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  1. Mercruiser water pump removal and repair with Illustrations and procedural steps to repair a lower gearcase outdrive. Need parts see our web site http://www...
  2. Performance Product Technologies website http://www.perfprotech.com is one of the Top Rated online Mercury Mercruiser Parts dealers. PPT handles a variety of..
  3. Bad mercruiser water circulation pump
  4. On Mercruiser Alpha models this could be an imporperly sealed pump housing in the sterndrive that draws air once the boat is up and running on plane. On Bravo models this could be a non-sealing pump housing or loose connections on the inelt water hose. Link to Impellers and Impeller pumps store category. Link to Impeller Kits Char
  5. In this tutorial we will show you how to service Mercruiser Alpha 1 Gen 2 lower unit and the water pump.Complete Mercruiser Alpha 1 pump kit: https://amzn.to..
  6. Place a new kit gasket down into the pump housing, then the face plate. Place another kit gasket down over the face plate. Set the impeller drive key in the new impeller and position it into the plastic water pump housing. Remember the correct orientation of the impeller blades
  7. Wingogo 807151A14 Water Pump Housing Impeller Repair Kit for Mercruiser Bravo 1 2 3, Mercruiser Alpha one & Mercury Quicksilver Inboard Engines V8 300 HP 4.3L 5.7L 7.4L Replacement OEM 46-807151A7 4.3 out of 5 stars

Mercruiser Water Pump Repair Kits - Since 1998, iboats is the most trusted water lifestyle online store for boat parts and accessories, boats for sale, and forums. Enjoy great priced products with fast shipping Mercruiser Water Pumps. If you need help finding the right part give our techs a call 1-800-998-9508.Try the Sierra / Sonar Engine Finder Tool to shop for engine parts by engine make and model Listen for the faint whine of the electric fuel pump building pressure. Turn the key off when you hear the pump stop. Turn the key on again. If the fuel pump starts VERY briefly, that means you have filled the filter and the system has pressurized. If the fuel pump runs longer than a second, repeat the off-on cycle a few more times

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4.3 mercruiser water pump - YouTub

  1. 47-862232A 2 47-862232 A 2 47-862232A2 18-3016 Water Pump Impeller for Mercury Mercruiser 4.3L 5.0L 5.7L 6.2L 8.1L sterndrive Engines Visit the SouthMarine Store 4.3 out of 5 stars 31 rating
  2. Refereed water hoses at the distribution block can cause the 4.3 liter engine to overheat. Check for reversed hoses and reinstall properly if necessary. Worn or broken seawater pump impeller. Replace the pump's impeller with a new part. Insufficient Water Flow From Belt Driven Seawater Pickup Pump. Check the drive belt for looseness, worn or.
  3. Water Pump Impeller Repair Kit for Mercury Marine Mercruiser Outboard & Alpha One Stern Drive Replace 46-96148A8, 46-96148T8, 46-96148Q8, 18-3217,18-3316 4.2 out of 5 stars 18 $36.98 $ 36 . 9
  4. The maintenance schedule for your Mercruiser Alpha One sterndrive is specific. You're supposed to inspect your water pump every 100 hours of operation or annually, whichever milestone occurs first. The not-so-good news is that if the impeller has missing or damaged blades, you have to replace it. The good news is.

