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A transmission flush is similar to other car fluid changes. When you or a mechanic perform an oil change, it's a rather simple process. They'll remove the oil pan bolt, remove the oil filter, and let the old fluid drain until it stops flowing Your car's transmission is responsible for converting the engine's power into motion for the wheels. Transmission fluid plays an important role in this conversion. In a manual transmission, the driver selects the appropriate gear ratio with a lever and a clutch pedal.In an automatic transmission, gear ratios are selected by the transmission itself

When you take your vehicle in for an oil change or other routine service, the repair facility may urge you to pay for a transmission fluid change or flush. Even if they can show you that the fluid. A typical transmission flush will cost around $150. A transmission flush on smaller cars may cost in the low $100s while it may cost more than $200 on larger vehicles. A good rule of thumb is that a flush costs about twice as much as a fluid change. Pan-drop transmission fluid change. If you have reservations about a flush, go with a pan-drop. Transmission fluid as an engine flush? Since automatic transmission fluids contain detergents and help fight sludge, some enthusiasts add a small amount to their motor oil prior to changing oil as a way to clean accumulated deposits and dissolve sludge

A transmission fluid flush, however, uses pressure to push all the old transmission fluid out of the system as it is refilled with new fluid. It is more of a fluid exchange than a drain and refill. For this reason, many mechanics recommend performing a second fluid change within 10,000 miles of the first SLRMKK DC 12V Auto Transmission Fluid Flush Exchange Machine, Flushing Device Gear Liquid Exchanger 0-60PSI, Oil Exchange Flush Cleaning Gearbox Oil Changer for Gasoline Diesel $3,299.00 $ 3,299 . 00 Save 5% at checkou Transmission Fluid Change vs Flush: When & Why. Transmission fluid is an essential component for any vehicle, helping to lubricate and cool the moving parts in the transmission system. Without it, these parts would start to suffer from overheating very quickly, eventually causing a complete transmission failure and a hefty repair bill in the. The point of a transmission fluid flush is to push new transmission fluid throughout the transmission to thoroughly clean the inside of the transmission. With automatic transmissions old transmission fluid can remain in the torque converter and won't be drained out by draining the transmission fluid

In this video I am going to show you how you can replace the transmission fluid and filter but also more important how you can do a DIY transmission fluid fl.. Amazon.com: transmission flush kit. EWK 6L Automatic Transmission Fluid Pump Fluid Evacuator and Dispenser for ATF Filler System with 8 Adapters. 4.5 out of 5 stars 32. $129.99 $ 129. 99. Get it as soon as Fri, Apr 9. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Lubegard 95001 Transmission Flush, 10 oz

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Many drivers ignore transmission maintenance and think that a transmission fluid flush will fix shifting problems. In a small number of cases, a transmission fluid flush can help with shifting issues, but it depends on how damaged the transmission is in the first place If you have an automatic transmission in your vehicle then you should have the transmission fluid flushed to keep your vehicle well maintained. The transmission is often forgotten until problems arise. By then it is too late and you end up with costly repairs. It is best to flush the transmission fluid every 30,000 miles or three years Flushing your transmission's fluid has fallen out of vogue in recent years because the high-pressure cleaning involved may dislodge debris inside the transmission that can literally gum up the.

Transmission: Engage emergency brake. Add entire bottle of AMSOIL Engine and Transmission Flush to transmission oil fill port. Idle for 10-15 minutes; shift through drive and reverse. Do NOT place vehicle under heavy load. Drain entire transmission and torque converter of fluid. FILTER MUST BE CHANGED prior to refilling with new transmission fluid Automatic Transmission Fluid Change During a transmission fluid flush at Goodyear Auto Service, we will first conduct an inspection for any potential fluid leaks. During the flush, our service technicians will drain the old fluid and add new, high-quality transmission fluid Re: 2015 -Transmission fluid Change Vs Flush Feb 03 2018, 6:38pm Here is a GM procedure for trans flush from a technical service bulletin for 2015 8-sp. Note-The 8-sp does not have a dipstick Compared to some things like repairing a blown head gasket or replacing your fuel injection system, paying for a transmission fluid flush is not the most expensive repair job on your vehicle. Even though $200 isn't chump change, it's a lot more reasonable than a $2,500 repair for a cracked cylinder head or something like that

