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With this page you can choose your vehicle class to determine how much your Mersey Tunnel pass/your journey through the Mersey tunnel will cost. Skip to content Skip to menu. Cookies - we do not use cookies to store personal information about you, we only use them to improve our website for you The Queensway tunnel is a road tunnel under the River Mersey, in the north west of England, between Liverpool and Birkenhead.Locally, it is often referred to as the Birkenhead tunnel or old tunnel, to distinguish it from the newer Kingsway tunnel (1971), which serves Wallasey and the M53 motorway traffic

The Mersey Tunnels Police is a small, specialised, non-Home Office police force that provides policing services for the Mersey Tunnels in Merseyside, England.The force, which comprises fifty one officers from Constable to Chief Police Officer is responsible for effective road policing of the Mersey Tunnels, Approach Roads and Exit Roads The Kingsway Tunnel was built on what had been the Seacombe branch of the Mersey Railway. Seacombe station was located at the junction of Borough Road East & Church Road, providing easy access to Liverpool via the Mersey Ferry Terminal 2 mins walk away

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Dad trying to sing his song.....with his daughter Kerry.....who finds the line you can bet your life....that you'll find a wife....and lovin' will be all ri.. Mersey Tunnel toll. The UK Toll Calculator calculates tolls for Mersey tunnel and other toll bridges, tunnels and roads in the UK for cars, trucks, trailers, caravans, motorhomes and motorcycles for peak and off-peak hours.. The Mersey Tunnels connect the city of Liverpool with Wirral, under the River Mersey. There are three tunnels: the Mersey Railway Tunnel (opened 1886), and two road. The Mersey Tunnel incident. It had rained for much of that week in July 1968. For John Stonely he had had enough of Hippy life and had long ago wished to travel across Europe to see his sister in Estonia . She , Susy, had married a diplomat who had been posted into Europe and now in the Embassy life in Tallin city

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Tucked away behind the famous Three Graces is the Grade II-listed Mersey Tunnel building, or George's Dock Ventilation and Control Station. It does not front onto the Mersey, but its distinct vent shaft, catching the eye as it emerges as a monumental tower from behind the older buildings, has been part of the Pier Head landscape for the past 80 years Given that the tunnel was designed with a working tram deck in mind, I would assume that the designers built in some redundancy to connect the tram deck with the wider tram network without conflicting with road traffic. Maybe there are still some abandoned header tunnels down there? Maybe Martin.. Mersey Tunnel breakthrough 4th March 1970 Breakthrough between the tunnels from Birkenhead and Liverpool under the River Mersey. The Queensway Tunnel under the River Mersey in Liverpool that has been closed after strike action by council workers. 28th March 2006.The UK will.. Mersey Tunnel 10K. ENTER HERE. ENTRY INFO. TRAVEL. COURSE. F.A.Q.s. ROAD CLOSURES. GALLERY. Mersey Tunnel 10K, Sunday 26th September. THE LAST DATE FOR REQUESTING A DEFERRAL OF YOUR 2020 TUNNEL 10K ENTRY IS. MIDNIGHT ON SUNDAY 28th FEBRUARY 2021. It is not possible to accept deferral requests after this time. EVENTS. RESULTS. CHARITIES (h if you lose your fast tag or it is stolen you may report this online via the Mersey Tunnels website or by phoning 0151 330 1004 or email tag@merseytravel.gov.uk A charge will be made for each that that is blocked to prevent unauthorised usage this change may be refunded on recovery of the tag

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  2. Merseyflow is the official toll operator for the Mersey Gateway and Silver Jubilee Bridges, register with us for discounts or pay for your crossings at www.merseyflow.co.uk or by calling 01928 878 878
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  4. Thank you Stan, lovely to have such detailed memories of bike-riding in the tunnel. And your informant in the Pumphouse is pretty accurate. This from the Mersey Tunnel Users website : The tunnel is not very deep, with the lowest point being only 170 feet below high water level in the river.(At one point, mid river, there is only 4 feet of solid rock above the tunnel)
  5. If you are eligible you will receive a number of free journeys through the Mersey Tunnels every year. If you live within the local authority boundaries of Liverpool, Wirral, Sefton, Knowsley or St Helens you will receive 200 free journeys every year. If you do not live in these local authorities you will receive 40 free journeys every year