How to Replace Your MerCruiser Water Pump Impeller

  1. Serpentine Pulley for Mercruiser Raw Water Pump Used on Inboard and Bravo 4.3L, 5.0L, 5.7L and 6.2L applications Fits 46-862914T10 Raw Water Pumps $96.95 BPI1209
  2. Impeller & Water Pump Parts for Mercruiser Sterndrives. Of course your Mercruiser's impeller needs to be changed regularly, but it's also a good idea to replace other components of your water pump to maintain proper engine cooling. Water pump kit contents vary, so please take a look at the contents of the water pump kit you order
  3. Keep the old impeller as a spare. If the impeller is damaged with blades missing, make sure that you find the missing blades. They could be stuck downstream from the pump interfering with proper flow. If raw-water pump is belt driven, make sure that belt has correct tension. Restrictions on the outlet side of the raw-water pump
  4. Save money and time with convenient OEM water pump impeller kits for your Mercruiser sterndrive or inboard engine. Keep your sea water pump running smoothly and prevent overheating with a new impeller. Kits listed here are for Bravo, Alpha, MC-I, MR and Vazer outdrives along with various sterndrive and inboard engines including 4.5L and 6.2L.
  5. g covers as used by Mercruiser
  6. Situation: A new Gen III cool fuel module is being introduced to replace the existing Gen III module. Engines with serial numbers above the range listed are equipped with the new module from the factory. The primary difference between the designs is the method of connecting the cooling water hoses to the module
  7. MerCruiser Impellers and Water Pumps. Some of the most reliable water pumps and components for any boat are built by MerCruiser. If your craft has a MerCruiser outboard, its water pump will be one of its key parts. Keep your boat's pump in top shape by maintaining it at least once a year. Water pumps and impellers have a service life, however

Up until 1992 Mercruiser had almost always configured their marine cooling systems, both raw water and fresh water cooling systems, such that they included warm manifolds. However in 1992 when Mercruiser introduced the 502 mag EFI motor the intake plenum was so large that it interfered with the standard thermostat housing and therefore. Trusted China Suppliers Verified by SGS. Quality Water Pump with Competitive Pric Mercruiser 4.3 main water pump replacement. Discussions. noticed few water drops on main pulley. looked closer and realized I have a drip coming from the engine water pump. Tomorrow going to replace the circulating pump and clean the l seat. image.jpeg 2.4M. 1. The Bravo does not have a water pump in the drive. The Bravo's water pump is mounted on the engine. It is usually down low in the bilge on the front lower starboard side of the engine. The Raw Water pump should be rebuilt every season. The Bravo Water Pump is belt driven. It has two hoses attached to the rear housing

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Fluid type 4.3 TKS 3.8 liters (4 U.S. qt.) 5.0 TKS Mercury Full‑Synthetic MerCruiser Oil 20W‑40 4.25 liters (4.5 U.S. qt.) 5.7 TKS Changing Oil and Filter Refer to the Maintenance schedule for the change interval. Engine oil should be changed before placing the boat in storage. Page 58: Engine Oil Drain Pump MerCruiser OMC VOLVO 4.3 V6 Marine Water Pump 811841 850399 8503991 PH600-0005. Item Information. Change country: There are 1 items available. Please enter a number less than or equal to 1. Select a valid country. ZIP Code: Please enter a valid ZIP Code. Please enter 5 or 9 numbers for the ZIP Code.. Topic: Water Pump Failures Question: My Mercruiser Marine Engine suddenly started overheating to the point I'm afraid to run the engine. I watched your video on replacing the water pump impeller and in fact narrowed my problem down to a failed water pump impeller on my 807151A14 water pump impeller. However after replacing the impeller the engine is still overheating 2.5L, 3.0L Circulation / Water Pump 4.3L, 5.0L, 5.7L Circulation / Water Pump MR43LTS AC Delco Long Reach Vortec Spark Plug MR43T Pre-Vortec engines Marine Spark Plug Volvo Penta Riser Gasket -3.0L MerCruiser 496ci Exhaust Riser Gasket MerCruiser Bravo Sea Water Impeller Repair Kit with Housing CodeMate Tester - MEFI Code Reader 3.0L Cylinder. Mercruiser Sea Water Pump--Does Anyone Really Change the Oil Every Season? Showing 1-19 of 19 messages. maybe change the oil only if the pump is removed for service. The impeller should be changed every year and that is the perfect time to change the lube in the pump. By the way, the pump is filled with Mercruiser High Performance Gear.

The water pressure sender has to be removed from the raw water pump on the bottom left side of the motor facing the engine. Here is the sensor after removing clean the sensor with carb cleaner or some compressed air Carefully pry the impeller from the housing. Don't lose the key. Check the housing for heat warping and wear from sand. Also remove the pump-housing gaskets and metal wear plate Details about MerCruiser sea water pump 4.3 5.0 5.7 6.2 350 MAG MPI replaces 46-862914T10. Be the first to write a review. MerCruiser sea water pump 4.3 5.0 5.7 6.2 350 MAG MPI replaces 46-862914T10. Item Information. Condition: New. Change country:. Hello, I have a Mercruiser 5.7 V8 engine with a Alpha 1 sterndrive (the boat has been standing for a few years) Could you help me plaease. I can not get water to flow through the system and out the exhausts. I have tryed with bunny ears and standing the sterndrive in a tub of water and also a hose pipe going direct into the water pick up pipe The engine runs fine but all the water pipes.