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  1. Cost of a transmission flush: $239.95. Other cost factors: Price can go up $35 to $75, if more fluid is needed. Final thought: [One factor] that you should take into consideration is the condition of the fluid, Gunning says. Sometimes if the fluid is in very poor condition, it might need an extra flush or some more fluid ran through it
  2. Malcolm Tatum Date: February 22, 2021 A qualified mechanic should perform a transmission flush.. A transmission flush is a process that clears old fluid from the transmission of a motor vehicle and replaces it with new fluid. This process also helps to remove residue from the converters, coolers and cooler lines
  3. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend transmission fluid replacement without specifying how to go about it. However, most dealerships use a flush machine when doing the scheduled services on the transmission in order to completely replace the fluid. There have been some anecdotal warnings against flushing the fluid on a worn transmission for years
  4. A Transmission Fluid Service using Valvoline™ Professional Series transmission products when replacing your fluid will: Help keep your vehicle shifting smoothly by reducing wear on transmission gears and parts; Minimizes the risk of transmission failure and expensive repair

What to do: Have your transmission fluid flushed every 35,000 miles or so. Make sure that the shop replaces the filter when it changes the fluid. Some ­automakers say a transmission fluid flush isn't necessary until perhaps 100,000 miles, but transmission fluid is an oil and oil can break down over time, so this is one situation where it makes sense to err on the side of caution Should you simply drain the transmission oil pan and change the filter, or go for the full flush by removing and replacing all the fluid in an automatic transmission? If it seems confusing, it. A Transmission FLush Benefits Your Car Greatly! Good to see you decided to go with the transmission flush. It is essential for your car to continue to run smoothly and stay as new as possible as the years go by. :chug: I believe it is up there in importance to a regular oil change which people need as well The transmission does not have a Pan to take out as its a sealed unit... There are 2 methods to DIY Flush the transmission: 3x3 (Drain and Fill x 3 Times). Power Flush (Removing an line from the ATF Warmer to fully drain all the ATF from the transmission). The 3x3 is the recommended and easiest to do

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Dealer did the flush, new fluid, and replaced internal transmission harness. It seems to have corrected the shuddering problem, but I have still felt some harsh/abrupt shifts from 1-2 or 2-1 on. Find the best Transmission Fluid Change near you on Yelp - see all Transmission Fluid Change open now. Explore other popular Automotive near you from over 7 million businesses with over 142 million reviews and opinions from Yelpers A popular up-sell at lube shops and other auto service businesses is the transmission flush.A transmission flush (as described in this article) involves connecting a machine to your vehicle's transmission cooler lines, and letting the machine pump new transmission fluid into the vehicle while it draws the old fluid out

* Based on a survey of over 250,000 Valvoline Instant Oil Change℠ customers annually. (1) Based on a survey of Dodge, Ford, GM, GMC, Honda, Kia, Mercedes and Toyota dealership national average pricing. Average savings on air conditioning recharge, automatic transmission fluid exchange, cabin air filter, differential, fuel system cleaning services, radiator fluid exchange and serpentine belt. Valvoline transmission fluid change price. The typical transmission fluid change at Valvoline costs between $119.00 and $179.00. This depends on the quarts of fluid and whether the filter needs to be replaced. Walmart transmission fluid change cost

Getting a transmission fluid change and transmission flush is important maintenance for your vehicle's health - that's why vehicle manufacturers recommend regularly scheduled transmission service. If you keep up with your transmission maintenance, your car can run newer, stronger longer The new fluid exchange procedure requires the use of the DT-45096 TransFlow Cooler Flush Machine and DT-52263 Transmission Fluid Exchange Tool Kit. (Fig. 10) The tool kit began shipping to dealerships at no charge in late January 2019. All GM dealerships should receive the tool kits by the end of March 2019. Fig. 10 . Shudder Tes Transmission Flush: Flushing the transmission uses a machine to pump the old fluid out while pumping new fluid in. This method allows for the replacement of all fluid in the transmission in one go. On its own, a transmission flush is much faster and more thoroughly replaces fluid than a pan drop A transmission flush usually involves connecting your transmission to a professional grade machine to completely flush the transmission fluid out of your vehicle. Running solution through the lines until they come out clean, it then fills your system with new fluid. A transmission fluid change, on the other hand, simply drains the fluid with.