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The Liverpool entrance of the Mersey Tunnel. Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Image Mersey Tunnel users are now able to pay the toll using contactless card payment, the final part of the refresh of the toll system in both tunnels. The option to pay via contactless card payment is now live in all 21 lanes the Birkenhead Tunnel, with contactless set to be introduced across all 13 lanes at the Wallasey Tunnel from Thursday 2 May Mersey Tunnels Police Ford Galaxy Mersey Tunnels Police car outside the entrance to one of the tunnels for which the police service is responsible. The Mersey Tunnels Police is a small, specialised, non-Home Office police force that provides policing services for the Mersey Tunnels in Merseyside, England.The force, which comprises fifty one officers from Constable to Chief Police Officer is. On the south side of the Mersey in Birkenhead there are three more air shafts for the Queensway Tunnel, also by Rowse, and also Grade II listed. While the northern shaft is finished in gleaming Portland stone, the ones in Birkenhead are plain brick, and enhanced with bands of chevron and scallop decoration (says the listing - see the stuff I. The Mersey Tunnel (Queensway), 12pp 1950 The Mersey Tunnels, 32pp late 1960s The Mersey Tunnels: Kingsway and Queensway: Byelaws and tolls, 28pp 1971 Mersey Tunnel 2, (the construction of Kingsway), 48pp 1971 All the above contain histories, photographs, diagrams, and technical details. The coat of arms of the Mersey Tunnel Joint Committee is.

Project: Mersey Tunnel Location: North West of England. Project background: When Queensway Tunnel opened in 1934 it was considered to be an eighth wonder of the engineering world. Even today the Tunnel continues to undergo upgrades in order to drive high standards of safety Build a road tunnel under the Mersey to link communities on either side At just over 2 miles (3.24km) the Queensway tunnel was the longest road tunnel in the world when it opened in 1934. The central part of the tunnel under the river is just under a mile (1.6km) long Large, oversized vagina that offers no sexual satisfactio mersey tunnels refurbishment and upgrading Queensway, the first road tunnel under the Mersey Estuary in England, was opened in 1934, and the second, Kingsway, in 1971. This article describes some of the more significant work in refurbishing and upgrading these aging tunnels

mersey kingsway tunnel: planning and design. Authors: TM MEGAW , CD BROWN Source: Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers, Volume 51, Issue 3 , 1 Mar 1972 (479-502 SOME of those who have driven through the three miles long Mersey Tunnel may have thought that it was unnecessary to place fire alarms at distances of fifty yards apart throughout the tunnel and. The Beatles Story is owned by Mersey travel who co-ordinates and provides public transport across Merseyside and owns other attractions such as Mersey Ferries, Spaceport, the U-Boat Story and the Mersey Tunnel Tours For any query regarding tunnel Fast Tag contact- tag@merseytravel.gov.uk. Mersey Tunnels Fast Tag top up and account queries. Mersey Tunnels Fast Tag top up and account queries. Please call 0151 330 1004 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday, 8am to 5.30pm Saturday and 8am to 4.30pm Sunda

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  1. Mersey Tunnel, Queensway Tunnel, in Liverpool, UK Ventilation Shaft (1971) for the Kingsway Tunnel under the River Mersey, at Wallasey, Wirral, UK. There is an identical tower on the Liverpool side
  2. Posts about Mersey Tunnel written by Ronnie. Noticing the unkempt state of the former Garden Festival site towards the end of this November 2014) walk, you may well be glad to hear the whole site, including the unbuilt housing bit has now been bought from the non-developers by Liverpool City Council (June 2015) with plans to make better use of the place
  3. The need for a tunnel arose when the Mersey Ferry became over-burdened in the early 1920s, with over 35 million passengers using it annually. A railway tunnel had already been built in 1886, but the undertaking of a road tunnel would be an ambitious one and, at the time, the largest underwater tunnel in the world

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Mersey River Crossings - Tunnel Toll; Mersey River Crossings - CS. Milan. Paris. Brussels. Amsterdam. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER. Useful Resources. News and press FAQ Useful links. Using this site. How to use this site Glossary & Acronyms. Using this site. About us European Union Policy. The Mersey Tunnels Police is a small, specialised, non-Home Office police force that provides policing services for the Mersey Tunnels in Merseyside, England. The force, which comprises fifty one officers from Constable to Chief Police Officer is responsible for effective road policing of the Mersey Tunnels, Approach Roads and Exit Roads. It is privately funded by Merseytravel which in turn. Ferried under the Mersey! Bizarre footage shows man clinging onto the back of a van going through tunnel under river. A man was filmed clinging to the back of a Transit van being driven in a tunnel

