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The smell of peat Those of you who followed the blog here about the trip that Liz and Dallas Jones and myself made to Shetland, Orkney and Outer Hebrides, may have noticed that we really enjoy the smell of burning peat NOSE: Smokiness is obvious to discern on the nose; it's the same smell we associate with something burning, whether it's wood, textiles or anything else. Peatiness, on the other hand, can come across as a dank earthiness, e.g. moist, damp topsoil or fertile potting mix But when I toured a village of recreated medieval cottages made entirely of peat bricks, and fueled by peat fires, I found the smell to be overwhelming. The mixture of the peat smoke with the freshness of the peat walls left the air so heavily perfumed that at first I couldn't even breathe inside the cottages, and had to step out several.

However, the peaty flavor in Scotch actually comes from the malting process, where the dried barley absorbs the smoke odor from the burning peat used in the drying. Peat may have been used due.. Furthermore, there are some characteristics of peat/smoke that you can smell but can't taste, and the opposite is also true, i.e. a whisky might have burnt or smoky characteristics that you can taste but cannot smell

Peat smoke has a pungent peat-reek, and the smell gives a special flavour to fish or meat hanging from the ceiling or fireplace to be preserved by smoking. The distinctive aroma comes through in some whiskies too. Cutting turves, digging peat, drying, carrying, stacking, storin Phantosmia is a condition that causes you to smell odors that aren't actually present. When this happens, it's sometimes called an olfactory hallucination. The types of odors people smell vary.

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  1. Islay distilleries use peat as a fuel source, harvesting the hard-packed vegetation from the land and burning it like coal to dry wet malt. The resulting smoke hits the malt, permeating the grain and eventually adding that smoky element you smell and taste in the bottle
  2. Beyond these DIY smoke smell removal methods, call in a professional. For very severe smoke damage, or if the above options fail, contact a professional. Many cleaning services specialize in smoke.
  3. ed by the time the barley grain is exposed to the pungent peat smoke during drying. Damp malt is usually dried for approximately 30 hours. Laphroaig dries its malt over peat fire for about 18 of these 30 hours, while Glengoyne uses only unpeated fire
  4. As peated whisky ages, that classic smoke and grunge softens over time, which is great if heavy peat isn't to your liking, less so if smoke bombs are right up your alley. There's no doubt peated whisky can taste fantastic at a younger age - you get a proper look at the smoke in the spirit, and peat can even mask its youth
  5. It's pretty simple. Peat is an accumulation of decayed organic matter dug up from the ground that can be burned to dry out malted barley, infusing the grain with smoke and flavor that carries..
  6. Peat (/ p iː t /), sometimes known as turf (/ t ɜːr f /), is an accumulation of partially decayed vegetation or organic matter.It is unique to natural areas called peatlands, bogs, mires, moors, or muskegs. The peatland ecosystem covers 3.7 million square kilometres (1.4 million square miles) and is the most efficient carbon sink on the planet, because peatland plants capture carbon dioxide.

Islay whiskies will predominately have both smoke and peat flavours since the barley is dried by burning peat. Anything from that region will give you a real good sense of what peat and smoke are. It's hard to separate the two flavour profiles since they're often achieved by one process Smelling cigarette smoke or something burning can be a sign of a major illness. However, phantom smelling (be it cigarette smoke, burning rubber or something foul) is more common than you would think — and is usually nothing to be alarmed about. Nevertheless, it is important that you get checked out by a physician who understands smell As Bois Sikar dries down, the smoke slowly dissipates and one is left with a pleasantly woody, dry, tobacco scent, reminiscent of an old tobacco shed, or barn, in the middle of a dry field, after harvest. (I do have personal knowledge of those, as I grew up in Connecticut, where a tobacco industry was established in the early 1600s and continues to this day) If you sweat profusely, your skin will start to smell like rancid smoke. Cigarette smoke coats the inside of your mouth, gums, teeth, and tongue. As any nonsmoker who has ever kissed a smoker will..