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  1. d that we have everything covered. Browse through our large collection.
  2. In 2015 I bought a 2001 Yukon XL with 231,000 miles, original engine and transmission. The trans shifted fine with no slippage noticeable. Along with all the other fluids except engine oil neither the trans fluid or the filter had ever been changed
  3. I'm planning on doing my first transmission flush on our 2015 elite. I've searched through all the posts about transmission fluid replacement and I found that there is a consensus about not flushing and just doing a 3x drain and fill. I 've changed fluid before in other cars where I unhook the..
  4. To thoroughly flush the transmission, the technician should drain and refill it with Honda ATF-Z1 (Automatic Transmission Fluid), then drive the vehicle a short distance. Do this three times. Then drain and refill the transmission a final time
  5. ants, and needs a transmission flush, you may notice unexplainable surging of your vehicle. Because your car's dirty transmission does not allow for adequate transmission fluid flow, your vehicle may tend to jump or surge forward and fall backwards for no good reason

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Disconnect the transmission-fluid return line at the transmission - from where the ATF returns to the transmission from the cooler. This is the line towards the rear of the transmission. Clamp the clear tubing over the line that you removed from the transmission. This is where the fluid comes out. This is where the second person comes in handy When Should You Change Your Mazda's Transmission Fluid? By Product Expert | Posted in Service, Tips and Tricks on Wednesday, July 20th, 2016 at 8:04 pm Do You Need to Change Transmission Fluid in a Mazda? Taking care of some of the simple and regular maintenance needs your vehicle requires can be a great idea for some, but when you have questions, it's a good idea to consult the experts Pump-Assisted Transmission Fluid Flush (or Exchange) on a Lexus ES300. The video below will show you how I performed a transmission fluid flush (or fluid exchange) assisted with a 12-volt portable electric oil pump powered by the car's battery on a Lexus ES300 (equivalent to the Toyota Camry V6) The transmission fluid change lets your mechanic get a close look at the transmission pan and the filter. This can reveal the presence of metal particles or other debris, which can indicate a bigger problem that needs to be fixed before it gets worse. This makes the fluid change an ideal preventive maintenance procedure. The transmission flush. Recheck the transmission fluid level after a test drive to make sure it is full. Normally, a fluid change will require slightly more than 3 US quarts (3,000 ml). To check the fluid, drive the vehicle until it is warmed up and has shifted through all of the gears, park it on a level surface, and shut it off

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Open the T40 bolt on the transmission drain and allow excess transmission fluid to drain out (make sure it's on a flat surface and 50-60C fluid temperature). When it stops draining, reseal the bolt. The main drain plug is a 17mm hex and you shouldn't need to mess with it for this step. Reset the transmission fluid counter with the VIDA/DiCE Besides, changing the fluid without the filter is fail, *unless* you change it then change it again in a 100 miles let's say; remember that a good portion of the fluid is in the converter and elsewhere that will not come out in a single draining; that would be the *only* reason why a machine flush may be beneficial if you were to run it for. Flushing your transmission fluid improves performance, reduces component failure and increases automatic transmission longevity. Over time, transmission fluid will oxidize, thinning the fluid and depositing gums and varnishes on the transmission valve body and lines. That in turn will cause problems in the long run such as sluggish shifting and. Transmission fluid services are an important part of regular maintenance and will increase the service life of your transmission. According to the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association, 90% of automatic transmission failures are caused by overheating and can be often blamed on transmission fluid that should have been replaced In order to avoid this, you need to get rid of all these contaminants, which is exactly where the transmission fluid flush comes into play. In this process, a special solvent is used to flush out the old transmission fluid, along with all contaminants in it, from the system. Depending on the region, it can cost you somewhere between $75 - $250

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The transmission fluid was flushed @30,000 miles. I am scheduled for a big 60,000mi service. Have been given the option of EITHER a Transmission Fluid Flush OR Drain & Fill. (The flush costs $120 MORE). I am having no mechanical problems with the car. Do I need the flush or is drain & fill adequate? Thanks in advance for advice You'll hear all sorts of things when it comes to the transmission and fluid. My opinion: you replace every other fluid in the vehicle, why wouldn't you replace the transmission fluid? Rumor is 100k and under full flush is recommended - higher mileage, pan drain and refill. Just speculation that contaminates can break loose and cause issues The fluid change means draining the old fluid from the transmission pan and refilling with fresh fluid. Transmission oil flush means taking out old oil from the pan, cooler lines, and from the crevices of the transmission. Fluid change means there will be some percentage of old fluid remaining in the gearbox unit (sometimes up to 50%) but flush. No Scott, I used cheap transmission fluid to full it up back after changing the filter and cleaning the pan. Then flush out all the fluid via the transmission cooler in line and replace the flushed out fluid with OEM Toyota Type IV transmission fluid via the dipstick tube. When finished add the transmission additive Transmission Fluid Change vs Fluid Flush. Although these services use different names, a fluid flush and a fluid change are 2 completely different services. Particularly, because when the vehicle owner asks for a transmission fluid change, the maintenance technician will concentrate their efforts on draining out all of the dirty fluid from the.