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Entrance to Mersey Tunnel is a Grade II listed building in Birkenhead, Wirral, England. See why it was listed, view it on a map, see visitor comments and photos and share your own comments and photos of this building Sir Stirling and the Mersey Tunnel - posted in TNFs Archive: I wouldnt want anyone to take this thread too seriously, but Ive just had a very minor argument with someone over a connection between my childhood hero and the Mersey Tunnel. This guy said that SCM had been banned from driving for doing a U-turn in the Mersey Tunnel, probably some time in the late 1950s Mersey Tunnel Tour takes you on a unique behind the scenes look at the famous Queensway Mersey Tunnel which opened in 1934. As well as learning about the construction of the tunnel, you will visit the original control room, see giant ventilation fans in action and go down to watch the traffic in the tunnel, deep below the city streets Final options are you could always ride up to Runcorn or campaign for a bridge over the Mersey or for the Tunnels to open one of the probably many maintenance routes for bike/foot . Cyclist33 Guest. Location Warrington. 12 Oct 2012 #10 Top; stephen.rooke said Mersey tunnel tolls have been reinstated after they were suspended to support key workers during the coronavirus pandemic. Charges were halted temporarily when lockdown was announced in March

River Mersey Rail Tunnel - 1886. Designed by Charles Fox, the Mersey Railway tunnel opened in 1886 operating services between Liverpool and Birkenhead under the River Mersey. By 1892 the extensions on land from Birkenhead Park station to Liverpool Central Station Low level gave a tunnel 3.12 miles (5029 m) in length. The under river section is. The Mersey Tunnels connect the city of Liverpool with Wirral, under the River Mersey. There are three tunnels: the Mersey Railway Tunnel , and two road tunnels, the Queensway Tunnel and the Kingsway Tunnel . The railway tunnel and Queensway Tunnel connect central Liverpool with Birkenhead, while the Kingsway Tunnel runs to Wallasey Shaft! 7 - Shaft Across the Mersey (Kingsway Tunnel Ventilation Shaft Buildings, Liverpool and Wallasey, UK) Liverpool is a great city. It's a place where the new and old rub shoulders, where Brutalist buildings contrast with Victorian and Edwardian architecture

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Dinky 255 Mersey Tunnel Mersey Tunnel Police. This is a set of transfers which enable you to renovate the titled vehicle. These are water slide decals of the highest quality and are not photocopied like many others that are available on Ebay. Postage is 95p UK for as many as you purchase. Rest of the world £1.50 Asking for a receipt (Mersey Tunnel) Reply Reply Author. Discussion. surveyor. Original Poster. 15,448 posts. 149 months. Thursday 22nd March 2018. Traveled through one of the Mersey tunnels today. Mersey Tunnel C 1970s Queen Elizabeth II opened the newly built Kingsway Tunnel in June 1971. The tunnel consisting of 2 twin tubes, one and a half miles in length, providing massive relief from the very congested Queensway Tunnel, linking up Liverpool and Wallasey THE MERSEY TUNNEL - THE MAIN ENTRANCE TO THE TUNNEL at Liverpool is situated in the Old Haymarket. The subsidiary entrance is conveniently placed to serve the dock system. The length of the main tunnel is 3,751 yards, and the branch tunnels on either side of the river bring the total length of roadway to 5,064 yards

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Mersey Tunnel 10k is a road event in Wallasey, United Kingdom on October 1, 2017. Join this race community to set a goal and find others training for this event Mersey Tunnel users are set to benefit from an improved travelling experience as work gets underway on a refresh of the toll system in both tunnels next month (September). Improvements that will be introduced through the refresh, some of which are the result of feedback received from tunnel users, include The Mersey Tunnel Tours take you on a unique behind the scenes look at the famous Queensway Tunnel, which began construction in 1925. The tour will not only give you insight into the construction of the tunnel, you will also have the opportunity to visit the original control room, see the giant ventilation fans in action and go down to watch.