The unmistakable whiff of peat smoke is something we associate with crofting townships or whisky distilleries. For a few Scottish fish smokers, it's the sweet smell of success, as David Pollock discovers My expectation is for this to smell like a peated whisky. Wrong! Initially, the nose is very much like a stronger version of Mount Gay XO with some lovely fruity notes of banana and pineapple, complemented with a light hint of vanilla and some dried fruits. Mount Gay XO Peat Smoke Expression: Bottle (Photo From Internet) Afterburn 6/7 Since the plants that fall into the bogs of Scotland also have lignin in them, the peat is going to have lignin in it, too. Breaking down lignin yields the most characteristically smoky smell of the smoke volatiles, as well as molecules that smell spicy, leathery, and vanilla-y This gives it its sherry and malt aroma, fruity with spices and a hint of peat smoke.: Dadurch erhält er das Sherry- und Malz-Aroma, fruchtig mit Gewürzen und einem Hauch Torfrauch.: Finish: long with a hint of peat smoke,: Finish:lang mit einer Spur Torfrauch,: The peat smoke known for the island of Islay also resonates with this Scotch.: Der für die Insel Islay bekannte Torfrauch schwingt.

Peat does not smell or taste, smoky or even what we call peaty, because it has not been burned. The peat traces in your mash water may add some flavour to your wash, but it is more sweet or earthy than smoky. There are Many Different Phenols in Peated Whisky 'Phenol' is one molecule and 'phenols are the family of molecules Doesn't smell tooooo strong, just smells like someone is smoking some pork in the area, just a wiff of smoke, at least to me. MPW Add on, I just poured a glass of the McEwens and you can just taste a hint of the peat smoke, its like an afterthought, just a little reminder that this was supposed to be from Scotland If you smell at a piece of cut peat you smell no smoke or medicinal notes. You smell close to nothing. If at all a little acidity from the tannic acids of the rotten moss. Incomplete burning of the peat leads to phenols. And these thousand different types of phenols bring different types of aromas into the whisky. If the peat burt hot, then the.

The turf peat is 100% organic, totally non toxic, and gives BBQ foods its own delicious smell and flavor. To Cook your Meat with Magical Peat for open barbequing... USE MAGICAL PEAT CHIPS with charcoal. To Smoke your Meat with with Magical Peat do the same as above but soak a good amount of chips in water for 4-5 hours before preparing your. Underneath the peat and smoke there's all the flavors, both delicate and strong, that any other whiskey has. How do you get access to those things? Two easy ways. Option one, you keep drinking smoky whiskeys until your brain starts to ignore the smoke flavor. This is a real thing Since whiskey is made from grain it will have a grainy, cereal smell, the precise one depending on the exact grain or grains used. If the grain is malted it will have malt aromas. The Peat Smoke. If peat is used to fuel the kiln in the drying part of the malting process, it will add phenol to the whiskey, giving it smoky, rubbery and medicinal.

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The peat smoke mingles with honey, orange, vanilla and surprising earthy mushroom notes to create a seamless whole in which no one flavor dominates. Peat lovers and sherry lovers will be equally. Phenols, Peat and Smoke - Where to Begin? If you want to taste the typical Islay peat flavour try Douglas Laing's Big Peat.A small batch bottling blended Malt only containing Single Malt Whiskies from the southern-most island of the Inner Hebrides - often referred to as Queen of the Hebrides - including Ardbeg, Caol Ila, Bowmore and closed distillery, Port Ellen, to name but a few Peat offers a different character. Peat is important for whiskies, it gives malts of different distilleries different characteristics. Peat itself, in its raw dried form, is quite odourless. But when you burn peat, it produces a smoky smell. Peat smoke contains phenols, which are chemicals absorbed by the malted barley during drying in a kiln The drying of damp malt over peat fire incenses the barley used to make Scotch whisky. This creates a link between whisky and the early history of perfume as incense. Irish Turf/Peat Incense is evidence of this connection. Peat smoke contains phenols which are characterized by smoky, tar-like and petroleum aromas that evoke a medicinal impression, one that single malt Scotch lovers are quite. Somewhere else - the smell of peat Sometimes the imagination is enough, but every now and then, a person wonders how close what they make up is to the real deal. I'm working on a story set in Scotland where the smell of peat smoke is described - but haven't actually smelled it