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The transmission flush originated over 20 years ago, with a machine that could replace all of the automatic transmission's fluid without any worker necessary. At the time, this was a huge technological renovation, with the machine offering cost-saving due to no mechanics being needed A transmission flush does not change all the fluid and it is not a power flush in the way you think. The most used procedure simply supplies fluid to a disconnected cooler line at the radiator & when the engine is started, the transmission's pump draws new fluid into the transmission where it mixes with the old and then is expelled via the 2nd cooler line Outside of having access to a flush machine, this is the next best thing - and free except fluid costs. A very small amount of original fluid does get mixed in, but it's negligible. Without dropping the pan and attaching a special machine to the actual ATF pump, this works just as well as a standard flush machine Transmission Flush. A transmission flush is done with a machine that pushes fluid through the entire transmission and cooling lines to force out the old fluid. Some manufacturers recommend against flushes because some machines flush the fluid in reverse direction. This can lead to loosening of debris in your transmission; these in turn can. Transmission Flush Services Our recommended automatic transmission maintenance service includes our Proprietary Diagnostic Check, a complete flush and fill with new transmission fluid. This helps to remove any contaminants from the transmission, improving performance and increasing the life of your transmission and vehicle

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Just did Transmission fluid flush on my '05 LX470 at ~85k. Used 16Qts total of WS ATF but had a few spills. It took me much longer than I expected this first time. I only owned it since 70k, but to my knowledge the tranny fluid was never changed transmission fluid job done Thanks, salmonz, for the response. I did find it to have the dipstick so there was no problem at all. One thing you want to keep in mind for the future is that warming up the engine is not sufficient to heat up the transmission oil; that just heats up the engine oil A more accepted method is to do a full flush at a trusted auto repair shop, where the mechanic attaches the vehicle to a machine that uses the vehicle's own transmission pump to gently flush out the old fluid while pumping in new fluid simultaneously. If the line is particularly dirty, the mechanic may run a solvent through the line first to. How to Flush Transmission Fluid Written by Heaven Stubblefield on Apr 01, 2010. To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience.. An auxiliary transmission fluid cooler is easy to install and can substantially lower fluid operating temperatures. The plate/fin type cooler is somewhat more efficient than the tube and fin design, but either can lower fluid temperatures anywhere from 80 to 140 degrees when installed in series with the stock unit

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The first is during a service, approximately 40-45% (4 to 6 quarts) of the transmission's fluid is changed and a flush changes closer to 100%. The second difference is a pan drop service allows a tech to view any debris that may have worn off the internal parts of the transmission and with the flush procedure, the pan is not removed Unlike a transmission service where only 25% to 30% of the transmission fluid is replaced we are able to replace 100% of your transmission fluid. We also flush out and clean the torque converter, valve body, transmission cooler and all internal parts to help improve transmission performance and longevity I have recently done 4 drain/refills of the transmission fluid, around 50-100 miles apart, followed by a coolant flush. The van now drives like we got it off the lot, new, very peppy with ultra smooth shifts 1.I have a 2005 E500 4MATIC wagon 722.6 and the manual does not say anything about a tranny flush or fluid change being required 2.I have read on this website that in 2006 (same 722.6 tranny) MB recommends fluid and filter change once at 39.000 miles. Unclear to me whether it is a full flush or just filter change and replace lost fluid