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The main Mersey Tunnel has a circular section for most of it's length, presumably due to the tramway. There is a branch tunnel on each side of the river. The branches are semi circles with just a shallow space beneath the roadway Mersey Tunnel tolls confirmed as frozen for next year - but call to end 'unfair' charges remain. Mersey Tunnels. Scrap Mersey Tolls is calling for an end to charges on tunnels and bridge crossings over the river. Mersey Tunnel tolls to be frozen for the next 12 months, metro mayor confirms


Mersey Tunnel Made: 1909-1925 part of archive: Price & Reeves Archive. Drawings relating to the construction of the Mersey Tunnel. Details Extent: 1 Folders Containing 5 Drawings Identifier: P&R/10 Access: All request for access to this collection should referred to the NRM Archivist for approval. Mersey Tunnel Visit - 20th April 2006 Phil, G6IIM has been organising some excellent Club visits over the years and this one has been on our 'wish list' for some time. It must be almost 20 years since a WADARC party last visited the Mersey Tunnel complex and with this latest visit Phil did us proud We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us

The sexual act, when performed with a woman of generous genital proportions. Or a man of diminutive proportions. Or both The Mersey Ferry runs between Liverpool and Birkenhead and Seacombe on the Wirral. Charity record for The Hillsborough Disaster Fund. In May 1989, a charity version of Ferry Cross the Mersey was released in aid of those affected by the Hillsborough disaster, which claimed the lives of 95 Liverpool fans the previous month (a 96th, Tony. Dock spur to the Queensway Tunnel, giving access to the dock road and Liverpool waterfront. Initially, the spur was set up for two way traffic, but it now only serves as an exit for Liverpool-bound traffic. Access to the spur was originally controlled using traffic lights at its junction with the main tunnel. Each side of the river had its own dock branch. The long closed spur off the main. CYCLISTS are set to be allowed through one of the Mersey Tunnels in an attempt to help key workers get to work amid reduced public transport. Merseytravel announced that key workers who need to. This Act may be cited as the Mersey Tunnels Act 2002. 2 Amendment of the 1980 Act: levying, revision and application of tolls. Part XIII of the County of Merseyside Act 1980 (c. x) is amended in accordance with the provisions set out in Schedule 1 to this Act. 3 Further amendment of the 1980 Ac

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The Mersey Tunnel (Queensway), 12pp 1950 The Mersey Tunnels, 32pp late 1960s The Mersey Tunnels: Kingsway and Queensway: Byelaws and tolls, 28pp 1971 Mersey Tunnel 2, (the construction of Kingsway), 48pp 1971 All the above contain histories, photographs, diagrams, and technical details. The coat of arms of the Mersey Tunnel Joint Committee is. The mersey tunnel in 1955 .This tunnel helped you travel a lot quicker to places but the history does go back awhile just because of the picture itself. Liverpool Images. Central Station Willis Tower Art Deco History Wood Building Travel Design. George's Dock Ventilation and Central Station of the Mersey Road Tunnel, Liverpool The Mersey Tunnel The design and construction of the Mersey Tunnel. The world's largest underwater tunnel runs beneath the River Mersey for a distance of nearly three miles and joins Liverpool with Birkenhead. It took nine years to build and presented unusual engineering problems. The building of this tunnel is an achievement that represents. The Mersey Tunnel Police were apparently that surprised by a foreigner being interested in the MTPV’s, that they kindly provided me with ample interesting documentary material, sent to me by mail some weeks later. I was surprised to see that, besides the red one, also yellow vans, Land Rovers Mark II, existed in various appearances.

The Queensway Tunnel is a road tunnel under the River Mersey, between Liverpool and Birkenhead. It is often called the Birkenhead Tunnel, to distinguish it from the newer Kingsway Tunnel, which serves Wallasey.. 1820s The first tunnel crossing was proposed in 1825 and, again in 1827 In the mersey tunnel, it's still possible to receive most of the North West's stations like City96.7, Buzz, Century, Radio Merseyside & the BBC Nationals etc. I was just wondering how this system works, is there a relay transmitters and just something that reflects the signals into the tunnels rather than boost them As a young boy, I first travelled under the Mersey Tunnel from Liverpool to Birkenhead and was hooked. There is something quite magical for a child (and for many adults) to leave one place behind.

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About this Item: The Mersey Tunnel Joint Committee, Liverpool, 1952. Hardcover. Condition: Good. Landscape quarto, 120 pages, colour plates and black and white plates, good/very good condition in cloth binding, covers stained and slightly rubbed at the corners and edges, edges of pages spotted, end-papers spotted and stained Dinky Toys No 255 Mersey Tunnel Police Land Rover - Meccano Ltd - Made In England. Thanks for looking and good luck in your search for eBay treasures! For Canadian residents, GST/HST is included in your sale price at the following rates: AB, BC, MB, NT, NU, QC, SK, YT 5%; ON 13%; PE, NB, NL, NS 15% The most incredible local legend concerning a secret passage is the one concerning Wirral's Lost Mersey Tunnel. Around 1967, on Birkenhead's Church Street, just a stone's throw from the.

