special reamer is designed to open up worn 5/16 throttle shaft bushings to accept .010 oversize throttle shafts. For SU carburetors only. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser
  2. Looking For About To Choke? Find It All On eBay with Fast and Free Shipping. Over 80% New & Buy It Now; This is the New eBay. Find About To Choke now
  3. 114-461 CHOKE CABLE|CHOKE CABLE 1-800-667-7872; 1-800-667-7872; Help Center; Free Catalog Linkage Kit. $209.99. Description. CHOKE CABLE. Details. Make: Mini: Model: Mini: Year: SU HS4 & HS6 Dashpot Cover - Chrome. SU HS4 and HS6 Carbs . 374-575 . $19.99. HIF and HS Dash Pot Covers.
  4. g you have the correct intake manifold.) Throttle linkage, choke linkage shaft with connectors, and cable stop. Genuine SU parts (not included in carburetor sets) Quick look Add to cart HS4 Heat.
  5. WEBER CARB KIT DGV ELECTRIC CHOKE kit includes manifold, linkage, carburetor and air filter : WEBER REBUILD KIT: NEW PAIR OF HS4 SU CARBS 1973-1980: NEW PAIR OF HS2 SU CARBS 1971-1972: Press on image below to order. WEBER DGV KIT. HS4 CARBURETORS. Home Page To see your commission numbers press here.

I know I'm not the only one on here who has an HS4 with the conversion to remove the waxstat. (The SU kit that is, not the 2p coin trick!) Since doing mine the choke mechanism has tended to stick down without fully returning the jet to its seat. Last night I googled this and found that it seems to be a fairly common problem for MGs and Triumphs SU Carburettors The SU carburettor is a relatively simple design but has proved to be very effective. The often underrated SU offers good versatility and reliability. SU carburettors can theoretically perform better than modern computer controlled fuel systems. This is due the SU being analogue and the vast array of needle profiles available

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SU & Zenith Stromberg Carb Rebuilding & Restoration. NOTE: I have a price list for Rebuilding, Restoring & Bench Testing of SU carbs & Zenith Stromberg carbs on the text only pages.I will also be listing sets of SU & Zenith Stromberg Rebuilt, Restored & bench Tested carbs & also complete carb, linkage & intake manifold setups Hs4 carburettor throttle and choke linkage kit. Skip to the end of the images gallery. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Qty. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. Details. Original specification linkage kit to suit HS4 1.5 SU twin carbs. More Information. More Information; SKU: WZX873: Manufacturer: SU Carb: Customers Who Bought This Item. SU HIF Throttle Spindle Seal from 1988 on [900.JZX1994] 900.JZX1994 $12.00 : SU Throttle shaft seal kit HD ethanol proof [900.WZX966] 900.WZX966 $9.00 : SU Carburettor Throttle Shaft Kit HS6 [900.WZX1178] 900.WZX1178 $40.00 : SU Lift Pin Kit HS8 [900.WZX1109] 900.WZX1109 $15.00 : SU Carburettor Throttle Shaft Kit HS2 1 1/4 [900.WZX1310] 900. To suit 1 3/4 SU's Length approx 82mm Redline ram socks also available (red in colour) 100mm & 150mm Suit MG, Mini, Triumph, Austin Healey. Price: $69.65 each 20-161

item 1 WZX871 Universal Twin SU Throttle & Choke Link Kit 1 - WZX871 Universal Twin SU Throttle & Choke Link Kit. £27.00. About this item. Condition. New. Quantity. 1 available. Manufacturer Part Number. SYTEC TLK2/W TWIN WEBER CARBS THROTTLE LINKAGE KIT 40 45 DCOE ESCORT MK1 MK2 HS. 4.2 out of 5 stars based on 6 product ratings (6) £44. Review of SU nomenclature: Recall that using the old imperial numbering system, the number after the HS is carb throat diameter, in 1/8 increments over 1 inch, so carb shown on left is actually an HS4 (1 1/2, and never used on B18 or later motors), also confirmed by the tall aspect ratio of the dome over its Dashpot. At the throat, an HS6. SU Carburettor Throttle Linkage single shaft + L & R lever Cooper Mini, MG Midget, Sprite, (900.WZX872A) 900.WZX872A $39.00 : SU Carburettor throttle disc D3 H2 HS2 1-1/4 Dia (900.WZX1320D) 900.WZX1320D $19.00 : SU Carburettor Throttle Disc kit H4 HS4 HV4 1-1/2 inch Dia used in many English vehicles (900.WZX1323) 900.WZX1323 $29.0 Im looking to put a set of HS4's on my MKIII, upgrading from a single Stromberg. Does anybody have a good set of pictures of what the proper throttle and manual choke linkage setup should be? Thanks! 1970 MK