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For some reason changing the transmission fluid is something most manufacturers fail to list for maintenance. Frankly manual transmission should be changed about every 50 - 100,000 miles. Note: Flushing is not the same as changing. I suggest only changing (not flush) unless advised to do so by the manufacturer or someone like transman Automatic transmissions work by transmitting power from the engine to the wheels through a fluid medium. The fluid also lubricates moving parts and cools the transmission. A fluid exchange is performed, which removes and refills nearly 100% of the transmission fluid held in the transmission, including the torque converter I know that if I want this car to last a while, a transmission fluid and filter change is in onder at the minimum. I was planning on taking it to the Chevy dealer since they have a special going on to flush the transmission and change the fluid and filter for $110. The filter alone is $60, so that doesn't seem bad at all to me for $110

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Volkswagen Transmission Flush Services Sayville NY. Transmission fluid is a slippery liquid that lubricants all of the moving parts inside your transmission. In an automatic transmission, the fluid also serves as a coolant. Both automatic and manual transmissions have suggested service intervals for transmission flushes—the range for manual. One factor of a transmission fluid flush that surprises many is the lack of a recommendation to replace the filter(s). First, replacing automatic transmission fluid by power flushing the old fluid. However, most of the problems we hear come from an improper transmission flush where particles and debris block fluid flow or from failing to set the correct fluid level after. We believe automatic transmission fluid service should be left to a professional BMW technician and that extended fluid service (>50,000 miles) is acceptable as long as.

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Change the automatic transmission fluid and filter (five-speed transmission only). Inspect the rear axle fluid. Inspect the front axle fluid - All Wheel Drive (AWD). 128,000 Miles or 96 months. Change the engine oil and engine oil filter. Rotate the tires, rotate at the first sign of irregular wear, even if it occurs before 128,000 miles (208. Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) is a kind of transmission fluid used in vehicles with self-shifting or automatic transmissions.It is typically coloured red or green to distinguish it from motor oil and other fluids in the vehicle.. The fluid is optimized for the special requirements of a transmission, such as valve operation, brake band friction, and the torque converter, as well as gear. Transmission Flush. We recommend having your transmission fluid flushed every 30,000-35,000 miles and ensure that the transmission filter is changed during this flush as well. Automakers may have the recommendation of around the 75,000-100,000 mile mark to have this service completed

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Your transmission fluid and filter may require a change anywhere between 50,000 and 100,000 miles, depending on the conditions you regularly drive in and your specific vehicle's needs. Since transmission maintenance requirements can vary, be sure to check your Owner's Manual to review your vehicle's specifications Second is it too late to service the transmission fluid and flush it? Thanks in advanced! April 14, 2015 : Followup from the Pelican Staff: Might be a little late for a service. This could be a slip caused by low fluid or low pressure. Start by checking your fluid level. If it is OK, you may have worn parts causing a pressure drop and slip IMPORTANT: DEXRON-VI Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) is the only approved fluid for warranty repairs for GM transmissions requiring DEXRON-III or prior DEXRON transmission fluids. Any vehicle that previously used DEXRON-III for a manual transmission or transfer case should now use p/n 88861800 (88861801 in Canada) Manual Transmission and.

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  1. The replacement cost of a complete ZF 8-speed transmission is $4000 USD which is relatively modest when one considers to the absurdity of a $1000-plus fluid change. Note that as these ZF 8-speed transmissions are relatively new in Dodge applications, very few Dodge dealers have actually performed an oil change on them
  2. The right fluid should be indicated on the transmission dipstick, or listed in your owner's manual. How often to change transmission fluid. If you've got a new or new-ish vehicle, you should perform a transmission fluid flush, change, and refill at about a 40k mile interval (check your manual for exact specification)
  3. Old fluid is pushed out as new fluid is pushed in usually through a cooler line connection. You would get new fluid, but the filter would still be the same one from the factory. The flush can potentially push the nastiest stuff in the system through the filter and then the filter won't be changed
  4. Transmission fluid is generally a transparent red color, though it does come in other colors. As it gets older, breaks down, and begins to lose its integrity, it turns a darker color, but that's just one of the signs. There are many more. Here are a few signs that you need a transmission fluid change

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When transmissions fail, the likely cause is breakdown of automatic transmission fluid (ATF). BG's diverse line of transmission products, including high quality ATF, will stand the test of time. Which means no more worry about transmission failure due to poor, broken-down transmission fluid Considering how small the valves are in an auto transmission, I want as little debris as possible floating around, hence the 2 strong magnets they put in the bottom of the pan. As far as what I'd do, depending on the condition of the transmission fluid I would flush it, along with the differentials and transfer case, put some new fluid in them