The group is calling for an end to charges on the Mersey Tunnels and Mersey Gateway Bridge, as well as other bridges in the North West. John McGoldrick, who is a member of the group, explained. The Mersey Tunnels Police are a small non-Home Office force. Their sole responsibility is the smooth running of the Kingsway and Queensway tunnels under the River Mersey between Liverpool and The Wirral. They are accountable to the Merseyside Passenger Transport Authority

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The Mersey Tunnel 10K Course. The accurately measured 10K course starts on Blackstock Street approximately 250 metres before the KingswayTunnel emergency access road. After a sharp u turn off the emergency exit runners then begin the gentle 1 mile descent under the River Mersey. The Tunnel entrance marks the 1K point with markers for 2K and 3K. The Mersey Railway, now part of the Merseyrail underground network, was a huge undertaking. The creation of a rail line between Liverpool and Birkenhead involved constructing the first tunnel under the River Mersey. Indeed Mersey Railway featured Britain's second oldest sub-aqueous railway tunnel — after the Thames Tunnel of 1869 Our Mersey Tunnel Tour takes you on a unique behind the scenes look at the famous Queensway Mersey Tunnel which opened in 1934. As well as learning about the construction of the tunnel, you will walk round the unique Grade II listed Art Deco George's Dock Building to visit the original control room, see giant ventilation fans in action and go down to watch the traffic in the tunnel, deep below. Booked online a ticket for the Mersey tunnel guided tour. Two tour guides are showing you the old control room, the exhaust and inlet ventilators, refuges,.. Very interesting tour Quite some stairs to climb Entrance: 8.8£ Departure: 17h00 Tour duration +/- 1h4 The cheapest way to get from Liverpool Airport (LPL) to Monument to the Mersey Tunnel costs only £2, and the quickest way takes just 23 mins. Find the travel option that best suits you

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  1. Brick Up the Mersey Tunnels is back at Royal Court. from The Guide Liverpool PRO . 5 years ago. It is the most successful comedy show in Liverpool's theatre and after five years away 'Brick Up the Mersey Tunnels' is returning to The Royal Court
  2. Liverpool City Region residents benefit from the new 24/7 £1 Fast Tag toll for the Mersey Tunnels from today. The reduced rate, which is now available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, has been introduced by Liverpool City Region Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram, in fulfilment of one of his key election pledges
  3. Mersey Tunnels Tour: Mersey tunnel tour - See 1,248 traveller reviews, 645 candid photos, and great deals for Liverpool, UK, at Tripadvisor
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  1. A plan to cut off-peak Mersey tunnel tolls has been criticised for overlooking rush-hour commuters. Steve Rotheram promised to reduce tolls for fast tag users from £1.20 to £1 when elected as.
  2. Find professional Mersey Tunnel videos and stock footage available for license in film, television, advertising and corporate uses. Getty Images offers exclusive rights-ready and premium royalty-free analog, HD, and 4K video of the highest quality
  3. For clarity Mersey Tunnels Police maintains the aforementioned vehicle fleet in order to assist the Force in delivering its core business aims. These aims can be summarised as maintaining a highly visible Police presence within the Mersey Tunnels, approach roads, exit roads and ventilation stations
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Mersey Tunnel 2nd March 1936: View of the entrance to the famous Mersey tunnel in Liverpool with the police on patrol at the entrance. (Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images Take part in the Mersey Tunnel 10k and experience the tunnels under the Mersey like few people have. Experience the unique sights of a traffic free Mersey Tunnel in one of the most popular races in the calendar. Race for Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation and raise some vital funds for those affected by lung cancer. Registratio

micro world @ the mersey tunnel. Been taking a few what I call micro world pis of late ,especially if they are at night with moons to illuminate the mini landscape,this one was on the tunnel wall the moon is a tunnel light : During filming in the Mersey Railway tunnel between Liverpool and Birkenhead, a cop stopped Boyle and said, They were really good, don't f*ck it up. Boyle, a self-declared Beatles fan told the audience at the May 4 world premiere of the film that when Richard Curtis sent him the quick-witted script for Yesterday, he couldn't refuse Dinky 255 Land Rover Mersey Tunnel Police. The original paint is in good condition for its age and there is some age related paint chipping. All four original wheels and tyres are present and there is some age wear. The model has smooth running axles and a clean base The Mersey tunnels are vital transport arteries and the tolls should not be an extra burden to family budgets, or an additional cost to industry and commerce on Merseyside. The RAC says that the RAC Foundation is opposed to using revenue from the tolls as subsidies for ferries and other public transport services

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