The SU carburettor is fitted to a vast number of older classic British cars and light vans, since SU-Butec was a subsidiary company of British Leyland. Probably the most successful constant depression (variable jet) type of carburettor in use during the 1970s, the SU had changed little in basic design over the years SPRING THR RETURN MGB 2.3/4 INCH. Product Code: AEC2075 Spring choke return x 1 Spring throttle return x 3 MGB £ 1.3 E-49 SU Threaded Rod & Connector Piece Linkage - MGTSeries & others G57 SU Shim Washer for Float Needle & Seat (thick .030) G58 378-471 SU Shim Washer for Float Needle & Seat (thin .015) HIF Gasket Pack SU HIF Gasket Pack Jaguar Hub Puller Hub Puller for Jaguar JZX 1306 SU Choke Link HS4 no jog JZX 1307 SU Choke Link HS6 w/jo Not Built up= A Complete kit of HS4 CARBS/ MANIFOLD/LINKAGE LESS AIR CLEANER £708.51 exc vat; £850.21 inc vat In stock TWIN HS4 CARBURETTORS SU PAIR (1.5) C-AUD640 £596.78 (inc VAT) £716.14. LINKAGE ROD FOR TWIN CARB LINKAGE THROTTLE BRACKET ON MANIFOLD FOR TWIN CARBS. AEG349 £4.32 (inc VAT) £5.18. 2.5 BRAIDED PETROL PIPE 1/4.

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A pair of brand new AUD 135T SU HS4 Carburettors for an MGB 4 cylinder 1966-67. Replaces original part numbers AUD135F & AUD135R. Includes gaskets as shown Pro-Hex premium overhead Hex-Rod Linkage set; Redline Air filters; Fully rebuilt set of 3 x 1 1/2 HS4 SU carburettors. The linkage kit included is our new to the market premium Recarb Pro-Hex kit. It features: 8mm stainless steel hex rod linkage bar, meaning no twist or slippage and a more consistent balance and tun For a twin carb kit, you will need the opposite carburettor LHIC (MS2902), throttle linkage kit (WZX873), heat shields (ABF169) and inlet manifold (AUE1015) plus extra fittings. For twin HS4 1.5 SU Carburettor kit complete and ready to fit including airfilters please see (MS2953 1) Remove the slack out of the choke linkage at the interconnector link by loosening the top and bottom nuts. 2) Tighten the lower nut on the interconnector so that there is a slight bit of pressure on the lever. Do not over compensate as it preloads the choke causing a richer mixture. 3) Tighten down the top nut to lock the adjustment

The 1 1/2 HS4 SU Carb. The HS4 is the same design as the HS2 and HS6 SU carbs, this one being 1 1/2 size. It was commonly used on later Minis in single carb setup, and on MGB B series engines in twin carb layout. I am not aware of any triple HS4 setups, other than perhaps aftermarket modifications Work the linkage and spray and it should free up. Make sure that someone hasn't bent the tab that pushes the secondary's open, out of the way. If the carb has been worked on lately, especially the choke linkage there are lockouts there. If the choke linkage has been taken off and put back on, these lockouts may not be in the right positions

Lever, choke, su carburetor, mgb 1962-1971. Choke lever, throttle linkage. 1965 Jaguar E-Type. Genuine Jaguar Part - 370-110 (AUE180). Ships from Kalamazoo M Twin Carb Linkage. Genuine SU linkage kit for throttle or choke of twin HS2 or HS4 carburetters. Price: £28.74 INC VAT £23.95 EX VAT STOCK CODE: WZX87 SU CARB HS4,6,8 new throttle shaft. Suit Mini, MGB, Sprite,Jaguar,Triumph etc. $24.50 : MG Enthusiast February 2011 MGB RV8 MGF modifying ZR C-Type SA SU carb overhaul. $4.99 : 2 x HIF4 or HIF38 SU Carb to Air Filter GASKETS for MGB Roadster & MGBGT 1972-80. $4.99 With linkage sets available for triple-carb systems to dual quad set-ups and everything in between, you can be sure to find the exact match for your unique assembly. From Afco to Edelbrock, Lokar to Weiand, we stock only the top quality throttle systems that you crave