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Water Pump Raw for Mercruiser 4.3 5.0 5.7 6.2 Bravo Inboard 46-862914T Genuine Mercruiser Sea Water Pump Without air fittings It fits Bravo and Inboard 4.3L MPI, 5.0L MPI, 350 MAG MPI, and MX 6.2L MPI with ECM 555 Superseded from 46-862914T 3 Does not include Water Pump Bracket (865143T) or Pulley (862351T Normal fuel pumps will exert 5 to 7 psi of pressure. Readings below this indicate a defective fuel pump check valve or diaphragm. 6) If the process of elimination points to a faulty Mercruiser Fuel Pump, replace the unit or buy a rebuild kit. Wholesale Marine stocks mechanical and electric fuel pumps and filters for your Mercruiser engine Use the Mercruiser stern drive outboard application guides below to find parts from the Mercury Quicksilver catalog for Mercruiser engines, transoms & drives. Go. important_devices: Order online, get free downloads* Water Pump Parts (4-Stroke) Mercruiser. Engine Parts

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This pump can be difficult to replace for many boaters. A good set of tools is a must and having the service manual will certainly help too. Click Here for complete Mercruiser Raw Water Pumps, Sterndrive Waterpumps and more Pump Kits The Alpha One Water Pump Kit is Mercury Number 46-96148A8 for $50.0 Doing a new MerCruiser Bravo powered 246 SSi WT; that job is no Sunday picnic. If I had my way, I'd want a 257 SSx modified. Should steer like a new Volvo, and have a Volvo style seawater pump, but with the MerCruiser style remote control and shift quality sound and feel of a new Bravo, attached to a 430 hp 6.0 LS engine

Find water hoses (exhaust cooling) including thermostat to (front starboard & front port) exhaust manifold, thermostat to exhaust elbow & thermostat to (starboard & port) exhaust elbow water hoses for your Mercruiser stern drive using the application chart from the Mercury Quicksilver catalog RE: Sea Ray Boat 2012 model year 350DA with V Drive Mercruiser 8.2 engines installed The sea water pumps are very hard to reach in the Mercruiser 8.2 V Drive configuration as installed on my vessel. W read mor Mercruiser 4.3 liter engines have 2 water pumps in the cooling system. One is located in the lower unit and raises water up to the engine water pump. The engine water pump circulates the water through the motor and back into the lake. If either pump fails, the motor will overheat Details about MerCruiser Water Pump Impeller Kit for Alpha One - Gen ONE outdrive. 42 product ratings. 4.8 average based on 42 product ratings. 5. 5 Stars, 38 product ratings 38. 4. 4 Stars, 2 product ratings 2. 3. 3 Stars, 1 product rating 1. 2. Change country:.

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Fluid type 4.3 TKS 3.8 liters (4 U.S. qt.) 5.0 TKS Mercury Full‑Synthetic MerCruiser Oil 20W‑40 4.25 liters (4.5 U.S. qt.) 5.7 TKS Changing Oil and Filter Refer to the Maintenance schedule for the change interval 4.3 mercruiser oil change pump During an oil change, used oil is drained, the oil filter is replaced and fresh oil is added to the engine, according to Car Talk. The oil is removed by unscrewing the plug from the oil pan using a box-end wrench, states The Family Handyman, and drained into a pan The engine mounted pump, either belt driven (such as with Mercruiser) or direct crankshaft driven (such as with other brands) and/or the stern drive located pump (that provides ocean, river or lake water to the engine's cooling system), is a Seawater Pump Some boaters change it every year; Mercruiser allows up to five years for a Horizon engine in typical light-duty use. Step 3 Open all the cooling system seacocks, with the boat out of the water, to drain the raw water side of the system Hi , I have a bay liner Trophy with a 4.3 Mercruiser engine aproximitly1995. The engine starts fine and ticks over no problem will even run the boat fine up the river (tidal) until you want to bring the boat onto the plain. 9 times out of ten it will run fine for a few mins then the engine revs just drop off and the engine dies