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For many Scotch whisky fans, Islay single malt lovers in particular, their favorite drink is defined by the distinct aroma of peat smoke, a bewitching, earthy perfume of ancient moss. So seemingly addictive is the smell that there is now a cottage industry to deliver peat to your home Peat is a very ashy fuel. Peat smoke has a pungent peat-reek, and the smell gives a special flavour to fish or meat hanging from the ceiling or fireplace to be preserved by smoking. The distinctive aroma comes through in some whiskies too Peat. Peat adds smoke flavor to scotch. It's far stronger than any wood-burning smell, but when combined with other flavors, adds a feeling of campfire smoke. Barley dried over peat absorbs the phenols from the peat and creates the smokey whisky we all know and love. Mild Temperature Peat is an accumulation of decayed organic matter dug up from the ground that can be burned to dry out malted barley, infusing the grain with smoke and flavor that carries through the distillation. The unique flavours that are imparted on the barley by burning peat make the difference in the way that some of the chemicals are added to the mix. Some result in flavours that have nothing to do with smoke or ash. So saying that a peaty whisky also needs to smell like smoke is not true

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  1. Peat is in the water, water goes in the whisky. However, if you smell a piece of peat, without burning it, it barely smells of anything. Understanding Phenol. Burnt peat smalls and tastes smoky because of the presence of Phenol? So what is this phenol that makes our whiskies smoky
  2. peat is being burned, usually in a temperature range between 200°C and 850°C. During kilning, smoke absorption is maximal at 15% to 30% moisture in malting barley. Which phenols are formed and to what extent can be controlled by the combustion temperature of peat. For example, if the temperature of the peat fire is increased from 400°C to 750°
  3. What does a peat fire smell like? Peat is a very ashy fuel. Peat smoke has a pungent peat-reek, and the smell gives a special flavour to fish or meat hanging from the ceiling or fireplace to be preserved by smoking. The distinctive aroma comes through in some whiskies too
  4. Then, once the peat is procured, very few U.S. maltsters are equipped to use it to smoke barley. But the infrastructure for making American peated whiskey is slowly starting to develop, promising a not-too-distant future when we can smell and taste the smoke of the land itself in our whiskey
  5. Chad's house sat up in the wooded hills on the other side of town. Leilah kept me close from the moment we arrived. We smoked pot in the kitchen with the other kids, blowing the smoke into the churning oven fan so the neighbors wouldn't smell it, and spilled watery Jell-O shots down our chins
  6. The peat fuels the fires that roast the barley used in whisky-making, and it gives the finished product a robust flavor that recalls a campfire by the sea: smoky, earthy, a little salty, slightly medicinal. But Islay whiskies aren't just about the peat and smoke
  7. We love the smell of a peat fire! Since going to Ireland in 2008, we try to go over every year. A few years ago we were following a peat wagon just outside Tullamore. I kept telling my husband I wanted to get some and take home. He laughed at me because we don't even have a fireplace
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Which is a bit weak considering its extremely rugged image otherwise. So, if you live in a smoke-fuel-free zone but still want the smell of peat fires to hang around tantalisingly on your coat, or your scarf, or in your hair, reminding you of wild country weekends, this will do the job Favourite Irish whiskey is Black Bush(mills) and my favourite scotch is Lagavulin with notes of smoke , peat and TCP. TCP is a disinfectant for cuts and grazes etc with a very distinctive smell. In our house, it was referred to as 'tom cat's piss'. - makes for a gorgeously medicinal, in many senses of the word, sup Flavor comments say intensely smoke-flavored ale not the mellow smoke flavor of a Rauchbier, but an almost medicinal character unique to smoke peat moss. After reading the previous comments though it sounds like 2lbs is a ton to have in a 5 gallon batch. I know one thing I like rauchbier but I almost would have liked it to taste smokier In PEAT SMOKE AND SPIRIT, Andrew Jefford has written a compelling narrative that succeeds on every level―Mid-Atlantic Brewing News The pages simply resonate with detailed portraits of the whiskies, the characters who produce them, and the landscapes which have fashioned this most precious of beverages― Clive Platma This Irish Turf Peat Incense Cottage is a unique product,which allows you ,to enjoy the distinctive smell of an Irish turf peat fire worldwide.,It comprises of turf peat incense sods supplied with a stone burner. ,The product works exactly in the same principal as any incense

He would smell him in the dark, Jim Beam and Pepsi and the cane smoke that clung to his overalls. But he would lie still and pretend to be asleep until he heard the floorboards creak and, seconds later, his door sigh open and shut. The lift bridge caught them at Bayou Vermilion, just before Abeville. For a second, he thought his father might. The other way is for peat to be burned to produce smoke - the heat from the burning peat dries (kilns) the malting barley, and the smoke suffuses it with a smoky flavor. That's the strong peat/smoke flavor that you generally taste (and smell) in peated whisky. Cheers