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1 1/2 Su H4/HS4/HIF4/HIF38 Manifold Spacer With Vac Fitting For Distributor, 0.295 (7.5mm) Thick Part# MFA338 More Details... $19.55 Add to Car su carburettor Needle KW. this is an su 1.5 hs type carburettor, as fitted to many vehicles. these are in unknown condition and i don't know if they require re-building. Up for sale is a great looking: su carburettor This Listing Is Only For The su carburettor Shipping & Payment Thanks for shopping with us Morris Minor Su Hs2 & Hs4 Jet Tube Aud9141a Left Hand Twin Or Single Carb .090 Internet Price $34.95 Choke Return Spring Kit - Hs Carbs, Standard Jet, Right Han

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step 4- Remove the piston covers. CAREFULLY remove the piston, DO NOT BEND THE NEEDLE. Set the piston down on a clean wadded rag to prevent rolling. Clean the inside of the carb. Check operation of the throttle. Check the throttle shaft slop- this is the most common place for wear on an SU, and is often where air/vacumn leaks occur HS Series SU Carburettors. HS2 HS4 HS4C HS6 HS8. More Information. If you have any photos or other information on SU Carburettors, I would love to hear from you. please send me a message: tim@carb.su. The HIF SU Carb. The HIF carb replaced previous types and was a significant evolution of the SU Carburettor design SU Carburetors. 542 likes · 1 talking about this. SU Carburetors is the web presence of Island Automotion Ltd. Island Automotion specializes in the restoration of SU and Stromberg carbuetors

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  1. Twin SU HS Carburettors. TWIN SU CARBURETTORS. This links Twin Carburettors. CHOKE LINKAGE. THROTTLE OR. THROTTLE LINKAGE. 1 - 1¼ THROTTLE CON-ROD. 4 CON-ROD SHAFT (which can be cut to size if required)
  2. SU Carbs - Connection, HIF type. Although there are a number of different versions of the HIF type carb, they all essentially share the same type of connection layout. The diagram below depicts the most common type - the connections can be on either the right hand side (as illustrated below) or the left hand side
  3. ispor...nal-su-hs4.html Do I need a different Choke linkage to what I have now? I can get pictures of the carb.
  4. SU H and HS carburettors. 1: Unscrew throttle adjusting screw until the face just clears the stop. Open by screwing in 1 1/2 turns. 2: Remove Piston and Suction Chamber, disconnect mixture control wire, and screw jet adjusting screw until jet is flush with carburettor bridge (or full up if you cant)
  5. Buy SU Carburettors & Parts and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many item
  6. THROTTLE DISC H4 HS4 HIF4 SU. Product Code: AUC3116 PIVOT BOLT CARB LINKAGE. Product Code: AUC1426 THROTTLE DISC HS4. Product Code: WZX132

Mini HS4 H4 HIF38 SU Carb Stub Stack Ram Pipe 1 1/2 CNC Engineered in England For the SU HS4 H4 and HIF38 carbs (all 1 1/2 inch) Designed to go inside any cone filter or K&N David Vizard's chart on.. Throttle linkage operation incorrect (readjust and check for correct operation) Heavy Fuel Consumption: In addition to all of the above, check for fuel leakage. Lack of Engine Braking; Faulty bypass valve (replace diaphragm or entire unit) Throttles sticking open. Retailer of classic SU and Zenith carburetters, fuel pumps and components. Located in Salisbury, UK. Burlen welcomes customers back to the shop from the 12th April. Temporary opening hours Monday to Thursday 09:00 - 17:00 & Friday 09:00 - 16:30..

Carb.SU > SU Carburettor photos and information Posts Welcome to the relaunched Carb.SU. After much delay I have relaunched the Carb.SU website. This is intended to grow over time to become a very useful resource for all models of SU Carburettors, as fitted to many British classic cars such as Jaguar, MG, Morris, Austin, and more Genuine HS4 SU, left and right hand. Polished dash pot covers. Stainless steel heat shield. Alloy inlet manifold to suit Mini. All new linkage and throttle spindles. Fuel hose link and T-piece. Supplied with AAA needles and red springs Triple SU Power Unit - Chrysler Hemi 6. Kit contains 3 brand new HS6 1.75 SU carburettors, a Redline inlet manifold, linkage kit, carby heat insulators and air filters. All new set-up excluding the carbies which are fully factory reconditioned and jetted to suit. Options include fuel block, hoses, clamps and inlet gasket. Price: $1987.6 In both types of SU carb it is done by increasing the amount of fuel for a given amount of air (rather than reducing the amount of air for a given amount of fuel as in the other design of carb) and so is an enrichment device rather than a choke. But no matter, 'choke' is the generic term, so that is what we shall use