For sale is one raw water sea pump, not working, original OEM unit off a 2007 Mercruiser 350 MPI engine, front bearing set missing, includes everything in photos, impeller in great shape (new April 2020), someone (with a skillset better than mine) could rebuild or use for parts ebasicpower.com Water Pump Marine Circulating for Mercruiser OMC Volvo GM 262 4.3 1998-up [MPR2233MN] - Brand New Marine Circulating Water Pump for 1998 and newer model GM V6 4.3L and GM 5.0L / 5.7L engines which have NO BYPASS, with plastic timing covers as used by Mercruiser and Volvo Penta. (Includes gaskets) NOTE: Be sure to match the outlet holes and gasket shape to your model Seller: 350jr (19,502) 99.7%, Location: Boise, Idaho, Ships to: US & many other countries, Item: 291632580026 MERCURY MERCRUISER MARINE BOAT ENGINE WATER PUMP 4.3 5.0 5.7 305 350 V6 V8 . NEW, not remanufactured, Marine Circulating Water Pump for all GM 4.3L V6 and 5.0,L 5.7L V8 engines with either steel or plastic timing covers used by Mercruiser, OMC, Volvo Penta, Crusader, Indmar, Marine. Marine circulating water pump for GM V6 and V8 small block marine engines. Used by MerCruiser, Volvo Penta, OMC, Crusader, Marine Power. Pump will fit all GM 4.3, 5.0, and 5.7L marine engines. Pump is Bi Directional, Brass Impeller, and includes gaskets Rough idling water pump setting idle speed on 2005 mercury 115 eli how to change head gasket on 1978 johnson115 v4 1989 mercruiser 4.3 manual yamaha 2003 90hp type of tilt oil what trim sending unit do i need for a 1966 evinrude 2.2 bro 1965 140 evinrude timing marks mercury 18 hp running rough how to fix 1982 mercury marine 175 hp engine specs

Raw Water Pump kit for Mercruiser engines 2000 and newer with the brass housing water pump. Just re-use your back plate. If it is scored then run a belt sander over it to renew the surface. Save hundreds! Don't let OEM prices ruin your boating experience! Used on all Bravo and inboard engines after about year model 2000 from 4.3 to 8.1 Liter A marine hand pump tool will remove the used oil through the dipstick opening. Some later models of the 4.3 Mercruiser are equipped with an oil drain hose tethered to the boat drain plug at the stern of the boat. The hose is connected to the bottom of the oil pan Please note. We get a lot of calls asking if the Bravo can replace the Alpha Drive. YES and NO. The Bravo will NOT fit directly onto an Alpha One gimbal housing assembly. If you want to convert to a Bravo, you will need to replace the entire gimbal housing assembly. You may also need to get a different prop, exhaust pipe, belt driven water pump. The fuel filter on a Mercruiser prevents water and particulate matter from contaminating the fuel. For this reason, it's important to replace the removable filter element regularly. Different Mercruiser engines use different fuel filter elements, so check your owner's manual to find the correct part number

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Sierra 18-3319 Water Pump Kit for Mercury and Mercruiser Sierra high-quality engine parts are designed to meet OEM specifications. This Water Pump Kit is the same as Sierra 18-3316 except the base.. Get A Better Deal On Bulk Water Pump

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mercruiser 4.3 5.0 5.7 7.4 8.2 l 262 305 350 454 502 water pump pulley 1969 Tools needed are an oil filter wrench, funnel, engine starting tool and shop towels. Hello, while I was winterizing this year, my hand oil pump gave out and I was not able to drain the engine oil from my 89 Regal 4.3 V6 mercruiser. This has taken forever in years past. Is there a DC powered oil pump that really works available It clatters like a damaged valve shaft when your Mercruiser engine idles, and it makes you hope it's nothing serious. While it doesn't seem as immediately damaging to your engine's health as a seriously bent valve, the water shutter keeps water from backing up the exhaust system and into the engine's cylinders while the engine is running If your drive has an internal drive lube monitor bottle, add lube to the bottle up to the full line. Be aware that the drive might have an air bubble and that the system might burp after being run Beside this, where are the drain plugs on a 4.3 Mercruiser? Locate the two blue drain plugs attached to it, one on the starboard and one on the port side. If you face the motor, one will be on the lower-right side of the block about midway back. The other will be on the left side of the block behind the front motor mount