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Peat smoke has a pungent peat-reek, and the smell gives a special flavour to fish or meat hanging from the ceiling or fireplace to be preserved by smoking. The distinctive aroma comes through in some whiskies too. Also, how do you use peat on a fire? One method to start a fire is to use firelighters. Place two peat briquettes into the stove. The initial flavor is sweet with a gentle mixture of sweet raisins and creamy apricots and a trace of the dry peat smoke at the back. With a touch of water, the peat smoke comes to the fore and masks the gentler fruitier notes. Even with the maturation being carried out in 1st fill bourbons, quarter casks and sherry butts, the intense bonfire ash smell of the earthy peat cannot be masked. With. However, smoke will linger in the interior of the fire until a sufficient amount of precipitation falls or the smoldering areas are sufficiently irrigated to extinguish the burning peat Now open a bottle of our new peat pils and enjoy it all in your own pint. The carefully selected amount of malt smoked with peat smoke and intense, herbal hops will allow you to enjoy light, dry pils-type beer with intense but indifferent smoke, adequately high bitterness and earthly herbal hop aromas Made with 100% malted barley from single distillery and dried with peat. Connemara 12 years Tasting Notes Nose: Green, vegetal peat. This is exactly how I envision smoked cucumber would smell, if something like this existed. The peat smells like it was made completely out of green verdant things decayed in inland lowlands (no ocean notes). Lime.

Benromach Peat Smoke 2005 has a high ppm level of 67. The very first smell gives you the suggestion that it is gonna be a long and peaty one. However, after some air, orange and exotic fruits appears and blows your mind. On the palate, blood orange, grapefruit zest and peat are successfully blending together The Peat and smoke are far more present than any of the others you listed, but personally I find it a very nice balance. I equate it to a lesser expensive Lagavulin in many respects. It's one of my personal favorites and here, it is a great bang for the buck! It's essentially the difference between woodsmoke like you'd smell from a bonfire.

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  1. First, the setting of Ireland is so vivid and precise, you can practically taste the pints and smell the peat fires. Second, this novel has incredible tenderness and emotional accuracy. This is a thriller with a big heart
  2. PEAT SMOKE AND SPIRIT is the last word on Islay and its whiskies. Praise For Peat Smoke and Spirit A wonderful yarn if you simply like to be entertained, however, it is also a geographical, geological, history-rich travel guide to Islay and a terrific textbook for the budding as well as the serious Islay whisky aficionado..
  3. Peat Moss Scotch, Peat Whisky, Peat Scotland, Peaty Whisky, Big Peat Whisky, Peat Moss Bog, Blended Scotch Whisky, Peat Cutting, Burning Peat, Peat Coal, Peat Fire, Turf Peat, Peat Soil, Peat Harvesting, Drying Peat, Peat Monster Scotch, Scotch Peat Chart, Islay Whisky, Irish Peat Bogs, Scottish Peat Bog, Single Malt Whisky, Peat Water, Peat Cutter, Ireland Peat Bogs, Peat Bog Fuel, Benromach.
  4. Bourbons can be smoky too, of course, but most of that flavor comes from the char on the barrel, whereas scotch has (or at least, can have) another layer of smoke: the peat
  5. e told me that when you visit Islay all you can smell in the air is the smell of burning peat, such is its importance as a fuel to the island. When burning the peat, the smoke formed imparts flavours of the vegetation that decomposed to make up the peat
  6. The peat is distinctive with a cold smoke character to it. There are wood spice notes of vanilla and cinnamon and a hint of bitter citrus. As the whisky opens up, some leather notes emerge along.
  7. g from a cottage in a Highland glen, to the lingering after taste of a smoky single malt, there's nothing quite like Scottish peat. Here in the US using peat to heat your home is impractical due to the cost of shipping it from Scotland