Twin Choke Webber 38 Dgas ( Needs A Service Kit Etc ) £ 65. 9 Watching ICT 34 Carburettor Linkage And Manifolds SU HS4 Carburettor 1.5 inch complete good conditio SU - Tuning tool kit Z015 . Price: £22.45 / €25.15 / US $24.19 Throttle disc kit WZX1323 Plain type for more efficient air flow in HS4/HIF . Price: £10.85 / €12.15 / US $11.69 (Including VAT at 20% except $ price) 20 - Throttle spindle kit WZX1177. Notes: Disc fitted with overrun valve. Disc kits also contain items 52, 85 & 86 MGB SU HS4 TWIN CARBURETTORS / SU ORIGINAL CARBS SET. C $1,256.33; Buy It Now +C $81.49 shipping; From Italy; MG Mgb 1800 SU HS4 Carburant Rebuild Kit 1963-74. MG MGB SU HIF4 1.5 Inch Original SU Carburetor Throttle & Choke Linkage. C $48.88; Buy It Now; Calculate Shipping ; From United States; MG MGB SU Carburetor Insulators. C $19.01; or. Carburetters, Fuel Pumps and parts for application with various MG models

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Tuning the SU carbs . Ok, this section is more about the upgrades than trying to help you set the carbs. there are plenty of good websites that detail setting up twin carbs. Therefore when rebuilding the HIF carbs use throttle plates form the HS carbs. This immediately reduces the restriction, and makes setting the carbs a lot easier as I. NZ's finest & most experienced Carburettor Sales and Service team. Weber, Dellorto, SU, Solex, Stromberg & most other makes, serviced, restored and repaired. New carburetors supplied and fitted. Worn carburetors serviced to new condition. Restoration of carburetors to the highest concours standards. Damaged carburetors repaired Austin Healey fuel system including carburettors, manifolds, intakes and air filters for BN1 to BJ

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  1. Get the best deal for SU Car & Truck Carburetors from the largest online selection at eBay.com. SU Carburetor 3478 G set 1 1/4 inch MGTD Austin Healey with linkage as shown . C $360.96. C $86.07 shipping. MG MGB SU HS4 CARBURETOR CARB AUC 1344 OEM Genuine . C $112.44. C $60.78 shipping
  2. Description . Ramflo air filter for SU H4, HS4 & HIF4 1-½ carburettors. Made by Lynx in Australia. Mounting holes are off-set towards the bottom of the filter - This means the carb will sit a little higher than the carburettor's centre line (For clearance purposes)
  3. AUC 1300 HS4 Carburetor Body. 45 00. AUD 2219X Carburetor Manifold Gasket. 3 20. HS4C Carburetor (Restored) 380 20. PT 4598. 30 00. PT 7468. 30 00. Sold Out. SU Float Bowl Heat Insulation Sock. 35 00. WZX 1312 HS4. 20 00. WZX 1312 HS4. 20 00. WZX 1312 OS HS4. 20 00. WZX 873 MGB Linkage Kit. 42 10. Quick Links. Search; Services; Contact.
  4. California, MD. Rapid Solutions Group, ISR Systems 44190 Airport Road California, MD 20619 667.803.4104 X10
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MGB SU Pancake type air filter assembly 62-80 Item #: A102 Foam elements 5 1/2 X 1. Also for 75-80 cars that have been converted to SU carburetors Morris Minor throttle cable bracket for su carb go . Bracket for the throttle cable on Morris Minor morris minor or similar good used condition little or no wear in throttle spindle all parts move freely and as they should. the bushes are good no play up and down or sideways only play when throttle is wide open there is a little side movement collection weet sussex SU, 1-barrel Carburetor Rebuild Kits and Parts. US manufactured and ethanol ready. Excellent before and after sale service, many hard to find parts exclusively available in our online catalog HS Carburetter Linkage Kits Combined Throttle & Choke Kits. Throttle or Choke Interconnection Kit WZX 871 WZX 872 Mini Cooper Midget & Sprite HS2. MGB HS4. MGB Special Tuning HS6. MK II.

For those wishing to experiment with the 948cc or 1098cc engine we supply an inlet manifold to suit a single HS4 SU 1 1/2, a single HS6 1 3/4 and one to suit Twin HS2 or HS4 carbs. Many enthusiasts prefer to use the Weber DCOE for competition applications Thickness' 4-10 cover (non-linearly) 10-80 MPH and hard acceleration mixtures. 9 and up cover sustained wide open throttle. Now using the SUNeedle.exe * program, you can compare needle sizes to find the right taper profile that matches the ranges you need to correct The policy of SU Butec is one of continued development and improvement. Consequently we reserve the 27 Throttle LInkage Sundries Kit 28 Float Chamber Sundries Kit Lost Motion Lever Kit 30 Gasket Pack . 1976_ AUD451 HS4 WZX 1852 CUD 1015 AUD 4288 1973-76 AUD567 CUD 1025 1975_ FZX 1086 WZX 1865 CUD 1017 1976_ FZX 1174 1981_ FZX 1313 HIF44. NEW SU HS4 Waxstat Jet Conversion. Posted by Biodread . Topic List Forum List Newer Older Start New Topic. NEW SU HS4 Waxstat Jet Conversion #1. This topic is about my 1978 Triumph Spitfire 1500. To deal with the choke linkage conversion kit on top of buying new Jets. But now Bergen Ltd. In England has a standard style (non Waxstat Jet with.