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Over time, the water pump gasket, impeller, or bearing in the water pump may fail, causing coolant leaks, engine overheating, or steam coming from under the hood. Before it fails, you may also notice squeaking from the water pump pulley. If your water pump has failed, visit O'Reilly Auto Parts for a replacement pump Fresh water cooling and actuated water drain are standard on all SeaCore, Horizon, and 8.2 models. SeaCore models also receive a standard four-year limited corrosion warranty. Both the 8.2 MAG (380 HP) and 8.2 MAG HO (430 HP) require Bravo X drives to be used Got an estimate from Mercruiser that water flow should be about 15GPM. Measured my 106 drive and I am only getting 8gpm at idle?? Can you tell me what pump is in the 106 drive as Mercruiser uses a hi pressure, low volume pump in old model Gen l and a lo pressure , hi volume pump in Gen ll. and Bravo.This makes a difference in what thermostat housing is used with which pump In fresh water use they seem to hold up very well. I have a 2000 Wellcraft 24' with 5.7 Mercruiser. I bought it from a guy in Chicago so it was completely fresh water cooled until 2012 when I moved it to San Diego (and I put freshwater cooling on it then). Original manifolds and I have no reason to suspect they have any issues Sterndrives are a popular choice in boat propulsion systems with the inboard engine and outdrive unit working closely together to provide an enjoyable on the water experience. When your boat's sterndrive needs upgrading, maintenance or repair find what you need in our online selection

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The Next Generation Featuring a host of engineering innovations, the 4.5L series establishes new standards for power-to-weight ratio, driver experience, acceleration, durability, and ease of maintenance help page, repair instructions for mercruiser repairs, instructions or help th repair water pumps, help to fix lower shift cable, repair instructions to repair transom repair kits, help with gimbal bearing changing,outdrive repair help , lower shift cable repair instructions, how to remove and replace drive.mercruiser help with easy shift adjustment, help to repair yoke and universal jounts.

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V-6 & V-8 Water Circulating Pump Assy-Mercury - Mercruiser 46-8M0113734 GM V-6 (s/n 1A063239 & Below) GM V-8 (305, 350, & 377 cid) engines s/s from 850399-1 Add to Cart Quick view Add to Car While you have the drive off, you'll want to replace the impeller (water pump kit). The impeller is rubber and probably dried out, so replace it and call it cheap insurance. Re-install the drive with a new drive gasket set and get ready to start the engine. I have a 97 MerCruiser 3.0L LX Alpha 1 that has been sitting for the last 4 years. Full Freshwater Cooling System SK 4825 cools 1997-2001 Chevy based Mercruiser V6 and V8 (4.3 - 5.7 Liter, 262-305-350 cid) carbureted engines with serpentine belt. This full freshwater closed cooling system takes advantage of the low capacity raw water stern drive engines and keeps them running at the best operating temperature Your Water Pump. Use the chart below to look up your water pump impeller or water pump kit. Mercruiser R, MR, MC-1, Alpha One and Alpha Gen II Sterndrives have the water pump located in the drive. Mercruiser TR, TRS, Bravo I, Bravo II and Bravo III Sterndrives have the raw water pump mounted to the engine