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  1. utes walking.
  2. The peat smoke contains chemicals called phenols, which are absorbed by malted barley. The new make not only changes color in these casks, but also smell and taste after spending time in these burnt oak casks. For first fill casks, the wood gives the strongest flavours in whisky. Because of the strong flavours in the first fill casks, the.
  3. Whisky enthusiasts agree on many things, but they love to argue about peat smoke. As chili peppers are to spicy food, peat is to whisky. Just as people boast of their tolerance for hot peppers in, say a bowl of chili or a fiery vindaloo, whisky drinkers and producers enjoy out-peating each other. A
  4. A sub-group of esters are lactones, one of which is commonly called whiskey lactone.It has a coconut or wood aroma and comes from the oak whiskey is aged in. Phenols, including phenol, guaiacol, and cresol, impart a range of smoky, rubbery, and medicinal flavors to whiskey.If that sounds like a description of a big Highland scotch, that's because the major source of phenols is peat smoke
  5. e has type 1 diabetes, for which she injects a synthetic insulin called Humalog. When she does, there's a quick but very powerful aroma of... Band-Aids. It's weird. I never thought.
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  1. Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said: We now know that peat, briquettes and wood are as bad for air quality as smoky coal. When I'm on the track in winter, I come home and can smell the smoke.
  2. Smoke has a negative effect on your lungs It's important to limit your exposure to smoke, says Dr. Cain. Exposure to wood-burning smoke can cause asthma attacks and bronchitis and also.
  3. A dirty chimney or flue can smell, and an unswept chimney or flue can also prevent smoke and gases from properly leaving your home, causing your wood burning stove or fireplace to smell. Burning wood releases soot and creosote that can build up within your chimney or flue over time
  4. Because here is the butcher's smell traced back to source; not meat, but a moment written in scent so rich and wild that it could wake you in the night, like peat smoke or the shock of broken stone
  5. Benromach Peat Smoke 2007 (bottled 2016) (70cl, 46%) Pop your email address in below and we'll let you know next time this product becomes available. Email address Please add a valid email address. Also sign me up for newsletters so I can get special offers, recommendations, and expert advice to my inbox
  6. ded of my journey, as the smell of peat smoke would rise off of all my belongings, but the memory of experiencing the moor in all weathers and conditions will last with me much longer. An image from earlier in the day - Anne & Bran look to the shieling from Beinn Thulagabhal
  7. Smell: Trademark Big Peat smoke and brine on the nose. Liquorice. Charcoal. Lemon and white grapes. Smoky bacon. Caramelised sugar. Cracked black pepper. Some light cereal notes. Taste: Big salty arrival quickly followed by the unmistakable tang of peat. Liquorice. Pepper and oak. Surprisingly palatable at 53.7% though a little one dimensional.

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The attention to detail and thoroughness of this book brings the distilleries so vividly alive that you can almost smell the whisky. Thoroughly recommended to whisky connoisseur and dabbler alike (Birmingham Evening Mail) There's no better book about these whiskies than Andrew Jefford's PEAT SMOKE AND SPIRIT Jefford is an excellent write Benromach Peat Smoke 2008 Bottling Note Aged in first-fill bourbon casks and peated to a moderately high PPM (47ppm), this smoky, intense Speyside single malt Scotch whisky maintains the good standards of the reputable Benromach Peat Smoke range with an offering that is beautifully balanced and peated with a considerate hand Palate: Citrus, peat, cream Finish: Smoke, peat. Comments: Adam - This much I know: I like it. There's a delight in detecting the barley and burn of the quintessential Balvenie spirit, dressed this time in the clothes of a peaty neighbor. Those nose has great fruit and spice mixed delightfully with some peat smoke A peat fire in the hearth has a pleasantly smoky and evocative smell to many people, and is sought after for the subtle flavours it can impart in cooking. 1 Commercially, peat is also used in potting mixes, and compressed into hard 'briquettes' for use as an easily-transportable and efficient heating fuel

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These peat chunks are drying in Francis' basement . . . an essential step because of the newly gathered material's very high water content. The ruler is included to show the size of the pieces Three-Peat* Lyrics: Lyrics from Snippets / Number three before four, this the three-peat / Niggas actin' like they wanna see me but don't wanna see me / I'm on that, believe me (Yessir) / Even Bab This island is covered by many marshlands and peat bogs. Iodine, tar, seaweed and sea salt gives Islay's peat its distinctive smell due to decomposed marine vegetation. When being burnt to kiln barley during the malting process, the Islay peat smoke gives the barley a different flavor when compared with peat cut from the Scottish mainland There was a pervasive smoky smell in the air that didn't smell like wood smoke, but like peat smoke, a smell similar to smoldering wet hay. I remember being ill for several days afterward with a cold-like respiratory disorder including runny nose, stuffy head and irritated eyes