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Don't listen to the guy who told you if you have a burnt or black transmission oil in it smells burnt to flush it that is extremely horrible advice 99% of the time if the transmission fluid is burnt up there is clutch material suspended in the fluid which could be the only reason the transmission is even shifting properly doing aFlush will cause the transmission to do worse than it is currentl Step 1 - Check the transmission fluid. If you wish to flush the fluid because you suspect it is in dire need of changing, be certain to confirm this suspicion by checking your transmission fluid prior to performing any maintenance. If you have reached 100k miles or more and that is your reason for flushing, feel free to skip ahead to Step 2 The transmission cooling line system is vital to any automatic transmission. It circulates the hot fluid away to the radiator via cooler lines and returns the cooled fluid back to the transmission. A loss of fluid leading to an overheated transmission can be devastating as the system loses its ability to cool Why Does the Transmission Fluid Need to Be Replaced? As time goes by, metal shavings from the gears in the transmission will become prominent in the transmission fluid. Historically, automakers recommended the change of transmission fluid every 60,000 miles. However, today's automakers have gone against this claim for a few reasons I've searched and read several threads on changing the Tundra transmission fluid. Some say never do it. Some do it at 30k. Some at 50k. Some at 100k. Some say it ruins their transmission. Don't do a flush, do a flush. Opinions/facts are everywhere. So, I'm ready to take a bashing here, since it..

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OUR LUBRICATION AND FLUID SERVICES. Keep your vehicle from being forced into early retirement. Our fluid services lubricate, cool, and protect the many moving parts in your vehicle, including: conventional, synthetic blend, and full synthetic oil changes; coolant flush and fill; transmission, power steering, and brake fluid replacement; and fuel and air intake system cleaning Transmission flush machines involve force and high pressure in the transmission, that can block the valves of the engine by the force of the large chucks that are removed by flushing. These large chunks are actually the remnants of the older engine fluid, that can block the shifting of the transmission and also lack of lubrication Mophorn Flush Machine DC12V 0-60PSI Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchanger Heavy Duty Transmission Flush Machine for Small Gasoline Motor Car and Diesel Vehicle 3.8 out of 5 stars 13 $456.99 $ 456 . 9 Here is the latest (Jan 2008) word from Honda about how to change the automatic transmission fluid, from the Jan 2008, Honda Service News Articles. Due to confusion, I must add that this procedure was written for service technicians at a DEALER who will do this while on a lift. The word flushing also adds confusion Back to the flush procedure. Once you've completed the flush/fill cycles, just remove the hose, replace the fitting with the transmission line, fill the transmission to full cold line on the dipstick, start the truck and warm up the trans. When hot, check and fill to line on dipstick. Congratulations! You've just changed ALL of you trans fluid

DIY Transmission Fluid Flush with Pictures. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20 of 49 Posts. 1; 2; 3; Next. 1 of 3 Go to page. Go. Last. Sanderhawk · Santiago Peak Tour Guide. Joined Mar 12, 2008 · 11,488 Posts . Discussion Starter ·. What is a Transmission Fluid Flush. A transmission flush is a relatively straightforward process. Typically, this procedure is performed using equipment that runs off the transmission pump or has its own pump built into the machine. The machines are attached to the cooler lines; the old fluid gets pumped out while the new fluid is added in at. The description for the B6 says Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid instead of manual. Personally, I decided on 3L of Castrol's 75W-90 SynTrans TransAxle fluid. Anyway, sidetrack aside, I checked the 2016 Service Manual and it matches the Owner's Manual on the spec and part numbers, for both the B5/IB5 and B6 transmissions. So this is good A flush usually refers to a process where a machine is connected to the transmission and pressurized ATF is used to push or flush out all of the old fluid that is in the transmission housing and torque converter. Other types of machines simply use the vehicle's ATF pump to draw new fluid in and push the old fluid out That's why some auto shops use machines that perform a transmission fluid flush, ensuring that more of this debris is removed before any new transmission fluid is poured into the vehicle. Nothing prolongs vehicle life more than regular fluid changes After all of this the last time I refilled the transmission I like you, used Amsoil ATF. The parts manager gave me a discount on the mazda Type MV or M5 ATF however you wanna call it so when I bought half a case of fluid he knocked off a few bucks and gave me the fluid almost at cost. Play it safe and flush it with oem fluid then go with Amsoil

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