Alternator / Water Pump Belt for Mercruiser V6 & V8 Used on 4.3L, 5.0L, 5.7L with 7 Water Pump Pulley Replaces Mercruiser: On a new 8.1 raw water pump, the best pressure I have ever seen at idle is 6 psi. Anything higher than that indicates a restriction. Yes, the spent water is used to quench the exhaust before it enters the exhaust hoses, but that is after the sea water has passed through the power steering cooler, engine oil cooler, cool fuel module, and as Paul. Mercruiser Small Block Marine Engines: 4.3L, 5.0L, 5.7L, 6.2L; Designed for applications with alternator mounted upper on starboard side and power steering pump mounted low on port side; Serpentine belt applications; For I/O and inboard applications EXCEPT v-drive; For non-dry joint exhaust only - how to tell if you have dry joint exhaus Mercruiser. Alpha One® Gen I Complete Lowers Gearcase Housing Shafts Gears Bearings Bearing Carrier Gasket & Seals Shims Misc. Water Pump Kits Propellers Manuals neglect, and other abuse. Sterndrive Engineering, Inc. (SEI) manufactures a stern drive designed to replace Mercury Marine's MerCruiser®, Alpha One®, R, MR, Gen II and Bravo. Capacity Fluid Type 3.0 TKS 3.8 L (4 US qt) Mercury Full‑Synthetic MerCruiser Oil 20W‑40 Changing Oil and Filter Refer to the Maintenance schedule for the change interval. Engine oil should be changed before placing the boat in storage. IMPORTANT: Change engine oil when the engine is warm from operation

Marineengineparts.com is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lighthouse Marine Distributors, Inc 2020. Not responsible for typographical errors. Some merchandise may be limited in supply or available only by special order. Pictures are for illustrations purposes only, Prices are subject to change without notice From there it will pass through the raw water pump. The raw water will be used with your Engine Oil and Power Steering Coolers as they will not be part of the closed circulating system. Mercruiser -4.3/5.0/5.7L Chevy 1994-1996, Full-System Closed Cooling System, Mercruiser -7.4L Chevy Early 90's, V-Drive, Full-System Closed Cooling System. Corvette Short Water Pump - Mercruiser Pulley...Done! Water pump, hoses, fan, and radiator & A/C and it's about a 1/2 to 1/3 of the weight of the original 4.3 pump, Rebuilt cardone w/p with one year warranty Rick probably has a life time and as easy as going up to any AAP to replace it if it goes bad instead of having to ship it out. CPO OEM MerCruiser Bravo 3 outdrive! 100% real, current model, directly from Mercury. 1 year Mercury Manufacturers warranty Replaces part numbers: 714-5-5441400lp, 714-5-5441600lp, 714-5-5441500lp, 714-5-5441400t,..

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Replace 42725A3 509407 3854858 18-7282 Mechanical Fuel Pump Compatible with Mercruiser, OMC, Volvo Penta 2.5, 3.0 3.7 Engines (Fuel Pump) Product Description & Features: Compatible Read more Fudoray Mechanical Fuel Pump for Mercruiser 120 140 165 180 181 170 190 225 470-1 488 OMC Volvo Penta 181 2.5 3.0 3.7 L Engines Replaces 3854858 42725A3. Use the pump. I wondered how much oil was left in the pan, so the first time I used the pump, I removed the drain plug afterward. I only got about a tablespoon more oil out of it. Your contaminants are in your oil filter, so just use the pump and go have fun with the time you save. The dealers use a pump if you pay to have it changed Here the tube is secured and sealed by a rubber grommet in the top of the water pump. When the motor is running, the water pump is submerged, the water in the water pump housing is pushed by the rubber vaned centrifugal impeller upward and into the 3/8 copper supply tube up into the powerhead Mercruiser-V8 Fresh-Water-Cooled, Raw-Water-Through-Manifolds Water-Flow-Diagram: Typical (7.4L/454 in tthis case) If I am correct, my overheat problem has to be between the raw water intake and the brass water pump, otherwise water would be coming out the exhaust. Only after the stat opens, would water go into the engine.. Sierra 18-3550 Thermostat for Mercury/Mercruiser Inboard/Outboard Marine Engines. Temperature Rating: 140 Degrees. Fits Mercruiser 120/2.5L (s/n 2324347 & up) w/ cast iron exhaust manifolds. Fits Mercruiser 140-3.0L (s/n 0L340999 & below) and 165. Replaces Marine Power 0214-002 Sometimes the water pump will also cool an alternator, brakes, or a turbocharger, and the battery and EGR system require cooling on hybrid vehicles. Hybrid vehicle water pumps are electric, whereas traditional pumps are centrifugal pumps, driven by a belt or chain that is attached to the engine's crankshaft

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