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The peat is distinctive with a cold smoke character to it. There are wood spice notes of vanilla and cinnamon and a hint of bitter citrus. As the whisky opens up, some leather notes emerge along. Anyway, in order to survive the Winter, the inhabitants needed to burn something for warmth. You guessed it: Peat. Whenever my colleague would come in from the cold, to the shelter of the pub, the first sensation would be the smell of the peat smoke. The smoke smell was always associated with protection and warmth Peat is known as one of the most powerful flavors in the world, says Simon Brooking, master ambassador for Laphroaig. Being compressed local vegetation, peat will produce different-flavored smoke depending on the region That variety comes thanks to things like fire and peat and barley and smoke, but the main thing you need to know is that there's something for everybody in the category. Also, if you smell. A dense packing of vegetable and organic material, peat is burned to give scotch its characteristic smoke. Pungent decay is definitely a pervasive theme when it comes to Mako

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Their core lineup is diverse enough to satisfy most palates, with bottles showcasing sherry, bourbon, port, and rum, and peat week releases that crank the smoke. And while other distilleries are removing age statements to cut corners, The Balvenie has been doubling down on incredible, aged offerings like Tun 1509, which releases yearly in small. How to Get Rid of Outhouse Smell using lime, sawdust, ash, peat moss, straw, kitchen waste, and Rid-X. Article by Mandy Schroeder. 13. Smoke Smell Sewage System Kitchen Waste Bushcraft Camping Peat Moss Good House Cabins In The Woods Family Camping Smell Good This box contains one Scottish Turf/Peat Ceramic Cottage Burner, one slate hearth and 12 mini turf incense sods and a natural stone burner. Enjoy the evocative smell of an open turf fire by burning a turf incense sod on the slate hearth, cover it with the cottage burner and watch the smoke waft through the chimney. The smell is totally natural and authentic - no fragrances are added. The. Smell Smoke? Don't Panic - It's Our Big Peat In true Douglas Laing and traditional style, our supremely smoky small batch Malt is bottled at 46% alcohol and proudly presented without colouring or chill-filtration, allowing the natural oily big character of the spirit to reign supreme I believe the Scottish/Irish use the peat in the brewing process for whiskey. I guess anything that gives off a fragrant smoke can be used, just experimentation is required to find the right quantities for cooking. hmmmm.... why not peat moss..... the stuff I have smells fine.....just need to smell what kind of smoke it gives

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Peat and smoke with notions of seaweed that take you back to the Scottish shores. Quickly now the sweetness of sherry and honeysuckle step forward and clear the smoke, but just for a bit, till the journey continues towards more earthy, oaky and woody flavor nuances. The finish is buttery and long-lasting Peat smoke differs from normal wood smoke because of what is in the peat and how it burns. Peat consists of partially decomposed vegetation and contains varying amounts of carbon, sulphur and nitrogen compounds. When a fire occurs these compounds produce gases that may be very odorous and irritating Winner of the Whisky Advocate's 2016 Japanese Whisky of the Year award! Nikka's latest release from Yoichi distillery no longer carries an age statement, but it does bring a classically Japanese whisky profile back to the market. All the delicacy, grace, and subtle complexity is alive and well in this release, buried deeply into a whisper of malt for those who take the time to let it be heard Thus, peat is unquestionably a renewable source of energy. Deshalb ist Torf tatsächlich ein erneuerbarer Energieträger.: The use of peat is a bonus in Nordic energy policy.: Die Verwendung von Torf bereichert die nordische Energiewirtschaft.: A healthier and cleaner energy economy requires that peat should be included among renewable sources in the future.. And villages throughout the Emerald Isle are filled with the sweet smell of turf smoke wafting from chimneys. [ Images: Reclaimed Medieval Wetlands ] Peat bogs are a type of wetland made up. Adding water does little to tone down the peat, but it does introduce a subtle nutty note and slightly more citrus. As the glass empties and the smell of alcohol subsides, I smell a little bit of charred wood. That mix of wood and smoke smells like barbequed meat on the grill. This is a beast, and it's awesome

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