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color tune kit (new): jet centering tool hac61/blt4013 (later su hs4 carbs): factory carb synchro; hac60/blt5003: zenith stromberg metering needle adjuster blt2010: carb body throttle shaft body reamer (unknown application): carb linkage nut tool blt3017/605927: carb jet tools Island Automotion Ltd. offers complete overhaul and rebuilding services for SU carburetors, and Zenith and Stromberg carburetors, as fitted to Volvo, MG, Triumph, Jaguar and other vintage automobiles. Whether you have a temperature compensated HIF series, the popular HS series, big bore HD8's, or a A22 PERFORMANCE moss-europe.co.uk London 020 8867 2020 Bradford 01274 539 999 SU carburettor needle chart This needle chart gives a full range of needles and their dimensions to hel We carry several new carburetors, including a Zenith 228 universal, Holley 1904 universal carburetor, Solex universal carburetor and Zenith 161 updraft carburetor. With the exception of the Zenith 161, all of the universal carburetors come with an adjustable jet so they can be tuned to your particular engine. All are manual choke carburetors Twin Carburettor Linkage Kit. to guide the accelerator cable. also 2 pairs of throttle and choke rod levers. Carburettor, 1 1/2 HS4 SU Reconditioned Exchange $ 352.90 (inc. GST) Read more. Product description Carburettor Jet Bridge, 1 1/4 & 1 1/2 SU Read More

LEVER ASSY-THROTTLE TWIN LINKAGE HS4/HS6. Excl. VAT: £10.00 Incl. VAT: £12.00 . Out of Stock. This item is currently out of stock, please add it to your Add To Wishlist and we will contact you when it's back in stock. Add To Wishlist; Share By Email; Home > AUE180; Subscribe to our. If not, play with the linkage until they do so. If you blip the throttle, and they move different speeds but end up in the same place when you reach a constant rpm, your piston dampers are worn and unless you have some money, you shouldn't worry about it. I have found a source of NEW SU HS4 carburetors for the sum of $349.95 (plus shipping. The throttle linkage must have a no-resistance slip-fit onto the carburetor throttle arms. Retest the carburetors with the synchronizer. There should be no change in the readings after installing the linkage. Step 6. Adjust the idle mixture by turning the idle mixture screws all the way in until they gently seat. Turn the screws. If the carb has a choke, preset it to the 0 or midpoint setting. Leave the locking screws for the choke housing cap slightly loose so the choke can be easily readjusted as needed. Preadjust the idle speed screw on the throttle linkage so the throttle plates are closed, then tighten the screw one full turn for the initial idle setting Order as MSSK1006 These Swedish made Misab plates are b. Black powder coated twin HS4 heatshields. . . . Order as MSSK1004 considered the absolute best. 8. Twin carburettor linkage kit, includes accelerator bracket for Carburettor mounting plate for 40/45 manifold, two cross bars and linkage, plus choke and throttle 14 Weber. . . . . . . . .

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Get the best deals for su carburetor hd8 at eBay. This video shows you exactly how Tuning su hs4 carbs. Nieuwe aanbiedingClassic SU Twin Carburettors HS4 Carbs MG MGB MGBGT Cable Clamp Screws NOS. eur 1,370. 259 views3 months ago. I'd like to convert my 347 Pontiac to run on a pair of 2 SUs Su hd8 throttle shaft bushings. My Escapade 30cc went in a few days ago ( lost an elevator servo ) it crashed on soft soil, the 35 is in good condition but the throttle shaft is broken. 125 Jet Air Filter Gasket Various Inlet Manifold Gaskets Needle & Seat set Float Spindle Various Rubber (Viton) O-Rings and Buy OEM Part # TS2000STD (011-187, HD8)

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Part N° 161.002: 5/16 UNF NUT, Nu

MGB HS4 SU CARBURETTORS - 1962-72Hs4 carbs on mga : MGA Forum : MG Experience Forums : TheSpitBits - Your Choice for Triumph Parts114-460 CARBURETOR, HS4, Waxstat jet | Moss Motors
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